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Brecciated Jasper Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Red brecciated jasper
Red brecciated jasper healing crystals; copyrighted

An Introduction to Brecciated Jasper 

Brecciated jasper is commonly known for its deep red hue combined with veins of black or white running through it. The stone is formed when jasper fractures, and crystals of hematite and/or quartz form in the resulting spaces. Poppy jasper is the same stone, same colors, but the designs on it are roundish, thus the name.

Brecciated jasper doesn’t always display primarily red based colors, but in healing work it is the red tones that are most popular; this to the exclusion of others for the most part. For this reason, this article will be in reference to red brecciated jasper.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties 

Brecciated jasper is an excellent tool for grounding and centering oneself. It also protects against low-level EMF radiation, which is constantly emitted by all electrical appliances and devices. This stone balances yin/yang energies; additionally it promotes clear thinking, which in turn leads to heightened solution awareness.

This is a stone that will will enable one to feel complete of self, serene, and emotionally stable after a traumatic or painful event. When it feels that everything within life has fallen apart, this crystal will enable one to begin the journey to pull things back together. If self esteem is in need of a boost, again, brecciated jasper can help.

Red brecciated jasper opens the mind to put an end to self deception and encourages one to focus on truths. It heightens physical energy and the desire to use it. This stone is most suitable for working with the base and sacral chakras. When held in hand as a thumb stone, we can benefit from its calming, peaceful, and grounding energies. On top of the aforementioned properties, brecciated jasper also heightens creativity.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.


This stone has detoxifying qualities, which of course boost overall health, as well as blood and circulatory function. It is often used to promote healing and recovery after an illness, injury, or surgery. Brecciated jasper is a deeply nurturing stone which helps those who use it to overcome feelings of stress; furthermore, it enables healing for those who feel overwhelmed.

Sexual Health 

When red, it is perhaps most well known for its ability to promote sexual health and healing. The deep, rusty red color connects the stone with the base and sacral chakras. For this reason, it can be used to overcome feelings of sexual guilt. Brecciated jasper will promote sexual harmony between couples, and will also aid in reducing sexual aggressiveness. For those who find themselves with a waning libido, brecciated jasper's energies will help to boost their sexual energy.

Spiritual Awakening 

Brecciated jasper has the ability to both awaken and stabilize the dormant Kundalini energy that lies within each of us. This is the wealth of spiritual energy that helps us to reach higher levels of spiritual awareness. It leads us to deeper meditations, and the discovery of personal spiritual truths.

This stone has a cleansing, balancing, and stabilizing effect on the auric field. It removes negative energies and returns them to from where they came; this makes it suitable for preventing or countering psychic attack. Brecciated jasper is often used for dream work; it facilitates dream recall, and will potentially promote a sense of self-awareness through dreaming.


Don't cleanse brecciated jasper in water as it contains hematite; sitting it on a bed of selenite for a few hours would work well, so would smudging.

Is brecciated jasper safe to use in making crystal elixirs? 

No, this stone shouldn't be used to make an elixir by soaking directly in water, as it contains hematite, use the non-contact method.

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