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Analyzing the Term "Lightworker"... What Does it Mean (if anything) to be One

What is a Lightworker? Aren't We All Lightworkers?

by Joodhe

We often see the term "lightworker" used nowadays in spiritual circles, and at first it makes sense to see and use the word, and perhaps when one considers it in depth it still may remain in their vocabulary by choice thereafter. But there comes a time one is bound to stop and think, what makes a lightworker different from anyone else? Little really when you contemplate it...

In theory a lightworker is someone who opts to take on the role of creating healing and betterment in this world, who encourages people to grow in spirit, and that works to create social changes of benefit to all. However, one might realize after being exposed to the term, that virtually everyone on Earth would have the higher purpose as that of a lightworker, would they not? Hey, I'm not claiming to be an authority on the universe and how it works, but doesn't it only make sense that if the bulk of us were living authentically to our higher self blueprints, we would virtually all be lightworkers?  

We may stumble across sites that say they offer tests and measures by which you can tell whether or not you are a lightworker (google the term "lightworker," such sites are a significant percentage of the results at this time); and you will if you go by those, in theory know your truth. I offer this - skip the tests, you already know. The very fact that you are there wanting to determine that, is your answer - you are indeed getting in touch with your higher purpose, which of course is that of a lightworker. 

So what is it that I am saying? But for those that were sent here on spiritual missions that are likely beyond the imagination of the bulk of people (contemplate this Hitler channeling video and this Jack the Ripper one, for example), most are lightworkers, and thus no testing is necessary to determine that.

Here, the "Are you a light worker?" video - is another point of view to consider, I stumbled over it while looking for the "Channeling Erik" Channel's Jeffrey Dahmer interview, but alas it has been made private. The lightworker video you'll find via the offered link, suggests that lightworkers channel energy through them that enables them to do work that others cannot. But in essence, perhaps that's just another way of looking at what I've already suggested - that some are in touch with an ability that is innate within virtually all or even absolutely all of us... consider this if you will - if theory presented in the Hitler video is truth based, then Hitler in his way, was a lightworker, as ultimately his dastardly deeds benefited all of humanity, as we learnt never to allow anything like that to happen again. (Or did we?)

I'd like to add that I have no opinion whatsoever regarding the authenticity of the skills of those that produced the videos referred to (and I have no affiliation with them), to me they just present points to consider.

Bottom line is, perhaps the term lightworker needs to be defined a bit differently, as in essence, it isn't so much about which life choices one makes and what they do that does/doesn't make them one, as much as it is about each of us getting in touch with our authentic self.

Anyway - that's me sharing a ramble on a concept that crossed my mind yesterday. Please, share your thoughts on this blog post if you will...

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Thulite; Healing and Metaphysical Properties, Meaning, and Uses (Rosaline Zoisite, Unionite, Pink Zoisite, Manganoan Zoisite)

thulite crystal rough
Thulite Crystal Rough

How Thulite Can Help You

Thulite is another mineral which could accurately be referred to as a "love stone". When a relationship is new, emotions and feelings are zooming, and our rationality and good judgment may not be fully available to us. This is when pink thulite will offer grounding and self control within how partners relate to and interact with each other. In deeper pink and red tones, for those whom are single and seeking, thulite will help them to find a loving romantic connection. Thulite in the same range of color will also help rekindle passion in a relationship experiencing blockages.

Thulite Facilitates Self-Love

Thulite promotes healing for those lacking in self-love and appreciation. This crystal is an ideal tool for those striving to recover from abuse of various kinds. After suffering abuse one needs to release guilt, and learn to love and trust themselves and others once again; thulite will help to address and heal these core issues. The mineral thulite will lead us to understand why we made certain mistakes, as well as the big picture behind why a life lesson of gravity was brought to us. Subsequently this leads us to understanding, processing, assimilation, acceptance, and peace.

Helps Speakers

One of the qualities thulite is best known for is to support a person through their public speaking endeavors. It can help someone transcend from being a so-so public speaker to being a confident, eloquent and captivating one (if the ability is present). It will help when we speak for the greater good, but it won't help anyone who speaks towards a harmful end result.

Tumbled Thulite

What Is Thulite?

Thulite is a type of zoisite. It is opaque with light to deep pink coloring, and can also display wine based hues to as dark as a deep red.

Thulite Etymology

In days of yore, the name Thule was believed to have referred to Norway. Thulite is the national stone of that country and was as such given its name. The first discovery of this mineral was made in Telemark, Norway in the year 1820.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Thulite Healing Properties

  • Helps one to bypass various obstacles in speaking before large groups.
  • Influences a person to continuously strengthen and refine their public speaking skills.
  • Works most effectively with heart and root chakra issues, and can aid in throat chakra healing work too.
  • Breaks down barriers in establishing friendships.
  • Enhances a positive spiritual perspective.
  • Will benefit in the healing of emotional issues.
  • Aids in removing obstacles to giving and receiving pure, unqualified love.
  • Enhances the desire to act with consideration and kindness towards others.
  • Offers an emotional boost, and leads one to feel happier.
  • Urges one to move forth towards their goals.
  • Helps you to feel at ease at social events, making it simpler to interact with others from a perspective of authenticity.
  • Helps one to move away from being strongly introverted.
  • Beneficial in healing stomach related issues.
  • Can be used to aid healing of the testicles and ovaries.
  • Opens your spirit and heart to accept the points of view of others.
  • Eases feelings of stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Allows one to accept what they have with a sense of appreciation and value.
  • Influences a person to make more balanced life choices.
  • Offers recognition of personal power to those whose duty it is to "put on a show"; meaning speakers, actors, politicians, teachers etc.
  • Strengthens one's sense of self worth.
  • Heals damaging, previously learnt thought patterns.
  • Helps one in moving forth from the emotional damages of abuse.
  • Enhances problem solving skills.
  • Encourages a person to walk away from self destructive habits by healing the core issue - a lack of self worth.
  • Provides enhanced clarity and focus.

Where Can Thulite Be found?

Thulite can be found in locations such as cracks and crevices between multiple varieties of rock. Geographically it is found in Norway, Australia, Austria, and South Africa; and Washington, and North Carolina USA.

Is It Safe to Use Thulite in Healing Waters, Elixirs and Cocktails?

Thulite is to be considered unsuitable for use in healing waters made by soaking the crystals directly in water; this due to its aluminum content.

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Rose Quartz Healing and Metaphysical Properties (Pink Quartz, Love Stone)

rose quartz
Rose quartz healing properties.
Wikimedia File: Uncut rose quartz.jpg by Ozguy89

What Is Rose Quartz Crystal? 

Rose quartz crystal ranges from soft pink to a deep reddish pink in color. It is best known for its properties as a love stone; it draws love to us and inspires us to approach our world and other people with an open heart. Rose quartz energies gently coax people to appreciate themselves more wholly, and will guide them to see and demonstrate that they are worthy of love and the bounty its presence allows into their respective lives.

