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The Four of Wands, RWS and Thoth Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Wands, RWSFour of Wands, Thoth
Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, rx
Rider Waite Smith, and Thoth

Occult Name: The Lord of Perfected Work
Four of Wands in timing: Four days; or from April 11th - 20th
Qabalah: Chesed in Atziluth
Astrological: Venus in Aries
Reading with Playing Cards: Equivalent to the Four of Clubs

The Four of Wands Card Meaning, RWS

We see a family gathering, there is food and drink present, greetings are issued by a joyous duo. The house in the background is expensive looking. The meaning of the RWS Four of Wands, relates to festivities, group celebrations, interactive settings, people meeting in groups, and what manifests from such meetings. It is highly likely here, for one to connect with someone whom is able to help them solve a problem, or who can assist in other ways.

When gathered in groups, people share opinions and feelings; the sharing creates commonalities. There may be a group mentality oppositional to the querent. In such instances, maybe a group is energetically "not their tribe," or there is a message being demonstrated through their behavior. On a final note, we don't know what's going on inside that building, which obviously hints at something potentially being hidden, and also at the imagination being stirred by fear of what one cannot see.

The Four of Wands, Thoth

Upon laying the Thoth Four of Wands, the querent's works have borne positive results. A secure foundation has been lain, yet that foundation is not a building; it is the basis for all that follows, thus its message is huge (one can't build a house on sand, after all). A primary message here, is that one ideally needs to keep a center of harmony, in order to move forth with minimal effort expended and minimal friction, to support further abundance.

The Eight spoked wheel represents the Wheel of Dharma, which symbolizes keeping and maintaining what one has, and also, all problems and obstacles having solutions. Venus is very much present in the symbolism and coloration; as well we see flames emanating from the center of the wheel, suggesting that the powers of  fire can provide propulsion, or alternatively may get out of hand and burn e'thing down. Hence, with care, problems can be avoided. Given the presence of Aries (adding fire to the already present fire of the wands suit) and where the querent stands, being compassionate, generous, and interactive, will be key in keeping the situation upright. Gossip and or demonstrative, self gratifying behaviors, have no place here.

There is some degree of discomfort in this card, because it implies that one should present themselves in a certain way to move forth. The problem is when one is not ready for this--meaning, when they cannot be kind and noble from a point of authenticity, their work is cut out for them in moving through the lesson of this card. 

The Four of Wands card depicts an early stage of stability; however, it does not always mean that's where the querent is at, at times it is showing them the way and is urging them towards that next leg of their journey.

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The Four of Wands Dignified or Upright

  • Positive results have been achieved through your efforts.
  • A well to do neighborhood with pleasant neighbors.
  • Finding comfort in a new work environment or new home.
  • A social event held in your honor.
  • Having reason to celebrate.
  • A well-hosted and well prepared event.
  • Affluent activities, or an appropriate setting for such.
  • Success, or a victory.
  • Dressing for a special occasion; makeup, hair, nails, new clothes as necessary.
  • An event such as a graduation, wedding, christening, bridal shower, retirement, or other celebration or get-together.
  • An enjoyable event.
  • Members of an organization get together for a meeting or convention.
  • Use tact and gentle, diplomatic ways to settle an issue or to reach a point of peace.
  • Working to create an agreement.
  • Concordance.
  • All resources are set in place.
  • The scene has been set for even greater results to be achieved.
  • Ending a phase of work where a desired objective was met. Time for a breather.
  • Having successfully balanced oppositional forces.
  • Sometimes, a gay couple. 
  • Tying up loose ends in order to complete a project.
  • Happiness.
  • The connections you've established will aid you in meeting goals.
  • Group commonalities in mindset, goals, and ideals.
  • Introduce change in order to preserve harmony.
  • Returning from a successful business trip.
  • Returning home after a journey.
  • Working towards a goal.
  • Pampering yourself.
  • A hospital stay.
  • Decorating your home.
  • A reunion.

The Four of Wands Ill Dignified or Reversed

  • Returning from a business trip that didn't yield desired results.
  • Claiming that a situation is proceeding far better than it truly is.
  • An issue requiring attention may cause problems down the road.
  • Environmental instability.
  • Self centered behavior.
  • Held in jail.
  • The results you are hoping for don't come to be.
  • An agreement cannot be reached at this time.
  • The connections you have cannot or will not help you meet your goals.
  • A less than pleasant environment. This could either be the looks of the place, or how it feels to be there.
  • The raise, promotion, reward, or other benefit you were expecting doesn't materialize.
  • More finesse, tact, etc is required in order for you to meet your ends.
  • A circumstance of hardship or inconvenience, emerged from oversight in approach. Change is required in order to turn things around.
  • Things are proceeding fine - for now. This could mean that your situation has stabilized after a rough stretch, or could otherwise refer to a period of calmness before the storm.
  • Someone is being nice to your face, but it's a false front.
  • A place that could do with some maintenance or redecoration.
  • Moving on from an unhappy setting.
  • Excitement; looking forward to a rewarding experience.
  • There's something going on, hidden from you.
  • Planning a petty act.
  • One is urged to conclude their work on a project held in limbo.
  • Re a tough circumstance: know that in the long run you will have grown from the experience.
  • One is urged to release feelings of self condemnation and or guilt, in order to fully enjoy life once again.
  • Veiled hard feelings.
  • Antisocial behavior.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

RWS image is a Wikimedia file from a 1909 deck originally scanned by Holly Voley

Thoth image copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

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