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Seraphinite Crystal Properties

Seraphinite slab

About Seraphinite - its Name and What it Represents

Seraphinite is named for the six-winged highest order of angels that it brings to mind, the seraphim. These beings are spirits of light, and like them seraphinite is believed to represent the healing properties of light and the embodiment of spiritual energy. Formed from a type of magnesium iron aluminum silicate, seraphinite crystal is usually a deep green, laced with feathery silver filaments which reflect light. These silvery streaks resemble the six wings of a seraph.

Seraphinite and the Chakras

Seraphinite is best suited to healing work related to the heart chakra. Too, it encourages spiritual energies to rise through all of the chakras, and activates them along the way. It is particularly good as a cleansing stone as it promotes the release of negativity from both body and mind. It has been said that seraphinite promotes overall healing because it enables cell regeneration.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

High Vibration Frequency

Due to its intensely spiritual and high vibrational energy, seraphinite is an appropriate tool for connecting with divine beings. This stone has feminine energies, and is said to facilitate connecting with the divine feminine. When you wish to communicate with angelic entities or are seeking a particularly spiritual prayer stone, you may consider adding seraphinite to your crystal tool bag. Used in meditation it will open the mind to spiritual truth, and will assist in raising your vibration level. It therefore goes without saying that it will support you in ascension and spiritual growth.

Seraphinite In Healing

Seraphinite's energies support heart and lung function, they will also support the body in the healing of any systemic illnesses. These things are achieved by its detoxifying qualities. If you are experiencing a chemical imbalance of any kind, seraphinite may help you to create healing in that area. On a subtle level, seraphinite crystals can be an effective tool in aura repair; their cleansing and light-healing properties work to achieve this. They may also be helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

For Emotional and Psychological Issues

Seraphinite crystal will enable someone who is feeling depressed to let go of old emotional behaviors and thought patterns which no longer serve their spirit. Because it is strongly connected to the angelic realm, seraphinite brings a highly joyful energy, and allows you to connect to life in a more positive and harmonious way. Working with seraphinite may help you to sense the order which exists in an ordinarily chaotic-feeling universe.

For those who have trouble within social interactions, this healing crystal will provide support as they work to overcome social anxiety, and will aid them in creating more satisfying relationships with the people around them. As a stone of harmony, it can promote conflict resolution, reconciliation, and compromise.

For Divination

As a stone that has a high spiritual vibration, seraphinite makes an excellent choice as a divination stone. Seraphinite crystal is believed by some to rival quartz in enabling us to access spiritual truth, and also in its ability to help us see how to make more enlightened decisions about the issues affecting us the most.

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Spiritual Grounding Benefits and Techniques.

The benefits of spiritual grounding, centering, or earthing

About Spiritual Grounding

What Is Grounding?

Spiritual grounding is sometimes referred to as either centering or earthing. It is an important spiritual practice to engage in for a number of reasons. It can help you to find focus when stressed, and will bring you back to a sense of normalcy after deep meditation and spiritual or magical workings. Grounding is necessary to keep your spiritual and physical aspects of self in balance.

The Benefits of Grounding Spiritually--Mind, Body, and Spirit

As well as the benefits mentioned above, grounding can help you to keep your health, mental health, and subtle body in shape. When negative energies are left to run amok they can cause harm physically and mentally, and can obstruct you spiritually as well. For those suffering with insomnia, regular grounding can potentially provide significant improvement.

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You may be spiritually ungrounded if you're feeling any of the following:

  • A sense of being disconnected from reality, or "spaced out"
  • Dizziness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Unusually irritable or stressed
  • Unusually prone to anger
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • A sudden tendency to daydream

Which Method Should I Use?

There are a number of techniques that you can use to ground yourself spiritually, certainly not limited to the handful mentioned within this post. Each one of them can be used after spiritual work, including meditation, or whenever you are lacking clarity or feeling stressed. You may also find these techniques useful if you are one of those people who feels somewhat disoriented after having watched a movie in the theater or after reading a particularly captivating book. And it may be handy for you to know that it's helpful to ground before studying or in preparation for an exam. With that said though, not just grounding, but space-clearing as well, is good practice to conduct prior to an exam.

Feed Your Body

One of the easiest and most immediate ways to ground or center yourself following spiritual work is to eat grounding foods. This is not a meal, a simple bite or two will suffice. Foods that are particularly earthing or grounding are those that come from the earth. Root vegetables, fruits, and homemade bread, are some of the foods most often used for this purpose. To properly ground using this method, focus upon your food and assimilating it into your body; try to avoid being distracted by other things. Take very small bites and chew slowly. Allow this simple, everyday act to bring you back to yourself.

Hold a Grounding Crystal

Obsidian and hematite are often used for this purpose, as is smoky quartz. These crystals are known for their energy absorbing abilities, and are especially well suited to this task. To ground using this method, simply hold your choice of crystal in hand with your eyes closed; then imagine the unwanted energy flowing out through your palm and into the crystal. Once you are finished, place the crystal in a dish of raw rice or dirt overnight, thus clearing it of any negative energy that you have released. If you cleanse your crystal with raw rice, use the rice only once then discard it.

Touch the Earth

Stand on the earth outside; preferably barefoot, but it’s not essential. Imagine that there are roots coming out from the bottoms of your feet and growing into the earth. Visualize all negative and stale energies leaving your body and entering into the earth through those roots, until you feel the process is complete. To put a nice closure on this method, I like to visualize those energies traveling to the Earth’s core; and once there, I imagine them being converted back to a positive state once again. When you can’t get outside, you can perform the above method indoors; just imagine the stale energies traveling through the floors in order to reach their destination, which of course would be the earth outside your home or work.

Hug a Tree

Put your hands against a tree. In your mind’s eye, watch negative and stale energies traveling down through the trunk of the tree and into the earth. Once the negative energies are in the ground, as in the last method, imagine them reaching the Earth’s core, and transforming once again to become beneficial energies.

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Hematite Properties (Haematite); Healing, Metaphysical, etc

Hematite crystals

Hematite Properties

Hematite crystal is known for its grounding properties and for stimulating the mind. It supports the memory, and too enhances profound thought. Given the redness of the stone's interior and that its name is reminiscent of blood, it shouldn't surprise that amongst the healing issues hematite supports most strongly, are those related to blood and the circulatory system. This crystal is best suited to targeting the root chakra, and secondarily the sacral chakra.

Due to its ability to shield us from negative energies, this stone allows us to see things more optimistically. The red coloration within it enhances both motivation and courage.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

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What Is Hematite, and What Does It Do? 

Hematite when polished, exhibits a deep, metallic charcoal or black coloration, but it can also be brownish red, or red. Essentially, it is crystallized iron oxide. Due to the fact that its energies stimulate logical thought and support memory, hematite crystal will prove helpful in studies related to science, mathematics and other technical areas. In addition, as already touched upon, it emits a protective energy, thus countering negative vibrations which adversely affect judgment.

We all need to find methods that allow us to ground when required; this stone is one good choice of tools to do so. You can have some sitting in a bowl, or else you can wear or carry some in jewelry form. When deeper grounding is required, use another method such as to visualize yourself sending roots from your feet deep into the ground. Release all negativity and excess energies through those roots, and imagine them converting to positive energies within the earth. Imagine yourself connecting to your higher self, and centering in spirit - all this while holding on to a piece of hematite.

