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Tarot Reading for Planet Earth and its Populace

Originally published September 22nd, 2014

A Tarot Reading for the Inhabitants of Earth 

by Steven Seinberg

Foreword from the site administrator: I had asked Steven to write an article revolving around a Tarot card reading for planet Earth and its populace, I had been contemplating this for some time as it seemed that it could yield interesting results. This the piece Steve produced in response to my request. He did a fantastic job... Enjoy!

Layout Used: 

Tarot card reading for planet Earth and its populace; the layout

3 - What we are facing... Ace of Swords.
2 - What we can do together to create positive change... 4 of Disks.
1 - The best potential outcome achievable from where we now stand... Art, Trump XIV.

The actual reading is written up just below, read on...

Ace of Swords
Thoth Card in the 3 position - Ace of Swords

3) “Like a Rolling Stone”

This card captures where we're heading if we continue on our present course without making any adjustments. This is our destination if we yield to apathy and inertia, and just let our current momentum take us where it will. 

Ace of Swords – In metaphysical analysis, it's often held that we exist in four different “planes” simultaneously: the physical, represented in the Thoth deck by the Suit of Disks; the emotional - Cups; the mental/intellectual - Swords; and the spiritual - Wands. In the last several centuries, humanity's emphasis on the mind has shot forward at an almost exponential rate. This isn't completely horrible, as we've witnessed great leaps in potentially benevolent areas like medicine and communications technology. On the other hand, if we continue to place a disproportionate degree of importance on the intellect alone, we run the risk of neglecting our development in the other three planes... 

If the mind is indeed a sword, then isn't it possible we might actually one day over-cultivate it to the point that it becomes large enough and sharp enough to actually sever the connections that bind our spirits to our hearts and bodies...? Isn't it possible we might become soulless and heartless – nothing more than beings of pure logic and information? Might we not evolve into a species with all the knowledge in the cosmos, but without a shred of actual wisdom or compassion fueling our actions as we make use of it? 

This, then, seems to be the course we're on at the moment. We spend more and more of our time and resources on digitizing our entire existence, and as a result, we may lose track of the important things we were trying to nurture and protect when we set out on this journey in the first place. Bottom line - if we yield to inertia, and let our societal momentum just run its course from this point forward without any real attempt to steer it, we might well lose our grasp on things like love and divinity.

Four of Disks
Thoth Card in position 2 - the Four of Disks, Power 

2) “What the World Needs Now...”

We often talk about “the greatest good” – this card speaks to what the world needs from each of us as individuals and from all of us collectively if we want to nourish what is truly our greatest good as a planetary collective. 

 4 of Disks – In this particular deck, this card is titled “Power,” and apparently, power is the single primary additive required of us – as individuals and as a collective whole – if we're to avoid the fate just described. If we want to become something greater than a society of large, pulsing, emotionless, spiritless brains, we need to exert active effort toward change. In other words, our course won't correct itself, and correcting it won't be a quick, simple thing. 

Fixing our trajectory will require a great and ongoing influx of energy. We need to exert our will, and try to impose a bit of law and order onto the natural chaos that our universe so dearly loves. This card bears the triangular symbols of all four of the natural elements: Earth/physical; Water/emotional; Air/mental and intellectual; and Fire/spiritual. 

The presence of all four of the elemental symbols tells us that as was discussed, we need to always be striving for a well-rounded balance among all four planes of existence. Too great an imbalance in any one direction will harm us greatly, perhaps even to a fatal extent. To borrow a couple of currently popular phrases, each of us needs to think globally while acting locally...we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. 

Art Tarot card
Thoth Art, Trump 14; Card in Position 1 

1) “You Can Make It If You Try”

This is the best case scenario that's within our grasp. If we can work on that which was indicated by the previous card - to actively create change; this is the positive result that together we can bring about. 

Art (Trump XIV) – Here's the good news: as disturbing as the pathway toward soullessness and heartlessness may be, and as grave as the admonition to work, work, work toward change might sound, the potential outcome is nothing short of magic! The Art card is all about alchemy. This is the melding of two distinct substances into a workable fusion, a synthesis of them that might not even have seemed possible at the outset of the process, but which comes about anyway. This card is a continuation of sorts of the Lovers card (Trump VI), and it depicts several mergers of polarities: things like gender and color and opposing attributes run together or swap places across previously established dividing lines. The female and male figures from the Lovers card have traded color schemes with each other here, and begun to amalgamate into a new dual being. The formerly red lion and white eagle have also exchanged coloring. The water from the cup somehow combines with the wand's flame... 

The message, then, is that these are the types of great changes we can bring about if we just exert the kind of energy toward balance and wholeness described by the 4 of Disks in the previous draw. 

And the Likely Prognosis? 

The reading acts as a terrific indicator of flow and progression, too... The first card is an Ace, which is essentially a 1. The second card is a 4. If you put them together – not mathematically, as in adding them together to get a sum of 5, but rather visually, by simply placing them next to each other – you get 14. And the final card drawn here is Art, which is Trump XIV...or, 14! It seems that the cards might not only be saying that this sequence of “Current Course + Exertion = Alchemy” might happen...but that an undercurrent of probability even seems to favor it. We can make it if we try! 

Thoth images copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

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