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Deep, Intense Space Clearing (Negative Energy Removal)

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One of my previous articles covers how to perform a few different "regular use" energy clearing rituals. The link is available at page bottom in the "related links" section. This article is the next step up, and is meant for removing more stubborn negative energies from your sacred personal space.The gist of this article is that layering multiple negative energy removal techniques will provide more powerful results than any singular technique could. Within this post are listed a group of rituals one may choose to group together, but any grouping of your choice of known effective cleansing methods could possibly provide similar result.

How to Clear Negative Energies Away from Your Home or Office

Many people perform space clearing rituals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. But let's think about this for a moment... why would anyone need to perform an energy clearing that's deeper than one of the standard types? Well, a significant percentage of individuals don't perform space clearings at all; and when they eventually choose to begin, it's likely due to them recognizing an accumulation of negative energy existent in their home or working space. At such a time, a deeper than typical negative energy clearing should be performed.

For those of us who perform regular space clearing rituals, we won't often come to a point that it becomes necessary to take further steps to remove negativity from our environment. However there are exceptions to this. There may be times when significantly negative events have occurred in the home, and the residual energy seems to hang. Naturally when this occurs, we should consider performing a deeper space clearing ritual.

Incense cones used in energy clearing
Incense cones used in energy clearing

I have used this method in the past, following times when energies in my home felt far less than ideal. A house feels refreshed, and a whole lot lighter in atmosphere after all negativity is cleared away.
I suggest that after a "more significant" period of negativity that you repeat the entire procedure a total of three times, approximately a week in between. That said, you must be the judge of what the definition of  "a more significant period of negativity" is. To me it's when I do a regular space clearing, and within a day or two the atmosphere feels heavy again. It's usually when multiple negative events have occurred in that space.

Here's the step by step procedure recommended for stubborn negative energy removal:
  1. Burn palo santo wood. This is a special type of wood that is burned in a similar way to incense. It is grown in certain countries including Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. It's a bit confusing that more than one type of wood is called palo santo wood, so to be specific, we are talking about bursera graveolens only. Watch the YouTube video below to see how to use it.
  2. Perform a candle magic negative energy removal spell. Take a white candle and bless it. Burn half of it inside your house, then take it outside and burn the rest. When completely burnt, take the wick remnant (if any) and bury it in an area away from your property, a place where it won't possibly interfere with anything else.
  3. Burn lavender and vanilla incense. Lavender incense is known to boost positive energies; it also improves focus, which is a good thing as negative energy interferes with that. Vanilla incense promotes love. There isn't a better way to conquer negativity than with love.
  4. Put a bowl of salt in each room and change it every two weeks. Use coarse sea salt for this; you will feel the difference immediately.

And finally, don't forget the maintenance aspect. Perform a daily, or at least weekly follow-up cleansing ritual with tingsha bells or whichever other method you choose. What could be easier than hitting two small bells together - that's all you need to do to use tingshas. You just circle your home, hit the bells together at intervals, and let them resonate. White sage smudge is a fantastic alternative choice for daily or weekly space clearing.

Intent is the Key

Remember that with all negativity cleansing rituals, during the process you need to hold the intent of clearing the negative energy out and replacing it with positive energy. This is a very important step; as is moving counter-clockwise through your home or office as you perform the ritual. If you were to perform a ritual to bring positive energy in, then you would move clockwise.

Within the series of rituals outlined above, as previously stated we are layering one energy clearing method on top of another, to remove as much negativity as possible within the one initial attempt. Burning palo santo wood is believed by many to be one of the most effective forms of energy clearing possible. And although candle magic is not one of the "higher" or more in-depth forms of magic, it still packs a powerful punch. This ritual, as I said was thoroughly effective for me, the key lies in follow-up maintenance. I chose to share it with you as it works so well.

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And that concludes my presentation to you. I hope it helps you re-find peace and calm.

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