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The Tower, RWS and Thoth Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower Tarot card - RWSThe Tower Tarot card - Thoth
Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, rx
Rider Waite Smith and Thoth

The Tower - Major Arcanum XVI
Astrological Association: Mars
Elemental Association: Fire
Occult Name: The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty
Hebrew Letter: Peh (mouth)
Timing: March 21st to April 20th (same as the Emperor); and Tuesday by association with Mars. Kabbalistic Path: Between Netzach and Hod (27)
Direction: North (by Peh); alternatively, South (by Fire)

Hebrew letter Peh


The Tower Card Meaning, RWS and Thoth

The Tower says that there are times we may adopt beliefs or ways of looking at things in life that aren't going to take us far, that will stifle us in our quest to enlightenment of being. Sooner or later something will happen to instigate necessary change. As stated in previous majors, when we resist change when due, the universe will find a way to bring it to our door. In the case of the Tower it might be dramatic in delivery, but we can see how at times that's necessary.

Deconstruction and demolition to clear space to build a brand new set of beliefs and values, now that's one of the larger messages of this card. Too, we know that the Fool's Tale provides us with an ongoing lesson; and another message offered us by the Tower is that we must heed past messages, especially those learnt from Death, Temperance, and the Devil.

With Death we were shown that if we resist necessary change and growth, it comes seeking us. Through the message of Temperance we were shown that if things aren't working out well, one way to create positive change is through the process of alchemy. And, via the Devil card, we are told that if we don't follow the steps suggested by the previous two cards, we become bound by the anger, frustration, and depression we create. We basically pull a blanket of stagnation over our progress in life. Not a good energy, is it? Then along comes the Tower... you can no longer fight change. It tells you that you have failed to adjust your thoughts and do as necessary to enable personal and spiritual growth. Maybe, just maybe if you act immediately, you can create change to soften the impact.

Do whatever it takes to create positivity within what has become an uncomfortable, inconvenient, or volatile situation. If you do not, something's gonna blow.

The Tower Card Dignified or Upright

  • Disruption, unanticipated change, or abrupt change.
  • Losing one's temper, or an extremely emotional display.
  • Releasing pent up anxiety.
  • A serious argument.
  • An extremely unsettling or traumatic situation or event.
  • A bold, surprising proposition.
  • Sometimes refers to an electrical appliance.
  • Deviation from standard procedure.
  • Sudden change provides difficulty, such as having a rug pulled out from under your feet.
  • You have built up an armor-like defense, that no longer serves you.
  • A sudden rash of bad luck.
  • You had been looking for the truth; it has arrived and is shocking in its impact.
  • The rose colored glasses have been forcibly removed.
  • An explosive situation, or there may be an actual explosion.
  • Any type of a fall including a fall from grace, a fall from a position of authority, a loss of face, an actual fall, etc.
  • Brought to experience humility.
  • Is symbolic of the ego taking a shot, destruction of the ego, or a shattered or traumatized ego.
  • A sudden view of the truth.
  • Suddenly realizing what had previously evaded your awareness.
  • Universal energies or higher power will intervene.
  • A natural disaster.
  • A raging fire.
  • May foretell of an accident.
  • Destruction of the old to make way for the new.
  • "Karmic repercussions" will come due to current actions.
  • Experiencing a nervous breakdown.
  • A "passionate interaction."
  • A financial upheaval.
  • The sudden loss of something you held dear.

The Tower Card Ill Dignified or Reversed

  • Being stripped of power and dignity.
  • Someone has been putting off taking action, and it is time to get on with it.
  • Resisted change once underway, will pave the way for new and better.
  • Resistance to a new concept, that will in actuality, serve you well.
  • An unforeseen interruption poses an obstacle to your strategy.
  • An epically catastrophic event.
  • Fighting to keep the truth hidden.
  • An extreme case of depression.
  • The guilty party prepared an efficient cover-up tale in time for an accusation not to stick.
  • Someone had previously been able to avoid dealing with the truth, but now it's right under their nose and cannot be denied.
  • Experiencing imprisonment or a restrictive situation resembling such.
  • If you expose certain people's activity, there will be a backlash, you may get drawn into it.
  • Someone is going to slip and reveal their true character. 
  • Oppressive dictatorship within a relationship or other circumstance.
  • Your behavior, way of thinking, and/or choice of actions are the basis to your problem. Do what you can to change things ASAP.
  • Someone totally forgot about a matter that is important to you; all of a sudden it comes back to mind and appropriate action will be taken.
  • Serious loss due to a natural disaster.
  • Your ego took a beating, but you'll get over it.
  • Absolute pandemonium.
  • Acting out in a dramatic fashion causes constant anxiety and chaos.
  • No one around you has a clue of the trauma you are living with or have lived through.
  • One whose mind or viewpoint cannot be changed.
  • Making a big deal out of a small and insignificant happenstance.
  • The way you see things and/or your way of thinking are due to change, and may whether you like it or not.
  • The belief system or group mentality you adhere to is about to be exposed; it is not as you perceive it.
  • You had maintained control in a situation for a time, you will have to let go at some point.
  • The catastrophe you had expected will not come about, or will be milder than expected.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

RWS image is a Wikimedia file from a 1909 deck originally scanned by Holly Voley

Thoth image copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

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