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What Rose Quartz Crystal Can Do for You

The properties of rose quartz will lead you to release negative emotions and welcome affection, compassion, and all good things into your life. This peace inspiring crystal will influence you to extend forgiveness to others as well as yourself. Issuing forgiveness allows healing in, and therefore makes way for new and better circumstances to arise in the future. When dealing with anger and hostility issues, rose quartz raises the vibration level, and thus eases us away from focusing on matters of frustration.

With these stones around, it becomes easier to let go of the negative attachments that we hang onto from past events. For those who are not content with what they do and don't have, they may consider carrying or wearing rose quartz to help them develop acceptance and subsequently peace.

Rose quartz crystal will lead you to find and accept unconditional love. It will allow you to receive affection without blockages, and to know that it benefits you and your world to extend unqualified positivity and compassion to all you encounter and all within creation. When you feel down or blue, your rose quartz crystals will give your vibration level a well-needed topper-upper, thus allowing you to feel more vibrant and happy.

This stone can do wonders for the skin and is commonly used to reduce signs of aging and soften wrinkles. Consider wearing a rose quartz pendant around your neck. In this way you can have its healing energies on you all of the time, and it will remain close to the targeted area for more consistent benefits. A noteworthy trait of rose quartz is that it gets warm when held.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

  • Suitable for healing heart and higher heart chakra issues.
  • Influences you to see things in a positive light.
  • Its energy strengthens harmony within relationships.
  • Encourages a healthy degree of self appreciation.
  • Leads us to recognize and appreciate self worth.
  • Is said to restore the will to live.
  • Inspires a compassionate approach within interactions with others.
  • When a person has suffered from neglect or abuse, this stone is going to facilitate the healing of core issues, which will allow them to first love themselves, then others subsequently.
  • Can be used to recall dreams, as well as to interpret them.
  • Allows us to release feelings of guilt.
  • Is suitable for healing the female reproductive system.
  • Helps one to overcome sexual issues.
  • Encourages the healing of negative emotions (anger, jealousy, resentment, regret, guilt, etc) and negative learnt behaviors.
  • Promotes healing within the circulatory system.
  • If you feel limited within your life, rose quartz will inspire you to find creative ways to broaden your horizons, thus allowing happiness in.
  • Aids in the healing of high blood pressure.
  • Suffer with vertigo? This stone can help you.

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What Is Your "Authentic Self?" Part II

looking contemplatively through window
A woman staring contemplatively through a window

Re-finding the Authentic Self 

In part one of this article, we discussed how detrimental it is to live a life in which we do not present as our authentic self. Authentic self issues are spiritual as well as psychological ones. This of course means that both your spiritual, and mental health statuses suffer as a result of failing to maintain full authenticity. In part I of this article, guidelines were offered regarding how to find your way back to living a spiritually authentic life. Within this article an extended list of suggestions will be offered.

For those of you who are on the road to recovering your spiritual authenticity, don't be afraid to ask the help of your spirit guides. If you haven't done so in the past, it's far easier than you think. Just ask and pay attention for signs in any form, be that sound, smell, taste, feel, or through vision.

Let's now look at the various ways you can recover your true and authentic self.

First, let's recap guidelines offered in part one

Feel and project confidence in being who you are, and love yourself unconditionally. Others will follow your example.

Give daily affirmations to the self. Refer back to part one for guidelines on how to perform successful affirmations. The title of the appropriate section within that article will be brown to make it easy for you to find.

Periodically do assessments; do so by taking mental notes of uncomfortable feelings you have in situations as they happen. This opens your eyes to different ways in which you need to be more authentic with others.

Now for the additional guidelines:

  • In the past you may have found yourself focusing on negative choices you had previously made. In the future when realizing poor behavior, accept it as something that can be avoided and let it go. Move on to more positive things.
  • Let go of the tendency to over-analyze yourself and your faults. This is the absolute opposite of what you should be doing, which is affirming positive qualities within yourself. If you stop focusing on faults, you will allow more positivity to enter and healing to begin.
  • In the past you may have found yourself explaining your behavior or offering apologies. Instead, focus on how to avoid creating similar situations in the future. By apologizing you affirm that you were wrong, both to yourself and others involved. When your behavior is true you won't need to explain. In affirming you were wrong, you are in essence making a wish for more of the same, as you choose the energies that build the life you live. Make the choice to be right by acting appropriately.
  • Imagine your ideal future and set lofty goals. Never tell yourself things are impossible. Nothing is - if you dare believe it. Your dreams and aspirations tie into your ideal blueprint. You can make them happen. Know that they will. Do meditations and focus on achieving your highest possible goals; even those which may now seem impossible.
  • Avoid feeling guilty over taking care of yourself and your needs. If attending to yourself leaves you to feel greedy or self-centered, this is another way of looking at yourself in a negative light. Ask yourself why you feel this way; are your requisites genuine? Assess them; once you have acknowledged your needs, it is your right to address them.
  • Those having authentic self issues tend to see everything from their own point of reference, probably due to having to fight so hard to get their needs addressed due to faulty thinking. For this reason you should remember to always take into account the viewpoint and feelings of those you interact with.
  • Avoid seeking to find your value in the eyes of others. Do you seek to hear kind or reassuring words? Do you need this so much you find yourself "performing" a little to achieve it? Let this kind of behavior go. As your authentic self comes into being once again, you will find that you don't thirst for flattery from others.
  • Regarding self destructive activity. When you find you have done things which after the fact seem self destructive; note the tendency to do this and after a while you will be able to stifle the compulsion in advance.
  • Move forth in your life circumstance as you see fit. Don't let the beliefs of others unduly influence your decision making, and don't let their words and actions towards you hold you back.
  • Stop worrying, it doesn't do any good, and on the other hand it's very destructive. Live things through and enjoy them, or change them and move on. No more worrying.
  • Don't focus on the negative traits of others; if you do that's all you will see. Focus on their good points instead.
  • Establish boundaries. Don't let others attempt to control or manipulate you.
  • Don't let people with negative viewpoints into your life. If they are already there, move on from them. If you can't remove them from your life (family etc), do your best to act as if they simply don't exist; but without being negative or rude about it. When you must interact with them, focus on their good points. If you react to their negativity, their views will more than likely end up coloring yours.
  • Eliminate guilt in all forms from your life. In other ways this concept has been glossed over previously. The point needs to be brought to clarity - guilt chips away at our very core and must be removed. Period.


The above is a decent set of guidelines by which to begin, the rest is up to you. Blessings to you through your journey. This concludes the two part article on how to live and prosper as your authentic self. The prosperity comes (doubt it not) as a result of passing through the door which enables this to take place - the doorway to you as your authentic self and to the truth of the universe you are one with.

Be strong, live well

What Is Your "Authentic Self?" Part I

a maze
A maze, symbolic of finding a way back to the authentic self

What Is Meant by the Term "Authentic Self?" 

The authentic self can be described in simple terms. When you live true to your inner identity, personal beliefs, inner knowing, and your inner cycle of spiritual growth as a person; this is referred to as living as your authentic self. Our true self needs to be lived, or acted out in the way we are intended to exist - perhaps not so much a plan, as to learn once again to be the self we have always been in lifetimes till now - but at any rate, the way that is right for that individual, without interference.