In Healing

Blood & Tissue Support: Hematite crystals are regarded for improving circulatory health, and for enhancing the healing of blood related conditions. In addition, they stimulate absorption of iron into the body so that more red blood cells form. The regeneration of tissues and support of kidney function, are also qualities attributed to hematite crystals. One noteworthy effect is that they are known to offer relief to those suffering with leg cramps.

Spinal Alignment & Fractures: It is said that the energies of hematite encourage the spine to align correctly, which in turn reduces the stress on surrounding muscles, tendons and cartilage; and that, in turn, provides sounder conditions for fractures to heal. Additionally, hematite crystals reduce anxiety, and provide relief from insomnia.

Mental Stimulation

The brain's processing of logic and reasoning is supported by the energies emitted from hematite. For many, the improvement in their logical thought process, makes this one of the best investments they can make in terms of their overall well being.

The reduction of stress these crystals provide, leads to calmness and stronger self esteem. Their positive energy helps the body to adjust in various ways, and the mind also benefits. Of course with negative energy significantly reduced, one is freer to be their true self; and this, amongst other things, will strengthen their will, and their dedication to overcome life's hurdles.

Yet another benefit to reducing negative energy, is that it enables us to remain healthier, as the immune system is able to thrive. This stone is known to promote healing within addiction issues, but works best when supported by other crystals bearing this same property - amethyst being one, thulite another. Overall, for those who choose to experience the healing powers of hematite crystals, they will help you to upgrade your mental perspective, and will subsequently benefit your entire being on all levels.

In magick hematite will strengthen manifestation magick, and will in fact heighten energies in all magick. Furthermore, given its optimal grounding qualities, in baneful magick it can be used to ground; i.e. any magick that could be referred to as taking someone down, it could be used for. To elaborate on that, any magickal process that is taking anyone or anything down (energies or what have you), rather than up, use hematite, or any other black stone. Finally, for magick where you feel there's a chance it may be interfered with, use hematite to direct it straight to its target.

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Sodalite Healing Properties

Tumbled sodalite

Sodalite Properties and Uses

Sodalite is a stone of soul awakening; during meditation it will support you to reach deeper levels of spiritual awareness. It stimulates the throat and third eye chakras, which subsequently promotes balanced and perceptive thought. Sodalite helps you to control your emotions rather than allowing them to control you; and as well it heightens psychic awareness.

This stone empowers you to develop self-discipline; it can also be helpful to those attempting to advance in their career. Keeping it by your computer will clear EMF pollution from your environment, while simultaneously helping you to stay focused on tasks. Carrying sodalite will help you to glide through the day with ease and efficiency.
Sodalite crystal is appreciated by most when it is deep indigo blue in color; but it can also be lighter, darker, or a greyish-blue. The blue is often mottled with white calcite. Besides blue, it can be found in pink, green, grey, or yellow. This stone is not highly common; it is found in some North American locales (Ontario and Quebec, Canada; Maine and Arkansas in the USA), with some lesser deposits in areas including Burma, Russia, Romania, and South America. Sodalite forms in the presence of low silica magma, and it's an interesting tidbit that it will never be found in the same areas as quartz.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

In Healing

Sodalite crystal provides relief from insomnia, and will help to regulate your metabolism; the metabolic boost it offers can be a practical aid to weight loss. This stone also boosts immune system function, both preventing and healing bodily infections; thus it can be used to treat conditions such as fever, sore throat, and digestive issues. Some believe that sodalite crystal can be used to lower blood pressure as well.

To Achieve Calmness

When suffering with a psychological ailment such as panic attacks or anxiety, the healing properties of this stone are known to provide some degree of stability and calm. Sodalite encourages self expression, and works to enhance self confidence as well. It is a wise choice when dealing with depression or guilt, as it eases focus away from raw emotion, and on to matters that could better do with the attention.

For those working in a group setting, this stone inspires unity and trust. And due to the fact that it encourages a more balanced mental state, it helps us to comprehend and retain information. It's suitable for use in the classroom, or when studying for a particularly stressful exam. Sodalite is a great morale booster anywhere, as it promotes selflessness; its energies influence people to develop group oriented ideals and goals. Additionally, it supports us in creating friendships, and promotes honesty and integrity.

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Bloodstone Jasper (Bloodstone Chalcedony); Healing and Metaphysical Properties


Bloodstone Facts

Bloodstone, among the many crystals being used within our daily lives for their healing and metaphysical properties, it is one of the more common. It has helped uncounted people over the millennia, by enabling healing, and also in assisting them to upgrade their mental outlook.

Sometimes referred to as blood jasper, bloodstone jasper, bloodstone chalcedony, or heliotrope; it is both jasper and chalcedony (jasper is a chalcedony, so is agate). Bloodstone is mostly medium to dark green in color, but has areas of brown and red, hence its name. The red spots are created by iron oxide within the stone’s structure; and the green is most commonly from chlorite, and may also be from hornblende.

There are two types of the mineral bloodstone/heliotrope. There is the plasma type which has yellow spots; and the other variety which has more red, is the one more properly called bloodstone.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Healing Properties

In ancient Mesopotamia bloodstone was used as a medical aid, often in powdered form; it was used as a coagulant, and also as a tool to detoxify. It has been applied to uses throughout history such as: curing tumors, to halt excessive blood loss, and even to detoxify from the venom of snake bites. Women commonly use it to obtain relief from menstrual disorders. And as well, it is known for stimulating the immune system, improving kidney health, and for providing overall healing benefits.

Metaphysical Properties

One traditional application of bloodstone is to carry it as an amulet. Its contained energies enhance physical strength, courage, and good fortune; they promote clear thinking and sounder judgment as well. This stone is believed to offer protection against the elements, and against deceit and trickery. The mental boost it gives is certainly one of its more valuable properties, especially in the classroom and at work. Legend has it that when the person holding this stone approaches a situation involving danger, the red turns to a shade like that of blood.


For those who avoid making necessary decisions or taking other action required to move forth; you should consider using this crystal to bolster your ambition and confidence. For anyone having suffered through great pain or a traumatic event, this stone will help you in refinding your personal strength and sense of purpose.

Just a few more examples of how bloodstone aids people on a daily basis include: enhancing their creativity, bolstering energy, and offering protection against negativity; along with remarkable nurturing qualities, such as helping people move beyond misunderstandings, and bringing stronger mental focus to different situations - especially those of new mothers.

Spiritual Properties

Bloodstone is known to bring about a strong Christ awareness, and a desire to live by standards appropriate to such an awareness. Bloodstone is believed to strengthen the ability of clairaudience, and also enhances intuition. This crystal resonates with the root or base chakra, and secondarily with the heart chakra. As it targets the root chakra so well and removes negative energies, it is an effective grounding stone.

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The Other Day, a Prayer and a Small Miracle

A small miracle in the middle of a storm
A small miracle in the middle of a storm

My Tale Recounting a "Small Miracle"

By Jude

A relatively small miracle happened here the other day. I don't want to make a deal out of it as if it were some big event, nor should it be made light of. Too, there is no need on my part to deliver it with any type of moral or message attached - I only want to share. So with that in mind here's my recount of what happened...

