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What is Tarot? Tarot FAQ and a Brief Overview of its History

Vintage tarot cards

Looking at the History of Tarot Cards

By Rhaine McFae-Dvornak

Tarot cards were originally used only to play games; divination came later. Playing cards (yes, ordinary playing cards) originated in Mamluk, Egypt; it is not known specifically when Mamluk cards were made or used though. They first came to be known after L.A. Mayer discovered them during a visit to an Istanbul museum in 1939. He believed that the cards he’d seen were remnants and were from two partial decks.

Mamluk cards
Mamluk cards; public domain image via Wikimedia Commons

History shows that between 1430 and 1450 in Northern Italy, the playing card decks of the day had evolved somewhat; they had more cards added in. The additional ones were trumps, and were known as trionfi; this word translated to English means triumphs. These cards though used for game playing, are assumed to be the predecessor to today’s tarot decks.

Even though there is no physical evidence in the form of card decks to support the following statement, it has been claimed that there are written references to tarot cards being banned during the 1370s in Europe. Apparently gaming, which is what they were being used for, was frowned upon. This makes it unclear exactly as to where and when tarot first began, and confuses its full historical evolution; in other words, history makes references to tarot at times, even before the term applied to a form of cartomancy.

What are Tarot Cards Used For?

As already stated, tarot cards have long been used for playing the game tarot, and today in some areas it is still played. In France, tarot is the second-most popular card game, with belote being the first.

Tarot cards are also commonly used for divination. Let me explain first that generally speaking, nowadays the tarot cards used for gaming and the ones used for divination are markedly different. The difference is that the decks used for card reading are usually richly illustrated; the ones used for game playing are in appearance much like playing cards.

Tarot cards in the hands of a practiced individual, can be a useful tool to predict the likelihood of events to happen in the future, and can also refer to events and occurrences past and current. There is a lot of value in this on both an everyday life level, as well as on a spiritual one, as it can guide us in making appropriate life choices.

Which brings us to yet another use for the cards; some use them to further themselves with self-help advice, or by gleaning messages appropriate to spur their spiritual growth and ascension. Once you tune into these mystical cards and their muliti-faceted messages, you can take from them whatever you desire.

Etymology: Where Did the Word Tarot Come From?

It is the source of some debate where the word tarot originated from. One theory suggests that it was named after a river in Parma, Northern Italy – that being the Taro river.

Another theory suggests that the word tarot derived from the names Harut and Marut. In the Qur’an and as well in the Jewish Midrash, there is a story telling of how angels named Harut and Marut taught magical skills to a group of Israelites.

The two angels were thereafter hung by their feet in punishment for their efforts. This is reported to have happened in Babylon. Apparently both of the names in their original language, ancient Jewish, appeared in a form resembling how tarot would have been written.

And there is to some, a fairly obvious connection between the words Torat and tarot in that they are mirror images of each other. In Middle East areas, many pronounce the word Torah (as in Jewish theology) as Torat. To some, this connection strengthens the theory that the word tarot descended from Jewish lineage. To me this is a stretch; but obviously, to some others it is not.

A theory that you will read from time to time is that tarot is made up of the Egyptian words tar, meaning royal, and ot, meaning road. In this context the name suggests that it was a known fact that you could access wisdom of spirit through the cards at the time tarot was named. If this were in fact true, then it adds yet another layer of confusion to its history. It leads us to ask why such a name was applied, one with such a strongly spiritual meaning, possibly at a time or from a region wherein history suggests the decks were still being used only in playing card games.

How do Tarot Cards Work?

Hmm, now there is an interesting, yet somewhat perplexing question. I am sure that most tarot card readers you could ask would offer multiple possibilities. The truth is that no one knows for sure.

One suggestion is synchronicity, explained well but in two markedly different ways, at Crystalinks, and on the LLewellyn site. Another is telekinesis, moving the cards with your hands, not telekinetically; but the position of the cards within the deck is determined by subconscious telekinetic placement, in response to the ‘inner wisdom and knowing’ of both the reader and the querent.

