Friday, June 12, 2015

Purple Aventurine Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Purple aventurine
Purple aventurine

Purple Aventurine

The color of purple aventurine is provided by the lepidolite contained within it. It can be dusty mauve or a deep lavender, and also can be a reddish purple color. It improves the perspective, which enables you to produce good results from a bad situation. Purple aventurine promotes psychic awareness, enhances motivation, and supports you to live as your authentic self.

Through meditation, purple aventurine can assist you to determine your highest purpose. It’s said to be a stone of choice to have with you throughout a job interview; as well it is known as a protection stone, and it supports you to recall and interpret dreams. Purple aventurine heightens creativity, and enhances musical skills for those that already possess them.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

In Health

Helps with all crown chakra related blockages, it relieves headaches, targets the pineal gland, and concerns right eye issues (the left eye is relative to the brow chakra); and it helps to stabilize emotions and provides relief from depression.

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  1. My purple aventurine has turned darker. Almost rosy brown. Does this have some sort of significance? I'm wondering if I'm not charging it enough or if I'm charging it too much. Any help in figuring this out would be wonderful. Thank you!

    1. That happens when a stone absorbs more energy than it has the ability to transmute, and thus stale energy lodges within the stone. Once that energy becomes part of the stone's structure it cannot be removed. The advice I'd give in this instance is to replace it with a new stone once the color is no longer suitable for its intended purpose.

      It is possible that you are overcharging it, it is also possible that you aren't discharging it often enough, it needs more energy moved through it, its energy is stagnating.

  2. It can also be something as simple as oils and sweat from your body reacting with the stone, and as long as the stone still feels right to you, I'd keep enjoying it's company <3


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