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Jasper, the Properties of Various Types

Dalmatian jasper
Dalmatian jasper. A Wikimedia file; user Ra'ike. CC 3.0

Jasper Properties

If ever there was a crystal that deserved more attention, it would have to be jasper. That's likely due to the fact that it’s found in many locations worldwide, leading people to take it for granted. But the truth is that jasper is one of the most precious stones that we have. Jasper is a type of microcrystalline quartz, and is an opaque variety of chalcedony. It can be found in most every color of the rainbow; and like a rainbow, jasper seemingly connects the Earth and sky… the hues and patterns this stone is found in, represent many things found on land, in the ocean, and when blue may represent the sky itself.

As history has it, since ancient times jasper has been the crystal of sorcerers, healers, holymen, and royalty. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Native American peoples, jasper was seen to provide grounding and security to those embarking on either Earthly or spiritual journeys, and was also valued as a talisman during daily life. With its power to heal, protect, nurture and bestow positive energies, jasper has been a part of human life since antiquity, and has kept people safe and focused through some of the most troubled of times. And by this, it has earnt the title of being the “Supreme Nurturer”.

Jasper serves to remind us that we are a part of the great united oneness of being, and that we should do good in the service of others while on this plane. It also provides an awareness that there are planes of existence beyond ours, that shape and connect with our lives. It guides us as we try to instill balance and harmony within this chaotic world, and restores the yin/yang energies that are so often thrown into unbalance by the various stresses that plague us. To wear jasper is to be connected to your Self and your spiritual side, and to know that you are able to walk safely in this world.

There are many different varieties of jasper, some named for the color and pattern theme displayed, others for the places they were found; and each of them has their own unique set of properties beyond that of the general stone type.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Red jasper nugget
Red jasper nugget; (public domain image).

Here Are a Few Jasper Varieties:

Blue Jasper: This stone is found in many shades of blue, and in veined and patchy types; at times it's color enhanced. Blue jasper gives those who wear it the fortitude to bypass fears and stressors in order to reach their full potential. This crystal is a valuable tool for those seeking justice. It provides the wearer with the courage to speak out, and will guide them in their effort to communicate effectively. Like most jaspers, it keeps the wearer grounded and centered, and aids them in soothing their fears. Blue jasper is also a stone of renewal, thus it helps those with degenerative conditions to restore their energies and balance their auras.

Black Jasper: Other names are blackstone and basanite. One of the least common yet more sought after types, black jasper supports wearers as they journey through their respective trials, and protects them from spells, dangers, and any harmful energies around them. Associated with the base chakra, black jasper keeps the user grounded, and balances out feelings of spaciness by keeping the wearer connected with the earth. It enhances motivation and productivity on both a physical and mental level, and is especially good for providing relief to those suffering with digestive and foot ailments. Additionally, this stone is ideal to use as a scrying medium. In baneful magick, as with all black stones, it can be used to support spellwork to take things away from someone deserving of such, and also void magick.

Brecciated Jasper: This stone is about vitality and rejuvenation, it supports us in recovering from illness and severe stress. If you were to see raw brecciated jasper, you might think you’re looking at a piece of brick; this as like some types of brick, brecciated jasper has a combination of pink, yellow, red and white colors mixed together in patches. Often associated with shamans, brecciated jasper helps us to keep a clear head and remain organized, and can absorb negative energy that might otherwise weigh us down.

Dalmatian Jasper: This is a stone of self awareness. Patched with black spots on cream, grey, or white, and looking much like the dog of the same name; Dalmatian jasper lets you see yourself as you are - strengths and weaknesses both. As it is also a stone of growth and transcendence, it enables you to live a more fulfilling life, and guides you to improve personal relationships. Additionally, it boosts your immune system, making you less vulnerable to disease.

Kambaba Jasper: Soothes your nerves and leaves you in a peaceful state of mind. Green, black, or brown with speckles that can make it look like a crocodile’s skin (which is why it’s also called crocodile jasper), kambaba jasper promotes wisdom, and guides us to nurture our relationships with others. It is said to help us to absorb minerals, and to cleanse our respective body of impurities and toxins. Additionally, it enhances the immune system.

