Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Karma, and a Look at How it Works

a mirror
A mirror, representative of karma and how it operates

Originally published in 2010


Throughout the bulk of my life, I had believed that karma was an aspect of universal energy which distributed punishment for misdeeds or misjudgments we had made in our past. Lately though, a friend of mine made a remark that made me rethink my whole view on karma and how it all works... 

So here's my story...

Until recently, I believed that when we make judgmental errors in life, we are exposed to having our eyes opened through life lessons. In simpler words, I believed that when we do things that are wrong by spirit we proverbially "get our hands slapped" - the hand-slapping then in such a scenario, would be called karma. It seemed that I had valid reason for thinking that karma worked in such a manner. You see, in my life, like so many people, I have made many mistakes...

As I grew older, it became clear to me that the amount of misfortune I experienced, seemed to be in direct correlation with the volume of judgmental error made in recent past years. The change in how I perceive karma to work, as already touched upon, came about based upon a statement a friend of mine had made during casual conversation on this topic. I had made a comment about a relationship I was dealing with as being an issue of karmic retribution in action. I was telling her that I must have done something bad in the past, for things to have unfolded the way they did - of course I said this half jokingly.

My friend said that the relationship I described sounded to her, more like a case of cause and effect; she also said that this is how she views karma, as being a situation of cause and effect. She suggested I take a closer look at my own actions. This was said without judgment. I felt that her comment deserved some serious thought. In the end I concluded that she had a very good point. Now let's compare the two concepts and briefly examine how they work:

First theory in action (my original theory on how karma works): A person makes an error in judgment, karma says "you shouldn't do that". Said person is given a suitable punishment, she serves it; karmic debt is then paid in full until next misjudgment.

Second theory in action (my new theory on how karma works): A person makes an error in judgment. A universal force is not "paying that person back for her misjudgment;" instead, her life is mirroring the misdeed back to her in terms of an equal and opposite reaction. This mirroring action is of course, referred to as karma.

Obviously in the first case, it's believed we are punished for our misdeeds, that's the bottom line. In the second case scenario outlined above, karma is not some force which arbitrarily hands out punishments to wrongdoers. Instead, life is just sending people back the energies they invest into it. This, to me, makes much more sense. What it all comes down to is how we choose to see it. What I am trying to say here is that I would much rather believe as I believe today - that if I take actions, I alone am responsible for the effects that those actions inflict upon my life - not some mysterious universal force named karma.

Even when I held my previous viewpoint on karma I was very careful not to do wrong by others. Now it's even more so, as I feel absolutely 100% responsible for my life as a whole. When time comes we are made aware that life is going to mirror the effects of all choices made, both good and bad back at us; I think that's the time we begin the faster part of our ascension to become stronger in spirit.

Blessings to you in your moment of reflection.

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