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Thulite; Healing and Metaphysical Properties, Meaning, and Uses (Rosaline Zoisite, Unionite, Pink Zoisite, Manganoan Zoisite)

thulite crystal rough
Thulite Crystal Rough

How Thulite Can Help You

Thulite is another mineral which could accurately be referred to as a "love stone". When a relationship is new, emotions and feelings are zooming, and our rationality and good judgment may not be fully available to us. This is when pink thulite will offer grounding and self control within how partners relate to and interact with each other. In deeper pink and red tones, for those whom are single and seeking, thulite will help them to find a loving romantic connection. Thulite in the same range of color will also help rekindle passion in a relationship experiencing blockages.

Thulite Facilitates Self-Love

Thulite promotes healing for those lacking in self-love and appreciation. This crystal is an ideal tool for those striving to recover from abuse of various kinds. After suffering abuse one needs to release guilt, and learn to love and trust themselves and others once again; thulite will help to address and heal these core issues. The mineral thulite will lead us to understand why we made certain mistakes, as well as the big picture behind why a life lesson of gravity was brought to us. Subsequently this leads us to understanding, processing, assimilation, acceptance, and peace.

Helps Speakers

One of the qualities thulite is best known for is to support a person through their public speaking endeavors. It can help someone transcend from being a so-so public speaker to being a confident, eloquent and captivating one (if the ability is present). It will help when we speak for the greater good, but it won't help anyone who speaks towards a harmful end result.

Tumbled Thulite

What Is Thulite?

Thulite is a type of zoisite. It is opaque with light to deep pink coloring, and can also display wine based hues to as dark as a deep red.

Thulite Etymology

In days of yore, the name Thule was believed to have referred to Norway. Thulite is the national stone of that country and was as such given its name. The first discovery of this mineral was made in Telemark, Norway in the year 1820.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Thulite Healing Properties

  • Helps one to bypass various obstacles in speaking before large groups.
  • Influences a person to continuously strengthen and refine their public speaking skills.
  • Works most effectively with heart and root chakra issues, and can aid in throat chakra healing work too.
  • Breaks down barriers in establishing friendships.
  • Enhances a positive spiritual perspective.
  • Will benefit in the healing of emotional issues.
  • Aids in removing obstacles to giving and receiving pure, unqualified love.
  • Enhances the desire to act with consideration and kindness towards others.
  • Offers an emotional boost, and leads one to feel happier.
  • Urges one to move forth towards their goals.
  • Helps you to feel at ease at social events, making it simpler to interact with others from a perspective of authenticity.
  • Helps one to move away from being strongly introverted.
  • Beneficial in healing stomach related issues.
  • Can be used to aid healing of the testicles and ovaries.
  • Opens your spirit and heart to accept the points of view of others.
  • Eases feelings of stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Allows one to accept what they have with a sense of appreciation and value.
  • Influences a person to make more balanced life choices.
  • Offers recognition of personal power to those whose duty it is to "put on a show"; meaning speakers, actors, politicians, teachers etc.
  • Strengthens one's sense of self worth.
  • Heals damaging, previously learnt thought patterns.
  • Helps one in moving forth from the emotional damages of abuse.
  • Enhances problem solving skills.
  • Encourages a person to walk away from self destructive habits by healing the core issue - a lack of self worth.
  • Provides enhanced clarity and focus.

Where Can Thulite Be found?

Thulite can be found in locations such as cracks and crevices between multiple varieties of rock. Geographically it is found in Norway, Australia, Austria, and South Africa; and Washington, and North Carolina USA.

Is It Safe to Use Thulite in Healing Waters, Elixirs and Cocktails?

Thulite is to be considered unsuitable for use in healing waters made by soaking the crystals directly in water; this due to its aluminum content.

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  1. More interesting than I thought, thank you. I'am making an indirect gem water combination with thulite, violet opal and uxelite with citrine, I lean them against a clear quartz located around the base of the water bottle overnight, and this way with your intention, the water is charged with crystalline energy, usually I drink 1/2 glasses daily, but it's best diluted with water. Side note, as the indirect method is way safer and easier the energy still goes through the bottle (glass, or plastic) overnight.


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