Another is time lapsing. This is explained by the cards responding now to something that is in process, had happened in the past, or will happen in the future; but in the context of time, somehow that event is accessible in the current moment through tarot cards. This is suggestive of tarot being able to access a time loophole of sorts.

One thing is certain, that however card reading works, it taps into the great universal consciousness of being, which we are all a part of.

Do I Have to be Psychic to Read Tarot Cards?

Without a doubt, you do not. That said, you may find yourself with increasing psychic talents as you continue to practice card reading over time.

Am I Dooming People by Reading Negatives to Them?

Tarot doesn’t work that way. It’s the absolute opposite in most cases. When you inform people of things that they can change, you are offering them tools to improve their lives. There is little set in stone, there is virtually always room for improvement. This is the very essence of tarot.

Is Tarot Always Accurate?

No. No matter how good of a tarot reader you are, you can’t be accurate all of the time; but you can be accurate most of the time. Based upon how tarot works – predicting the most likely outcome of current patterns, thoughts, and choices; it just isn’t possible to be 100% correct. Things can change after all.

Why do Some Say that Tarot is Evil?

It’s hard to say why so many say that tarot is evil, but it appears to be a combination of things.

Back in days of yore, labeling something as evil was a fairly effective means of crowd control, as was developing religious dogmata in general. Too, it appears that over the decades tarot has often been used as a prop in movies; and the cards most likely to be shown are The Devil and Death. So we have the church saying that divination is evil, and too, the cards with negative connotations get all of the attention.

Regarding the church labeling, there is a verse in Deuteronomy, 18:10-12, making reference to divination being against the word of God.

I have my own understanding of what this verse is saying. I did some research, trying to get a feel of what this Bible passage meant. I get that back in the time referred to, there were a lot of fakes telling people false fortunes. Their readings led people to make poor choices. Their deceit was the problem, not divination. Them taking people’s money to do them harm and to lead them astray was the issue at hand.

There are many who practice divination today that are pure of heart. Of course as in any trade, that cannot be said for all. I am not telling you what to think though, you must decide for yourself what is right for you.

Where Can I Purchase Tarot Cards?

Today you can get tarot card decks in almost any bookstore, any metaphysical store; and also many places online such as bookstores, Amazon, eBay, and so on.

Is it Difficult to Learn to Read Tarot Cards?

Even though tarot card reading is relatively simple to learn, it requires patience, commitment, study, and practice. The cards don’t do all of the work, you have to do your part.

Once you get the necessary beginners' tarot learning materials of your choice, the next thing you should do is join a tarot forum so you can ‘pick the brains’ and read the posts of those who are more learned and practiced. You will also get to see that there are others just like you, experiencing much the same thing.

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Archangel Ezekiel and I; We Walked the Fair Land

The Prophet Ezekiel; by Gustav Dore

Article originally published in September 2013

My Experience with Archangel Ezekiel

The scenario the following true story alludes to happened fairly recently, beginning just a few days ago. To tell this tale, I will speak in a past tense even though this incident is quite fresh. The reason for this is that to allow a magick spell the opportunity to work you must believe that it will. If I talk as if my issues are still current, my mind and spirit will take that to be fact.

Relationship Problems

My relationship was a shambles, and I couldn’t work due to health issues. My situation had me locked in. In a relationship consisting of two you can’t fix anything by yourself; on top of this, I was in no position to make demands. I hadn’t the money or financial security to leave. I was exasperated.

A Friend Told Me of a Spell

A friend of mine, whom I correspond with daily by email, was telling me that she had a money spell cast for her a while ago. Off the hop that’s all she said. Intriguing to say the least. She had me on the hook; I had to know more.

I asked her if the spell was successful, she said yes, and her sister had one done too. It had been successful as well. I asked her about their results. My friend said that times had been financially tight for her, she had purchased a money spell; and thereafter found a lucrative job opportunity that covered her bills well.

