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Clear Your Home or Office of Negative Energies

 Censer pot with burning incense
Censer pot with burning incense

How to Perform a Space Clearing Ritual

We all regularly clean our home of dirt; many also cleanse their home of accumulated negative energies on an ongoing basis. If you haven't already begun to regularly perform a space clearing ritual in your home, you may wonder what took you so long after you've had a chance to experience the benefits provided by doing so. There are numerous ways to clear personal space effectively, here I will list a few. All of these methods are fully effective to clear your home of undesirable negative energy. Try any one of them, or if you wish you can use different ones alternately.

Note: Some people insist that in space clearing it's important that you move clockwise, while others suggest that you move in a counter-clockwise direction for an optimal result. I recommend the guidelines offered below.

When removing negative energy, move counter-clockwise through your space, and hold the intent of removing negative energy. When adding positive energy to your home, move clockwise; and once again, keep the intent in mind, of bringing in fresh, new energy.

With all space clearing rituals it's important to focus on intent, as that's the key to making them work. Your intent throughout your space clearing procedure should be to eliminate negative energy, and to replace it with positive.

Space Clearing with Tingshas

Tingshas are small, flat cymbals or bells which are held at a 90° angle to each other as struck. To use #ad-tingshas for an effective space clearing, move throughout your home in a counter-clockwise direction, and strike them in multiples of three. It's important to get in all of the corners, as that is where negative energy clings the most. Some will choose to repeat this procedure for a stronger clearing effect. Don't forget to focus on intent; although repetitive I will add this comment to each procedure, as it is of great significance.

Clear Your Space with Sage Smudge

It doesn't matter what kind of sage you burn; as long as it's sage and it burns it will effectively clear your space. That said, white sage is the preference of most, it has the strongest effect. Sweetgrass is a good alternative choice of smudge to burn. You can recite words or a prayer of your choice as you do this, it really doesn't matter if you do or not though. What does matter is that you hold a conscious intent as to your purpose. Light your smudge in a safe burning container, such as an abalone shell. Get it smoking, and walk in a counter-clockwise direction around your home (or office). Once again, make sure to get into the corners.

How to Clear Your Space with a Singing Bowl

The #ad-singing bowl works for this purpose in much the same way as any bell or chime space cleansing technique will. Move through your home, counter-clockwise once again, stopping periodically to sound the bowl. Let the tone resonate there until it stops, then move on to repeat. Don't worry about the distance in between the areas where you stop to strike - we automatically know what's right for us. Remember to hold a conscious intent to clear the space and replace removed negativity with positive energy; and work the corners well.

How to Clear Your Space with a Hand-bell

Follow the steps as for a singing bowl. In most cases the tone from a hand-bell won't resonate for as long as a singing bowl will, so there is not a real need to stop as you ring it. Other than that the rest of the procedure is the same. Once again - remember to hold an intent, and work those corners.

Space Clearing with Candle Magic

Bless a white candle in preparation to send something away from you. If you don't know how to bless one, refer to the Bless Candles video below.

Quick Candle Space Clearing Ritual: Light your candle; you can light it with or without saying words, an intent is all you need. Here again, I'd suggest that you hold the intent to cleanse your space of negativity and add positive energy in place of it. Keep your intent in mind during the process. Walk throughout your home while moving counter-clockwise. Make sure to move right near to the corners with the lit candle. Do this until you have moved through all rooms, then allow the rest of the candle to burn until expired; focus upon it with intent until then.

Intense Candle Space Clearing Ritual: For a stronger effect burn half inside your home while moving through the rooms, and the other half outside. Bury the wick remnant (if there is any). If you wish to use this stronger version, you may need a longer burning candle, but of course not so long burning that you are waiting indefinitely for it to burn out. You may find need to cut a candle to an appropriate length.

Space Clearing with Crystals

Use a large clear quartz crystal cluster to clear a room of negativity. To do this, cleanse the quartz by smudging or by charging it in the sun for a few hours. Program the quartz to cleanse negative energy from your space and replace it with positive. You do this by simply issuing it a request to do so, and you should hold the intent until you recognize that it "took." After that the rest is simple. Place the quartz cluster in the room you wish to clear; and cleanse (the crystal) once a month.

Clearing Negative Energies from Your Space by Cleaning

This is a really neat technique, as there is nothing more you need to do other than what you already do when you clean your house. Whether you are cleaning with a broom, mop, vacuum, cloth, feather duster or whatever; as you dust, wipe and wash, no matter what it is you are cleaning, imagine that you are sweeping away negative energy with each wipe and stroke. Imagine too that in doing so you allow positive energy to come in to take up that space.

Shake cushions, pillows and quilts to remove negativity by intent. Shake out the bad to make room for the good to come in and replace it. How simple is that?

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