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Candle Magick, How it's Done

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What You'll Need to Know in Order to Perform Candle Magick

By Joodhe

Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of spell casting, but that doesn't mean that it should be written off in advance as being a waste of valuable time and effort. Though basic sympathetic magick, it is still powerful and can produce relatively fast results when performed well. This guide will show you what you need to know in order to perform candle magick and achieve positive results, even as a beginner.

What Type of Candle is Best for Candle Magick?

While it may be tempting to go out and buy a large candle, bigger is not better. One that takes a long time to burn down gives you time to become distracted. As well, the bulk of spells require a candle to burn down completely before taking your focus away. For most spells, a simple and short taper or votive will work, unless your spell calls for something specific. That said,  are a popular choice.

One important thing to remember is that each spell requires its own brand new candle. Never use one that has been used for any other purpose. The color should correspond to the spell or effect that you are trying to achieve.

For example:

White candles are useful for all spells, and can be substituted for any  other color if necessary. White is excellent for protection and cleansing spells, as well as for finding the truth.

Black. It isn't a "negative" color. In fact, because black absorbs each and every color of the spectrum, it is great for removing negative energy and blocking unfriendly spells. It is also suitable for use in spells to overcome bad habits.

Pink is a color often used in romantic spells, as it is associated with gentle love. It is also ideal for attracting friendship, and for cultivating kind relationships and stronger bonds.

Purple is the color of wisdom. If you are seeking spiritual clarity, purple is the color to use. Purple is also recommended for use in career advancement and for stress relief. There are many other colors that you could use depending on your intended purpose.

For more color correspondences, read the article here. Take heed of what is said in the article about working with red.

Casting the Spell

Once you've selected the correct color and type of candle, bless it. Say a simple prayer of blessing with your own choice of words.

If there are any engravings that need to be made, take care of this first. Engraving an intent or symbol on the candle increases the spell's power. Next, you need to anoint, or dress it with oil, natural is best. You don't have to use a special , but it can serve to make your spell more powerful. Many practitioners prefer to use grapeseed oil because it has no scent.

Dress the candle from tip to bottom for a drawing spell, and from base to tip for a removal spell. For anything in between the two, dress from middle to base, then from middle to tip. The main purpose of the oil is to have your essence, your energy, connect with the energy of the spell.

Light the candle and state the intent of your spell by writing it on a piece of paper, saying it out loud, or holding the intent in mind. Visualize the intended result clearly as you do so. Burn the piece of paper in the flame, or just watch the candle burn... either way continue to visualize your intended result. State that the spell should be completed by what is divine, right, or good, and with positive intent to all.

Finally, let the candle burn as far down as it will, keep your focus on it throughout the process. When done, take the wick and bury it in the earth to enhance results; with a negativity removing spell, bury the wick a distance from where it will affect anyone, until such time as the Earth transforms its energies to become positive once again. When completely done, say "So mote it be".

The above is everything you need to know to begin working with candle magick, packaged inside a nice, tidy nutshell. Beyond this, you can if you like, choose more detailed methods and spells...

Or you can:
  • work with multiple candles, ones with colors that enhance each other.
  • place crystals (with appropriate properties to match the intent of your spell) around your candle to enhance the energies.
  • buy long candles, and cut each into several shorter ones to save money.
  • use markers to color white candles, another way to save money.
  • stay with white only, and use them for all spells. By the way - if you want to know why white can replace other colors, it contains within it, the energy of all colors.

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