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Sodalite Healing Properties

Tumbled sodalite

Sodalite Properties and Uses

Sodalite is a stone of soul awakening; during meditation it will support you to reach deeper levels of spiritual awareness. It stimulates the throat and third eye chakras, which subsequently promotes balanced and perceptive thought. Sodalite helps you to control your emotions rather than allowing them to control you; and as well it heightens psychic awareness.

This stone empowers you to develop self-discipline; it can also be helpful to those attempting to advance in their career. Keeping it by your computer will clear EMF pollution from your environment, while simultaneously helping you to stay focused on tasks. Carrying sodalite will help you to glide through the day with ease and efficiency.

Sodalite crystal is appreciated by most when it is deep indigo blue in color; but it can also be lighter, darker, or a greyish-blue. The blue is often mottled with white calcite. Besides blue, it can be found in pink, green, grey, or yellow. This stone is not highly common; it is found in some North American locales (Ontario and Quebec, Canada; Maine and Arkansas in the USA), with some lesser deposits in areas including Burma, Russia, Romania, and South America. Sodalite forms in the presence of low silica magma, and it's an interesting tidbit that it will never be found in the same areas as quartz.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

In Healing

Sodalite crystal provides relief from insomnia, and will help to regulate your metabolism; the metabolic boost it offers can be a practical aid to weight loss. This stone also boosts immune system function, both preventing and healing bodily infections; thus it can be used to treat conditions such as fever, sore throat, and digestive issues. Some believe that sodalite crystal can be used to lower blood pressure as well.

To Achieve Calmness

When suffering with a psychological ailment such as panic attacks or anxiety, the healing properties of this stone are known to provide some degree of stability and calm. Sodalite encourages self expression, and works to enhance self confidence as well. It is a wise choice when dealing with depression or guilt, as it eases focus away from raw emotion, and on to matters that could better do with the attention.

For those working in a group setting, this stone inspires unity and trust. And due to the fact that it encourages a more balanced mental state, it helps us to comprehend and retain information. It's suitable for use in the classroom, or when studying for a particularly stressful exam. Sodalite is a great morale booster anywhere, as it promotes selflessness; its energies influence people to develop group oriented ideals and goals. Additionally, it supports us in creating friendships, and promotes honesty and integrity.

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