When subject to pressure from others, it isn't uncommon for a person to develop ways of masking their true identity, but they don't realize they are doing so. Subsequently a distortion of the true self takes place. The result can have long lasting repercussions. A cycle posing some degree of negativity will continue until the authentic self is reinstated.

To live as your authentic self, you need to free yourself of external pressures that you may have until now been influenced by. Your reaction to such pressure blocks your true essence, and thereby prevents you from being your optimal self and living out your ideal future.

To explain how the above works, let's provide some logical examples that most can relate to.

  • You really want to be a painter, but your mother says "that's not a real job". Her words urge you to think away from your own perspective, as well as the innate knowing of the type of occupation that best suits your life. You may well choose to study psychology to please her, as you know it will.
  • You feel a pull towards living a life of spirituality, but your family members make it clear that they as a unit adhere to (whichever) religion. You aren't given the freedom to stick to your choice, at least that's how it seems.
  • You are constantly told not to be like this or that. The constant reprimands and corrections have you doubting yourself in various ways. You wonder why people don't understand where you are coming from. You begin to alter yourself to suit those around you, but it doesn't appease them. The situation seems to progressively downgrade.

All three of the above are examples of external interference which could affect a person on a core level, thus indirectly causing distortion of the inner self.

But let's take a closer look at the last example provided above. Why do people constantly correct and scoff at you, your actions, and your words? Because you have given off vibes or demonstrated via actions, words, or expressions that you lack confidence in yourself and mode of being. You are in effect subconsciously telling them that you need their "help" to find your way. As you learn to rejoice in being your authentic self, people's negative behavior as well as other negatives within your environment will begin to fall away.

When a person is not living as their authentic self, they adopt a tendency to constantly place obstacles in their own path. This makes so much of what is good in life unobtainable to them. See how the cycle emerges. When virtually everything has an obstacle placed in front of it, the individual's needs and desires are always beyond reach. Everyone else around them has all they need, but they get nothing for their efforts, and therefore they complain.

People don't want to listen to them and react accordingly. That person who is not living their authentic life, is then left to wonder what is wrong with them that others reject them so. The cycle just keeps on feeding itself. Living a less than authentic life leaves one with a tendency to push people away. Those living as their authentic self tend to see those same so called obstacles as mere puzzles to be worked out. There is a solution to each one. The answers to them lie inside of us all; that is if we only bother to listen.

It may seem that it is hard to present the authentic self. Example thought -"won't I have to constantly battle my mother to make my preferred choices?" Short answer - no, that's not how it works. Actually, when you present as your true self, with confidence, others as well as yourself stop presenting you with obstacles.

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How does one go about re-finding their authentic self? 

There are a number of things a person can do. Below are a few to provide an idea of how straightforward it can be to begin finding your way back to your authentic self. More will be listed in my next article.

Feel confident in being who you are

Learn to love yourself unconditionally. This will tell others that you are worth loving, exactly the way that you are. They will follow the lead and present you with more love and more respect. They can't find reason to love you if you can't.

Give daily affirmations to the self

Make a list of affirmations - things that you like about yourself, and qualities that you wish you had. But when making this list, when writing the qualities you wish to have, write them as if they are qualities you already have and appreciate. For example, you won't be affirming anything positive by telling yourself that you would like to have better communication skills; that's just affirming that you don't have them. The entire list must be written in the present tense, so if you were indeed hoping to improve communication skills, your affirmation regarding that would be something like - "I am thankful for the efficient skills I possess in the area of interpersonal communications; I feel truly blessed in having this gift".

Point being, affirm everything, whether it's something you like about yourself, a skill you used to have but lost, or a facet of yourself that is blocked at this time; affirm it all, and I must repeat - in the current tense.

Periodically do assessments

Take mental notes of uncomfortable feelings you have in situations as they happen. When you feel uncomfortable there will always be a reason for it. In most circumstances you will easily be able to pinpoint what the problem was. This will open your eyes to the possibility of creating better ways to proceed through similar situations in the future - from the standpoint of your true self.

What are the benefits, to being one's authentic self? 

If a person is not living as their authentic self, they cannot be successful to any significant degree. We came to this life with our optimal blueprints pre-set. Not set in stone per se, but the plan was there. The blueprints remain there for everyone to access as they become ready.

Yes, the blueprint is there but we still have freedom of choice in front of us on a daily basis. Ideally, the best choice we could make would be to adhere to our spiritual mission while here on this plane. The only way we can discover what our mission is, is to connect with our higher self. We cannot do this consistently if we are not living as our authentic self, it just isn't possible.

The potential for optimal success within our lifetime is a part of our blueprint. When we veer from it, we lose touch with the (metaphorical) light that shines our path through the endless void surrounding it. When we stray from that beam of light we are seemingly fighting through the dark to find our way. No wonder life seems so bleak. Still figuratively speaking, so many of us fail to see that what we are then fighting to find, really should be our way back to that "beam of light".

That beam of light, broken down into components, is our connection to our higher self, to the divine, and to the great united oneness of being - the universal consciousness.

When strayed from the authentic self, another issue which plagues people is the formation of negative habits. Why is this? Apparently there is a void caused by all that the person has not had access to and all the positivity they have not experienced in their lifetime. This leaves the person with a deep desire to fill that void. They often develop habits and sometimes addictions, all in attempt to fill that bottomless hole. These habits can pose a wide variety of problems, including gambling, alcoholism, and overeating.

Above are some of the basic concepts behind needing to remain as our authentic self through our entire lifetime. You will realize this when you are ready and not until, but I must repeat - you cannot be optimally successful in any area of your life without presenting as your authentic self. This means that each area of your life may always have shortcomings, possibly significant ones, dependent on exactly how true or false of a life you are living.

Our higher self will lead us to all we ever wanted. Make no mistake, affluence is a birthright that we all have access to.

When you scrape away all of the debris surrounding your authentic self, what you have then to look forward to is the life you were put here to have. This means stability in all areas, including affluence, employment, interactions with/how you are perceived by others; and love. And all paths open to you will ooze with unlimited potential, ripe for the taking... now that's inspired living.

Begin today. Embark on the journey to becoming your authentic self. I am not selling you anything, the journey is your own and is absolutely free.

* My next article will be a list of things you can do to make it simpler to find your way back to your authentic self.

The link to Part II of this two part article set

Afterthought: Recently I began taking a course by Cindy Eyler, and I thought it appropriate to mention it. There are less direct methods of addressing self authenticity, that serve as support mechanisms. That's where Cindy's manifestation course may serve--in upgrading one's approach to life in order to manifest. Here's the link to her website; this is not a sponsored link, it's here because it contextually makes sense to put it here.

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The Serpent Gate: To Meta Ophion


Looking to Define the Term "To Meta Ohpion" (Ophion), Thoth Ace of Disks

by Race MoChridhe

As this author has had occasion to observe before, with the Empress, there is no detail of the Thoth Tarot too small to deserve the closest analysis. Such is the case, certainly, with the Ace of Disks, and yet the eyes of students often pass too quickly over its seemingly abstract design to appreciate its many layers.