It had been mildly storming, here in Manitoba, for a few hours straight through. The ground was fully saturated; no wonder, as it had been raining on and off for over a week. Then the storm took it up a few notches and got really aggressive; it was in fact torrential, and continued in that way for another 45 minutes or so.

My husband is neither spiritual or religious on any level... let me clarify by saying that he is best described as an agnostic, who would not become spiritual or religious just upon mere proof of a Higher Power... me, I am spiritual, not religious. Anyway, back to the story... so he's looking at me kind of dejectedly, and I'm looking at him the same way, as it's starting to feel that our house is going to float away soon.

I said "I am tired of this storm, it will slow down or stop within between two and fifteen minutes". He looked at me quizzically. On some level though, I knew what I had said was possible and was highly likely to happen. Now I don't usually do things as what I did next... mostly because it irritates my husband, who grew up with his family forcing religion down his throat. I said something like "Universal Energy or God be thy name, please slow down this storm for us, as we have not the resources to deal with it if it continues this way. If you stop it altogether, that will be fine, and I thank you in advance".

My husband stood there, and his jaw dropped slightly as the sound of the storm changed from roaring to a near dead quiet, this apparently in the blink of an eye. I didn't know how to take that, as it was on some level shocking, and yet on another, expected. I just ignored it for that point in time. However, within the next few minutes we had chance to stop what we were doing and look outside. The torrential storm had slowed down to a bare trickle of rain, nothing more.

We all know that most would write this off as sheer coincidence... This was not a coincidental happenstance; you should have been there. Then, later on we heard that neighbors of ours had their truck picked up and moved by the storm. They were put back down about three feet across the highway as they were driving not far from here.

I have called what happened a small, or everyday miracle. The reason for that is, it's my belief that people often choose to dismiss such things as being unremarkable, likely because the shock of thinking in terms of miraculous events is simply too much to digest. These things, miracles, probably happen far more often than we realize - perhaps even everyday, somewhere... That's the whole story, and there is nothing more I want to add. It's out there as food for thought... what do you think? Has anything similar ever happened for you?

Rhodonite, Healing and Metaphysical Properties

rhodonite rough
Rhodonite rough; public domain image

Rhodonite Information

What Is Rhodonite?

The name rhodonite is derived from the Greek word for rose, rhodos, which of course refers to the hue this stone possesses. It ranges from various shades of pink to red, with black or brown markings spread across its surface. The stone’s color combination and structural traits promote a powerful sense of love for oneself and others. When the stone is polished, its patterning resembles that of marble; and the red shades of rhodonite can be so deep in color, that they may in some instances rival rubies in richness and saturation.

Rhodonite can be found in several different locations around the world; Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America included. It is often discovered in massive growth form (large pieces). In rare occurrences however, it can be found as tabular crystals (flat-surfaced and broad) as well.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

General Properties of Rhodonite

Rhodonite, like most pink crystals, may be referred to as a love stone. The love promoting vibrations within it work closely with the heart chakra to create balance and healing. It is regarded for an ability to impart feelings of fondness and nurture to its users.

This stone is capable of stimulating feelings of acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love. This makes it a suitable tool for when you’re working to heal relationship issues. It can help you to determine whether the problem in your relationship is related to how you have been interacting, or if the issues are more related to your partner, or whether it is both of these things combined. Whether your issue regards an intimate partner, friend, or family member; rhodonite can help you to attain a more level-headedness that will allow you to avoid or solve conflict with that person.

As so often with stones of similar coloring, this one helps us to release guilt and shame from past actions, to let go of resentment, and to create healing within emotional issues of all kinds. Rhodonite will enable improvement when a person is dealing with low self confidence as well.


On yet another metaphysical level, rhodonite can be a valid means of self-discovery. When used in meditation, it taps into energies that allow you to discover any innate talents that you may have but may not be aware of. It is due to this property that some feel these gemstones can shed light upon where our destinies may lie.

Another benefit of rhodonite is that it is an emotional balancer that can be used to bring about mental peace and calmness. Having a piece handy will potentially prevent us from taking erratic action when feeling distraught by anger or fear. This of course, can help us to avoid making decisions that we might end up regretting later on.

As a Healing Stone

Since rhodonite is known as an emotional stabilizer, its properties as a healing stone primarily target conditions brought on by emotional distress. Therefore, it helps relieve health ailments such as body aches, fatigue, and high blood pressure; which are brought on by emotional ailments such as anxiety, heartache, grief, or fear.

Rhodonite may also be used for other healing applications, including: boosting the immune system, cardiovascular support, arthritis and joint pain relief, regulation of the thyroid and pituitary gland, and the betterment of various lung conditions.

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Unakite Healing and Metaphysical Properties

unakite jasper
 Unakite - through Wikimedia Commons, by Tom Harpel; Attribution 2.0 generic

What Is Unakite Jasper?

Unakite, sometimes called unakite jasper, is a variant form of granite. It is a blend of three different crystal types: epidote, orthoclase feldspar, and quartz. In gorgeous shades of green, pink, and peach; this naturally created gemstone exudes an emotionally and physically enriching power. High quality unakite jasper is considered to be a semiprecious stone and can be found carved into beads, pendants, orbs, and a variety of other shapes.

Unakite was named after the Unaka Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina where it was originally discovered. It has been found at the Great Lakes as well - most particularly near Lake Michigan. Outside of the United States, this stone can also be found in Zimbabwe and Switzerland.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Metaphysical Properties of Unakite

The energies of unakite jasper create balance and harmony between the emotional body and the mind. Because of this, it may be of aid to those requiring a higher degree of mental stability than what they currently have. It creates inner peace, and will gently eliminate conditions that may be impeding spiritual and psychological progress. Unakite is understood to create a state of balance between the body, mind, and spirit; it’s no wonder therefore, that it provides an overall feeling of centeredness and stability. It will guide you towards accessing the well-rounded existence that you seek.

This stone works to alleviate feelings of pain, anger, and stress by emitting soothing and therapeutic frequencies into its environment. Therefore, it can be especially useful if bad news has you feeling down. During such times, you may use or wear the stone to allow its energies to ease away your pain or heartache.

Unakite jasper is further recognized for its ability to enhance visionary capabilities through stimulating the third eye chakra; it can also provide us with an awareness of past lives. Looking at past lives often provides insight into what we are dealing with in the here and now. Upon opening the 3rd eye, you may become capable of visualizing various things you'd wish to manifest in order to improve your life. This stone is a solid choice for those seeking a more meaningful direction for their existence.

It can heighten courage levels, and can also assist you to build a higher degree of self confidence. Better developed self esteem can help you to gain control in areas where you'd previously feared to establish it. Whether you are nervous to ask for a raise at work or are fearful of dating again, this stone can help you to establish the confidence you need. In the process, it will transform fear into a positive and constructive energy, such as love, kindness, optimism, etc.

Try meditating with it held at either your crown or third eye chakra. You will find that it not only has the qualities already mentioned, but it also heightens psychic awareness, especially when held to the third eye area.

Unakite Healing Properties

Many illnesses emerge from unhealed past experience and trauma. The fact that unakite balances emotions, is the reason that it works so well to enable healing within the body. It is known to support recuperation from severe illness, to enhance health within the reproductive system (which is why it is commonly used to make fertility bracelets); and to fortify the health of unborn babies.

