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Phenacite (Phenakite), Healing and Metaphysical Properties

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Phenakite's High Vibrations

Phenakite’s most notable feature is its vibration rate, amongst the highest of all crystals. This makes it especially suitable for working with the crown and third eye chakras. It is therefore recommended to be worn close to them to effectively remove associated blockages. 


Phenakite, also known as phenacite, is more rare than most within the world of minerals. Descended from the Greek word, phenkos, meaning deceiver, the name was bestowed as phenakite is easily mistaken for other minerals, including quartz and topaz. But there is a very simple way to determine phenakite from quartz. The striations of phenakite run up and down the crystal, while those of quartz run laterally.

The color of phenakite covers a range including white, greyish, yellow, pale rose, beige, and even colorless. Hardness is rated at 7.5 to 8. It is a neosilicate, possesses a hexagonal crystal structure, and consists of beryllium orthosilicate.

Phenakite/phenacite. Wikimedia
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Phenakite Unites Two Atoms or Entities

Beryllium is a bivalent type of metal; it is this quality that allows it to unite with two different atoms. Due to phenakite being composed of almost half and half quartz and beryllium, it holds the ability to unify two entities quite effectively. This physical property is responsible for some of its most beneficial effects as noted below, such as bringing together spiritual soulmates.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Healing Properties of Phenakite

  • Provides a connection to other realms.
  • Reveals that which is not usually seen.
  • One of the more powerful crystals to use in opening the crown chakra.
  • Amplifies and activates other stones, especially those used in healing work.
  • Effective in healing problems related to the brain, or for nerve damage.
  • Can align the etheric bodies, thereby healing the auric field.
  • Helps in soulmate seeking by drawing two spiritual entities together.
  • Activates and cleanses all chakras.
  • Aids in the breaking of unproductive psychological, emotional, and physical habits before they have a chance to set in.
  • Allows you to feel infinitely free and limitless on a spiritual level.
  • Reminds a person that there is possibly at least one more option, whatever their problem may be.
  • Provides an awareness of the existence of multiple selves within us.
  • Supports the assimilation of lessons learnt.
  • Is suited for higher levels of spiritual energy work.
  • Helps to manage the ego.
  • Releases any deep inner beliefs that might be holding you back.
  • Brings people out of despair.
  • Aids in dealing with change.
  • Promotes healing and making beneficial changes in one’s life.
  • Allows us to perceive and relate to two different realities at once.


Avoid exposing phenakite to harsh lighting or heat. It doesn’t hold its color well under such conditions.

Cleansing Phenacite

Do not cleanse phenacite by the sun; cleansing on a bed of selenite would be recommended.

Is it Safe to Use Phenakite in Healing Waters, Elixirs and Cocktails? 

Phenakite is unsuitable for use in healing elixirs made by soaking the crystals directly in water; this due to its beryllium content. 

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