For one thing, the layers are not an abstract design. The brown oval dominating the vertical axis of the card is, on close inspection, the cross-section of a tree, layered with rings and ringed with bark. It represents longevity and maturation. In each of the corners of the card, the foliage of the tree takes the attitude of sheltering wings, with great clusters of seeds or acorns sprouting from the joints. These represent fertility. The same image, smaller and translucent, lies perpendicular across the card, representing the inner, spiritual dimension of the tree. At the center of both is a circle. Examined closely, this circle is a plant cell, with the rigid cell wall enclosing new cellular division within. The newly dividing cells ring two overlaid pentangles, representing the atom in its original, Greek conception—the smallest, indivisible unit of matter/energy from which all other things proceed.

ace of disks; thoth
Then one comes to the inscription. Inside the wall of the cell runs a curious phrase: TO META OHPION, for the rest of this post changed to the more common spelling OPHION. The words are Classical Greek, but of a slightly ungrammatical kind, leaving the meaning ambiguous. Scholars of Crowley’s work often translate the phrase as something like, “After the nature of the snake,” but Crowley himself seemed to treat it as a single unit, which he identified with the meanings “Initiation,” or “Entrance.” The core reference of the phrase is the serpent Ophion of Greek mythology, who was held to have ruled the world in the beginning alongside the goddess Eurynome, before being overthrown by Chronos, Rhea, and the Titans (who were later, in their turn, overthrown by Zeus and the Olympians).

The role of Ophion in ancient thought is somewhat unclear, since we possess only fragments of the works that referred to him, but his role in modern thought is easier to understand. He became the centerpiece of the reconstructed “Pelasgian creation myth” popularized by the poet-scholar Robert Graves in his book, The Greek Myths. In Graves’ account, Ophion arose from the dance of Eurynome upon the waves of primordial uncreation. The two then mated, and Eurynome laid an egg, around which Ophion coiled himself until it hatched into the world. The two dwelt together long ages on Mt. Olympus until Ophion, in his pride, began to claim that he had created the world alone, whereupon Eurynome kicked out his teeth and banished him to the underworld.

For Crowley, Ophion could thus be a symbol of the beginning, and also a warning. The Ace of Disks stands at the spiritual root of a suit that deals extensively with material wealth. The two kinds of riches—spiritual and material—have often been opposed in the world’s religious and philosophical thought, but Crowley emphasized to his students that there was nothing inherently unspiritual about material wealth, so long as one maintained the proper attitude. For him, spiritual “poverty” was about recognizing the fact that one can, in truth, own nothing. Once this is realized, one can make use of anything. Ophion’s story, by way of negative example, reinforced this basic concept—one can avail oneself of the whole world, so long as one does not try to lay claim to it.

The figure of the serpent was perfect for placement at the root of the suit of Disks in another sense as well. Ophion’s story cannot help but be compared with Lucifer’s, who is traditionally identified with the serpent in Eden. In that story, the serpent is responsible for the movement of humankind into knowledge (which, with typical Biblical ambiguity, has both intellectual and sexual connotations), and thus sets in motion the whole evolution of the manifest world of time, life, and death—a movement that is necessary, in both Jewish and Mormon thought, for the completion of Creation and the perfection of man. Crowley was certainly aware of the parallels between this account and the yogic doctrine of the kundalini energy, associated with both the serpent and the Goddess, which the yogi/ni aims to raise through the seven chakras to attain full realization—a doctrine remarkably parallel to Moses’ saving of the people from the serpents of fire in Sinai by elevating a brass serpent upon a pole (Numbers 21:8). In all of these cases, the world of time and growth (figured in the rings of the tree) is the field upon which men and women seek integration and wholeness (figured in the crossover of the material and spiritual dimensions of the tree), and the serpent is the one who stands at its primordial center.

For Crowley, the serpent stood at its end as well. The Two of Disks makes the serpent visible upon the card in the form of the ouroboros—the serpent eating its own tail, which, since Classical times, has represented the cyclicality of time and world without end. Additionally, TO META OPHION reappears in Crowley’s writings as the magickal phrase associated with the card Lust (XI). There, the serpent is engendered by the Goddess once again when She, in the form of Lady Babalon riding atop the Great Beast (which is one of the forms of Lucifer in the Book of Revelation), upholds a cup shining with the All in All, which scatters sephirotic rays described by Crowley as “serpents sent forth in every direction to destroy and recreate the world” (Book of Thoth). Given the close connection between these cards, it seems only fitting that Crowley—who identified himself with the Great Beast—drew the Ace of Disks when inquiring as to his own nature.

It is into this endless cycle of destruction and recreation—like the serpent shedding its skin or the tree its leaves—that we are invited by the beguiling words TO META OPHION. They ring out from the hearts of atoms, calling us to put roots into the earth and to return to our root chakras. They give us the courage that we need, in the face of the absurdity of life, to make use of all that is at our disposal without succumbing to the temptation to possess. When we answer their call, we find ourselves at the entrance of new layers of existence, each in its turn discovered, cultivated, integrated, brought to external expression, and then transcended, just like the rings of a tree. Every layer brings us closer to death, but also to the discovery of our True Will, which is the only true life.

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The Vision I Had...

black and white geometrical shape
Geometrical shape, representative of an image in my vision

Originally published in 2011


The other night, just before sleep I experienced a dreamlike vision. As with most of the visions I've had, there were a lot of shapes that looked like sacred geometry. The main difference this time, was that the vision was entirely black and white. I was aware enough to commit to analyzing what I was being shown. As I knew it to be a message, it was given my absolute focus. Well within a single minute I had figured out the overall concept being shared with me.

The Story of My Vision, My Message, Continued...

The swirling and beautiful (yet unidentifiable) shapes were telling me that even though in my life right now I'm dealing with a trying circumstance, I need to be aware that nothing happens without reason. Not only that but one event invariably leads to another, and even when it appears that things are consistently going badly, to hold faith as well as the knowing that it's a phase that will lead on to better; and furthermore, that absolutely everything within this universe is connected. To experience really good one must have known and worked through some significant bad, would be but a small part of comprehending the message I was presented with in its entirety.

Every thought, every emotion, every rock, tree, plant, planet and human being - everything is integrated within the spiritual energy grid of this universe. Thus when feeling alone, I'm cautioned to understand that it's false of an impression, that no one is ever alone - unless they unwittingly impose that upon themselves.

swirling colored shapes
No sooner had I realized that the message was to offer me solace by way of knowledge of oneness (in a different way than how I was previously aware of it), than the vision immediately added in rich, brilliantly intense coloring and changed form somewhat. The way the vision adjusted itself served to confirm my interpretation.

There was so much to be gleaned from this extremely simple vision, which surprised me somewhat. I had grown to take the theory of oneness (a large factor of the message) for granted since my discovering it a few years back. With this particular vision, for the first time I really tuned in to see what it was telling me. Now I have a new understanding and awareness of oneness, as well as of how things fit together, and how us spiritual beings living as humans have feelings that can stunt us at times.

