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What is Scrying? A Beginners' Introduction to the Practice

quartz crystal ball
Quartz scrying sphere

What Exactly, Is Scrying?

Scrying is an ancient method of divination which is sometimes used to support a seer’s clairvoyant senses. It is one of the first divination practices ever recorded. The first documentation of its use is from ancient China, around 3000 BC*.

The practice of scrying has long been used throughout history. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I had a friend, John Dee, who was known to do this. He used astrology as well as horoscopy to advise her, not scrying. But his name is known for his Enochian scrying sessions, and for the documents he produced during them with his assistant, Edward Kelley.

Also during the 16th century, Nostradamus was a skilled seer who used a bowl of water to scry by. People are well aware of his predictions all this time later. The practice of scrying is still used today to gain deeper insight into future events, and for help in negotiating difficult choices.

The description of exactly what scrying is differs somewhat depending upon whom you ask. I will say this - scrying allows us to communicate with our higher self, and also offers the possibility to open communication with spirits, as well as to receive information from other planes. Some refer to it as an alternate form of meditation. To some degree, therefore, the definition of scrying is somewhat relative to the practitioner.

The Etymology of Scrying

The term "scry" descends from the Old English language, and the word it came from was "descry". It meant "describe". Below is an introductory guide to the practice of scrying.

Determine Your Scrying Medium

The practice of scrying most often requires the use of a reflective surface such as a smooth crystal, mirror, or crystal ball in order to gain knowledge of the future. What you must have regardless of specifics, is a fixed concentration point. There are many different types of scrying, the various names relate to the surface one uses to perform them. Amongst them are scyphomancy (a cup of water), macharomancy (a knife blade), and lecanomancy (a bowl of water). But at any rate, the first step to beginning the practice of scrying is in you choosing a medium that you feel comfortable with. 

If you are a beginner and just testing the waters, the purchase of a crystal scrying sphere may be cost prohibitive. Instead you might want to try a crystal or small mirror; some prefer a black mirror, that’s fine too. Clear quartz and black obsidian sit amongst the most popular choices for scrying crystals. Even though smooth surfaces are most often used, rough works as well. Make sure to opt for something that sits comfortably in your hand or on a table in front of you.

If you've been practicing meditation over a period of time, scrying should feel somewhat natural to you. Scrying is usually done at night, when there is peace and quiet and the day’s activity has settled. It is in this type of setting that our psychic senses are most accessible. Sit comfortably and hold your scrying tool in your hands, or place it on a table before you. Light a white candle and place it just behind the scrying medium. This should provide gentle illumination without causing distracting reflections or movements. 

Ready to Scry

Now you’re ready to begin scrying. If you believe in using a protection ritual prior to such work, by all means use one before you proceed. If you don't have a ritual of your own, bless your sacred space, and protect yourself with white light. Also, ask your guides to ensure that you see only that which is positive, just, and helpful. 

Now relax and breathe deeply for a few moments with your eyes closed. Breathe in through your mouth, and out through your nose. After a moment, softly open your eyes; then focus your attention on your chosen scrying medium. Bring to mind the specific intention you have for scrying. You may be hoping to attain insight regarding an upcoming career or relationship decision; or perhaps you’re simply wanting to get a sense of your future. 

As you gaze into the mirror or crystal, expand your awareness beyond the physical structure of the object. You may not see specific visions or images; the idea is instead to get a psychic sense of the divine energy existing both within yourself and the scrying object. Connecting your energy with that of the crystal or mirror will offer insights and impressions. It is possible that you may see visions, or else impressions may come as feelings of intuition or emotion. An option available to you may suddenly "click" as being the right one, or you may sense an overview of the type of emotion that the future holds for you. 

Withdraw and Center

Once you have finished. Draw your energy back into yourself. Gradually become aware of your body and of the physical feeling of the mirror or crystal in your hand. Close your eyes once more and spend several minutes breathing and re-centering yourself. Once you begin to feel more balanced, open your eyes. It is important to ground after this practice. Having a bite of food nearby to eat once finished can be quite helpful. 

It may take several tries before you get any clear impressions. As with any psychic undertaking, scrying is a practice that takes time to learn and become comfortable with. After a while you will find that your impressions and your interpretation of them become more clear and accurate. 

It's all About Intent

As with any spiritual practice, intent goes a long way. If you believe that scrying will work for you, then it will. Be sure to prepare mentally before trying it out. Good luck, Blessings to you.

 * Scrying the Secrets of the Future by Cassandra Eason (Jan 30 2007). According to Eason, the first documented instances of scrying were conducted using tea leaves as a medium.

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