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Iolite; Healing and Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Wikimedia Commons image. Iolite, by Parent Gery. CC BY-SA 3.0

The Names and Colors of Iolite

Iolite is the name of this mineral in gemology, whereas in mineralogy it is named cordierite. Discovered in 1813, by French geologist Pierre Louis Antoine Cordier; iolite is a fairly brittle crystal type that ranges through colors such as a very deep sapphire blue, indigo, violet, slightly green, yellowish brown, grey, then pale blue, to a clear almost transparent color depending on the direction of light and cut.

In the classification of gemology its name was taken from the Greek "ios", meaning violet, and "lithos", meaning stone. It is sometimes called "dichroite", meaning two color rock and it has also been referred to as "water sapphire", although solely for its coloring.

This stone’s history shows that it had, in the distant past, already been used more than Cordier would have ever dreamt. The history of this mystical treasure spans back to the days of the ancient Vikings. Due to the purpose it was applied to, it has at times been referred to as a "compass stone" or the "Viking compass"; it is said to have brought the mariners back to their home shores safely time and again. It is due to the stone’s pleochroic properties, that seafarers were able to determine where they were, even on an overcast day.

Modern Mining Locations

In the Northern Territory of Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania; and also the USA (Wyoming), where the largest of all stones was found, at 24,000 carats. 

Spiritual Journeying

Due to the richness of its color, this crystal deeply resonates with the twilight part of evening. A favorite of those that practice shamanic arts, it stimulates all of the clair senses, especially that of psychic vision, and it’s said to reveal new and different realms as well. Astral projection, past life regression and inner vision work, can all benefit from the metaphysical properties of iolite. It holds the true essence of the journey, we can use it to keep us safe in our travels, both Earthly and spiritual, much like the early mariners did at sea.

third eye chakra
By Atarax42 (own work), via Wikimedia Commons; CC0

Energy Balancing, the Brow  Chakra, and Emotional Healing

Iolite relates to the third eye (also brow, or pineal) chakra. In meditation it quiets and calms the mind, allowing us to balance the energy located there. This center concerns our perceptions and our views on how we see life. Through keeping it centered, our place within the world can be perfected. Balance in all things can be recovered here. For those that face confusion and disorder, are lacking in motivation, have no resolve, are experiencing responsibility issues, or if they lack endurance or have financial blockages; here is where the chaos can be sorted straight.

The pineal chakra is the seat of our unique, individual consciousness. All of our self talk and internal communication flows through it. In balancing this chakra we allow healthy self communication to lead us to new, vibrant ideas and visions, and can adequately control the energies to all chakras. By opening a path to our deep inner self, we can reduce many fears of the unknown. We need to know though, that we must be open to the exploration of old wounds. By separating from the emotion we find a clearer perspective, and the resulting lack of fear provides us forward momentum through our spiritual journeys.

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Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Physical Healing Properties

Iolite is accredited with the ability to relieve the stronghold of addiction. In promoting detoxification, its cleansing properties especially target the liver. It supports overall digestive system health, and is said to reduce fat cells within the body. Additionally, this mineral promotes the growth of hair and nails, the strengthening of nerves, provides a higher tolerance for pain, and reduces fever and headaches. Iolite, by tradition is said to honor the Greek goddess Athena.

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