Since this vision, I feel that within the knowing of the great united oneness of being, there is a message - as everything that happens is connected to all other things within the universe, nothing "just happens", and we each hold our own key; we are virtually never without opportunity to create change. We need only to discover the source of our obstacle, and the resolution lies in acting upon that discovery, the universe apparently operates like a massive geared machine, but of course it's far more complex than any earthly machine we could imagine, but as well not needing so much effort to work once one knows how to approach it - and it's up to us to develop the awareness of how. One quickly learns that intent is one of our most powerful tools.

The theory of oneness brings to mind a vision of the universe as being a large disc-like shape (in all likelihood the universe is shapeless, however my human brain needs to imagine its form); the universe is the oneness, we are each a factor of it. Some positive and some negative energy is required to achieve balance. Everyone and everything gets a share, the rest is dispersed within the universe; but all of it is in constant motion. I see the energies moving around from spot to spot. Sometimes it's my turn to get the good ones, sometimes not.

My perception of how oneness applies to my situation is that there can only be a certain amount of energy present for its fluid motion within the universe (the down phase in my live, I mean); and that all energies are in constant motion. To sum up what I mean, one could simply say, that "this too shall pass", no matter what one faces for that moment in time. But too, it comes to mind as I write - who says that I'm confined to any specific phase of events for a certain moment in time - when one considers the grandness of the oneness, to think that one is confined only to their specific table of events is absolutely preposterous; yet as humans we are prone or conditioned to believe it as fact.

And when negativity hangs around, it's my duty to figure out what that's telling me, and to begin nudging energies around in order to create a new type of motion (change), and thereby a solution. The whole vision, the entire message, is telling me that when I have committed to learning the lessons which will expose themselves to me during this period of time and hereafter, I will be rewarded with better. It didn't evade me either, that to do this successfully I will need to work through my current difficulties by opening my heart, mind and spirit to doing the most effective job I can.

This whole idea is very important to me now as I really want to pave a newer and brighter path into my future. I suppose the underlying premise is that when we commit to deciphering what our faults are which bring us the tougher messages in life, we can do what is necessary to eliminate them, and also prevent similar from happening again. I wanted to share this experience with you to show some that some important life messages can be gleaned through visions (as well as dreams).

Another reason to share this story is to show that even the dreams and visions we have with no discernible shapes or figures, may be and likely are telling us something. All we need to do is focus, and listen to our inner voice and/or feelings to determine the message we are being given. And yet another reason to share this, takes us back to the spiritual message of oneness that we are so consistently exposed to nowadays. If you feel that the concept of "the oneness of being" of all within this universe is a fallacy, pay attention to all that happens within your own life. I believe that the truth will be sure to reveal itself. Granted too, that the very fact you are here and reading this, tells me there is little chance you are one of the many that believe that oneness is a figment of New Age imagination running amok...

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Lapis Lazuli; Healing and Metaphysical Properties (Lapis, Denim Lapis)

lapis lazuli block
Lapis lazuli block; a Wikimedia file.
Author: Fr. user: Luna04 b
y SA 3.0

Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Meditation, Psychic Awareness, and Protection

Lapis lazuli's properties are commonly applied to natural healing and energy work. In ancient Egypt, the dead were often buried with a scarab fashioned from it for protection, and many ancient civilizations placed a higher value on it than they did on gold. Now, aeons later, its naturally deep blue color continues to represent the qualities of honor, spirituality, vision, wisdom, and truth.

Lapis lazuli is ideal for use during meditation and divination, as its energies can provide us with powerful insights. The stone's psychic properties can help focus mental energy, and bring matters more clearly to the meditating mind. During both meditation and dream work it is often used as a catalyst - to bring a higher level of awareness, as well as to regain knowledge of past lives.

The powers of the third eye are awakened by this stone; this chakra is the body’s center of command and perception, as well as psychic awareness. When the third eye is activated, an awareness of all within the world surrounding you is increased. You can communicate more openly with your spiritual self and, can clearly understand the things that you see. Lapis lazuli also acts as a protection stone, blocking outside psychic energies that may prove harmful to the wearer. Keeping a piece of it on you can help protect you from psychic attack, and will return negative energy back to its source.

There are significant spiritual benefits pertaining to the usage of lapis lazuli crystal. It balances the energy of the throat chakra, the communication center of the body. When the throat chakra is balanced, we are more able to express wisdom, thoughts, and feelings through our actions and ventures; the ability to communicate is also heightened. The throat chakra allows energies from other chakra centers to be expressed.

In Feng Shui

In the feng shui tradition, lapis lazuli crystal is a carrier of water energy, representing purification, quiet strength, and stillness. This mineral is believed to be the embodiment of unrealized potential, and carries the power of birth and rebirth. It should be placed in the North of the home, in the life path and career area to ensure a balanced energy flow.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Targets the Immune System and Nervous System

Lapis lazuli possesses an array of healing properties. When used correctly, it can boost the immune system and ward off illness. It is particularly helpful to the thyroid, which is the body’s control center for metabolic function. If you have a sore throat or a headache, a piece of this crystal can offer healing. Lapis lazuli crystal is good for the nervous system, soothing areas of inflammation and providing pain relief. It can also help to lower blood pressure and purify the blood, which is beneficial to the heart.

Helps with Depression

Psychologically, lapis lazuli can be used to help someone overcome depression, and can relieve stress. Carrying the crystal with you can provide a deep sense of peace and harmony, paving the way for increased closeness with friends and family members, and particularly romantic partners. Keeping lapis lazuli on hand will heighten your creativity, thus smoothing the way for new ideas; and will also inspire you to have more confidence in yourself.

Lapis Lazuli Lore and Legend

Lapis lazuli is a stone which is representative of several goddesses. This crystal honors Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, who was known for her intellect and logic. It also honors the Greek goddess queen Hera, who was the wife of Zeus and the patron of marriage. She is particularly endeared to wives and lovers, as well as anyone who fights for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Lapis in Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian History

In the Sumerian pantheon, lapis lazuli was the stone of Inanna, the goddess of the Underworld. Inanna held rods made of lapis, the same tools of power that were once held by her father, the moon-god Nanna-Sin. Her father used them to create plans for cities, but they were also used to measure the substance a man was comprised of, that being his heart and soul. In Egypt lapis lazuli crystal honored Nuit, the goddess of the sky and of heaven. Ancient Egyptians believed that Nuit swallowed the sun each evening, giving birth to it again in the morning. She was believed to be the mother of all life.

In Roman, Greek, and Celtic Culture

In the Roman culture, lapis lazuli was used to honor the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. In the Greek culture she is known by the name Aphrodite, and was known to represent passion, particularly that held between lovers. Lapis has also been used to honor the Celtic river goddess Danu. It is easy to see why ancestral cultures prized this mineral above all others, and not just for the fact that it could be made into a beautiful blue dye.

Lapis Lazuli Composition

Lapis is primarily composed of the mineral lazurite, and contains areas of calcite and pyrite.


