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Petalite Properties, Healing and Metaphysical

Pink petalite
Pink petalite; image courtesy of iempoweredhealingonline on eBay

Petalite Properties

Petalite (also castorite) is a unique and rare gem, and as a result stays popular amongst collectors. It is often mistaken, in its various colors, for other stones such as pink tourmaline and diamonds. Petalite crystals have been used as talismans for protection since ancient times. By some called the Stone of Intent, it is believed to protect the wearer from magic spells and evil intentions. Petalite is believed to enhance psychic abilities and communication with angels.

Petalite forms alongside of quartz and albite, usually in granitic pegmatites. Most commonly the formations are found as massive; smaller individual crystals are rarely found. Petalite is derived from the Greek word ’petalon’ which means leaf. The name was applied in reference to its perfect basal cleavage. Petalite stones can be found in Italy, Russia, Australia, the United States and Zimbabwe amongst other places.

Petalite's High Vibration Level 

Petalite is a crystal with extremely high vibrations. In fact, you will at times find it referred to as the ‘Stone of the Angels’. This gemstone has been used to help individuals become more open to the cosmic consciousness and a to develop a higher level of awareness. Petalite is often used to reach the astral plane in order to connect with spirits, ancient ancestors, and even animal totems. It facilitates interaction and communication between the spiritual world and the physical one. Petalite can be of great use to achieve peace with those who have passed, and has been used to create healing within family rifts.

 Petalite crystals are a solid choice for helping the mind to enter a meditative state. This stone can greatly increase relaxation, support the effectiveness of meditation techniques, and will still allow you to stay attuned to the physical world during metaphysical activities. Petalite’s centering energies can also help you remain clearly focused on any task that you are attempting. While using it, there is potential for you to become attuned to the knowledge of your path and destination for this lifetime. It has a resonating, calming energy that can be drawn upon during challenging times and occupations.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

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Petalite in Healing

Petalite is an extremely beneficial and supportive crystal for anyone who has had a traumatic physical or emotional experience. It will encourage you to realize the lessons behind such experiences, and will assist you in achieving peace. Petalite can be an effective tool for releasing any dark energy surrounding you when unfortunate or strongly negative events occur in your life. It also helps by alleviating the intensity of karmic repercussions. When you need to burn a bridge, consider it as an option as it works to neutralize manipulation. It can also be used to ground people who are spiritually scattered, and as a result have become flighty in nature.

Petalite has been utilized as an aid in the treatment of many ailments, including AIDS and cancer. This stone may prove highly beneficial to those who need relief from severely stressful situations. While it cannot stop negative events from occurring around you, it can affect your attitude regarding them, raise the vibration level of your environment, and will imbue you with a sense of calm. It has been used as a treatment in tumor reduction, to increase muscle flexibility, it improves eyesight, and is even said to generate cellular renewal.

Pink petalite
Pink petalite; image courtesy of..

Pink Petalite

Pink petalite can be a useful tool in alleviating the heat of anger, and can be used to assist in the release of emotional baggage. It builds emotional health for the user, and strengthens their resistance to negativity. It is known as a crystal that encourages flexibility (rather than rigidity) while imbuing a gentle strength

Clear petalite
Clear petalite; image courtesy of..

Clear Petalite

When clear, petalite removes negative energies from the user’s environment, and is commonly used as a protection stone. It blocks the effect of psychic attacks, negative thoughts, and bad karma. Keeping this stone in your house can increase the vibration level and imbue it with harmony, ensuring that negativity is removed. Petalite has long been associated with the Gemini zodiac sign as well as the element of air. These stones should be cleansed and recharged once a month.

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