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Hematite Properties (Haematite); Healing, Metaphysical, etc

Hematite crystals

Hematite Properties

Hematite crystal is known for its grounding properties and for stimulating the mind. It supports the memory, and too enhances profound thought. Given the redness of the stone's interior and that its name is reminiscent of blood; it shouldn't surprise that amongst the healing issues hematite supports most strongly, are those related to blood and the circulatory system. This crystal is best suited to targeting the root chakra, and secondarily the sacral chakra.

Due to its ability to shield us from negative energies, this stone allows us to see things more optimistically. The red coloration within it enhances both motivation and courage.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

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What is Hematite, and What Does it Do? 

Hematite when polished, exhibits a deep, metallic charcoal or black coloration, but it can also be brownish red, or red. Essentially, it is crystallized iron oxide. Due to the fact that its energies stimulate logical thought and support memory, hematite crystal will prove helpful in studies related to science, mathematics and other technical areas. In addition, as already touched upon, it emits a protective energy, thus countering negative vibrations which adversely affect judgment.

We all need to find methods that allow us to ground when required; this stone is one good choice of tools to do so. You can have some sitting in a bowl, or else you can wear or carry some in jewelry form. When deeper grounding is required, use another method such as to visualize yourself sending roots from your feet deep into the ground. Release all negativity and excess energies through those roots, and imagine them converting to positive energies within the earth. Imagine yourself connecting to your higher self, and centering in spirit - all this while holding on to a piece of hematite.

In Healing

Blood & Tissue Support: Hematite crystals are regarded for improving circulatory health, and for enhancing the healing of blood related conditions. In addition, they stimulate absorption of iron into the body so that more red blood cells form. The regeneration of tissues and support of kidney function, are also qualities attributed to hematite crystals. One noteworthy effect is that they are known to offer relief to those suffering with leg cramps.

Spinal Alignment & Fractures: It is said that the energies of hematite encourage the spine to align correctly, which in turn reduces the stress on surrounding muscles, tendons and cartilage; and that, in turn, provides sounder conditions for fractures to heal. Additionally, hematite crystals reduce anxiety, and provide relief from insomnia.

Mental Stimulation

The brain's processing of logic and reasoning is supported by the energies emitted from hematite. For many, the improvement in their logical thought process, makes this one of the best investments they can make in terms of their overall well being.

The reduction of stress these crystals provide, leads to calmness and stronger self esteem. Their positive energy helps the body to adjust in various ways, and the mind also benefits. Of course with negative energy significantly reduced, one is freer to be their true self; and this, amongst other things, will strengthen their will, and their dedication to overcome life's hurdles.

Yet another benefit to reducing negative energy, is that it enables us to remain healthier, as the immune system is able to thrive. This stone is known to promote healing within addiction issues, but works best when supported by other crystals bearing this same property - amethyst being one, thulite another. Overall, for those who choose to experience the healing powers of hematite crystals, they will help you to upgrade your mental perspective, and will subsequently benefit your entire being on all levels.

In magick hematite will strengthen manifestation magick, and will in fact heighten energies in all magick. Furthermore, given its optimal grounding qualities, in baneful magick it can be used to ground; i.e. any magick that could be referred to as taking someone down, it could be used for. To elaborate on that, any magickal process that is taking anyone or anything down (energies or what have you), rather than up, use hematite, or any other black stone. Finally, for magick where you feel there's a chance it may be interfered with, use hematite to direct it straight to its target.

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