If you are planning to use lapis lazuli in your own energy work, do so carefully as the crystal can prove to be overpowering to some. Spend time meditating on the stone first so that you can gain a deeper understanding of what you might achieve.

Is it Safe to Use Lapis Lazuli in Healing Waters, Elixirs and Cocktails?

Lapis lazuli is to be considered unsuitable for use in healing waters made by soaking the crystals directly in water, this due to its pyrite content.

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Can I Become Psychic? How to Increase Psychic Awareness


What You'll Need to Know in Order to Develop Psychic Abilities

Some level of psychic ability exists in each of us from birth. For most it doesn't develop much, and we are prone towards unlearning the psychic awareness we were born with. That said, in some people it does develop strongly, and we call those people gifted or psychic; unfortunately the rest of us have to work at it. It isn't hard to develop higher awareness, but self discipline is essential. Rest assured that with a bit of effort on your part you can strengthen the psychic senses you have.

At first look, some of the following suggestions may seem dilute or invalid. The truth is that to develop clair senses, which are an extension of our five earthly senses, we need to develop a deep awareness of what our five senses tell us in daily life. These basic exercises are easily executed and will provide a stable base by which you can deepen your psychic abilities.

Prepare Your Mind by Engaging in Regular Meditation

In practicing meditation for a minimum of ten minutes per day, you will develop the ability to tune out distractions, and will focus as well as discipline your mind. And as you continue meditating regularly you will become more aware of your spiritual self, which is the core of your psychic abilities. Meditation will provide you with a way to not only grow spiritually but also to access intuitive messages from your subconscious mind; your subconscious picks them up as your energy connects with other energies in the universe. Make no mistake--meditation is the main key to progress as you embark upon the journey to heighten your psychic sense and ability.

Develop an Awareness of All

We tend to rush through life totally immersed in hustle and bustle, worry, and the talk within our respective minds. Due to this ongoing process, much of what we should glean from our environment is blocked. True awareness and presence in the moment, however, is essential for our psychic sense to gain the information it needs. Try this simple exercise--each morning before you begin your day, lay or sit still for several moments and listen. What do you hear? What do you see? No, look beyond the things you standardly see and really look. Also pay attention to what you may smell, to bodily or emotional feelings, and to taste. What do your findings tell you? Continue to do this every day.

Write Things Down

Though it may seem like a hassle, it would serve you well to keep a daily record of your thoughts and feelings, and have it with you at all times. When you experience a random thought or emotion change and you can't pinpoint where it originated from, write it down--this concerning all that goes on in your environment. Over time you may notice that certain patterns emerge. Occurrences which didn't tell you anything in the past, may begin to offer meaning and insight. Emotions can tell us a lot if we pay attention, as they are reactions to energies thrown at us from our senses and super-senses; thus analyzing their patterns and anything that becomes visible from them, promotes psychic awareness.

In addition it's recommended that you keep a separate notebook for dreams beside your bed. Each morning, immediately write down any emotions and images you remember. Keeping a journal of your dreams makes it simpler for you to recall and analyze them. Dreams are often symbolic, thus when you look back, try to determine if certain dreams foretold of impending events, or perhaps suggested what to do to avoid difficulty or unpleasantness. Having the opportunity to see how dreams relate to your life, will in all likelihood, prove revealing.

Empathize - What Lies Between the Words?

When you’re having a conversation with a friend or family member, really listen. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by random thoughts or be concerned with how you’re going to respond to them. Work to go beyond and focus on more than just their speech; become aware of their body language, the tone of their voice, and their facial expressions. This exercise strengthens your empathic sense. You'll become aware not only of what the person is trying to relate to you, but their emotions and motivations as well. This is an area where meditation will be of further assistance--when you feel that you may be missing out on a possible message, meditate on it and the answer will come to you. But too, be aware that you can meditate most anything, and will surely gain insight through doing so given a bit of practice.

Appreciate Quietness

Silence often provides feelings of discomfort. We feel the need to fill our lives with noisy distractions, but this can stunt our psychic abilities and intuition. Spend some time in nature in areas where it is naturally quiet, and leave the cell phone at home. This can give your mind opportunity to re-orient itself, thus enabling you to perceive more clearly; it will also remove you from exposure to an abundance of EMF energies, which interfere with psychic awareness. If you can't get away, sit in peace and quiet whenever you get a chance to do so - the more often, the better it is for you.

How Does This Work? 

Psychic sensory perceptions are extensions of our earthly senses--all five of them. When senses surpass levels familiar to our mundane perception, they then join the realm of the "clairs"; the prefix clair means clear, so for example clairaudience means clear hearing. When you work on developing your earthly senses and tune into the messages they send you, you in turn heighten your clair senses. You have them now, but they are weak as they have been long ignored. Success won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you keep at it.

What Are the Names of the Clair Senses?

The clairs are our supersenses, and they include: clairvoyance (psychic vision), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairalience (psychic smell), clairgustance (psychic taste), clairtangency (psychic touch), clairsentience (feeling emotional impressions, as well as bodily sensations), clairprescience (receiving communication from spirits), and claircognizance (a psychic sense of knowing). For the purpose of this article we focus entirely upon the clair senses which extend from our five physical senses.

Some begin to develop clair senses by working with psychometry, as clairtangency seems one of the simpler clairs for us to develop. What you do is pick up an object which you know likely has some type of perceivable history; feel it and contemplate anything you feel as you hold the item and tune into the vibrations it sends you. If you work with objects that others can tell you of their actual history after your sessions, you can obtain feedback on your level of accuracy.


On top of the aforementioned exercises, here is a list of other ways to speed up the process of developing your psychic abilities:

  • Eat healthy foods, drink water, and stay fit. It's a fact that your bodily health has impact upon your spiritual core being, and thereby your psychic abilities.
  • Experiment with tools, but use them in rotation in order not to develop dependency on one. Examples of such tools are tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, scrying spheres or mirrors, etc.
  • Work on developing an ability to see auras. Once you master that, learn to read them.
  • Learn to communicate with your spirit guides. Know that the messages they send may come in any form, be that taste, smell, touch, or what have you. One day for example, you may find yourself reading something on a website you may never otherwise go to and find an important message there. Be aware that your guides may have prompted you to take necessary steps to access that information.
  • Test your psychic senses regularly in order to develop them. There are a fair amount of websites offering tests and exercises by which we can develop our extrasensory abilities; use them to your benefit.
  • Astral travel. Through astral travel you will be able to view the future, which won't make you psychic, but it will prove helpful to you in predicting the future. Be aware though, that the most likely future given ruling energies, will be what you see when you see the future; thus if energies change, the future you saw will not come to be.

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What is Scrying? A Beginners' Introduction to the Practice

quartz crystal ball
Quartz scrying sphere

What Exactly, Is Scrying?

Scrying is an ancient method of divination which is sometimes used to support a seer’s clairvoyant senses. It is one of the first divination practices ever recorded. The first documentation of its use is from ancient China, around 3000 BC*.

