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Blue Aventurine Healing and Metaphysical Properties

blue aventurine
Blue aventurine

Blue Aventurine Properties and Uses

The coloring of blue aventurine is due to dumortierite and/or crocidolite inclusions within its structure. An effective tool for battling addictions of any kind, it helps us take charge, and to take the degree of responsibility necessary to create change. It also helps those who are oversensitive or are feeling spaced out. With this in our arsenal we connect more with our inner truth, and we enhance our communication skills and the ability to speak out. It is associated with the 3rd eye and throat chakras.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Psychic Awareness, Personal Growth, Protection, Willpower

In general, and especially when used in meditation, blue aventurine heightens psychic awareness. It removes stale energies, which opens one up to growing in person and in spirit. As well it improves communication skills; which is integral, because through speaking out as required, a person is operating more as their authentic self. This stone is one that draws energies of abundance and prosperity, and it heightens the chance of a positive outcome in any situation, gambling included. Furthermore it protects us against negative energies and psychic vampirism.

Blue aventurine creates balance and healing within the mind, and encourages us to look at the world with an optimistic perspective. It helps us to act with willpower and self discipline, and with it emotions are balanced by reason and logic. It is of benefit to have on hand when expecting a negative situation to unfold to improve the overall energy. Blue aventurine is appropriate to use in any cleansing and healing process.

When used in the home, it inspires a feeling of peace and calmness. It helps to reduce anger, and helps you to connect with and receive prime insight from your higher self. Blue aventurine also enhances leadership qualities, simplifies dream interpretation; and nervous children and nervous animals can both benefit from its energies.

In Physical Healing

Blue aventurine targets the ears and hearing, speech, throat issues, the vocal cords, the mouth and teeth, the esophagus, the parathyroid glands, and the higher area of the lungs. As well it addresses the nervous system, the lower brain, glaucoma, the nose, the pituitary gland, headaches, forgetfulness, and scalp problems.

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