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Rose Quartz Healing and Metaphysical Properties (Pink Quartz, Love Stone)

rose quartz
Rose quartz healing properties.
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What Is Rose Quartz Crystal? 

Rose quartz crystal ranges from soft pink to a deep reddish pink in color. It is best known for its properties as a love stone; it draws love to us and inspires us to approach our world and other people with an open heart. Rose quartz energies gently coax people to appreciate themselves more wholly, and will guide them to see and demonstrate that they are worthy of love and the bounty its presence allows into their respective lives.

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What Rose Quartz Crystal Can Do for You

The properties of rose quartz will lead you to release negative emotions and welcome affection, compassion, and all good things into your life. This peace inspiring crystal will influence you to extend forgiveness to others as well as yourself. Issuing forgiveness allows healing in, and therefore makes way for new and better circumstances to arise in the future. When dealing with anger and hostility issues, rose quartz raises the vibration level, and thus eases us away from focusing on matters of frustration.

With these stones around, it becomes easier to let go of the negative attachments that we hang onto from past events. For those who are not content with what they do and don't have, they may consider carrying or wearing rose quartz to help them develop acceptance and subsequently peace.

Rose quartz crystal will lead you to find and accept unconditional love. It will allow you to receive affection without blockages, and to know that it benefits you and your world to extend unqualified positivity and compassion to all you encounter and all within creation. When you feel down or blue, your rose quartz crystals will give your vibration level a well-needed topper-upper, thus allowing you to feel more vibrant and happy.

This stone can do wonders for the skin and is commonly used to reduce signs of aging and soften wrinkles. Consider wearing a rose quartz pendant around your neck. In this way you can have its healing energies on you all of the time, and it will remain close to the targeted area for more consistent benefits. A noteworthy trait of rose quartz is that it gets warm when held.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

  • Suitable for healing heart and higher heart chakra issues.
  • Influences you to see things in a positive light.
  • Its energy strengthens harmony within relationships.
  • Encourages a healthy degree of self appreciation.
  • Leads us to recognize and appreciate self worth.
  • Is said to restore the will to live.
  • Inspires a compassionate approach within interactions with others.
  • When a person has suffered from neglect or abuse, this stone is going to facilitate the healing of core issues, which will allow them to first love themselves, then others subsequently.
  • Can be used to recall dreams, as well as to interpret them.
  • Allows us to release feelings of guilt.
  • Is suitable for healing the female reproductive system.
  • Helps one to overcome sexual issues.
  • Encourages the healing of negative emotions (anger, jealousy, resentment, regret, guilt, etc) and negative learnt behaviors.
  • Promotes healing within the circulatory system.
  • If you feel limited within your life, rose quartz will inspire you to find creative ways to broaden your horizons, thus allowing happiness in.
  • Aids in the healing of high blood pressure.
  • Suffer with vertigo? This stone can help you.

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