The practice of scrying has long been used throughout history. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I had a friend, John Dee, who was known to do this. He used astrology as well as horoscopy to advise her, not scrying. But his name is known for his Enochian scrying sessions, and for the documents he produced during them with his assistant, Edward Kelley.

Also during the 16th century, Nostradamus was a skilled seer who used a bowl of water to scry by. People are well aware of his predictions all this time later. The practice of scrying is still used today to gain deeper insight into future events, and for help in negotiating difficult choices.

The description of exactly what scrying is differs somewhat depending upon whom you ask. I will say this - scrying allows us to communicate with our higher self, and also offers the possibility to open communication with spirits, as well as to receive information from other planes. Some refer to it as an alternate form of meditation. To some degree, therefore, the definition of scrying is somewhat relative to the practitioner.

The Etymology of Scrying

The term "scry" descends from the Old English language, and the word it came from was "descry". It meant "describe". Below is an introductory guide to the practice of scrying.

Determine Your Scrying Medium

The practice of scrying most often requires the use of a reflective surface such as a smooth crystal, mirror, or crystal ball in order to gain knowledge of the future. What you must have regardless of specifics, is a fixed concentration point. There are many different types of scrying, the various names relate to the surface one uses to perform them. Amongst them are scyphomancy (a cup of water), macharomancy (a knife blade), and lecanomancy (a bowl of water). But at any rate, the first step to beginning the practice of scrying is in you choosing a medium that you feel comfortable with. 

If you are a beginner and just testing the waters, the purchase of a crystal scrying sphere may be cost prohibitive. Instead you might want to try a crystal or small mirror; some prefer a black mirror, that’s fine too. Clear quartz and black obsidian sit amongst the most popular choices for scrying crystals. Even though smooth surfaces are most often used, rough works as well. Make sure to opt for something that sits comfortably in your hand or on a table in front of you.

If you've been practicing meditation over a period of time, scrying should feel somewhat natural to you. Scrying is usually done at night, when there is peace and quiet and the day’s activity has settled. It is in this type of setting that our psychic senses are most accessible. Sit comfortably and hold your scrying tool in your hands, or place it on a table before you. Light a white candle and place it just behind the scrying medium. This should provide gentle illumination without causing distracting reflections or movements. 

Ready to Scry

Now you’re ready to begin scrying. If you believe in using a protection ritual prior to such work, by all means use one before you proceed. If you don't have a ritual of your own, bless your sacred space, and protect yourself with white light. Also, ask your guides to ensure that you see only that which is positive, just, and helpful. 

Now relax and breathe deeply for a few moments with your eyes closed. Breathe in through your mouth, and out through your nose. After a moment, softly open your eyes; then focus your attention on your chosen scrying medium. Bring to mind the specific intention you have for scrying. You may be hoping to attain insight regarding an upcoming career or relationship decision; or perhaps you’re simply wanting to get a sense of your future. 

As you gaze into the mirror or crystal, expand your awareness beyond the physical structure of the object. You may not see specific visions or images; the idea is instead to get a psychic sense of the divine energy existing both within yourself and the scrying object. Connecting your energy with that of the crystal or mirror will offer insights and impressions. It is possible that you may see visions, or else impressions may come as feelings of intuition or emotion. An option available to you may suddenly "click" as being the right one, or you may sense an overview of the type of emotion that the future holds for you. 

Withdraw and Center

Once you have finished. Draw your energy back into yourself. Gradually become aware of your body and of the physical feeling of the mirror or crystal in your hand. Close your eyes once more and spend several minutes breathing and re-centering yourself. Once you begin to feel more balanced, open your eyes. It is important to ground after this practice. Having a bite of food nearby to eat once finished can be quite helpful. 

It may take several tries before you get any clear impressions. As with any psychic undertaking, scrying is a practice that takes time to learn and become comfortable with. After a while you will find that your impressions and your interpretation of them become more clear and accurate. 

It's all About Intent

As with any spiritual practice, intent goes a long way. If you believe that scrying will work for you, then it will. Be sure to prepare mentally before trying it out. Good luck, Blessings to you.

 * Scrying the Secrets of the Future by Cassandra Eason (Jan 30 2007). According to Eason, the first documented instances of scrying were conducted using tea leaves as a medium.

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Karma, and a Look at How it Works

a mirror
A mirror, representative of karma and how it operates

Originally published in 2010


Throughout the bulk of my life, I had believed that karma was an aspect of universal energy which distributed punishment for misdeeds or misjudgments we had made in our past. Lately though, a friend of mine made a remark that made me rethink my whole view on karma and how it all works... 

So here's my story...

Until recently, I believed that when we make judgmental errors in life, we are exposed to having our eyes opened through life lessons. In simpler words, I believed that when we do things that are wrong by spirit we proverbially "get our hands slapped" - the hand-slapping then in such a scenario, would be called karma. It seemed that I had valid reason for thinking that karma worked in such a manner. You see, in my life, like so many people, I have made many mistakes...

As I grew older, it became clear to me that the amount of misfortune I experienced, seemed to be in direct correlation with the volume of judgmental error made in recent past years. The change in how I perceive karma to work, as already touched upon, came about based upon a statement a friend of mine had made during casual conversation on this topic. I had made a comment about a relationship I was dealing with as being an issue of karmic retribution in action. I was telling her that I must have done something bad in the past, for things to have unfolded the way they did - of course I said this half jokingly.

My friend said that the relationship I described sounded to her, more like a case of cause and effect; she also said that this is how she views karma, as being a situation of cause and effect. She suggested I take a closer look at my own actions. This was said without judgment. I felt that her comment deserved some serious thought. In the end I concluded that she had a very good point. Now let's compare the two concepts and briefly examine how they work:

First theory in action (my original theory on how karma works): A person makes an error in judgment, karma says "you shouldn't do that". Said person is given a suitable punishment, she serves it; karmic debt is then paid in full until next misjudgment.

Second theory in action (my new theory on how karma works): A person makes an error in judgment. A universal force is not "paying that person back for her misjudgment;" instead, her life is mirroring the misdeed back to her in terms of an equal and opposite reaction. This mirroring action is of course, referred to as karma.

Obviously in the first case, it's believed we are punished for our misdeeds, that's the bottom line. In the second case scenario outlined above, karma is not some force which arbitrarily hands out punishments to wrongdoers. Instead, life is just sending people back the energies they invest into it. This, to me, makes much more sense. What it all comes down to is how we choose to see it. What I am trying to say here is that I would much rather believe as I believe today - that if I take actions, I alone am responsible for the effects that those actions inflict upon my life - not some mysterious universal force named karma.

Even when I held my previous viewpoint on karma I was very careful not to do wrong by others. Now it's even more so, as I feel absolutely 100% responsible for my life as a whole. When time comes we are made aware that life is going to mirror the effects of all choices made, both good and bad back at us; I think that's the time we begin the faster part of our ascension to become stronger in spirit.

Blessings to you in your moment of reflection.

Selenite Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Selenite crystals

About Selenite... 

Selenite is my favorite crystal. The first time I held it, there were feelings akin to standing amidst a clear and bright blue-white sky, and it brought me to experience a peace as like that after the deepest night's sleep. Whenever I so much as look at it I feel more peaceful, and because of this there is always some nearby.

