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The Three of Swords, RWS and Thoth Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Swords, RWSThe Three of Swords, Thoth
Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, rx
Rider Waite Smith, and Thoth 

Occult Name: The Lord of Sorrow 
Three of Swords in timing: Three weeks; or from October 3rd - 12th 
Kabbalah: Binah in Yetzirah 
Reading with Playing Cards: Equivalent to the Three of Spades

The Three of Swords, RWS and Thoth Meaning

The Three of Swords; with it we address one of the more obvious and clear definitions within the tarot. Many of the cards at times concern issues that cause us various levels of anxiety, stress, pain, and grief. But when those issues fall to become part and parcel of this card's definition, they have doubtlessly adopted a whole new aspect of gravity. 

The pain referred to by this card, is often situational; its message hints at the way of evolution of interactions between people, no longer serves the querent. By way of gravity, the Three of Swords hints that this could have been avoided by employing solutions or moving away when signs first arose, and that the current situation is a natural progression of what came before. At other times, this card suggests that one's mental status is heavily coloring the perspective they have on life, and it's time to work on the root cause and heal it over.

The Three of Swords Dignified and Upright

  • Pain, agony, anxiety, distress, and/or betrayal.
  • You are being oppressed to a degree that it significantly affects your quality of life.
  • Constant worrying.
  • A negative point of view or perspective.
  • Carrying a burden.
  • One or more obstacles stand firmly in the way of you achieving your desired objective.
  • A phase revolving around one or more troubling circumstances.
  • Negative and instigative talk - slander, accusations and so on.
  • A relationship in distress - may feel like it's constantly on the verge of breakup.
  • Broken, ruptured etc.
  • Being kept away from or deprived of that which is dear, may include family, goals, etc.
  • Something dear to you will be taken away; a tragic loss, grief.
  • Significant and prolonged delay, or delay causing difficulty.
  • Troubling or grave issues with health.
  • Someone you value a connection with turns their back on you.
  • Planning a dastardly or underhanded deed.
  • Any tragedy or affliction.
  • Standing in constant disagreement.
  • Argument.
  • You have made a choice, and apparently it was a poor one.
  • Having dark thoughts, perhaps even perverted or evil.
  • A person outside of the situation is slandering or spreading accusations.
  • Hatred, malice, and vengeance.
  • Divide and conquer - right? Well the division part is underway...
  • Lost love or heartbreak.
  • A confusing, unstructured, disorganized, or very poorly managed situation.
  • You must face someone you have betrayed, slandered, or caused harm to; or vice versa.
  • May refer to a nun, but more specifically one who has detached from society and found refuge as such.

The Three of Swords Ill Dignified and Reversed

  • The situation would have to be totally rebuilt from the ground up for any improvement to occur.
  • May refer to a severe mental issue or insanity.
  • A tragic situation has come to an end.
  • Something that had been vexing you will no longer be a problem.
  • You took your eye off the ball, and what you let get by will become a problem for you.
  • Behaving as if insane.
  • A grave error or miscalculation.
  • An erroneous opinion or conclusion was drawn.
  • A misunderstanding.
  • Far off from the norm.
  • Significantly removed from where you want to be, whether geographically or otherwise.
  • Something stands between you and your goal, it appears that there is no resolution in sight.
  • Scattered or distracted thoughts.
  • Differences appear to stand beyond reconciliation.
  • As a situation progresses more troubles arise.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 

RWS image is a Wikimedia file from a 1909 deck originally scanned by Holly Voley 

Thoth image copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

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