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Bloodstone Jasper (Bloodstone Chalcedony); Healing and Metaphysical Properties


Bloodstone Facts

Bloodstone, among the many crystals being used within our daily lives for their healing and metaphysical properties, it is one of the more common. It has helped uncounted people over the millennia, by enabling healing, and also in assisting them to upgrade their mental outlook.

Sometimes referred to as blood jasper, bloodstone jasper, bloodstone chalcedony, or heliotrope; it is both jasper and chalcedony (jasper is a chalcedony, so is agate). Bloodstone is mostly medium to dark green in color, but has areas of brown and red, hence its name. The red spots are created by iron oxide within the stone’s structure; and the green is most commonly from chlorite, and may also be from hornblende.

There are two types of the mineral bloodstone/heliotrope. There is the plasma type which has yellow spots; and the other variety which has more red, is the one more properly called bloodstone.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Healing Properties

In ancient Mesopotamia bloodstone was used as a medical aid, often in powdered form; it was used as a coagulant, and also as a tool to detoxify. It has been applied to uses throughout history such as: curing tumors, to halt excessive blood loss, and even to detoxify from the venom of snake bites. Women commonly use it to obtain relief from menstrual disorders. And as well, it is known for stimulating the immune system, improving kidney health, and for providing overall healing benefits.

Metaphysical Properties

One traditional application of bloodstone is to carry it as an amulet. Its contained energies enhance physical strength, courage, and good fortune; they promote clear thinking and sounder judgment as well. This stone is believed to offer protection against the elements, and against deceit and trickery. The mental boost it gives is certainly one of its more valuable properties, especially in the classroom and at work. Legend has it that when the person holding this stone approaches a situation involving danger, the red turns to a shade like that of blood.


For those who avoid making necessary decisions or taking other action required to move forth; you should consider using this crystal to bolster your ambition and confidence. For anyone having suffered through great pain or a traumatic event, this stone will help you in refinding your personal strength and sense of purpose.

Just a few more examples of how bloodstone aids people on a daily basis include: enhancing their creativity, bolstering energy, and offering protection against negativity; along with remarkable nurturing qualities, such as helping people move beyond misunderstandings, and bringing stronger mental focus to different situations - especially those of new mothers.

Spiritual Properties

Bloodstone is known to bring about a strong Christ awareness, and a desire to live by standards appropriate to such an awareness. Bloodstone is believed to strengthen the ability of clairaudience, and also enhances intuition. This crystal resonates with the root or base chakra, and secondarily with the heart chakra. As it targets the root chakra so well and removes negative energies, it is an effective grounding stone.

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  1. I received my Bloodstone pendant today.I have had two heart attacks and am positive that this stone will help me on my journey. Doctors can only do so much. Not only is it a beautiful stone but I am all ready feeling it's positive effects. For me it is a stone of happiness & healing. I love my new Bloodstone.


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