All of my crystals are cleansed with selenite. As for selenite itself, some claim that it lies amongst the stones that are self cleansing; and that's logical to believe given that it cleanses others so well. That said, I think that a judgment call as such lies in the perception of the owner. If you feel a stone doesn't need you to cleanse it, then that's true until you feel that it does; and if you feel that it never does, that's fine too - for you. This stone should not be cleansed with water; it is a soft mineral with a hardness of only 2. Selenite crystals are quite popular due to their high vibration; they are ideal for use with any work related to the crown and pineal chakras, this including the opening of the crown chakra.

The energy of this stone makes it a wonderful tool for use in meditation and dreamwork; and as well it promotes psychic ability and intuitive awareness. It can assist in all types of spiritual tasks, including communicating with ascended and angelic beings and in aura healing. Its vibration frequency provides an ideal setting to allow for clarity of thought and mind, and the same energy allows us to feel truly at peace. The peace comes from experiencing everything as it should be, from the perspective of our authentic self. Its protective properties are so strong that it is a common choice for use in protection grids.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

As far as healing goes selenite helps to alleviate mental confusion, targets the pineal gland, the pain center and related nerves, too it helps with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and dementia. Additionally, due to being white which contains all colors, it is going to provide some degree of assistance to healing in general. As well it will aid in all areas of personal growth, and will enhance our innate creative abilities and imagination. When seeking to gain deeper knowledge of our Self, this mineral should be one that we each have in our respective crystal goody bag.

Selēnē is a Greek word for the Moon. No wonder, as it does have a moonlight like glow to it. To use this stone to cleanse other crystals and tools, what works best is to make a bed out of rectangular logs. Just sit the tools on the selenite logs, and that's all there is to it. The amount of time it takes for effective cleansing is what feels right to you. Selenite is most commonly used in the form of white, translucent, or satin spar crystal, but can also be found as desert rose and gypsum flower. It can also come in a variety of colors including clear, green, peach, and golden.

Cleansing  To cleanse it, it's best to use smudge, bells, or to simply tell the negative energy to leave. Remember not to cleanse it in water as it is soluble.

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Use Jungian Psychology and Tarot to Make Better New Years' Resolutions

carl gustav jungtarot cards

Subtitled: People You Don’t Like at Parties  Or: 

How to Succeed with a New Year's Resolution

by Race MoChridhe

We all have aspects of ourselves that we dislike. We also have an annual holiday dedicated to identifying them and changing, and a point approximately two weeks later at which virtually all of us have given up. That’s why this is funny when it comes across our Facebook feed:

new year's resolution
At least, it’s funny on New Year’s Day. When it pops up again around the 15th, it’s just uncomfortable.

But why did we lose our motivation so quickly? Everything began so well… You got a gym membership, coerced a friend into being a gym buddy, started a chart for your calories and a chart for your protein and chart for your weight (which wasn’t fun to make, but was going to be fun when you watched it shrink), and now here you are. On the internet. Again.

Why? Because you misidentified your failings in your resolutions. We all do. We know we’re expected to change and we pick something that we feel should bother us about ourselves, but that isn’t too embarrassing to admit to our friends and family and coworkers when they ask about our resolutions. Even more importantly, something that isn’t too embarrassing to admit to ourselves.

This is why resolutions are so difficult. The psychologist Carl Jung called the parts of people’s own psyches that they dislike and reject their “shadow” precisely because those parts are too dark for them to see; the things about ourselves that we actually cannot live with we cannot bear to face, and our subconscious minds bury them before they ever rise to the level of conscious acknowledgement. In short, the parts of ourselves we can’t live with, we don't live with, and we use as much self-deception as necessary to ensure that we don’t. The things about yourself that you really need to change—that you really, passionately care about improving—are things you probably aren’t even aware of, and so you choose some superficial failing to focus on instead and are surprised when it wasn’t important enough to you to follow through on.

We can’t bury our shadows completely, however; they come out in other ways. Think back to that New Year’s party and try to think of someone whose resolution made you sneer, because it fell so far short of acknowledging the glaring character flaw that person really should be addressing. Jung coined the term “projection” for when you take the things deep inside yourself that you can’t process and put them on someone else. Odds are good that the failings of the person you thought of are failings that you have, or things you desire on some level to do or be but won’t allow yourself to (often, that you can’t even admit to yourself you desire them). Those qualities are your shadow, visible to you in someone else in a way they aren’t in yourself.

The Tarot, which fascinated Jung and which he used often with his patients, can help you to find your shadow even if you don’t like parties. Take the sixteen court cards from your favorite deck and lay them all in front of you. Look at each one closely. Think about how you imagine each of those people to be, and/or think about the real people you know whom those cards remind you of. When you are satisfied that you have a strong sense of the character of each card, choose the one you like least.

What that card is trying to show you is your shadow. It represents the aspects of yourself that you are repressing. Now, remake one of your more trivial New Year’s resolutions around it. Maybe it is genuinely something negative that you need to work through—you’re a spendthrift, you fear commitment, you’re lazy and unambitious. It may also, however, be something you’ve been taught to repress that it’s time to accept about yourself—money genuinely doesn’t mean much to you (though you were shamed about your spending habits by an ex who didn’t realize money couldn’t buy love), or you just really aren’t interested in settling down (despite your mother kvetching since your bat mitzvah about you not finding a husband), or your true desire is just to have time with your family and smell the roses (your overachieving siblings be damned). Whether what you find is something to be held in check or something to be let out, the first step is recognizing that it’s a part of you. Jung called this “integrating the shadow”.

It isn’t just the negative parts (or the parts we have been taught to think are negative) that we repress, though. Sometimes the things we won’t admit to are the things that are best about ourselves; our own self-doubt or self-loathing makes us believe we are not worthy of them, and so they are rejected. Jung called these qualities the “bright shadow” and they, too, become most apparent in projection. While you have all your court cards out, look for the one that most attracts you, or that most reminds you of real people you wish you were more like, not just in the sense of casually appreciating their virtues, but in the sense of real idolization—the people you look up to in life. Odds are good that you want to be more like them because, deep down, you are more like them but something is holding you back from expressing it. Now, remake another of your resolutions around this card. What can you do in the coming year to own and embody it, even if it seems impossible or fantastic?

I’m not saying that these resolutions will be easier to keep than the ones that you’ve probably already given up. They won’t be. In fact, they will probably be much harder. But they will be more rewarding, and you will find that your motivation to keep them will be much greater. You will have the confidence of knowing that you are working on the things that truly matter deep down to you and to the life that no one else can live for you. It’s not too late—there’s only a couple of weeks lost from the year—and next year, even if you haven’t lost any weight, the gym meme will still be funny, but it won’t be uncomfortable anymore.

The spread described in this article is adapted from an exercise in Mary Greer and Tom Little’s Understanding the Tarot CourtAnother useful exercise for revealing your bright and dark shadows through Tarot (with the help of numerology) can be found here.

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