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Archangel Ezekiel and I; We Walked the Fair Land

The Prophet Ezekiel; by Gustav Dore

Article originally published in September 2013

My Experience with Archangel Ezekiel

The scenario the following true story alludes to happened fairly recently, beginning just a few days ago. To tell this tale, I will speak in a past tense even though this incident is quite fresh. The reason for this is that to allow a magick spell the opportunity to work you must believe that it will. If I talk as if my issues are still current, my mind and spirit will take that to be fact.

Relationship Problems

My relationship was a shambles, and I couldn’t work due to health issues. My situation had me locked in. In a relationship consisting of two you can’t fix anything by yourself; on top of this, I was in no position to make demands. I hadn’t the money or financial security to leave. I was exasperated.

A Friend Told Me of a Spell

A friend of mine, whom I correspond with daily by email, was telling me that she had a money spell cast for her a while ago. Off the hop that’s all she said. Intriguing to say the least. She had me on the hook; I had to know more.

I asked her if the spell was successful, she said yes, and her sister had one done too. It had been successful as well. I asked her about their results. My friend said that times had been financially tight for her, she had purchased a money spell; and thereafter found a lucrative job opportunity that covered her bills well.

Her sister’s spell landed her a highly sought after job that many had interviewed for. I know some will scoff at these claims because they can’t be proven. Something that cannot be either proven or dis-proven isn’t automatically bogus. I had to keep an open mind, my position was precarious

I asked my friend where the spell was purchased. I went to that website and looked at their selection. I was confused as to which spell to purchase as I had a number of issues that I hoped to target simultaneously, yet had limited funds to do so. Instead of blindly choosing a spell, I sent a query to the website owner to ask what to do given my circumstance. The person who responded suggested to purchase one that could be adjusted, they told me which one that was.

I purchased the recommended spell and sent them my requirements for a custom preparation. The spell was to draw money, financial stability and abundance, a car; and also to have my husband find a way to deal with his work stresses other than to bring them home and project them at me.

It is only days later now, so I can’t yet tell you that the spell brought me money, a car, better interactions with my husband or anything else. What I can tell you is what happened next.

Right off of the bat after the spell was done, I felt a slightly intoxicating and mild euphoria. I had a feeling come to me that I should hold my favorite quartz crystal in my hand for some time.

A Face Appeared in the Grass

That afternoon, after the spell was purchased I took my two small dogs for a walk outside. In the grass I saw the visage of a bearded man; all green like the grass, but still distinct. As I focused on what I was seeing, the energy of a name came to my consciousness – Archangel Ezekiel. Then a brief message – I came to help you. That was it.

Is Ezekiel an Archangel?

I looked Ezekiel up on the Internet to see if he was known to be an archangel as he had said he was… I hadn’t heard that before – Archangel Ezekiel. I found that in religions he isn’t considered an archangel. But some who can channel spirits have been introduced to him, in his own words as Archangel Ezekiel, just as I had been. By the way, it bears relevance that the suffix "iel" refers to elohim, and though the world elohim is a word that somehow defies definition, in the case of archangels it appears to refer to God's people.

The Naked Truth

I had a bath that evening. I felt his energy floating in the room. This made me uncomfortable and I expressed a query to him about whether this was okay on a spiritual level. Shouldn’t I be clothed? He showed me paintings that showed various angelic and spiritual beings, all naked. I knew what he meant, that it made no difference whatsoever on the spiritual plane.

A Mini Geometry Show

This whole interaction was non-verbal. He showed me a stellated octahedron, also known as a star tetrahedron or merkaba star. I think that was to clearly identify himself, as from my research since, the merkaba star is known to represent him.

He must enjoy geometry because next he showed me another shape. It was a globe with cones radiating out in every direction. The entire surface of the globe was covered with these cones; each cone came to a sharp point at the outermost tip. It was orange, yellow, and fiery.

My Gift From Ezekiel

Then he gave me a (vision of a) golden pentacle as a gift. It spins complete 360 degree revolutions on a vertical axis, it has carved lines running through all points from the center, and is fully 3D. I can call this pentacle to mind whenever I choose. I was given the impression that to do so recalls the power of the spell that was cast to ease me from my predicament. Obviously Ezekiel came to me by way of that spell.