Additionally, it is believed to enhance healing within skin tissue, promote hair growth, protect us from EMF radiation; and is sometimes used to increase weight gain in targeted areas of the body. Unakite also promotes sound sleep, and is grounding when required to be.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mother Teresa, Animal Rights, and Violence in Popular Culture

Mother Teresa
© 1986 Túrelio (via Wikimedia-Commons), 1986 Lizenz: Creative Commons CC-2.0 

by Jude

Within this post, my initial intent was to discuss more than one issue, how many I didn't know up front... that's me, a free spirit, going where life's energies may lead. Basically I was voicing my thoughts as the piece evolved...

The first thing on my mind:

Violence as a God

Movies nowadays - I literally can't watch them anymore. So much killing, blood, gore, violence, disrespect and screaming; and they promote the value of gratuitous acts and sensual appeal above all other human functions and attributes. I want to do something, even just the little that I can do as one person within the world to create change and improvement. In the distant past, censorship at times took place, and that wasn't the answer. But this is the opposite. It's almost as if the movie industry is catering to a certain set of tastes.

Are the individuals that enjoy watching people degraded and torn apart in their movies the bigger buyers? Or is it more fun to make such films? There appears to be a need, for those of us that care, to do whatever we can to stop the gross marketing of these disgusting movies, especially to our younger generations. And I feel that buyers need to develop an awareness of the fact that they should not think it's okay to obtain entertainment value from watching harm and degradation befall people.

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The term "violence as a god" doesn't go to say that people directly worship violence... but as abuse and such is so damaging within our society, you know, having it sit so densely within mainstream entertainment, is in my eyes exactly the same as worshiping it outrightly. Violence should not be our God, nor should it be that of our children and theirs. And it isn't just movies either, YouTube is full of such stuff - people being harmed, not just physically, but mentally also. YouTube has limits, so it's low level stuff, but it's still there; and it's there because people are enjoying it.

And in line with the same overall topic, ads nowadays have young ladies near naked, and packaged like meat as well... something needs to change. No one can say that these things don't promote the breakdown of values; they do, and they also corrupt us as spiritual beings. 

We must get real at some point in order to create improvements where needed.

Mother Teresa

I feel the presence of Mother Teresa now - seriously, her energy is within my pineal area. Her presence is to urge us, she makes no demands. She acknowledges that it isn't everyone's calling to dedicate their respective lives to the service of others. She isn't comparing her actions to those of others, neither then (during her lifetime) nor now (this seems to mean that she's not at all suggesting for us to strive to be like her). She doesn't see what she did as being heroic or grand, actually just the opposite. She did her work as it was a necessary thing for her to do, and nothing more than that. *I'd like to point out that nothing about her message was verbalized, I read her energy as I felt it.

I get that she came to me as I hold a great regard for what she did, so I can put her energies into words on her behalf, knowing how she would want to be presented given how humble she was. Her desire is for more people to take action, to provide, to offer aid, and to love those who are without. Know that it's okay to feel the pain, to feel sympathy; but feeling for them is simply not enough. Anyone who feels something when they see people suffering in any way, maybe someone isn't loved enough, or has no resources or whatever, know that it begins with you, the road to somewhere better starts with you. 

Thus concludes my mini channeling from Mother Teresa... and yes, that's all she said.


Many of us are animal activists at heart. Lately I heard a relative speak of his pain when seeing a dog abused; he related to me his feelings of helplessness in not being able to act. His form of activism was to acknowledge the pain. I was hurt to know that he did nothing, it was disturbing to me. But I too made a similar mistake, it wasn't that long ago...

Someone our family knows was having major personal issues, and as a result his animals were being neglected. One of his horses looked very unwell and I was telling a relative that I was going to report the problem to save the horse. I was told not to, as it would be obvious, given that so few knew of the horse and its condition, that it would have to be someone from within our family that made the report. One family member told me that they would take the matter to the vet instead - that would have done the trick, as our local vet is very much an animal activist. But later on I found out that I had been duped; no action was taken, and that horse died. I now realize that I should have seen it through; had it been a human I would have.

That I didn't follow through wasn't borne out of prejudice, I care about animals deeply and know that they can't fend for themselves. But the follow-up would have been difficult to arrange; I personally have no interactions with the person this incident concerned, and I didn't see the horse after the initial period referred to. One thing I can honestly say is that nothing similar will ever happen again through my oversight. As a matter of fact a short while later, a few more of the same person's horses were being neglected and the matter was addressed swiftly, and yes I as well as another family member were responsible for the horses being saved.

Initially I made a big mistake, but to move on in a better way I forgave myself and let it go. Now, to do my part in a more effective way I urge others to join me in vowing to never turn a blind eye to animal cruelty and neglect, even under circumstances that make it awkward or difficult to intervene. 

Don't judge me for what this blog contains, I know the first part is going to hit more than a nerve or two; my intent is to speak my truth, nothing more. Thank you for hearing me out today. Feel free to comment.


PS. At the time this blog post was written I had a lot of respect for Mother Teresa. Not so much today, as I feel that the way she treated the people who came to her seeking help, cruel.

Black Tourmaline, Healing and Metaphysical Properties

black tourmaline (schorl)
Black tourmaline, also known as schorl. Image CC 2.0; Mauro Cateb by Flickr Commons 

Black Tourmaline Properties and Info

Black tourmaline crystal, also known as schorl, has long been recognized for the benefits it provides as a protection stone... powerful indeed. In fact, since ancient times it has been used as a form of protection against demonic influences. It is commonly used as a grounding stone, and to eliminate negativity from the aura and psyche.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Healing the Body with Black Tourmaline

Crystal healers value black tourmaline for its benefits in relieving joint pain. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, or arthritis in the joints of the fingers, knees, or ankles; this stone may well be of help. It is also useful in providing pain relief from neuropathy and overused muscles. In the healing of illnesses, black tourmaline is often used to strengthen the immune system. This crystal type is also known to be a useful tool to those who suffer from problems with their adrenal glands. In addition, it is used to provide relief from conditions such as IBS and heavy metal toxicity.

In Healing the Mind

As already touched upon, black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone. It is said to be through this property that it provides mental clarity by creating balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. For people who suffer from dyslexia, it is believed that black tourmaline can improve their translation of written information. The grounding effects of this stone will help bring you more in tune with your auric energy as well.

For those suffering from chronic anxiety or depression, black tourmaline's grounding properties can be targeted towards enabling healing in that area. Its grounding effects act to clear away negative emotions and thoughts, and will be of particular value to those experiencing feelings of unworthiness. Black tourmaline is said to have at times been used to assist in preventing self-harm and suicide, and to treat patients suffering from addiction.

For Meditation, Divination, and Magick

Black tourmaline is often used as a meditation crystal as it is particularly grounding to the negative energies from earth, thus providing for cleaner, safer energies for us to enter other planes with. For those planning on doing astral projection work, this stone's energies will provide you protection from negativity while navigating the astral realm; as well, it will provide a degree of clarity that will enable you to easily find your way back to your physical self upon completion of your journey.

