Friday, December 25, 2015

The Other Day, A Prayer and a Small Miracle

A small miracle in the middle of a storm
A small miracle in the middle of a storm

My Tale Recounting a "Small Miracle"

By Joodhe

I don't know how to begin to explain... a relatively small miracle happened here the other day. I don't want to make a deal out of it as if it were some big event, nor should it be made light of. And too, there is no need on my part to deliver it with any type of moral or message attached - I only want to share. So with that in mind here's my recount of what happened...

It had been mildly storming, here in Manitoba, for a few hours straight through. The ground was fully saturated; no wonder, as it had been raining on and off for over a week. Then the storm took it up a few notches and got really aggressive; it was in fact torrential, and continued in that way for another 45 minutes or so.

My husband is neither spiritual or religious on any level... let me clarify by saying that he is best described as an agnostic, who would not become spiritual or religious just upon mere proof of a Higher Power... Me, I am spiritual, not religious. Anyway, back to the story... so he's looking at me kind of dejectedly, and I'm looking at him the same way, as it's starting to feel that our house is going to float away soon.

I said "I am tired of this storm, it will slow down or stop within between two and fifteen minutes". He looked at me quizzically. On some level though, I knew what I had said was possible and was highly likely to happen. Now I don't usually do things as what I did next... mostly because it irritates my husband, who grew up with his family forcing religion down his throat. I said something like "Universal Energy or God be thy name, please slow down this storm for us, as we have not the resources to deal with it if it continues this way. If you stop it altogether, that will be fine, and I thank you in advance".

My husband stood there, and his jaw dropped slightly as the sound of the storm changed from roaring to a near dead quiet, this apparently in the blink of an eye. I didn't know how to take that, as it was on some level shocking, and yet on another, expected. I just ignored it for that point in time. However, within the next few minutes we had chance to stop what we were doing and look outside. The torrential storm had slowed down to a bare trickle of rain, nothing more.

We all know that most would write this off as sheer coincidence... This was not a coincidental happenstance; you should have been there... And later on we heard that neighbors of ours had their truck picked up and moved by the storm. They were put back down about three feet across the highway as they were driving not far from here.

I have called what happened a small, or everyday miracle. The reason for that is, it's my belief that people often choose to dismiss such things as being unremarkable, likely because the shock of thinking in terms of miraculous events is simply too much to digest. These things, miracles, probably happen far more often than we realize - perhaps even everyday, somewhere... That's the whole story, and there is nothing more I want to add. It's out there as food for thought... what do you think? Has anything similar ever happened for you?

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