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Tiger's Eye Healing and Metaphysical Properties

tiger's eye
Tiger's eye stone; a Wikimedia file, user Benjamint444; by CC 3.0

What Is Tiger's Eye, and Where Can It be Found?

Tiger’s eye (also tigers eye and tiger eye), like some other crystal types, was first used in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians believed that it gave them the gift of divine vision, and Roman soldiers carried it into battle to bolster their courage. Long since unused, this mineral was rediscovered in the early 1800s at a South African location.

Lore has it that the Romans believed tiger’s eye heightened courage because visually it appeared to hold the properties of both the Sun and the Earth. Using the same reasoning, today some believe that this stone should be recharged periodically in the afternoon sun, as that’s when the Sun and Earth are said to be nearest each other.

By some considered to be a powerful amulet, it is believed as an ‘eye stone’, to provide an ability to see by psychic vision that which doesn't normally meet the eye. The deep browns within it represent earth and the Earth plane’s energies, and the lighter honey and golden tones are symbolic of higher spiritual ideals. Additionally, it is beheld as a powerful protector... this crystal truly has it all.

This is an all encompassing piece, so for those of you looking for crystal properties, feel free to skip down the page a ways!

There are prominent sources in the Northern Cape of Africa, and another in Thailand. There are a host of other smaller sites such as in the US, Western Australia, Burma, Spain, Brazil and India. This sweet looking beauty is golden crocidolite layered between quartz. Once believed to be a pseudomorph, recent discoveries made show that not to be the case (the April 2003 issue of Geology; discovery made by Dr. Donald M. Fisher, Dr. Peter J. Heaney).

Describing this mineral as a pseudomorph would mean that quartz replaces golden crocidolite within the mineral during development, but adopts the same general appearance as crocidolite. The recent discovery showed that what really happens is that crocidolite cracks; then each crack fills with the ingredients needed to create crocidolite and quartz, but the majority of ingredients favor quartz. Then time takes care of the rest. One of the researchers involved said that it takes between 20 and 100 cracks to be filled in to create one cm of tiger’s eye stone.

tiger's eye
Tumbled tiger's eye stones, a Wikimedia file. User Adam Ognisty. By CC 3.0

Harmony, Balance, and Action

#AmazonADlink: Tiger’s eye is all about balance, this includes light to dark and Earthly to spiritual aspects of self, and also yin to yang; and it balances emotions and encourages healthy, harmonious interactions with others. Although it has plenty of physical healing attributes, this crystal primarily targets the mind. It supports focus, direct and clear thoughts, and oneness within self. It can be a great solution for those afflicted with feelings of spaciness, as well as for those who experience failure in backing up their commitments.

For those of us that need to feel more grounded to the Earth, this is our stone. With the help of tiger’s eye we can stop the negative self talk and critical thinking, that at times blocks us from the truth. Additionally, we will be able to perceive a situation from all aspects. Tiger’s eye brings the brain to a more balanced state, and thereby spurs improvement in mental health problems.

Tiger's eye is often carried to provide protection against hexes, bad luck, and negative energies. As well, when you are headed into a mini battle or are feeling that you're about to encounter a verbal attack, tiger’s eye helps you to avoid being clouded by emotion. In becoming peaceful and calm from the energy of the earth we are better able to make decisions, we are released from fear and anxiety and are brimming with courage. Balanced and harmonious, we can take action sans fear of new beginnings.

Meditation and Chakras

The primary chakras relative to this crystal are the sacral and solar plexus. Tiger’s eye holds within it the energy of the yellow ray, and the golden ray as well. Overall, the yellow and golden ray energies guide us to connect with our divine self, to attain knowledge, to help others, and to create improvement in this world through our connection to higher power.

The energies of this stone can be used to awaken Kundalini. While to do so is ideal for spiritual conditioning, Kundalini stimulation if misused, can cause crisis. Kundalini is a highly charged energy, and is dormant in us for a reason. It might be better to call for the help of Michael, Uriel, or another being of light. They will assist us to align our will with God’s and we will be better fit to aid humanity with our very own light.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Physical Healing with Tiger's Eye

For the ill and the weak it will potentially provide strength, and it brings relief to neck and spinal health issues. Sinuses (congestion), the spleen, kidneys, liver, pancreas, the bladder, and most bodily systems can potentially experience improvement. Due to a boost in overall life force energy, even bone fractures and psoriasis can heal.