Black tourmaline is also useful as a divination stone. It was one of the first pendulum stones used in ancient times, and will come in handy if you are attempting to divine the location of a lost object or find the solution to a particularly confusing issue. In baneful magick, as with all black stones, it can be used to support spellwork to take things away from someone deserving of such, and also is useful in void magick. As well, when a spell's objective is considered to be difficult if not impossible from an earth plane prospective, use a black stone such as schorl tourmaline; work that void energy to the max.

Many are rather intuitive when it comes to figuring out how to apply stones to other uses based on the properties they read of them. So for them I issue this reminder--that with all stones, their properties work both forward and in reverse. With some stones you will find it less useful to use them for their less common sets of properties (so called reverse properties, but they are just other properties really); this as there are stones whose more commonly utilized properties support the same processes. To use them is less confusing. As an example, a stone that helps one reach their goals, can also be used in magick to block someone from them. This concept doesn't apply only to magickal uses of stones, but rather to all applications.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Petalite Properties, Healing and Metaphysical

Pink petalite
Pink petalite; image courtesy of iempoweredhealingonline on eBay

Petalite Properties

Petalite (also castorite) is a unique and rare gem, and as a result stays popular amongst collectors. It is often mistaken, in its various colors, for other stones such as pink tourmaline and diamonds. Petalite crystals have been used as talismans for protection since ancient times. By some called the Stone of Intent, it is believed to protect the wearer from magic spells and evil intentions. Petalite is believed to enhance psychic abilities and communication with angels.

Petalite forms alongside of quartz and albite, usually in granitic pegmatites. Most commonly the formations are found as massive; smaller individual crystals are rarely found. Petalite is derived from the Greek word ’petalon’ which means leaf. The name was applied in reference to its perfect basal cleavage. Petalite stones can be found in Italy, Russia, Australia, the United States and Zimbabwe amongst other places.

Petalite's High Vibration Level 

Petalite is a crystal with extremely high vibrations. In fact, you will at times find it referred to as the ‘Stone of the Angels’. This gemstone has been used to help individuals become more open to the cosmic consciousness and a to develop a higher level of awareness. Petalite is often used to reach the astral plane in order to connect with spirits, ancient ancestors, and even animal totems. It facilitates interaction and communication between the spiritual world and the physical one. Petalite can be of great use to achieve peace with those who have passed, and has been used to create healing within family rifts.

Petalite crystals are a solid choice for helping the mind to enter a meditative state. This stone can greatly increase relaxation, support the effectiveness of meditation techniques, and will still allow you to stay attuned to the physical world during metaphysical activities. Petalite’s centering energies can also help you remain clearly focused on any task that you are attempting. While using it, there is potential for you to become attuned to the knowledge of your path and destination for this lifetime. It has a resonating, calming energy that can be drawn upon during challenging times and occupations.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

#AmazonADLink: Petalite Crystal

Petalite in Healing

Petalite is an extremely beneficial and supportive crystal for anyone who has had a traumatic physical or emotional experience. It will encourage you to realize the lessons behind such experiences, and will assist you in achieving peace. Petalite can be an effective tool for releasing any dark energy surrounding you when unfortunate or strongly negative events occur in your life. It also helps by alleviating the intensity of karmic repercussions. When you need to burn a bridge, consider it as an option as it works to neutralize manipulation. It can also be used to ground people who are spiritually scattered, and as a result have become flighty in nature.

Petalite has been utilized as an aid in the treatment of various ailments, including AIDS and cancer. This stone may prove highly beneficial to those who need relief from severely stressful situations. While it can't stop negative events from occurring around you, it can affect your attitude regarding them, raise the vibration level of your environment, and imbue you with a sense of calm. It has been used as a treatment in tumor reduction, to increase muscle flexibility and improve eyesight, and is even said to generate cellular renewal.

Pink petalite
Pink petalite; image courtesy of iempoweredhealingonline

Pink Petalite

Pink petalite can be a useful tool in alleviating the heat of anger, and can be used to assist in the release of emotional baggage. It builds emotional health for the user, and strengthens their resistance to negativity. It is known as a crystal that encourages flexibility (rather than rigidity) while imbuing a gentle strength

Clear petalite
Clear petalite; image courtesy of Global Roots

Clear Petalite

When clear, petalite removes negative energies from the user’s environment, and is commonly used as a protection stone. It blocks the effect of psychic attacks, negative thoughts, and bad karma. Keeping this stone in your house can increase the vibration level and imbue it with harmony, ensuring that negativity is removed. Petalite has long been associated with the Gemini zodiac sign as well as the element of air. These stones should be cleansed and recharged once a month.

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Ouija Boards - History and Other Points of Interest

Ouija board
Image is a public domain file via Wikimedia.

About Ouija, or Spirit Boards

By Jude

Ouija boards (pronounced wee-jee) are one of a great many tools commonly used for the purpose of divination. The board's name is commonly said to have been created by blending the German and French words for "yes". But there is another explanation believed to be more accurate. It holds that a group of board users, including Elijah Bond and his sister in law Helen Peters, had consulted the board and it had named itself. Asked what the word meant, it is said to have replied "good luck". The word itself is trademarked, and at this time is owned by Hasbro. Generally speaking though, people apply the term to virtually all similar boards applied to the same purposes.

The idea of a Ouija board (also called a "spirit board") is to spell out answers through the movements of a heart-shaped wooden or plastic object, called a planchette. Those using the board place their fingertips on the planchette, ask a question, and then wait for the planchette to glide across the board. Once it does it moves from letter to letter, or to one or more numbers, or to one of the few words on the board - yes, no, or goodbye.


It’s a commonly held belief that Ouija-style divination is a relatively recent invention, but it isn't so. There are references reaching as far back as to the Chinese Tang and Song Dynasties, 618 - 1234 AD. During those times a technique referred to as "fuji" (also "fuluan") was used. Though not the same process as Ouija, it was a form of planchette writing, and in that sense was quite similar.

For centuries the practice was accepted as a means of receiving messages from the spirit world, until it became taboo during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD). In fact, Daoist scriptures are reported to have been strongly influenced by planchette writings. Similar styles of spirit writing were practiced in other places as well, including Greece (540 BC)¹, Rome (recorded as being used at a trial in 371 AD)², and in Medieval Europe³. More recently though, Ouija boards have been sold primarily as novelty items.

The game was created by Elijah Bond, and was first patented on February 10th, 1891. William Fuld, an employee of Bond's, ended up acquiring the patent; but his first patent for a spirit board appears not to have been for an identical product to Bond's Ouija, it was much the same concept though. It was a few years beyond this particular product patent, that Fuld gained ownership of the one held by Elijah Bond. The patent was owned by his family until the 1960s when they sold it to Parker Brothers, which eventually became Hasbro.

How Does it Work?

It’s a board with a planchette, so you may well ask how it does anything. Believers in the Ouija board will tell you that you use it to make contact with those who have passed on, spirits both good and evil. Supposedly, the spirits that choose to respond use their telekinetic energies and the group’s combined force of will to move the planchette around. This in order to provide the group or solitary user with answers to their questions. While a board holds no power of its own, it has been used as a tool to get closure, find answers and solve mysteries.

Some believe that the planchette only moves when directed, and that the user’s subconscious is providing the answers that were so desperately sought after. The truth is, that we just don’t know. Subconscious, spirits, whatever; no matter what moves it, you have to know that if lore serves correctly, you need to be cautious to participate in using it.


