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Charge Sacred Objects, Including Magickal or Spiritual Tools

Charge a sacred tool or magickal object
How to charge a sacred object

Need to Charge a Sacred Tool or Object?

...well look no further! 

By Joodhe

When it comes to charging sacred objects, there are a multitude of ways to perform the task. Ultimately it's up to you to decide which one is best suited to you and your purposes. Below is one highly efficient method that anyone could easily perform.

Before you charge your sacred object, you should cleanse it - that is if it requires cleansing. You would cleanse a tool if it was previously used by someone else or if it had a less than desirable energy to it. If the tool was previously used, then it really should have any previous programming removed. Keep in mind that if your object does need deprogramming, this should be done before cleansing it of negative energies. The deprogramming is easily done...

To Deprogram a Spiritual Tool

If you are one that prefers to cast a circle for all sacred rites, you could cast one here, that's your call. Me, I would only if I was going straight into the consecration right immediately after.

Verbalize a command to have the object release any previous programming. Use your own wording, as the truly important part of this process is in holding an intent to do so.

Hold your focus upon the intent until you can recognize that the desired objective has been achieved. I like to know where anything that I release from a tool ends up; that's why I send the removed programming and any negative energies that were inside, to go to the light or into the Earth's core, either way to be transformed back into positive energy. This too is done by wording of your choice (or no wording at all if you prefer), focused intent, and visualization. There is nothing complicated going on at all.

Example wording: Oh Chalice, release all previous programming and instructions for them to travel to the Earth's core, to be transformed to positive energy, and as well to leave you free to become mine sacred own.

To Cleanse

The safest (for the tool) way to cleanse energies from a sacred tool, is to sit it on a bed of selenite. Sitting your object in the Sun's light is also a method of cleansing it, but if you use that method, make sure your wand is not photosensitive. Just put it on the grass or on a natural substance, leave it sit for two hours in sunlight.

After completing the deprogramming and cleansing processes, or whichever of the two you choose to use, say "so mote it be"; which is an acknowledgement of a ritual, magickal, or spiritual process concluding.

Consecration would also take place prior to charging. Once you have deprogrammed, cleansed, and consecrated your tool, you are ready to charge it.

How to Charge Sacred Objects

Take your sacred tool or object and stand outside while the Sun is up. You must focus on an appropriate intent, the intent should be to charge the tool. Raise your sacred object over your head while touching it with both hands. Now in your mind, visualize the Sun's energies entering your crown chakra; imagine your own energies being topped up.

Visualize your energy combining with that of the Sun, then watch the Sun's energy as it travels the necessary path through your body to flow from your hands into the sacred tool. Now focus upon filling the tool with energies (primarily from the Sun, not you) until it feels fully charged. When done, say "so mote it be".

Now after a while you will notice by the feel of your sacred object that its energies need a topper upper. Simply repeat the procedure at that time.

When done, close your circle if you used one.

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