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Lapis Lazuli; Healing and Metaphysical Properties (Lapis, Denim Lapis)

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Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Meditation, Psychic Awareness, and Protection

Lapis lazuli's properties are commonly applied to natural healing and energy work. In ancient Egypt, the dead were often buried with a scarab fashioned from it for protection, and many ancient civilizations placed a higher value on it than they did on gold. Now, aeons later, its naturally deep blue color continues to represent the qualities of honor, spirituality, vision, wisdom, and truth.

Lapis lazuli is ideal for use during meditation and divination, as its energies can provide us with powerful insights. The stone's psychic properties can help focus mental energy, and bring matters more clearly to the meditating mind. During both meditation and dream work it is often used as a catalyst - to bring a higher level of awareness, as well as to regain knowledge of past lives.

The powers of the third eye are awakened by this stone; this chakra is the body’s center of command and perception, as well as psychic awareness. When the third eye is activated, an awareness of all within the world surrounding you is increased. You can communicate more openly with your spiritual self and, can clearly understand the things that you see. Lapis lazuli also acts as a protection stone, blocking outside psychic energies that may prove harmful to the wearer. Keeping a piece of it on you can help protect you from psychic attack, and will return negative energy back to its source.

There are significant spiritual benefits pertaining to the usage of lapis lazuli crystal. It balances the energy of the throat chakra, the communication center of the body. When the throat chakra is balanced, we are more able to express wisdom, thoughts, and feelings through our actions and ventures; the ability to communicate is also heightened. The throat chakra allows energies from other chakra centers to be expressed.

In Feng Shui

In the feng shui tradition, lapis lazuli crystal is a carrier of water energy, representing purification, quiet strength, and stillness. This mineral is believed to be the embodiment of unrealized potential, and carries the power of birth and rebirth. It should be placed in the North of the home, in the life path and career area to ensure a balanced energy flow.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Targets the Immune System and Nervous System

Lapis lazuli possesses an array of healing properties. When used correctly, it can boost the immune system and ward off illness. It is particularly helpful to the thyroid, which is the body’s control center for metabolic function. If you have a sore throat or a headache, a piece of this crystal can offer healing. Lapis lazuli crystal is good for the nervous system, soothing areas of inflammation and providing pain relief. It can also help to lower blood pressure and purify the blood, which is beneficial to the heart.

Helps with Depression

Psychologically, lapis lazuli can be used to help someone overcome depression, and can relieve stress. Carrying the crystal with you can provide a deep sense of peace and harmony, paving the way for increased closeness with friends and family members, and particularly romantic partners. Keeping lapis lazuli on hand will heighten your creativity, thus smoothing the way for new ideas; and will also inspire you to have more confidence in yourself.

Lapis Lazuli Lore and Legend

Lapis lazuli is a stone which is representative of several goddesses. This crystal honors Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, who was known for her intellect and logic. It also honors the Greek goddess queen Hera, who was the wife of Zeus and the patron of marriage. She is particularly endeared to wives and lovers, as well as anyone who fights for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Lapis in Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian History

In the Sumerian pantheon, lapis lazuli was the stone of Inanna, the goddess of the Underworld. Inanna held rods made of lapis, the same tools of power that were once held by her father, the moon-god Nanna-Sin. Her father used them to create plans for cities, but they were also used to measure the substance a man was comprised of, that being his heart and soul. In Egypt lapis lazuli crystal honored Nuit, the goddess of the sky and of heaven. Ancient Egyptians believed that Nuit swallowed the sun each evening, giving birth to it again in the morning. She was believed to be the mother of all life.

In Roman, Greek, and Celtic Culture

In the Roman culture, lapis lazuli was used to honor the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. In the Greek culture she is known by the name Aphrodite, and was known to represent passion, particularly that held between lovers. Lapis has also been used to honor the Celtic river goddess Danu. It is easy to see why ancestral cultures prized this mineral above all others, and not just for the fact that it could be made into a beautiful blue dye.

Lapis Lazuli Composition

Lapis is primarily composed of the mineral lazurite, and contains areas of calcite and pyrite.


If you are planning to use lapis lazuli in your own energy work, do so carefully as the crystal can prove to be overpowering to some. Spend time meditating on the stone first so that you can gain a deeper understanding of what you might achieve.

Is it Safe to Use Lapis Lazuli in Healing Waters, Elixirs and Cocktails?

Lapis lazuli is to be considered unsuitable for use in healing waters made by soaking the crystals directly in water, this due to its pyrite content.

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