There are possible hazards when you meddle with occult unknowns. While the Ouija board is an acknowledged way to contact the dead; it is of course possible that a malevolent spirit may end up controlling the planchette with less interest in what you want to know, and with perhaps a more sinister intent.

There have been reports - documented cases of people that have used these boards without proper precautions, or that have used them too often, or that have contacted the wrong sorts of spirits; and in instances they have ended up being institutionalized as a result. There have been reports of such mysterious happenstances as planchettes flying about, or moving without anyone touching them.

#AmazonADLinkDivination Runes

Some suggest that to use Ouija opens up a possibility for demonic possession to occur. Possessions are claimed to be most likely to happen to people with an unstable subconscious mind; so it goes without saying that for such people, Ouija is not a toy of choice. But then again, those who are mentally unstable in any way, won’t necessarily recognize it.

It is claimed by some, that as long as you are mentally stable it’s safe for you to use a spirit board; and that therefore as long as your group is sound, your experience should be a good one. Me - I question this statement. There are too many unknowns, and too many reports from seemingly sane individuals of disturbing incidents. What I will suggest is that you use spiritual protection, and not participate if your spiritual vibration is low, i.e., don’t engage if you feel down at all, wait until you feel to be your tip-top self. Also, be aware that tricksters are just as prevalent as the good spirits. Recommended protection would be for you to recite a simple prayer of protection, or to call upon your protector guide, or to incite elemental protection.

As well, sound advice would dictate that though there are designs of this board that seem targeted towards youngsters, children should not use this ‘toy’ when they cannot possibly comprehend what they are getting involved in.

I will now offer you the link to a related and thought-provoking Ouija article. This piece suggests that it has been conclusively proven that Ouija works entirely through the "ideomotor effect" (on pg. 4); and I am certain that there are those who will fully accept that. However, it's through the subconscious mind that we receive and process messages from the spirit realm. Can the subconscious act as a gateway for spiritual entities and events? Who knows, maybe with certain elements present, such as holding certain beliefs, i.e. - believing that spirits can possess you and/or having a lower spiritual vibration level; or either intentionally or unintentionally inviting spiritual entities across.

And what about an unknown, such as you think your friends are mentally stable, but do you know that for sure?

As an additional thought, if you do read the article found via the link above, don't you agree that if people were set up to believe that the board worked through the ideomotor effect, that it would unduly influence their existing beliefs? Through that suggestion, the mindset that those subjects would normally possess had been thoroughly interfered with... so it certainly wasn't a pure and scientific experiment that was conducted. I leave this point for you to consider.

#AmazonADlink: Beatus Lignum Ouija Board in Walnut


As older teenagers, a friend and I had an experience with a board. When the planchette moved it was for real, and it traumatized us. We never spoke of it again. You just can't tell where that stuff is coming from. I knew without a doubt that neither one of us would ever touch one again. Not that we didn't believe in divination, today I am a Tarot card reader. We were alone in a dark house at the time... it was scary. Perhaps we weren't ready, yes, that may well be it. And too, the energy present, I can recall it still today - it was so creepy!

It is a breath of fresh air to conclude with the fact that this general concept has been in use for thousands of years under many different names. Ouija boards, when used properly and for the right reasons, may well be a great tool for divination purposes. Point being - do some research and become knowledgeable first, and hopefully that's the key.

... and by the way - don't forget to close your session with "goodbye".

¹ Upheld here: The Museum of Talking Boards (website); and disputed in the eBook "The Maverick Ghost Hunter"; by Jack Lockwood.
² The Outline of Parapsychology; by Jesse Hong Xiong. P. 237.
³ Medicine in the Middle Ages: Extracts from 'Le Moyen Age Medical'; by Edmond Dupouy. P. 75.

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Candle Magick, How it's Done

mystic with candles

What You'll Need to Know in Order to Perform Candle Magick

By Joodhe

Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of spell casting, but that doesn't mean that it should be written off in advance as being a waste of valuable time and effort. Though basic sympathetic magick, it is still powerful and can produce relatively fast results when performed well. This guide will show you what you need to know in order to perform candle magick and achieve positive results, even as a beginner.

What Type of Candle is Best for Candle Magick?

While it may be tempting to go out and buy a large candle, bigger is not better. One that takes a long time to burn down gives you time to become distracted. As well, the bulk of spells require a candle to burn down completely before taking your focus away. For most spells, a simple and short taper or votive will work, unless your spell calls for something specific. That said,  are a popular choice.

One important thing to remember is that each spell requires its own brand new candle. Never use one that has been used for any other purpose. The color should correspond to the spell or effect that you are trying to achieve.

For example:

White candles are useful for all spells, and can be substituted for any  other color if necessary. White is excellent for protection and cleansing spells, as well as for finding the truth.

Black. It isn't a "negative" color. In fact, because black absorbs each and every color of the spectrum, it is great for removing negative energy and blocking unfriendly spells. It is also suitable for use in spells to overcome bad habits.

Pink is a color often used in romantic spells, as it is associated with gentle love. It is also ideal for attracting friendship, and for cultivating kind relationships and stronger bonds.

Purple is the color of wisdom. If you are seeking spiritual clarity, purple is the color to use. Purple is also recommended for use in career advancement and for stress relief. There are many other colors that you could use depending on your intended purpose.

For more color correspondences, read the article here. Take heed of what is said in the article about working with red.

Casting the Spell

Once you've selected the correct color and type of candle, bless it. Say a simple prayer of blessing with your own choice of words.

If there are any engravings that need to be made, take care of this first. Engraving an intent or symbol on the candle increases the spell's power. Next, you need to anoint, or dress it with oil, natural is best. You don't have to use a special , but it can serve to make your spell more powerful. Many practitioners prefer to use grapeseed oil because it has no scent.

Dress the candle from tip to bottom for a drawing spell, and from base to tip for a removal spell. For anything in between the two, dress from middle to base, then from middle to tip. The main purpose of the oil is to have your essence, your energy, connect with the energy of the spell.

Light the candle and state the intent of your spell by writing it on a piece of paper, saying it out loud, or holding the intent in mind. Visualize the intended result clearly as you do so. Burn the piece of paper in the flame, or just watch the candle burn... either way continue to visualize your intended result. State that the spell should be completed by what is divine, right, or good, and with positive intent to all.

Finally, let the candle burn as far down as it will, keep your focus on it throughout the process. When done, take the wick and bury it in the earth to enhance results; with a negativity removing spell, bury the wick a distance from where it will affect anyone, until such time as the Earth transforms its energies to become positive once again. When completely done, say "So mote it be".

The above is everything you need to know to begin working with candle magick, packaged inside a nice, tidy nutshell. Beyond this, you can if you like, choose more detailed methods and spells...

Or you can:
  • work with multiple candles, ones with colors that enhance each other.
  • place crystals (with appropriate properties to match the intent of your spell) around your candle to enhance the energies.
  • buy long candles, and cut each into several shorter ones to save money.
  • use markers to color white candles, another way to save money.
  • stay with white only, and use them for all spells. By the way - if you want to know why white can replace other colors, it contains within it, the energy of all colors.

