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Can I Become Psychic? How to Increase Psychic Awareness


What You'll Need to Know in Order to Develop Psychic Abilities

Some level of psychic ability exists in each of us from birth. For most it doesn't develop much, and we are prone towards unlearning the psychic awareness we were born with. That said, in some people it does develop strongly, and we call those people gifted or psychic; unfortunately the rest of us have to work at it. It isn't hard to develop higher awareness, but self discipline is essential. Rest assured that with a bit of effort on your part you can strengthen the psychic senses you have.

At first look, some of the following suggestions may seem dilute or invalid. The truth is that to develop clair senses, which are an extension of our five earthly senses, we need to develop a deep awareness of what our five senses tell us in daily life. These basic exercises are easily executed and will provide a stable base by which you can deepen your psychic abilities.

Prepare Your Mind by Engaging in Regular Meditation

In practicing meditation for a minimum of ten minutes per day, you will develop the ability to tune out distractions, and will focus as well as discipline your mind. And as you continue meditating regularly you will become more aware of your spiritual self, which is the core of your psychic abilities. Meditation will provide you with a way to not only grow spiritually but also to access intuitive messages from your subconscious mind; your subconscious picks them up as your energy connects with other energies in the universe. Make no mistake--meditation is the main key to progress as you embark upon the journey to heighten your psychic sense and ability.

Develop an Awareness of All

We tend to rush through life totally immersed in hustle and bustle, worry, and the talk within our respective minds. Due to this ongoing process, much of what we should glean from our environment is blocked. True awareness and presence in the moment, however, is essential for our psychic sense to gain the information it needs. Try this simple exercise--each morning before you begin your day, lay or sit still for several moments and listen. What do you hear? What do you see? No, look beyond the things you standardly see and really look. Also pay attention to what you may smell, to bodily or emotional feelings, and to taste. What do your findings tell you? Continue to do this every day.

Write Things Down

Though it may seem like a hassle, it would serve you well to keep a daily record of your thoughts and feelings, and have it with you at all times. When you experience a random thought or emotion change and you can't pinpoint where it originated from, write it down--this concerning all that goes on in your environment. Over time you may notice that certain patterns emerge. Occurrences which didn't tell you anything in the past, may begin to offer meaning and insight. Emotions can tell us a lot if we pay attention, as they are reactions to energies thrown at us from our senses and super-senses; thus analyzing their patterns and anything that becomes visible from them, promotes psychic awareness.

In addition it's recommended that you keep a separate notebook for dreams beside your bed. Each morning, immediately write down any emotions and images you remember. Keeping a journal of your dreams makes it simpler for you to recall and analyze them. Dreams are often symbolic, thus when you look back, try to determine if certain dreams foretold of impending events, or perhaps suggested what to do to avoid difficulty or unpleasantness. Having the opportunity to see how dreams relate to your life, will in all likelihood, prove revealing.

Empathize - What Lies Between the Words?

When you’re having a conversation with a friend or family member, really listen. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by random thoughts or be concerned with how you’re going to respond to them. Work to go beyond and focus on more than just their speech; become aware of their body language, the tone of their voice, and their facial expressions. This exercise strengthens your empathic sense. You'll become aware not only of what the person is trying to relate to you, but their emotions and motivations as well. This is an area where meditation will be of further assistance--when you feel that you may be missing out on a possible message, meditate on it and the answer will come to you. But too, be aware that you can meditate most anything, and will surely gain insight through doing so given a bit of practice.

Appreciate Quietness

Silence often provides feelings of discomfort. We feel the need to fill our lives with noisy distractions, but this can stunt our psychic abilities and intuition. Spend some time in nature in areas where it is naturally quiet, and leave the cell phone at home. This can give your mind opportunity to re-orient itself, thus enabling you to perceive more clearly; it will also remove you from exposure to an abundance of EMF energies, which interfere with psychic awareness. If you can't get away, sit in peace and quiet whenever you get a chance to do so - the more often, the better it is for you.

How Does This Work? 

Psychic sensory perceptions are extensions of our earthly senses--all five of them. When senses surpass levels familiar to our mundane perception, they then join the realm of the "clairs"; the prefix clair means clear, so for example clairaudience means clear hearing. When you work on developing your earthly senses and tune into the messages they send you, you in turn heighten your clair senses. You have them now, but they are weak as they have been long ignored. Success won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you keep at it.

What Are the Names of the Clair Senses?

The clairs are our supersenses, and they include: clairvoyance (psychic vision), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairalience (psychic smell), clairgustance (psychic taste), clairtangency (psychic touch), clairsentience (feeling emotional impressions, as well as bodily sensations), clairprescience (receiving communication from spirits), and claircognizance (a psychic sense of knowing). For the purpose of this article we focus entirely upon the clair senses which extend from our five physical senses.

Some begin to develop clair senses by working with psychometry, as clairtangency seems one of the simpler clairs for us to develop. What you do is pick up an object which you know likely has some type of perceivable history; feel it and contemplate anything you feel as you hold the item and tune into the vibrations it sends you. If you work with objects that others can tell you of their actual history after your sessions, you can obtain feedback on your level of accuracy.


On top of the aforementioned exercises, here is a list of other ways to speed up the process of developing your psychic abilities:

  • Eat healthy foods, drink water, and stay fit. It's a fact that your bodily health has impact upon your spiritual core being, and thereby your psychic abilities.
  • Experiment with tools, but use them in rotation in order not to develop dependency on one. Examples of such tools are tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, scrying spheres or mirrors, etc.
  • Work on developing an ability to see auras. Once you master that, learn to read them.
  • Learn to communicate with your spirit guides. Know that the messages they send may come in any form, be that taste, smell, touch, or what have you. One day for example, you may find yourself reading something on a website you may never otherwise go to and find an important message there. Be aware that your guides may have prompted you to take necessary steps to access that information.
  • Test your psychic senses regularly in order to develop them. There are a fair amount of websites offering tests and exercises by which we can develop our extrasensory abilities; use them to your benefit.
  • Astral travel. Through astral travel you will be able to view the future, which won't make you psychic, but it will prove helpful to you in predicting the future. Be aware though, that the most likely future given ruling energies, will be what you see when you see the future; thus if energies change, the future you saw will not come to be.

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