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Hawk's Eye Healing & Metaphysical Properties

Hawk's eye stone
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Hawk’s Eye

Other Names: blue tiger’s eye, falcon’s eye, hawk eye, hawkeye, hawk's eye, hawkseye, wolf's-eye, silicified crocidolite; and it is similar in ways to pietersite.

What It Is and Where It Is Found

Hawk’s eye is a deep, dark blue to blue-grey mineral, sometimes with streaks of green, gold, grey, or red running through. A stone that’s appreciated for its chatoyancy, the many bands within its form display a vibrant and silky luster. It starts out as crocidolite (blue asbestos), then an evolutionary process takes place. Being a form of tiger’s eye, hawk’s eye is a mineral that was once believed to be a pseudomorph. In actuality it is now known that  it undergoes a crack/seal process to attain its finished structure, as described in the 5th paragraph of the linked-to article here. It is essentially incompletely silicified tiger’s eye, with the properties of tiger's eye as well as its own. It is mined primarily in Canada, South Africa, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Western Australia, Brazil and in California, USA.

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Psychic & Metaphysical Uses

This stone is popular with those who practice shamanic arts, this as it can be used during astral travel for protection; and as an ‘eye stone’ it enhances clairvoyant readings and remote viewing sessions. One of its more valuable properties, is that it helps us to garner life messages that would otherwise lie hidden within various daily events. To healers it is regarded as an asset as it blocks them from negative energy emitted by others, but this quality applies to everyone, not just healers. Hawk’s eye can be a valuable tool when conducting past life work, and as well, it can help us establish communication with enlightened spirits.

Throat Chakra, Third Eye

Because it balances the throat chakra it promotes honest communication and allows effective speech with integrity - the expression of our absolute truth. As it works with the third eye chakra, if you are not sure where you are headed, what you can achieve, or who you authentically are, then it may assist you in finding necessary answers, and can guide you in manifesting a more fulfilling life. In the home it encourages you to open your mind to pursue new projects and valuable life experiences. In the workplace it will guide you towards higher learning, expanding on your skills and talents, and will assist you to find opportunities in line with your ambitions. Improving your luck, seeing the big picture in all circumstances, and bringing raw energy to manifest in practical ways, are all potential benefits of working with hawk’s eye. It is said to be popular with hikers, used to assist them in avoiding accidents while traversing rougher terrain. This stone is used by those who experience a fear of flying; additionally it can be used as a protector for any type of bird.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Physical Healing Properties

As an ‘eye stone,’ it helps improve overall vision, and is especially effective when it comes to improving visual focus. It is also used to create healing in sinus, spine and neck issues. As well, it supports adrenal function and boosts metabolism.

Mental Health

Provides a state of calmness, and reduces tension and anxiety; additionally it helps with depression, alleviates feelings of frustration, enhances mental focus, and supports clear thinking and effective decision making.

For Meditation

For those dealing with grief, unexpected change, or the loss of a loved one, meditating with this stone will encourage them to process and accept life as it is. It helps us to understand that the feeling of loss at death is only for the living, the ‘dead’ have moved on to pursue their brand new beginning.

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