Her sister’s spell landed her a highly sought after job that many had interviewed for. I know some will scoff at these claims because they can’t be proven. Something that cannot be either proven or dis-proven isn’t automatically bogus. I had to keep an open mind, my position was precarious

I asked my friend where the spell was purchased. I went to that website and looked at their selection. I was confused as to which spell to purchase as I had a number of issues that I hoped to target simultaneously, yet had limited funds to do so. Instead of blindly choosing a spell, I sent a query to the website owner to ask what to do given my circumstance. The person who responded suggested to purchase one that could be adjusted, they told me which one that was.

I purchased the recommended spell and sent them my requirements for a custom preparation. The spell was to draw money, financial stability and abundance, a car; and also to have my husband find a way to deal with his work stresses other than to bring them home and project them at me.

It is only days later now, so I can’t yet tell you that the spell brought me money, a car, better interactions with my husband or anything else. What I can tell you is what happened next.

Right off of the bat after the spell was done, I felt a slightly intoxicating and mild euphoria. I had a feeling come to me that I should hold my favorite quartz crystal in my hand for some time.

A Face Appeared in the Grass

That afternoon, after the spell was purchased I took my two small dogs for a walk outside. In the grass I saw the visage of a bearded man; all green like the grass, but still distinct. As I focused on what I was seeing, the energy of a name came to my consciousness – Archangel Ezekiel. Then a brief message – I came to help you. That was it.

Is Ezekiel an Archangel?

I looked Ezekiel up on the Internet to see if he was known to be an archangel as he had said he was… I hadn’t heard that before – Archangel Ezekiel. I found that in religions he isn’t considered an archangel. But some who can channel spirits have been introduced to him, in his own words as Archangel Ezekiel, just as I had been. By the way, it bears relevance that the suffix "iel" refers to elohim, and though the world elohim is a word that somehow defies definition, in the case of archangels it appears to refer to God's people.

The Naked Truth

I had a bath that evening. I felt his energy floating in the room. This made me uncomfortable and I expressed a query to him about whether this was okay on a spiritual level. Shouldn’t I be clothed? He showed me paintings that showed various angelic and spiritual beings, all naked. I knew what he meant, that it made no difference whatsoever on the spiritual plane.

A Mini Geometry Show

This whole interaction was non-verbal. He showed me a stellated octahedron, also known as a star tetrahedron or merkaba star. I think that was to clearly identify himself, as from my research since, the merkaba star is known to represent him.

He must enjoy geometry because next he showed me another shape. It was a globe with cones radiating out in every direction. The entire surface of the globe was covered with these cones; each cone came to a sharp point at the outermost tip. It was orange, yellow, and fiery.

My Gift From Ezekiel

Then he gave me a (vision of a) golden pentacle as a gift. It spins complete 360 degree revolutions on a vertical axis, it has carved lines running through all points from the center, and is fully 3D. I can call this pentacle to mind whenever I choose. I was given the impression that to do so recalls the power of the spell that was cast to ease me from my predicament. Obviously Ezekiel came to me by way of that spell.

Early Morning Prediction

That night when I was doing my Tarot practice, I asked the cards when the first sign would come that my spell was working. The answer was given in hours and clearly said at 5am in the morning. This was odd to me; you see I am not awake at 5am.

This particular morning though, as it turned out, 5am was the time I got up to go to the washroom. As I woke up there were visions surrounding me. I have had visions before but normally when I get them I get panicky, and the panic shuts them down.

But at 5am, I suppose all is fair game when you are still half asleep. I wasn’t shocked and the visions continued. They accompanied me to the bathroom and even remained with the lights on.

It appeared that I was looking at Ancient Egyptian artifacts – the type you might find in concentration inside of a Pharaoh’s tomb. And too I saw a bust statue of a Pharaoh. The entire vision was gold and shimmery. The only things not gold in the vision were the bright, primary blue stripes on the Pharaoh bust headpiece. I had a feeling that it was Ezekiel showing me this, it was as if I recognized his energy. I went back to bed and slept.

The Spell Energy Had Begun

I took it to mean that the aforementioned episode marked the onset of the manifestation of my spell. If I tune in, I can feel Archangel Ezekiel’s energy in my presence at all times since then. I am aware that this will only be until I break free from my current set of obstacles.