Wealth and Prosperity

Due to all of the new found self confidence and strength of will you may find yourself brimming with, a desire to create new beginnings, including in the area of finances may be achieved. It's a lucky stone that is believed to draw prosperity. Try surrounding a green candle with tiger’s eye pieces. Light it and imagine the wealth you seek… it may well manifest for you.

Care and Maintenance

When you get your stone, put it in the sunshine to cleanse and charge it. Then every 15 days you can sit it in the sun once again, which both discharges and recharges it at the same time. Never use harsh cleaning chemicals while wearing or maintaining a tiger’s eye.

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Labradorite Crystal - Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Labradorite crystal ball
Labradorite scrying sphere. Images used with permission from the seller this ball
was purchased from.

Labradorite Healing Properties

Labradorite crystal is a type of feldspar, and is as useful and beneficial as it is beautiful. You may often see it referred to as as a magic stone, this due to its ability to heighten energies and the transmission of them during any type of spellwork, magical procedure, or spiritual engagement. Labradorite crystal helps us to connect with our higher self, promotes psychic awareness, and will aid those of us wanting to access the Akashic records.

The mineral labradorite has intense protection properties, amongst the strongest of all crystals. It will shield you from negative external energies, and will strengthen the positive energies within you. Naturally this is good for you on both a physical level as well as an etheric one. Because labradorite protects against negative energies, it draws positives to occur. To carry this stone on you therefore, is said to increase good luck and draw more optimal outcomes to your daily events.

Labradorite can be a powerful ally to those of us on a quest for spiritual growth, as it can guide and protect us as we venture on to otherwise unexplored planes of existence. This quality, combined with the stone's ability to heighten spiritual energy transmissions, allows us to view and heal past life issues.

Though commonly attributed to each and all of the chakras, it is primarily blue, which is relative first to the throat chakra; secondarily this stone targets the crown chakra. Additionally, labradorite is known to enable the free flow of energies between the all of the body's chakra centers. This opens the way for them to work together with greater efficiency. Subsequently physical health is enhanced, and spiritual awareness and growth are supported.


The flash seen within labradorite is referred to as labradorescence; its color-play is moving to visualize. If you are thinking of investing in some labradorite, ensure that you get crystals with plenty of flash; the beauty is beyond words. Colors within the flashy areas of this mineral may include yellow, blue, silver, red-orange, and green; the non labradorescent areas are usually either light or deep grey. Other varieties of this mineral include yellow labradorite and spectrolite. Yellow labradorite is peculiar in that it doesn't exhibit the color-play that its more well recognized counterpart does. Spectrolite displays a higher degree of intensity within its color-play.

The labradorite sphere in the photo above is my own. It amazes me that after I work with it a while, the grey area turns to a deep midnight blue.

Psychic Awareness

Labradorite crystals will be a valuable tool for those working to increase their level of psychic awareness. Put some in your pocket or wear it in the form of a jewelry item to bolster any and all of the clair psychic senses. This mineral is commonly used in the making of divination tools. It is also known to hold an ability to heighten our connection to ascended spirits, thus enabling them to safely guide us through our respective journey to our goal.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Harmony and a Positive Perspective

If your work environment is tension filled, placing a bowl of labradorite crystals on your desk will provide a positive, uplifting effect. There is another property of this stone which is helpful in the workplace... it motivates workers to care more about their job and to dedicate themselves to their work on a level of sincerity.

Labradorite steers us away from a tendency to look at the down-side of things. Over time consistently looking at life from a negative perspective can set us back. Labradorite can assist us in making positive changes by improving our view of the world to a more appropriate level.

See Life and People for What They Truly Are

Sometimes when people have faced events which shook their world, they are left with a lack of faith in the good in life, as well as in people. Labradorite can help by allowing them to see things as they truly are. In removing the falsities they learnt to perceive through times of hardship, it's easier for them to begin healing, and to walk a more optimal path. This in turn naturally leads to peace, inside and out.

Cleansing Labradorite Crystals

Use methods other than those which require water or salt to be used. Hence, setting it on a selenite plate or a quartz cluster, or smudging it are viable options.

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