Leopardskin Jasper: Guides us to react positively to new possibilities that may present to us. Additionally, it encourages healing from a tendency to look at our world through eyes tainted by past negative experience. It supports us to know and accept our true self, and enables healing within various issues related to the self.

Mookaite Jasper: Encourages us to accept, appreciate, and adapt to new experiences; and also guides us to temper our responses to them. Supports healing, protects; and as well, when red is said to draw prosperity. Mookaite also helps us deal with aging by upgrading our attitude towards it, and the new attitude is said to slow the aging process down.

Picasso Jasper: This jasper enhances creativity, strength of will, and mental focus. As you might imagine, it looks like something that the famous artist Pablo Picasso might have dreamt up with its many complex and marbled patterns. But don’t think this stone is just for show... Picasso jasper promotes not just creativity, but also helps us to attract new friends, and to renew and strengthen the bonds with existing ones. Legend also has it that Picasso jasper helps us to become thinner - although that might just be from people carrying a lot of it around in an attempt to lose weight!

Red Jasper: This is a stone of fire and passion! Found in browns and reds, it will stoke your inner fire, helping you to find the strength, endurance, and courage that you’ll need in order to meet your goals. It boosts the body’s natural chi energies, and helps to purify the blood; thus it provides the power needed to keep ambition and motivation fueled. Red jasper creates overall healing, and enables vivid dream experiences; as well, it helps us to remember our dreams, which naturally means we can learn from our nighttime spiritual journeys as well.

Yellow Jasper: Running from mustard to sandy colors, yellow jasper promotes good health and stimulates the organs, especially the lungs and digestive system. As well, it eases our worries, and helps us to establish the kind of centeredness and balance that immunizes us to the negativity of others. Legend has it that this jasper variety also promotes luck.

Green jasper
Green jasper

Other Jaspers and Their Uses:

Brown Jasper: Brings personal stability, and removes impurities from the body.

Bruneau Jasper: For eye health, also eases menopausal issues.

Frog Skin Jasper: Creates healing within bones, and supports emotional health.

Green Jasper: Creates healing within heart issues of all types, enhances fertility, relieves insomnia.

Imperial Jasper: Enables one to recognise the true purpose of their existence as a spiritual being, creates an awareness of our place within the universe; it also protects, and thereby deconstructs feelings of endangerment and insecurity.

Mary Ellen Jasper: Helps with blood circulation, and heightens courage, stamina, and strength and energy within the body.

Ocean Jasper: Encourages patience, caring, and compassionate interactions with others; and also enhances self love. Removes impurities from the body, and thusly supports health.

Orbicular Jasper: The same stone and qualities as ocean jasper.

Peach Jasper: Its energies will provide you with feelings of happiness, physical vigor; and a positive, can-do outlook.

Picture Jasper: Guides you to find positive messages within negative events and circumstances. Encourages you to recall dormant and buried feelings, to face them and heal them.

Poppy Jasper: The same stone and properties as brecciated jasper; it supports vigor, healing, and emotional stability.

Rainbow Jasper: Supports the use of sound judgment.

Rainforest Jasper: Encourages communication with others, as well, it heightens our appreciation of social interactions and events.

Silver Leaf Jasper: Guides us to acknowledge the feelings of others; and too, it enhances acceptance, harmony, and understanding within relationships.

Unakite JasperIts energies enhance harmony within relationships; as well, it encourages the balance and healing of emotions, and guides the wearer to grow on a spiritual level.

Black and White Zebra Jasper: Protects, heightens strength and endurance, and stimulates you to bring your dreams to become reality.

Black Spot Jasper: Provides protection, boosts willpower; and promotes strength, authority, and purpose through a connection to the higher self. It is also said to promote beauty through purification of the body.

Bloodstone: It grounds and centers, and helps one recover from trauma. Click on the link to read our bloodstone article.

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