Automatic Writing

Yesterday my husband and I took our dogs to the park. He went around the park with them and I sat and watched our stuff for a while. While doing so I pulled out a pen and paper and took the opportunity to ask Archangel Ezekiel for a message via automatic writing.

This is what came through:

"If I was you I’d open my heart.

The sun will shine in.

See it happen."

Honestly, I am not certain what was meant by this. I have had a bad run of events for the last few years; perhaps it has affected me more than I think. Maybe that’s the message.

Something had already happened that day. My husband’s best friend called for him by phone. I answered. As a rule this guy is abrupt, just short of rude. I believe that my husband tells him everything that goes on between us, which is not at all good. Thus the attitude. Well this time when I picked up the phone he wanted to chat a bit. This, to me was a miracle. It was as if Archangel Ezekiel knew this, and had been the one to allow or enable it to occur, but who knows...

"This is the beginning, an example.

Have faith.


I am your friend.

You know me from before."

Then there was a pause, a long one. During this time I was wondering on the validity of this process (automatic writing) as it’s very new to me. And then, a feeling that I could recognize as being markedly different from thought came in, and he added to his message.

He said:

"We walked the fair land."

At the time I didn’t recognize the reference made within using the term ‘the fair land’. At a quick scan of the Internet it appeared to be Ireland he was referring to, as the few references I could find pointed to that. Since then I have discovered more references and it resonates with me that he was referring to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; or at least some of those places.

In that, Ezekiel was saying that in one lifetime we traversed some of these lands together - you know... and they say that there’s nothing new under the sun…


Since this story began, I have discovered that Archangel Ezekiel is known to be guardian to those going through a trying time of transition, as well as at times of death. All I can say is that I feel more at peace knowing he is here.

Well, that’s all there is to report for now. I hope to get more information. At some point I plan to ask him what we were doing there (in the fair land) in those days. If that comes about I will be sure to blog about it.

Also, I hope one day to have opportunity to tell you about the spell and how it worked. Let’s see how that goes too.

PS – I know that Ezekiel was said in the Old Testament to be a prophet, that makes him human as opposed to an angelic being. How how he came to be the archangel he introduced himself as, I have no idea. But I know that there is no way that the Bible could be correct 100% of the time. I don’t believe that it was written to be taken literally either. Maybe this was that particular Ezekiel, maybe it wasn’t; but I am convinced that he was an archangel.

By the way, I believe that it was that particular Ezekiel, and that the title and aspect of being were bestowed upon him for a job well done, back in the day.

There are after all exceptions to every rule (referring to the fact that humans can’t become angels).


Update (February 13th, 2014): The author of this article, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that at this point in time, the result of the spell is still undetermined. She says that something happened, and her life changed for the better… but not in the way the spell would have led her to believe that it would. She keeps faith that the change she had hoped for will come.

Hypersthene Healing Crystals; Properties, Meaning, and Uses (Enstatite, Eulite, Ferrosilite, Velvet Labradorite)

Hypersthene, also known as enstatite, eulite and ferrosilite

Metaphysical and Healing Applications of Hypersthene; by Joodhe

Hypersthene allows us to clearly see what is right, and it guides us to adhere to our beliefs based on that and to stand strong by what we know. Hypersthene enables us to use better judgement in all areas of life. It’s a crystal which is handy to have around when feeling overly stressed; this as it will reduce anxiety and tension, and offer calmness and peace of mind in its place.

Hypersthene promotes a spiritual and universal awareness, and heightens psychic ability. For these reasons it is a most enlightening stone when applied to meditation experiences. If you are looking for answers in daily life, or as they apply to your spiritual journey, hypersthene will lead you to discovering the insight you seek.

The traits hypersthene may be best known for, are to promote clear thinking, as well as problem solving skills. This stone is going to be an asset to students and skilled professionals, as well as anyone needing a higher degree of mental clarity.

Note: All of the minerals mentioned in the blog title have the same general qualities. However, there will be some variance based upon the coloring of the stone.

What is Hypersthene?

