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What Is Your "Authentic Self?" Part II

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A woman staring contemplatively through a window

Re-finding the Authentic Self 

In part one of this article, we discussed how detrimental it is to live a life in which we do not present as our authentic self. Authentic self issues are spiritual as well as psychological ones. This of course means that both your spiritual, and mental health statuses suffer as a result of failing to maintain full authenticity. In part I of this article, guidelines were offered regarding how to find your way back to living a spiritually authentic life. Within this article an extended list of suggestions will be offered.

For those of you who are on the road to recovering your spiritual authenticity, don't be afraid to ask the help of your spirit guides. If you haven't done so in the past, it's far easier than you think. Just ask and pay attention for signs in any form, be that sound, smell, taste, feel, or through vision.

Let's now look at the various ways you can recover your true and authentic self.

First, let's recap guidelines offered in part one

Feel and project confidence in being who you are, and love yourself unconditionally. Others will follow your example.

Give daily affirmations to the self. Refer back to part one for guidelines on how to perform successful affirmations. The title of the appropriate section within that article will be brown to make it easy for you to find.

Periodically do assessments; do so by taking mental notes of uncomfortable feelings you have in situations as they happen. This opens your eyes to different ways in which you need to be more authentic with others.

Now for the additional guidelines:

  • In the past you may have found yourself focusing on negative choices you had previously made. In the future when realizing poor behavior, accept it as something that can be avoided and let it go. Move on to more positive things.
  • Let go of the tendency to over-analyze yourself and your faults. This is the absolute opposite of what you should be doing, which is affirming positive qualities within yourself. If you stop focusing on faults, you will allow more positivity to enter and healing to begin.
  • In the past you may have found yourself explaining your behavior or offering apologies. Instead, focus on how to avoid creating similar situations in the future. By apologizing you affirm that you were wrong, both to yourself and others involved. When your behavior is true you won't need to explain. In affirming you were wrong, you are in essence making a wish for more of the same, as you choose the energies that build the life you live. Make the choice to be right by acting appropriately.
  • Imagine your ideal future and set lofty goals. Never tell yourself things are impossible. Nothing is - if you dare believe it. Your dreams and aspirations tie into your ideal blueprint. You can make them happen. Know that they will. Do meditations and focus on achieving your highest possible goals; even those which may now seem impossible.
  • Avoid feeling guilty over taking care of yourself and your needs. If attending to yourself leaves you to feel greedy or self-centered, this is another way of looking at yourself in a negative light. Ask yourself why you feel this way; are your requisites genuine? Assess them; once you have acknowledged your needs, it is your right to address them.
  • Those having authentic self issues tend to see everything from their own point of reference, probably due to having to fight so hard to get their needs addressed due to faulty thinking. For this reason you should remember to always take into account the viewpoint and feelings of those you interact with.
  • Avoid seeking to find your value in the eyes of others. Do you seek to hear kind or reassuring words? Do you need this so much you find yourself "performing" a little to achieve it? Let this kind of behavior go. As your authentic self comes into being once again, you will find that you don't thirst for flattery from others.
  • Regarding self destructive activity. When you find you have done things which after the fact seem self destructive; note the tendency to do this and after a while you will be able to stifle the compulsion in advance.
  • Move forth in your life circumstance as you see fit. Don't let the beliefs of others unduly influence your decision making, and don't let their words and actions towards you hold you back.
  • Stop worrying, it doesn't do any good, and on the other hand it's very destructive. Live things through and enjoy them, or change them and move on. No more worrying.
  • Don't focus on the negative traits of others; if you do that's all you will see. Focus on their good points instead.
  • Establish boundaries. Don't let others attempt to control or manipulate you.
  • Don't let people with negative viewpoints into your life. If they are already there, move on from them. If you can't remove them from your life (family etc), do your best to act as if they simply don't exist; but without being negative or rude about it. When you must interact with them, focus on their good points. If you react to their negativity, their views will more than likely end up coloring yours.
  • Eliminate guilt in all forms from your life. In other ways this concept has been glossed over previously. The point needs to be brought to clarity - guilt chips away at our very core and must be removed. Period.


The above is a decent set of guidelines by which to begin, the rest is up to you. Blessings to you through your journey. This concludes the two part article on how to live and prosper as your authentic self. The prosperity comes (doubt it not) as a result of passing through the door which enables this to take place - the doorway to you as your authentic self and to the truth of the universe you are one with.

Be strong, live well

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