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Seraphinite Crystal Properties

Seraphinite slab

About Seraphinite - its Name and What it Represents

Seraphinite is named for the six-winged highest order of angels that it brings to mind, the seraphim. These beings are spirits of light, and like them seraphinite is believed to represent the healing properties of light and the embodiment of spiritual energy. Formed from a type of magnesium iron aluminum silicate, seraphinite crystal is usually a deep green, laced with feathery silver filaments which reflect light. These silvery streaks resemble the six wings of a seraph.

Seraphinite and the Chakras

Seraphinite is best suited to healing work related to the heart chakra. Too, it encourages spiritual energies to rise through all of the chakras, and activates them along the way. It is particularly good as a cleansing stone as it promotes the release of negativity from both body and mind. It has been said that seraphinite promotes overall healing because it enables cell regeneration.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

High Vibration Frequency

Due to its intensely spiritual and high vibrational energy, seraphinite is an appropriate tool for connecting with divine beings. This stone has feminine energies, and is said to facilitate connecting with the divine feminine. When you wish to communicate with angelic entities or are seeking a particularly spiritual prayer stone, you may consider adding seraphinite to your crystal tool bag. Used in meditation it will open the mind to spiritual truth, and will assist in raising your vibration level. It therefore goes without saying that it will support you in ascension and spiritual growth.

Seraphinite in Healing

Seraphinite's energies support heart and lung function, they will also support the body in the healing of any systemic illnesses. These things are achieved by its detoxifying qualities. If you are experiencing a chemical imbalance of any kind, seraphinite may help you to create healing in that area. On a subtle level, seraphinite crystals can be an effective tool in aura repair; their cleansing and light-healing properties work to achieve this. They may also be helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

For Emotional and Psychological Issues

Seraphinite crystal will enable someone who is feeling depressed to let go of old emotional behaviors and thought patterns which no longer serve their spirit. Because it is strongly connected to the angelic realm, seraphinite brings a highly joyful energy, and allows you to connect to life in a more positive and harmonious way. Working with seraphinite may help you to sense the order which exists in an ordinarily chaotic-feeling universe.

For those who have trouble within social interactions, this healing crystal will provide support as they work to overcome social anxiety, and will aid them in creating more satisfying relationships with the people around them. As a stone of harmony, it can promote conflict resolution, reconciliation, and compromise.

For Divination

As a stone that has a high spiritual vibration, seraphinite makes an excellent choice as a divination stone. Seraphinite crystal is believed by some to rival quartz in enabling us to access spiritual truth, and also in its ability to help us see how to make more enlightened decisions about the issues affecting us the most.

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