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Is God a Man Made Fabrication, or What is He or It?

Wings of Spirit Two basic concepts are broached upon in this straight-out opinion piece by the site author:

'What is God?' And 'Wouldn't More Tolerance be Nice?'

By Joodhe

The other day on a forum, someone posed a query much as offered in this post's title. So today's blog post addresses the question 'is God a man made fabrication, or isn't he?' I'll be the first to admit that everyone is entitled to choose their own beliefs in matters of faith, and in virtually everything else too as a matter of fact. And with that said, here's the paraphrased answer I posed to that thought evoking question. The staring possibility that God could be female or dual aspected has been ignored, because that's another matter entirely.

Please, if you read any of this read right to the very end, as at first it may come across as overly opinionated and closed minded. In actuality it isn't, no one has the right to push beliefs onto anyone... however, sharing thoughts can be a good thing.

I'd like to point out that the commonality between the two topics 'what is God?' and 'wouldn't more tolerance be nice?', is primarily that at the moment I responded to that forum query, both came to mind and ran together.

Question: Is God a man made concept? If not, please explain your point of view.

My response: "I strongly believe that it's most likely that God is a man made creation. As a matter of fact, one existing theory proposes that many spiritual beings are brought to be as the result of numerous people having placed faith in their existence.

Quantum physics recognizes the fact that thought energy can do some remarkable things, and as well it doesn't know the full breadth of what said energies can achieve. Well there's a theory (apart from quantum physics) proposing that through millions of individuals holding a particular belief, the being they believe(d) in comes into existence elsewhere in our universe on a parallel plane, and as well, that said being will possess traits in line with what believers understood them to have.

Naturally this means that God, Jesus, the Archangels, Zeus, faeries, possibly gnomes, and even man fabricated-Satan, theoretically exist somewhere within our universe. And what we believe in as well as what we don't is so powerful that those beings exist to those that believe, and do not exist to those that do not. This means that while one person can believe that there is a God and be absolutely correct, someone else can believe there is no God and be just as correct. Yet others will choose to believe in other gods or mythological figures, and they will be correct as well.

So to consider this theory for a moment, then God would be a name applied to a cluster of benevolent energies. To me this raises a matter of curiosity. You see, all of the Christians in my family want to 'crucify' me because I am a Reiki practitioner, and Reiki accesses and feeds off of that group of benevolent energies that they call God. So as my Reiki treatments use those divine energies to heal, they frown on me because I engage in a practice that stands against their narrowed down beliefs of all that God could be. Well I beg to differ, my 'God' opens to us as an energy, and that energy allows for healing to occur for those that seek it. My 'God' is one and the same as theirs; and I'd not use the word God to describe that energy if I could choose only one word.

It seems peculiar that my Christian relatives anger at me for using 'divine universal energies' to heal, they have chosen to believe that it's wrong. And what does that mean, that because they have specific concepts within their chosen belief system of all that God is and isn't and have applied the name God to those energies (accessed in healing), that anyone else outside of their belief system is wrong? How does that work? My spirituality even embraces them to believe as they will, provided that they don't badger me with their beliefs.

I am not saying that each and every Christian thinks as they do though, I know that's not the case."

In Closure

Understand that this piece is to present what's on my mind, it is certainly not to flame, bait, badger or taunt Christians; it's more to offer a wake-up call to all no matter what their faith, that don't have enough tolerance for the beliefs of others. With more love, compassion and understanding, perhaps we could allow for true healing and peace to begin.

Feel free to leave comments on this, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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