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What Is Your "Authentic Self?" Part I

a maze
A maze, symbolic of finding a way back to the authentic self

What Is Meant by the Term "Authentic Self?" 

The authentic self can be described in simple terms. When you live true to your inner identity, personal beliefs, inner knowing, and your inner cycle of spiritual growth as a person; this is referred to as living as your authentic self. Our true self needs to be lived, or acted out in the way we are intended to exist - perhaps not so much a plan, as to learn once again to be the self we have always been in lifetimes till now - but at any rate, the way that is right for that individual, without interference.

When subject to pressure from others, it isn't uncommon for a person to develop ways of masking their true identity, but they don't realize they are doing so. Subsequently a distortion of the true self takes place. The result can have long lasting repercussions. A cycle posing some degree of negativity will continue until the authentic self is reinstated.

To live as your authentic self, you need to free yourself of external pressures that you may have until now been influenced by. Your reaction to such pressure blocks your true essence, and thereby prevents you from being your optimal self and living out your ideal future.

To explain how the above works, let's provide some logical examples that most can relate to.

  • You really want to be a painter, but your mother says "that's not a real job". Her words urge you to think away from your own perspective, as well as the innate knowing of the type of occupation that best suits your life. You may well choose to study psychology to please her, as you know it will.
  • You feel a pull towards living a life of spirituality, but your family members make it clear that they as a unit adhere to (whichever) religion. You aren't given the freedom to stick to your choice, at least that's how it seems.
  • You are constantly told not to be like this or that. The constant reprimands and corrections have you doubting yourself in various ways. You wonder why people don't understand where you are coming from. You begin to alter yourself to suit those around you, but it doesn't appease them. The situation seems to progressively downgrade.

All three of the above are examples of external interference which could affect a person on a core level, thus indirectly causing distortion of the inner self.

But let's take a closer look at the last example provided above. Why do people constantly correct and scoff at you, your actions, and your words? Because you have given off vibes or demonstrated via actions, words, or expressions that you lack confidence in yourself and mode of being. You are in effect subconsciously telling them that you need their "help" to find your way. As you learn to rejoice in being your authentic self, people's negative behavior as well as other negatives within your environment will begin to fall away.

When a person is not living as their authentic self, they adopt a tendency to constantly place obstacles in their own path. This makes so much of what is good in life unobtainable to them. See how the cycle emerges. When virtually everything has an obstacle placed in front of it, the individual's needs and desires are always beyond reach. Everyone else around them has all they need, but they get nothing for their efforts, and therefore they complain.

People don't want to listen to them and react accordingly. That person who is not living their authentic life, is then left to wonder what is wrong with them that others reject them so. The cycle just keeps on feeding itself. Living a less than authentic life leaves one with a tendency to push people away. Those living as their authentic self tend to see those same so called obstacles as mere puzzles to be worked out. There is a solution to each one. The answers to them lie inside of us all; that is if we only bother to listen.

It may seem that it is hard to present the authentic self. Example thought -"won't I have to constantly battle my mother to make my preferred choices?" Short answer - no, that's not how it works. Actually, when you present as your true self, with confidence, others as well as yourself stop presenting you with obstacles.

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How does one go about re-finding their authentic self? 

There are a number of things a person can do. Below are a few to provide an idea of how straightforward it can be to begin finding your way back to your authentic self. More will be listed in my next article.

Feel confident in being who you are

Learn to love yourself unconditionally. This will tell others that you are worth loving, exactly the way that you are. They will follow the lead and present you with more love and more respect. They can't find reason to love you if you can't.

Give daily affirmations to the self

Make a list of affirmations - things that you like about yourself, and qualities that you wish you had. But when making this list, when writing the qualities you wish to have, write them as if they are qualities you already have and appreciate. For example, you won't be affirming anything positive by telling yourself that you would like to have better communication skills; that's just affirming that you don't have them. The entire list must be written in the present tense, so if you were indeed hoping to improve communication skills, your affirmation regarding that would be something like - "I am thankful for the efficient skills I possess in the area of interpersonal communications; I feel truly blessed in having this gift".

Point being, affirm everything, whether it's something you like about yourself, a skill you used to have but lost, or a facet of yourself that is blocked at this time; affirm it all, and I must repeat - in the current tense.

Periodically do assessments

Take mental notes of uncomfortable feelings you have in situations as they happen. When you feel uncomfortable there will always be a reason for it. In most circumstances you will easily be able to pinpoint what the problem was. This will open your eyes to the possibility of creating better ways to proceed through similar situations in the future - from the standpoint of your true self.

What are the benefits, to being one's authentic self? 

If a person is not living as their authentic self, they cannot be successful to any significant degree. We came to this life with our optimal blueprints pre-set. Not set in stone per se, but the plan was there. The blueprints remain there for everyone to access as they become ready.

Yes, the blueprint is there but we still have freedom of choice in front of us on a daily basis. Ideally, the best choice we could make would be to adhere to our spiritual mission while here on this plane. The only way we can discover what our mission is, is to connect with our higher self. We cannot do this consistently if we are not living as our authentic self, it just isn't possible.

The potential for optimal success within our lifetime is a part of our blueprint. When we veer from it, we lose touch with the (metaphorical) light that shines our path through the endless void surrounding it. When we stray from that beam of light we are seemingly fighting through the dark to find our way. No wonder life seems so bleak. Still figuratively speaking, so many of us fail to see that what we are then fighting to find, really should be our way back to that "beam of light".

That beam of light, broken down into components, is our connection to our higher self, to the divine, and to the great united oneness of being - the universal consciousness.

When strayed from the authentic self, another issue which plagues people is the formation of negative habits. Why is this? Apparently there is a void caused by all that the person has not had access to and all the positivity they have not experienced in their lifetime. This leaves the person with a deep desire to fill that void. They often develop habits and sometimes addictions, all in attempt to fill that bottomless hole. These habits can pose a wide variety of problems, including gambling, alcoholism, and overeating.

Above are some of the basic concepts behind needing to remain as our authentic self through our entire lifetime. You will realize this when you are ready and not until, but I must repeat - you cannot be optimally successful in any area of your life without presenting as your authentic self. This means that each area of your life may always have shortcomings, possibly significant ones, dependent on exactly how true or false of a life you are living.

Our higher self will lead us to all we ever wanted. Make no mistake, affluence is a birthright that we all have access to.

When you scrape away all of the debris surrounding your authentic self, what you have then to look forward to is the life you were put here to have. This means stability in all areas, including affluence, employment, interactions with/how you are perceived by others; and love. And all paths open to you will ooze with unlimited potential, ripe for the taking... now that's inspired living.

Begin today. Embark on the journey to becoming your authentic self. I am not selling you anything, the journey is your own and is absolutely free.

* My next article will be a list of things you can do to make it simpler to find your way back to your authentic self.

The link to Part II of this two part article set

Afterthought: Recently I began taking a course by Cindy Eyler, and I thought it appropriate to mention it. There are less direct methods of addressing self authenticity, that serve as support mechanisms. That's where Cindy's manifestation course may serve--in upgrading one's approach to life in order to manifest. Here's the link to her website; this is not a sponsored link, it's here because it contextually makes sense to put it here.

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