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Jasper, the Properties of Various Types

Dalmatian jasper
Dalmatian jasper. A Wikimedia file; user Ra'ike. CC 3.0

Jasper Properties

If ever there was a crystal that deserved more attention, it would have to be jasper. That's likely due to the fact that it’s found in many locations worldwide, leading people to take it for granted. But the truth is that jasper is one of the most precious stones that we have. Jasper is a type of microcrystalline quartz, and is an opaque variety of chalcedony. It can be found in most every color of the rainbow; and like a rainbow, jasper seemingly connects the Earth and sky… the hues and patterns this stone is found in, represent many things found on land, in the ocean, and when blue may represent the sky itself.

As history has it, since ancient times jasper has been the crystal of sorcerers, healers, holymen, and royalty. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Native American peoples, jasper was seen to provide grounding and security to those embarking on either Earthly or spiritual journeys, and was also valued as a talisman during daily life. With its power to heal, protect, nurture and bestow positive energies, jasper has been a part of human life since antiquity, and has kept people safe and focused through some of the most troubled of times. By this, it has earnt the title of the “Supreme Nurturer.”

Jasper serves to remind us that we are a part of the great united oneness of being, and that we should do good in the service of others while on this plane. It also provides an awareness that there are planes of existence beyond ours, that shape and connect with our lives. It guides us as we try to instill balance and harmony within this chaotic world, and restores the yin/yang energies that are so often thrown into unbalance by the various stresses that plague us. To wear jasper is to be connected to your Self and your spiritual side, and to know that you are able to walk safely in this world.

There are many different varieties of jasper, some named for the color and pattern theme displayed, others for the places they were found; and each of them has their own unique set of properties beyond that of the general stone type.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Red jasper nugget
Red jasper nugget; (public domain image).

Here Are a Few Jasper Varieties:

Blue Jasper: This stone is found in many shades of blue, and in veined and patchy types; at times it's color enhanced. Blue jasper gives those who wear it the fortitude to bypass fears and stressors in order to reach their full potential. This crystal is a valuable tool for those seeking justice. It provides the wearer with the courage to speak out, and will guide them in their effort to communicate effectively. Like most jaspers, it keeps the wearer grounded and centered, and aids them in soothing their fears. Blue jasper is also a stone of renewal, thus it helps those with degenerative conditions to restore their energies and balance their auras.

Black Jasper: Other names are blackstone and basanite. One of the least common yet more sought after types, black jasper supports wearers as they journey through their respective trials, and protects them from spells, dangers, and any harmful energies around them. Associated with the base chakra, black jasper keeps the user grounded, and balances out feelings of spaciness by keeping the wearer connected with the earth. It enhances motivation and productivity on both a physical and mental level, and is especially good for providing relief to those suffering with digestive and foot ailments. Additionally, this stone is ideal to use as a scrying medium. In baneful magick, as with all black stones, it can be used to support spellwork to take things away from someone deserving of such, and also void magick.

Brecciated Jasper: This stone is about vitality and rejuvenation, it supports us in recovering from illness and severe stress. If you were to see raw brecciated jasper, you might think you’re looking at a piece of brick; this as like some types of brick, brecciated jasper has a combination of pink, yellow, red and white colors mixed together in patches. Often associated with shamans, brecciated jasper helps us to keep a clear head and remain organized, and can absorb negative energy that might otherwise weigh us down.

Dalmatian Jasper: This is a stone of self awareness. Patched with black spots on cream, grey, or white, and looking much like the dog of the same name; Dalmatian jasper lets you see yourself as you are - strengths and weaknesses both. As it is also a stone of growth and transcendence, it enables you to live a more fulfilling life, and guides you to improve personal relationships. Additionally, it boosts your immune system, making you less vulnerable to disease.

Kambaba Jasper: Soothes your nerves and leaves you in a peaceful state of mind. Green, black, or brown with speckles that can make it look like a crocodile’s skin (which is why it’s also called crocodile jasper), kambaba jasper promotes wisdom, and guides us to nurture our relationships with others. It is said to help us to absorb minerals, and to cleanse our respective body of impurities and toxins. Additionally, it enhances the immune system.

Leopardskin Jasper: Guides us to react positively to new possibilities that may present to us. Additionally, it encourages healing from a tendency to look at our world through eyes tainted by past negative experience. It supports us to know and accept our true self, and enables healing within various issues related to the self.

Mookaite Jasper: Encourages us to accept, appreciate, and adapt to new experiences; and also guides us to temper our responses to them. Supports healing, protects; and as well, when red is said to draw prosperity. Mookaite also helps us deal with aging by upgrading our attitude towards it, and the new attitude is said to slow the aging process down.

Picasso Jasper: This jasper enhances creativity, strength of will, and mental focus. As you might imagine, it looks like something that the famous artist Pablo Picasso might have dreamt up with its many complex and marbled patterns. But don’t think this stone is just for show... Picasso jasper promotes not just creativity, but also helps us to attract new friends, and to renew and strengthen the bonds with existing ones. Legend also has it that Picasso jasper helps us to become thinner - although that might just be from people carrying a lot of it around in an attempt to lose weight!

Red Jasper: This is a stone of fire and passion! Found in browns and reds, it will stoke your inner fire, helping you to find the strength, endurance, and courage that you’ll need in order to meet your goals. It boosts the body’s natural chi energies, and helps to purify the blood; thus it provides the power needed to keep ambition and motivation fueled. Red jasper creates overall healing, and enables vivid dream experiences; as well, it helps us to remember our dreams, which naturally means we can learn from our nighttime spiritual journeys as well.

Yellow Jasper: Running from mustard to sandy colors, yellow jasper promotes good health and stimulates the organs, especially the lungs and digestive system. As well, it eases our worries, and helps us to establish the kind of centeredness and balance that immunizes us to the negativity of others. Legend has it that this jasper variety also promotes luck.

Green jasper
Green jasper

Other Jaspers and Their Uses:

Brown Jasper: Brings personal stability, and removes impurities from the body.

Bruneau Jasper: For eye health, also eases menopausal issues.

Frog Skin Jasper: Creates healing within bones, and supports emotional health.

Green Jasper: Creates healing within heart issues of all types, enhances fertility, relieves insomnia.

Imperial Jasper: Enables one to recognise the true purpose of their existence as a spiritual being, creates an awareness of our place within the universe; it also protects, and thereby deconstructs feelings of endangerment and insecurity.

Mary Ellen Jasper: Helps with blood circulation, and heightens courage, stamina, and strength and energy within the body.

Ocean Jasper: Encourages patience, caring, and compassionate interactions with others; and also enhances self love. Removes impurities from the body, and thusly supports health.

Orbicular Jasper: The same stone and qualities as ocean jasper.

Peach Jasper: Its energies will provide you with feelings of happiness, physical vigor; and a positive, can-do outlook.

Picture Jasper: Guides you to find positive messages within negative events and circumstances. Encourages you to recall dormant and buried feelings, to face them and heal them.

Poppy Jasper: The same stone and properties as brecciated jasper; it supports vigor, healing, and emotional stability.

Rainbow Jasper: Supports the use of sound judgment.

Rainforest Jasper: Encourages communication with others, as well, it heightens our appreciation of social interactions and events.

