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How to Cleanse and Consecrate Your Magickal Tools


If you are planning to use a magic wand or other tool that is new to you, you will need to consecrate it prior to use. By consecrating the item, you are performing the necessary steps for it to become a sacred object. If the tool was used by someone else before you, you will need to cleanse it prior to consecration. This is to be your sacred instrument, and for this reason you must remove all previously added energies and programming from it… you certainly don’t want your magickal tools carrying inappropriate energies within them; and if they do have polluting energies, they aren’t sacred.

Cleansing Your Sacred Tool

Make sure to hold your intent in mind, and focus as you execute these tasks. Your intent should be appropriate to each step as you proceed.

To cleanse a previously used magical tool, first deprogram it of any previous instruction by verbalizing an intent to do so. Use whichever wording of your own that comes to mind to suit the purpose, but make sure to focus!  Hold your focus and intent in mind until you know the task is complete. And also, instruct the object to release any negative energy held within it into the light. Conclude with "so mote it be". If you prefer you can use smudge along with the deprogramming verbalization, to cleanse the tool instead.

How to Consecrate Your Wand or Other Magical Tool

Some cast a circle for sacred rites; if you usually do so, you would do the same here; your regular procedure will suffice.

Then while facing Northwards, take some earth or salt and sprinkle it on the object you wish to make sacred. Then you issue a blessing in the name of the powers of the North and the element of earth.

Next, turn to face Eastwards; pass the tool through the smoke of burning incense or smudge. While doing so, bless it in the name of the powers of the East and the element of air.

Then turn to face the South. Pass the object through the flame of a candle (or carefully past, in the case of flammables). While doing so, bless it in the name of the powers of the South and the element of fire.

Face towards the West; take the tool and sprinkle water on it (if it’s safe to do so). If not, then hover the object over a bowl of water, and bless it in the name of the powers of the West and the element of water.

Some of us like to name our tools. If this includes you, this is where you do so.

Now, while standing at your altar, say "bless this object as sacred by the four elements" (and if you wish, here is where you could additionally bless the item in the name of the deity of your choice).

State "I now accept this object to be my personal and sacred tool; so mote it be".

An Optional Step

If it pleases you, ask your chosen deity to imbue your now sacred wand or other tool, with powers appropriate to any task which you may choose to apply it to; and that it be done by all that is just, good, and right. This is an added extra, as charging takes care of this; still, some will prefer the perceived extended benefits of doing so.

Do not order the deity to assist, you should request their help. If you do choose to apply this additional step, conclude with "so mote it be". Thank the deity for the favor, and bid them farewell upon conclusion.

Finished? Now your sacred, magical tool is ready for charging!

When you've completed as many steps as you intend to complete in one session, close your circle if you used one.

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