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How Positive Thinking Benefits Us, How it Works

think positive
Thoughts color our world

Think Positive - What Does it Mean, and How Does it Work?

You hear it all the time - think positive, it will change your life. But will it? Or is the concept a fallacy offered us to lift our spirits and give us hope, but false hope at that?  Or if on the other hand it's true, how does it work? Well the truth is that even though science cannot explain how it works, it does, and it is the truth and essence of what we live.

We've each at times heard people say that they had tried believing the best possible would come to them, and that they had failed, in most cases more than once. But if you think out the statement "I tried..." it speaks of self deception. Thought only provides its most positive benefits when you believe in full - when you truly believe. Our beliefs are the the foundation which supports the way we think and perceive things. Our perceptions influence the choices we make, and thereby also influence our success in life, or alternatively the lack of it. When we have a less than fully positive outlook, we will at times shy away from viable opportunities due to our perceptions lacking in accuracy.

Make Positive Thinking Work for You

Now to try to convince yourself to believe something contrary to what you currently do. If you attempt to believe it 100% right off the bat, you are bound to fail. Of course it is going to take time and commitment to achieve the belief or belief system you are trying to instill within. Let's say that you want to achieve X, and let's give it an identity, it's a trip to the Bahamas. In your current circumstance you may know that it can't be done as your financial status doesn't allow for it. You want to convince yourself that you will go and are aware that you need to truly believe to have X come about. You initially tell yourself that the dream will become a reality, but it won't sink in on a core level.

Prepare to Create Necessary Change - Visualize!

Over time, you can meditate, and visualize yourself making necessary changes in your life which allow you to achieve X. After a while, your wise inner self will believe it's true that you can do it, and will guide you towards making necessary changes to allow X to happen. But there may come time when it becomes necessary for you to allow less than comfortable change to enter the mix. You will need to have faith, courage, and a positive outlook to move beyond it in order to achieve your goal.

Change isn't Always Comfortable

We need to accept that change, even when uncomfortable allows new positive energies into our respective lives, and along with it come new opportunity, new connections, friends and horizons. The aforementioned is referring to a concept. Some call it the law of attraction, but to me that's a brand name. It is what it is. It's a spiritual rule or law of living affluently.

Now let's get beyond the basic presentation and look at some examples, that show how our core beliefs can affect our lives. Most of them present theoretical concepts, but entirely logical ones. 

  • You believe that in your sacred space you will only be affected by positive spiritual beings, and that no negative spirits exist. It will be so.
  • You believe negative spirits can haunt your home, this opens up a possibility.
  • You have taken up a non-traditional faith, and believe on a core level that it will be the right path for you. As a result it will be a good choice.
  • You have taken up a non-traditional faith, but have doubts as to whether it was the right thing to do. You are going to have negative experiences along your path. Not because higher power is punishing you, but because you have doubts in your choice of faith.
  • You believe you have the power to heal others. You can therefore easily develop it.
  • And a simple statement of fact: People who don't like themselves don't have many true friends. Their belief that they don't deserve friends and that people won't find them worthy manifests.
  • There's a couple I know that shop almost entirely at second hand stores. Even though there exists possibility in their life for them to prosper - the same goes for everyone, they have long held their penny pinching view of their finances. Their money barely takes them from day to day. This tells me that they have themselves convinced that they can only afford to shop at second hand stores, and too that they don't deserve better. I find it little wonder that over time their situation gradually worsens.
  • You believe there is a heaven, and that there is no hell. No matter how "bad" you have been, you are going to heaven. You may be in a different area of heaven that some others are, but heaven nonetheless.
  • When someone believes that there is a hell, and that they haven't acted in their own, as well as society's best interests through the bulk of their life... well I don't want to finish this sentence. Thank goodness it's never too late to alter beliefs.


The above is my short-list of examples of how thought can offer us profoundly positive results, or may alternatively offer us drawbacks. It kept returning to my mind as I was tossing ideas for articles around. I offer it as food for thought. Of course it has limitations, most self imposed. The most significant is that if you truly believe something will happen and through diligent adherence to that belief it doesn't manifest a desired result; then perhaps ask yourself where the weakness in your belief system lies, as there may be conflicts.

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