Early Morning Prediction

That night when I was doing my Tarot practice, I asked the cards when the first sign would come that my spell was working. The answer was given in hours and clearly said at 5am in the morning. This was odd to me; you see I am not awake at 5am.

This particular morning though, as it turned out, 5am was the time I got up to go to the washroom. As I woke up there were visions surrounding me. I have had visions before but normally when I get them I get panicky, and the panic shuts them down.

But at 5am, I suppose all is fair game when you are still half asleep. I wasn’t shocked and the visions continued. They accompanied me to the bathroom and even remained with the lights on.

It appeared that I was looking at Ancient Egyptian artifacts – the type you might find in concentration inside of a Pharaoh’s tomb. And too I saw a bust statue of a Pharaoh. The entire vision was gold and shimmery. The only things not gold in the vision were the bright, primary blue stripes on the Pharaoh bust headpiece. I had a feeling that it was Ezekiel showing me this, it was as if I recognized his energy. I went back to bed and slept.

The Spell Energy Had Begun

I took it to mean that the aforementioned episode marked the onset of the manifestation of my spell. If I tune in, I can feel Archangel Ezekiel’s energy in my presence at all times since then. I am aware that this will only be until I break free from my current set of obstacles.

Automatic Writing

Yesterday my husband and I took our dogs to the park. He went around the park with them and I sat and watched our stuff for a while. While doing so I pulled out a pen and paper and took the opportunity to ask Archangel Ezekiel for a message via automatic writing.

This is what came through:

"If I was you I’d open my heart.

The sun will shine in.

See it happen."

Honestly, I am not certain what was meant by this. I have had a bad run of events for the last few years; perhaps it has affected me more than I think. Maybe that’s the message.

Something had already happened that day. My husband’s best friend called for him by phone. I answered. As a rule this guy is abrupt, just short of rude. I believe that my husband tells him everything that goes on between us, which is not at all good. Thus the attitude. Well this time when I picked up the phone he wanted to chat a bit. This, to me was a miracle. It was as if Archangel Ezekiel knew this, and had been the one to allow or enable it to occur, but who knows...

"This is the beginning, an example.

Have faith.


I am your friend.

You know me from before."

Then there was a pause, a long one. During this time I was wondering on the validity of this process (automatic writing) as it’s very new to me. And then, a feeling that I could recognize as being markedly different from thought came in, and he added to his message.

He said:

"We walked the fair land."

At the time I didn’t recognize the reference made within using the term ‘the fair land’. At a quick scan of the Internet it appeared to be Ireland he was referring to, as the few references I could find pointed to that. Since then I have discovered more references and it resonates with me that he was referring to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; or at least some of those places.

In that, Ezekiel was saying that in one lifetime we traversed some of these lands together - you know... and they say that there’s nothing new under the sun…


Since this story began, I have discovered that Archangel Ezekiel is known to be guardian to those going through a trying time of transition, as well as at times of death. All I can say is that I feel more at peace knowing he is here.

Well, that’s all there is to report for now. I hope to get more information. At some point I plan to ask him what we were doing there (in the fair land) in those days. If that comes about I will be sure to blog about it.

Also, I hope one day to have opportunity to tell you about the spell and how it worked. Let’s see how that goes too.

PS – I know that Ezekiel was said in the Old Testament to be a prophet, that makes him human as opposed to an angelic being. How how he came to be the archangel he introduced himself as, I have no idea. But I know that there is no way that the Bible could be correct 100% of the time. I don’t believe that it was written to be taken literally either. Maybe this was that particular Ezekiel, maybe it wasn’t; but I am convinced that he was an archangel.

By the way, I believe that it was that particular Ezekiel, and that the title and aspect of being were bestowed upon him for a job well done, back in the day.

There are after all exceptions to every rule (referring to the fact that humans can’t become angels).


Update (February 13th, 2014): The author of this article, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that at this point in time, the result of the spell is still undetermined. She says that something happened, and her life changed for the better… but not in the way the spell would have led her to believe that it would. She keeps faith that the change she had hoped for will come.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I have just discovered my connection to him through the merkaba and it is really reassuring to hear your detailed thought processes as I begin my new journey (having just channeled his name & felt his presence earlier today). Including the ones such as, is it okay to be unclothed? 😂

  2. You are welcome. I'm glad that in some way my article helped you identify your thoughts and perspective on Ezekiel. It is events such as this that make writing worthwhile.


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