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Purpurite Healing, Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Purpurite rough; purpurite is a rock, not a crystal. The finished product is quite often color enhanced to a vibrant shade of purple.

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Purpurite etymology is derived from the Latin word purpura, meaning purple.

What Purpurite is and Where it Can be Found

Purpurite stone is the result of the oxidation of iron and or manganese with a little leaching from their combined predecessor, lithiophilite. While not a crystal, it has an earthy sheen that comes in an array of hues anywhere from brownish black to a dark blood red, to a purplish red with dashes of lavender. It is not uncommon for this stone to be color enhanced to a dramatic shade of purple.

A relatively rare mineral, it can be found in Sweden, Australia, Namibia, France, Portugal, and the United States. It is known to eliminate blockages in self expression, to assist us in connecting with our spiritual self; and to heal ailments including fatigue, emotional wounds, radiation, and sunburn.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Self Expression and Communication

If you have a fear of speaking publicly and are required to deliver a speech, then purpurite could prove helpful. This stone encourages us to speak without feelings of restriction, and will assist in sustaining clarity of thought; thus it enables those who must speak to deliver words that are clearly understood. In social interactions it guides us to participate with tact and courtesy, and also brings us to an awareness of the trickery, deceitfulness, and dishonesty that others may attempt to use.

Harmony and Equilibrium

Purpurite brings a sense of emotional peace and calm, it also encourages you to develop a less materialistic mode of being. Self imposed limitations and self destructive behaviors disintegrate. Instead, you will be guided to look at the world through the eyes of your true spiritual self and to become more solution-oriented. Through ridding yourself of external restraints that were once perceived and feared, even your finances can be improved.

Spiritual Connection

Purpurite has one of the strongest and purest links to spiritual matters. Whether used for simple meditation or if you’re on a quest, the energies of this stone will prove to be invaluable. It offers strong psychic protection, enhances spiritual growth and insight, transforms negative energies to become positive, and is suitable to use for grounding following astral projection.

Violet Flame

Purpurite was discovered in the early 20th century. One of its most impressive attributes, is that it embodies within it violet flame energy. One of the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, is said to be the keeper of violet flame healing power. Within the energy of the flame is the power to cause transmutation such as: negative energy to become positive, darkness to become light, and fate to become opportunity. Violet flame energy can erase bad karma, and can literally change the vibration at which we exist.

Karma and negative energy create gummy conditions, this restricts the free movement of all of the atoms and energies that we are as both living and spiritual beings. The condition they create pulls us down to a point where we become less spiritual, and we then tend to look at life from a darker perspective. With the help of this mineral we can change that through realigning and opening the 5th and 7th chakras. This change will enable us to return to the light, and thus eliminate emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues.

By William Vroman; public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. 7_Chakras.jpg.

Chakra Realignment

The crown, or 7th chakra, is commonly illustrated as a lotus flower opening up atop of the head. This is our God source, the place where we confer with our spiritual selves. This is also from where the flow of life force energy is dispensed to all other chakras. For optimal spiritual and life conditions, we need to keep it clear. The throat, or 5th chakra, is the meeting point of the head and the heart. All forms of self expression and creativity are developed within this chakra. It has been dubbed "the purification center", because it needs to be properly balanced for us to be pure in spirit. It is the location where our balance between thought and emotion are achieved.

Healing Properties

There are physical healing properties in addition to the spiritual ones held by this mineral. It helps in blood coagulation and promotes a healthy pulse rate; additionally, it cleanses the body of uric acid excesses. Due to its intuition enhancing properties, healers find purpurite beneficial in determining whether or not the treatment they are providing is on course. Beyond these things, purpurite targets all issues relative to the crown (7th) chakra, and secondarily works with throat (5th) chakra issues.

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