Silver Leaf Jasper: Guides us to acknowledge the feelings of others; and too, it enhances acceptance, harmony, and understanding within relationships.

Unakite JasperIts energies enhance harmony within relationships; as well, it encourages the balance and healing of emotions, and guides the wearer to grow on a spiritual level.

Black and White Zebra Jasper: Protects, heightens strength and endurance, and stimulates you to bring your dreams to become reality.

Black Spot Jasper: Provides protection, boosts willpower; and promotes strength, authority, and purpose through a connection to the higher self. It is also said to promote beauty through purification of the body.

Bloodstone: It grounds and centers, and helps one recover from trauma. Click on the link to read our bloodstone article.

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The History of Music, the Limits of Humanity, and the Nature of the Cosmos

Tingsha cymbals - one of many instrument types that emits sacred sounds

Introductory Note From the Editor

The concept presented by this piece cannot be fully encapsulated into a title, even with a subtitle added in for clarity's sake; hence, here's an overview. Race was asked to write a piece on the healing properties of sound, not from a specific perspective, but to go with his heart on it. That's the beauty of this piece--he did just that. This article provides basic information on how sound healing works; it offers insight as to how throughout history, gradually enough was learnt to define the process on some level.

Sacred Sounds and a Snapshot of Their History

by Race MoChridhe

All the great civilizations have a term for fundamental sound—sound beyond sound, beyond frequency or vibration—as the substrate of Creation. The West uses variations on one word: Sanskrit Aum, Hebrew Amen, Arabic Amin, Egyptian Amun, Welsh Awen. The East has its own words. In China, the sound was called Kung and, more than anywhere else, the attunement of civilization to the Kung was conceived as the fundamental responsibility of human governance.

The legendary second emperor, Huang Ti, sent his minister Ling Lun to seek a special set of bamboo pipes rumored to hold the precise standard pitches to which all other instruments should be tuned for the good of cosmic order. This was the Chinese equivalent of the Holy Grail. If it seems somewhat presumptuous for human beings to task themselves with tuning the world, it must be remembered that the Chinese were far too clever to believe in fixed and immutable realities. The Kung shifts with the changing of the world ages, and thus requires from humans a continual and subtle adjustment of all worldly affairs. One of the most important ways of accomplishing this was through the creation of properly tuned musical scales.

The Tao Te Ching states that “One has produced two, two has produced three, and three has produced all the numbers.” This aphorism is well-nigh universal, and students of alchemy may recognize its Western formulation in Maria Prophetissa’s statement that “From the first comes the second, from the second the third, and from the third comes the fourth as the One.” In China, three was the number which represented heaven (just as it has in the Christian West), and two was the number representing earth (comparable to the use of four in Greek thought).

Five was the number of the classical Chinese elements. The mathematical ratio of 3:2 forms the musical interval called a fifth, which derives its name from the fact that it is the interval—the sonic space—separating the first and fifth notes of a scale. More importantly, it is the most acoustically stable, or consonant, interval after the octave. In China, the fifth was thus seen as the interval that symbolically united heaven (3) with earth (2) to engender the five elements (the five notes spanned by the interval of a fifth). Thus the octave being self identifying in that all octaves reflect back upon the original note, a concept akin to the ideal of traditional French poetry—preferring to rhyme words with themselves, became the means of engendering the entire cosmos from the fundamental tone of Kung.

burnt music on the sand

The predominant Chinese musical scale was pentatonic, meaning it contained five notes generated from fifths, and these notes corresponded to the five elements, to the four directions and the still center, to the four seasons and eternity, etc. In this way, Chinese music served as the symbolic means of relating all manifest existence to its fundamental Source, and listening to the music was conceived as way of restoring one’s connection with Divinity.

Music (named for Zeus’ daughters the Muses) was equally sacred in ancient Greece, but there all music was built on the tetrachord—a series of four notes that span the interval of a perfect fourth, which is the mathematical inversion of the perfect fifth and has the ratio 4:3. This corresponded to the Greek system of four elements (the fifth element, aethyr, was not added until some centuries later by Aristotle), and thus achieved within the framework of Greek thought the same metaphysical perfection that the fifth had in China. The tetrachord was viewed almost as an act of divine revelation, with the four-stringed lyre having been developed by Apollo’s son Linos. The musician Trepander of Antissa expanded this system by combining two tetrachords with a whole tone between them to produce a full octave. His lyre then had seven strings, seven being a sacred number gifted by Hermes and related to the seven visible planets of Greek astrology.

It was the students of Pythagoras, the legendary mathematician-philosopher, who realized that Trepander’s system allowed the octave to be analyzed as the combination of a fourth and a fifth. The trouble was that the fifth and the fourth, though complementary, were nonetheless two very different bases for musical reckoning, and the fit between them was never perfect. It was while trying to reconcile the two that the Pythagoreans made a shocking discovery. Like the Chinese, they built scales on intervals of a fifth, developing the circle of fifths still in use today, but while struggling to rectify the fifth, which is the arithmetic mean of an octave (i.e. the average of the notes at either end), with the fourth, which is the octave’s harmonic mean (i.e. related to the notes at both ends by the same fraction), the Pythagoreans found that no progression of fifths would ever fit exactly into any progression of octaves.

That small discrepancy, now called the Pythagorean comma, would always force one fifth to be just a little bit smaller than the others in order for a progression of fifths to fit evenly. The Chinese had found this as well, and devised various imperfect means of accommodating it (a fundamental problem which remains a lively debate among musicians today). In the process of making this discovery, however, the Pythagoreans found something even more troubling—the square root of two.

The square root of two is an irrational number, which means that it cannot be expressed by regular whole numbers like we use to count with, or by fractions of those numbers. Today, irrational numbers are a very important and intensely studied part of mathematical theory. To the Pythagoreans, however, they were an entirely new phenomenon—one which shattered many of their comfortable assumptions about the rationality of the universe. Simply put, the square root of two meant that there was no “center” of an octave. The fifth and the fourth would never sit entirely comfortably with one another, and thus there was no perfect union of opposites. In the context of Pythagorean thought, the comma came to appear as nothing less than a window into the realm beyond sensible reality—a portal through which one might peer, like the figure in the famous Flammarion woodcut, into a domain not meant for mortals to view.

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The Pythagoreans’ early work has left us a variety of expressions that still link music to perfect order: we speak of the “music of the spheres” and use the word “harmony” (which, in the original Greek, simply meant “octave”) to mean true and equitable balance. The irony is that music was central to the deconstruction of such ideas, and the appreciation of the fundamental conflicts and irrationalities that underpin our existence. In this respect, the classical vision of “rational man” in a rational universe hit first in music with the Pythagoreans the same hard barriers of reality that it would hit in physics with Einstein, or in psychology with Freud.

In the following centuries, the Greeks were forced to reimagine their way of looking at the world, with many lasting consequences for Western thought. In a way, however, they had simply been forced to appreciate the deeper understanding at which the Chinese had already arrived—that there is no fixed and unchangeable reality which human beings might describe with everlasting perfection, but instead only a fluctuating sound, like the vibrato of a human voice trembling with both joy and sorrow, that shifts through all the range of being with the passing of the ages, and before which we must listen, attentive in the silence.

For a much fuller treatment of this subject, the author recommends some of the work of Thomas Hightower.

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