Hypersthene, known in the mineral industry as enstatite, is a somewhat commonly found mineral. It is most often found in volcanic or high grade metamorphic rock; and is an orthorhombic pyroxene. The colors hypersthene can be found in include grey, dark brown, dark green, and a metallic reddish-brown. Hypersthene crystal may display schiller (silvery bands visible in image above).

Hypersthene Uses

The crystal hypersthene is most often applied to various healing, metaphysical, and ornamental uses. It hasn’t in the past been commonly used in jewelry; but in recent years its application to this purpose has increased in popularity. It is a beautiful stone; and as information regarding the healing properties of minerals becomes more widely publicly available, the demand for hypersthene rises accordingly.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Hypersthene Healing Properties

  • Is ideal for both home and business environments.
  • Facilitates a person to be less judgmental.
  • Aids one to become more tolerant/less critical, and more appreciative of the ways of others.
  • Aids in healing work with all chakras; but it works most effectively with the crown, third eye, throat, solar plexus and base chakras.
  • Hypersthene helps build a healthy self respect, free of ego driven elements and pride.
  • Allows one to determine moral ethics with clarity, and aids them in making appropriate life choices based upon them.
  • Guides one to tune into their courage, and thereby remain true to their convictions; this without presenting falsities or pretenses to meet their ends.
  • This stone is a natural aid in problem solving in general. It promotes clear and accurate thinking, as well as an organized approach.
  • Hypersthene encourages positive beliefs.
  • Promotes a healthy trust that good will come about.
  • Encourages one to be loyal.
  • Boosts memory.
  • Increases physical energy levels.
  • Can enhance physical strength.
  • Is known to raise one's spirits when they are dealing with depression.
  • Aids in past life regression.
  • Is known to strengthen clairaudience as well as other psychic skills and abilities.
  • Creates optimal conditions for channeling.
  • Facilitates communication with spiritual beings.
  • Aids one in achieving a meditative state.

A hypersthene slab
A hypersthene slab

Hypersthene Etymology

Hypersthene is a Greek term translated as ‘over-strength’. The term came about to illustrate that there is another mineral for which this one may be mistaken, that being horneblende. The name is telling of the fact that hypersthene is the harder of the two.

Sometimes this stone is referred to as velvet labradorite. The term is erroneous, as hypersthene is not a type of labradorite.

…and a Tad Bit More Insight

An appropriately interesting passage paraphrased from Wikipedia:

“Hypersthene is a ferromagnesian orthopyroxene and is part of a solid solution series. It lies between the minerals enstatite and ferrosilite, and possesses qualities slightly different than either. There is no iron contained in pure enstatite, and no magnesium in pure ferrosilite. Hypersthene is the name applied when both minerals are present in significant amounts.”

Even though the above is accurate, within many modern mineral references the term hypersthene is not used. The reason for this is because it is no longer recognized by the IMA. The proper title is now ferroan enstatite.

There was curiosity existing on my part as to why the term was discredited. It appears that it was considered unnecessary and to some degree misleading. Apparently most ‘hypersthene’ turned out to be enstatite with any amount of iron content. Still, many people prefer to continue using the name hypersthene.

Care and Cleansing of Hypersthene

Hypersthene should not be kept in the light or cleansed by the sun as it may fade.

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Larimar Crystal; Properties, Meaning, and Uses (Stefilia’s Stone, Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Atlantis Stone)

Larimar. Source: By Parent Géry [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons


Larimar, so rich of a blue… absolutely mesmerizing… not too long ago I was pulled to purchase a few pieces of this stone. I did some research to see what makes this particular mineral so special, and wish to share my findings with you.

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a mineral which is primarily composed of pectolite. The main difference between larimar and other types of pectolite is its vivid blue coloring. It’s appropriate that its appearance, with its rich blue and sometimes greenish shades, is much like that of the sea and sky. This as the location it’s found in, being the Caribbean, would be likely to jump to mind when one sees it.

The white mottling throughout its varied patterns looks to be the sun’s reflection on the sea. With larimar’s mystical, mysterious resonance with water, it’s logical that it is linked in myth and lore to the lost continent of Atlantis, as well as to the dolphin. One reason that Atlantis is linked with this stone, is due to the fact that some individuals who meditate with larimar claim to see visions of the long-lost continent.

