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Cleanse Healing Crystals and Stones, a How to List

Various methods to clear your crystals of negative energies
 Cleansing your healing crystals

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

There are numerous ways to cleanse your crystals of negative energies; certainly not limited to the considerable list of them referred to within this article. The process is also commonly referred to as cleaning or clearing your stones. No matter what you call it, the process if done efficiently will eliminate negative or stale energies from them.

"Charging" crystals is another process commonly believed to heighten their energy. But in actual fact, charging is automatic when negativity is removed. The energy within healing or meditation stones when unaffected by negativity is ideal and beneficial. Cleansing your crystals and allowing their energies to shine optimally is all that is needed. Some will choose to charge them anyway; you do as is right for you.

Why Do Crystals Need Cleansing?

We have chosen the crystals we have because we need their specific properties to work for us. Their properties are directly related to the energies they carry within them. When they work for us they absorb negative energies; so the fact that they have some stale energy within them is a byproduct of having done their job.

But that negative energy needs to be removed periodically to allow them to continue to work in an optimal fashion. Ideally we should cleanse them on a regular basis. If we do not, their true energy vibration frequency becomes diminished; this means that the stones are not going to work as effectively as they can.

What are Some of the Methods I Can Use?

Below I have listed a number of ways by which you can effectively cleanse your crystals. For any of these processes which you may conduct from a sitting position, sit with your feet flat on the floor for grounding purposes. No matter which method you use to clear negative energies from your tools, always hold the necessary intent to do so.

Clear Negativity by Intent Alone

Hold the intent to release negative energy from within the crystal to return to the sun, and have positive energy to come in to replace it. Visualize this happening. You may choose to speak this out loud, but you don’t need to.

Or you can speak directly to the stones; ask them to release negative, stale energy to return to the sun, and to draw in beneficial energies. Visualize this happening.

Another version yet, is to blow on the stones with three short bursts (not big ones, you’ll be out of breath!). Tell the negative energies held within them to return to the sun, and ask fresh, beneficial energies to come in to fill them up. Visualize this happening.

Cleanse by Smudging

All you do is take your sage or whichever type of smudge you have chosen to use and light it. While hovering the smudge around your crystals and allowing the smoke to waft over them, make sure to hold the intent of what it is you are doing – which is cleansing the negative energies from your crystals, and drawing highly beneficial and positive ones in replacement.

Invoke Your Preferred Deity

It’s as simple as it sounds. Invite your favorite deity to join you, and ask them to cleanse the healing crystal for you. There are many ways to invoke deities, but as a rule it’s pretty simple. Clear and still your mind. Issue a simple prayer of invitation to the deity of your choice. If you wish you may offer them a gift. When the deity appears, tell them of your intention. Ask them if they will please cleanse the stone and optimize its energies. When done, thank them sincerely and say goodbye as they depart.

With Rice

The rice must be unused. With the intent of clearing your crystal held in mind, place it on a bed of raw rice. You may issue verbiage of your choice, but the appropriate intent held in mind is enough for this to work efficiently. When the process is complete, discard used rice. Overnight is what I would recommend time-wise for this method to work optimally.

By Sun

This is certainly one of the simpler ways to clear a crystal of negative energies. The main issue is in finding out with certainty whether or not your crystal type will hold its color in the sun; be sure before you try this one. It’s best to have your stone sitting on the grass or some other natural substance. Two hours is recommended until you know how long best suits your crystals. Hold an intent when placing your stones in the sun. Amethyst, larimar, and lepidolite are among stones which shouldn’t be sitting out in the sun.

Under the Moon

The moon, as the sun, always offers positive and beneficial energies. Its energies are at their highest potency during a full moon. Ideally you should cleanse your crystals at that time. The procedure is the same as for cleansing your stones under the sun. Sitting them on grass isn’t a good idea if they are stones that you don’t want to get wet; the dew in the morning may moisten them. Once again, holding your intent is necessary.

By Burial

When we cleanse stones in this way, the negative energies are grounded out, and beneficial energies from the earth enter them. As usual, hold intent while burying your crystals. Leave them buried overnight. With this method, know that it’s possible for the stones to become moistened, as it could easily rain, or the ground may be damp. Be sure that you only use this method with crystals which are going to retain their integrity once exposed to moisture.

By Quartz Cluster

Either a quartz or an amethyst quartz cluster can be used to clear your crystals. In this case, just sit your crystals on the cluster. That’s all there is to it. You may want to sit each of your stones on a piece of fabric first to avoid scuffing them. Three hours or more will suffice.

By Selenite

Selenite is a mineral with a high vibration level; it is commonly used to eliminate negativity from healing stones and other metaphysical and magical tools. All you do is get a set of selenite logs with a square or rectangular cross section and make a bed out of them. Lay the logs down in a square or rectangle formation, wide enough to accommodate all of your stones. In this case, all you need to do is sit your stones on the bed of selenite. Three hours or longer is recommended. This process cleanses them and tops them up with highly beneficial energies.

Remember, never cleanse your selenite with water as it will melt.

By Sound

There are a number of healing sounds which possess the ability to clear crystals. Among the instruments that produce them are tuning forks, tingsha bells, dorje or hand-bells, gongs, and singing bowls. These items produce cleansing and healing waves that clear negativity not only from crystals, but from any other tools as well, and also from your sacred space.

Hold the intent to cleanse your crystals as you sound the tool of your choice. Three rings for bells, and allow each ring to resonate until the sound is totally finished. For a singing bowl, sound it for as long as you feel is appropriate. See what feels right for you and your crystals. This process is as effective whether the crystals are placed inside or outside of the singing bowl.

By Running Water

Place the crystal under clear running water from any source. A minute is sufficient, but do what feels right for you and your stones. Once again, intent is key. Make sure that it’s safe to put the crystals you have in water, as there are some that shouldn’t be cleansed this way.

Cleansing with Salt, Sea Salt, or Salt Water

Although well known, these methods aren’t recommended. Over time they are highly likely to damage your treasured crystals. Better to be safe than sorry and stay away from them. Both  salt and salt water can alter the structure of certain crystals. And for the record, soaking in plain water can in some instances also provide a negative result. Halite, selenite and hematite are amongst the minerals which shouldn’t be exposed to water.

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