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Hypersthene Healing Crystals; Properties, Meaning, and Uses (Enstatite, Eulite, Ferrosilite, Velvet Labradorite)

Hypersthene, also known as enstatite, eulite and ferrosilite

Metaphysical and Healing Applications of Hypersthene; by Joodhe

Hypersthene allows us to clearly see what is right, and it guides us to adhere to our beliefs based on that and to stand strong by what we know. Hypersthene enables us to use better judgement in all areas of life. It’s a crystal which is handy to have around when feeling overly stressed; this as it will reduce anxiety and tension, and offer calmness and peace of mind in its place.

Hypersthene promotes a spiritual and universal awareness, and heightens psychic ability. For these reasons it is a most enlightening stone when applied to meditation experiences. If you are looking for answers in daily life, or as they apply to your spiritual journey, hypersthene will lead you to discovering the insight you seek.

The traits hypersthene may be best known for, are to promote clear thinking, as well as problem solving skills. This stone is going to be an asset to students and skilled professionals, as well as anyone needing a higher degree of mental clarity.

Note: All of the minerals mentioned in the blog title have the same general qualities. However, there will be some variance based upon the coloring of the stone.

What is Hypersthene?

Hypersthene, known in the mineral industry as enstatite, is a somewhat commonly found mineral. It is most often found in volcanic or high grade metamorphic rock; and is an orthorhombic pyroxene. The colors hypersthene can be found in include grey, dark brown, dark green, and a metallic reddish-brown. Hypersthene crystal may display schiller (silvery bands visible in image above).

Hypersthene Uses

The crystal hypersthene is most often applied to various healing, metaphysical, and ornamental uses. It hasn’t in the past been commonly used in jewelry; but in recent years its application to this purpose has increased in popularity. It is a beautiful stone; and as information regarding the healing properties of minerals becomes more widely publicly available, the demand for hypersthene rises accordingly.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Hypersthene Healing Properties

  • Is ideal for both home and business environments.
  • Facilitates a person to be less judgmental.
  • Aids one to become more tolerant/less critical, and more appreciative of the ways of others.
  • Aids in healing work with all chakras; but it works most effectively with the crown, third eye, throat, solar plexus and base chakras.
  • Hypersthene helps build a healthy self respect, free of ego driven elements and pride.
  • Allows one to determine moral ethics with clarity, and aids them in making appropriate life choices based upon them.
  • Guides one to tune into their courage, and thereby remain true to their convictions; this without presenting falsities or pretenses to meet their ends.
  • This stone is a natural aid in problem solving in general. It promotes clear and accurate thinking, as well as an organized approach.
  • Hypersthene encourages positive beliefs.
  • Promotes a healthy trust that good will come about.
  • Encourages one to be loyal.
  • Boosts memory.
  • Increases physical energy levels.
  • Can enhance physical strength.
  • Is known to raise one's spirits when they are dealing with depression.
  • Aids in past life regression.
  • Is known to strengthen clairaudience as well as other psychic skills and abilities.
  • Creates optimal conditions for channeling.
  • Facilitates communication with spiritual beings.
  • Aids one in achieving a meditative state.

A hypersthene slab
A hypersthene slab

Hypersthene Etymology

Hypersthene is a Greek term translated as ‘over-strength’. The term came about to illustrate that there is another mineral for which this one may be mistaken, that being horneblende. The name is telling of the fact that hypersthene is the harder of the two.

Sometimes this stone is referred to as velvet labradorite. The term is erroneous, as hypersthene is not a type of labradorite.

…and a Tad Bit More Insight

An appropriately interesting passage paraphrased from Wikipedia:

“Hypersthene is a ferromagnesian orthopyroxene and is part of a solid solution series. It lies between the minerals enstatite and ferrosilite, and possesses qualities slightly different than either. There is no iron contained in pure enstatite, and no magnesium in pure ferrosilite. Hypersthene is the name applied when both minerals are present in significant amounts.”

Even though the above is accurate, within many modern mineral references the term hypersthene is not used. The reason for this is because it is no longer recognized by the IMA. The proper title is now ferroan enstatite.

There was curiosity existing on my part as to why the term was discredited. It appears that it was considered unnecessary and to some degree misleading. Apparently most ‘hypersthene’ turned out to be enstatite with any amount of iron content. Still, many people prefer to continue using the name hypersthene.

Care and Cleansing of Hypersthene

Hypersthene should not be kept in the light or cleansed by the sun as it may fade.

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