Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Make Stone Cocktails/Elixirs with Crystals Containing Mildly Toxic Ingredients (Non Contact)

Prepare Crystal Healing Elixirs the Safe Way

Why would anyone want to make an elixir with mildly toxic minerals? People commonly soak subtly toxic crystals in water and drink the resulting elixir, without realizing that they are doing so. We’d be better off to use this non contact healing water preparation method, than to guess whether a mineral is toxic or not. It doesn’t require the mineral to be immersed in water, so it’s the safer way to go.

Please understand that this article does not condone using toxic minerals in drinking and healing waters. This blog post is simply to illustrate that a lot of healing crystals are indeed mildly toxic; and that to drink or otherwise use healing waters made with them, one should use an appropriate level of care and discretion.

Note: Healing waters should not be made from radioactive crystals or otherwise significantly toxic stones. This is an absolute; even with the non contact method it’s not to be done.

Preparation of Crystal Healing Water

As previously stated, this method of preparing crystal healing water is commonly referred to as the non-contact method. The water produced goes by many names, including: elixir, healing cocktail, crystal cocktail, gem cocktail, healing essence, crystal essence, stone cocktail, healing water, or crystal water.

How to make a healing stone elixir or cocktail
How to make a healing stone elixir or cocktail

Step One

Cleanse your choice of healing crystals by running under clear water. Add quartz to your choice of stones if you wish to have stronger energies in your cocktail (for their amplification abilities), but don’t do this unless you are sure that’s what you need.

Step Two

Place crystals in a dry glass container (a drinking glass is shown in image). Place that container within a glass pitcher.

Step Three

Pour filtered or distilled water into the pitcher (the crystals stay dry inside the inner container). Place pitcher (covered) in the fridge for at least two hours. There, that’s all there is to it – you are done!

Safe to Drink

When this technique is used, the result is the same as if the crystals were soaking right in the water, but safer. The vibrations enter the water as if the stone were immersed into it. Glass is constructed of minerals and is ready and willing to let the vibrations through, but not the metals, toxins etc. Once made, you can add more water to your crystal elixir without diluting the potency and healing vibration level.

Why Would You Want to Use an Elixir?

The benefits of consuming these waters are the same as with using the crystals themselves, but carried in water said benefits address different purposes, and too they can address the same purposes in new ways. Among the uses of such waters are – drinking them to address health issues, they may be used as a spray for space cleansing and protection, or used as a vibration level pick me up. These waters can also be applied externally for healing purposes; and are great just to drink as any water, but with the added bonus of providing healing energies!

How to Preserve Your Crystal Healing Elixir

For some purposes you will want to preserve your crystal essence. It’s easy! Pour gem water to fill no more than just under half way full in a dark glass bottle (or any glass bottle if dark glass isn’t available). Just under half is to allow room for ease of opening the bottle, the mixture is actually 50/50. Fill the remainder with vodka or brandy; I recommend vodka.

Store the prepared mixture out of light and heat in a sealed bottle. May alternatively be made in or transferred to a glass spray bottle.

Center Yourself First

You need to become centered in spirit in order to prepare crystal and gem elixirs. If you are not, take steps to become so. If not, your vibration level affects the crystals as well as the essence you make.

Please use common sense when using this or any technique. We are not at all suggesting that you make cocktails with toxic minerals. If you choose to use this technique, you proceed at your own risk and assume full responsibility. Know what the more toxic minerals are to avoid handling them. This website and the website owner will not assume any responsibility for harm that could be caused by a site visitor’s misjudgment.

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