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Lepidolite Crystal; Healing and Metaphysical Properties (Lavenderine, Lithia Mica, Litha Mica, Lavenda Mica, Lithium Mica, Flower Sugilite)

Lepidolite healing crystals. Original photo; copyright reserved

Lepidolite's High Vibration Level Provides Healing and Awareness

Lepidolite is a crystal possessing a high frequency of vibration. It has the ability to provide calm, to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression (alternatively, too much purple can intensify depression); and can also aid in relieving symptoms of bipolar disorder and PTSD. If you suffer with insomnia, lepidolite can help you to get a peaceful night's sleep.

Lepidolite Brings You to Introduce Change and Ascend

The lepidolite stones you have will guide you in spiritual ascension. They do this by bringing about spiritual awareness on all levels, they will bring you to see in which areas of life you need to create change. Examples of such change as lepidolite will guide you to enact include addressing your life's theme issues, providing forgiveness where needed, caring for others and all within creation, learning to accept responsibility for your life's setting, taking an approach of love to everything and everyone, and more.

Balances Emotions

Lepidolite provides healing with issues such as emotional outbursts, rage, and mood swings. Basically, if there is an emotional problem, lepidolite is going to enable the healing process. It will also promote healing within the immune system, endocrine system; and with all areas of skin. The above are just some of the healing properties of lepidolite, see under the heading "Healing Properties" below to find more.

Lepidolite Etymology

The original name of lepidolite was lilalite; this from the Hindu word which references a game or play. The modern title is Greek and is taken from the word lepidos, which means scale; and the word lithos, meaning stone. Note that in the blog title, one name listed for this stone is "flower sugilite" (when mottled). Lepidolite is not a type of sugilite; the name is confusing therefore, and is very much a misnomer.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Lepidolite Healing Properties

  • Helps a person move through a tough period of transition.
  • Provides healing in all types of emotional issues and blockages, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, anger, and so on.
  • Supports in releasing poor learned behavioral patterns.
  • Raises one's vibration level.
  • Draws positive events and occurrences.
  • Aids in astral travel.
  • Guides you to take an approach of patience, and helps to maintain it.
  • Facilitates us to access the Akashic records.
  • Intensifies the love you feel for others as well as for yourself.
  • Helps you to break down obstacles within your life.
  • Enables a positive outlook in all areas.
  • Can facilitate past life regression; and can also help you create healing within past lives revisited.
  • Supports healing from addictions and poor habits of all kinds; this including alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, gambling; and over-eating as well as under-eating issues.
  • Enhances feelings of calm by providing positive energies to the nervous system.
  • Supports healing within the immune system.
  • Supports one in feeling more self-sufficient and independent.
  • Heightens communication skills.
  • Intensifies psychic abilities.
  • Provides mental clarity, and an ability to see things in order of importance within the grand scheme of things.
  • Helps provide a good, organized perspective for people in business.
  • Protects against EMF pollutants.
  • Offers relief from chronic fatigue.
  • Alleviates allergy symptoms.
  • Aids in the healing of various skin issues.
  • Urges you to provide forgiveness to yourself for past mistakes and issues that brought you to experience guilt or shame.
  • Works most effectively with the pineal and crown chakras; and works secondarily well with the throat and heart chakras.

Lepidolite Facts, Information and Properties

Lepidolite is a part of the mica mineral group. Minerals from within this grouping known as phyllosilicates are formed in thin repeating layered sheets. Lepidolite crystals are most commonly a greyish lavender, lilac, or rose color; but can also be pink. Lepidolite wasn't originally mined for spiritual and healing purposes. It possesses such a high content of lithium within its structure, it was originally mined solely to obtain that component.

Where Can Lepidolite be Found?

Lepidolite is found in igneous rock, as well as anywhere tin and/or tourmaline are mined. Geographically lepidolite is found in Brazil, Africa, Russia, China, the USA, and in the Himalayas.


Keep lepidolite out of harsh lighting or sun as the color will fade. 

Cleansing Lepidolite: Lepidolite shouldn't be cleansed with salt water or in the sun.

Is it Safe to Use Lepidolite in Healing Waters, Elixirs and Cocktails?

It is considered unsuitable for use in healing waters made by soaking the crystals directly in water; this due to its aluminum content.

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