Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Orange Aventurine, Metaphysical Properties and Uses

orange aventurine
Orange aventurine; by Oceancetaceen, Alice Chodura (Own work)
CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Orange Aventurine Healing and Metaphysical Properties

The coloration of orange aventurine is due to hematite and/or goethite inclusions. It is sometimes called the "whisper stone," as it will aid you to overcome engaging in negative internal dialogue. This stone draws good luck and affluence, and opens opportunities that are bound to bring exciting new energies into your life. It is an asset in the workplace, as it is known to heighten creativity and inspire one to finish tasks to completion.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

In Well Being

Orange aventurine helps build healthy self esteem and self confidence, heightens personal power, provides an overall sense of well being and wellness, and guides one to find appropriate ways to deal with life’s adversities, including grief. It helps those dealing with shyness to shine. Additionally its energies balance emotions, inspire originality and independence, guide one towards healing from sexual trauma, and create stillness within the mind in preparation for meditation. Keep some on hand when selling property or conducting business, to increase self confidence and draw a better outcome.

In Health and Healing

In physical healing it targets allergies, eating disorders, the heart, blood pressure, gall bladder, lungs, bowel and large intestine, the reproductive system and organs, addresses sexuality issues, helps with arthritis and rheumatism, heals skin problems, alleviates nausea, helps raise physical energy levels, and enhances strength and endurance.

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