The logic behind this mineral being linked with dolphins may be because it is a stone that promotes peace, harmony, and communication. As these are qualities attributed to the dolphin (whose natural habitat happens to be the water), and the dolphin’s happy chirp-like sounds have it appear to be communicating with humans; it’s natural that they would be associated with this sea blue crystal.

Read more about how communication applies to larimar under the headings ‘Metaphysical Properties of Larimar’ and ‘Larimar Healing’ further down the page.

Turquoise-Color Larimar. Source: Wikimedia public domain image posted by user "The Singularity"; image name: Larimarhalves.jpg

Where is Larimar Mined?

Larimar is found in only one location in the world. That location is confined within a relatively small area of mountainous terrain in the Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispaniola. The town where the mine is located is called Los Chupaderos.

It was the 22nd of November in the year 1916, when larimar was first discovered by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren. He had applied for a permit to explore the area where the beautiful blue mineral was found. Sadly, his request was declined. After Father Miguel was turned down, larimar was overlooked entirely and laid buried and forgotten until 1974. At that time it was ‘discovered’, once again, by Miguel Mendez and Norman Rilling. These two people were the first to exploit larimar, but neither one is actively involved in mining today.

Larimar was recognized amongst native inhabitants of the area before being discovered by those who came to exploit it for trade purposes. Most larimar will be found where it was formed. Some, over time, washed away and can be found other places, including along the shoreline. There is a local lore claiming that their ancestors picked up pieces of the blue stone they had found. They foretold that one day the visible stones along the beach would all be gone. Soon thereafter would come he who would discover the source, and the stone would become available again. How about that? That’s exactly how things turned out too.

Due to being in one exclusive location in the entire world, and mined from quantities unknown, this stone is normally more expensive than other stones with similar qualities and uses. This suggests that it will one day become a valuable item amongst collectors.

How Did the Name Come About?

The name applied to the stone is a combination of part of the name of Mendez’s daughter – Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea – mar.

Other names for larimar: Stefilia’s stone (I found no evidence to support this although it’s a common claim), dolphin stone, blue pectolite, and Atlantis stone.

Larimar Segment. Source: Wikimedia public domain image file. User: Vassil. Image name: Larimar.jpg

What is it Composed Of?

The island of Hispaniola, where larimar is mined, was formed from volcanic activity. It is believed that as magma was sent up from volcanic vents beneath the Earth’s surface by gasses, it combined with a mixture of substances, which included sodium, iron, calcium, and aluminum compounds. The result of this blend, combined with environmental conditions over time produced larimar.

Larimar can be found in these colors: sky blue, light blue, green-blue, deep blue, and white. The sky blue variety is the most valuable. Some pieces show streaks of red through them, this is due to the presence of iron. Larimar is photosensitive, therefore it will lose coloring over time. The quality of photosensitivity is what has prevented this stone from becoming significantly more mainstream.

Metaphysical Properties

Larimar is a powerful stone with a wide range of healing properties. It is known to aid us to see things from a wider array of viewpoints. Larimar is said to enhance wisdom. It also has positive effects on one’s spirit, providing calm and enlightenment. As a healer on a physical level, the qualities of this stone are highly valued.

Larimar has a positive effect on the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. The effect this has is to promote wisdom, intuition, peacefulness, connection with the higher self, love, and communication. Larimar will do wonders for someone suffering with anxiety, tension and/or various stresses.

It is believed by some that larimar can aid those who seek to find their soulmate. I say – if this is a larimar quality that interests you, be aware that there are two totally different ideas of what a soulmate is. If you aren’t sure of what I mean, the common-most usage of the term soulmate refers to one’s ideal romantic partner; but in spiritual lingo, the term often refers to your twin flame. I feel that in this context the term refers to the second of the two choices. Point being, more people need to be aware that their soulmate is not going to be some magical answer or formula to obtaining a perfect relationship. No relationship is going to be perfect without diligently nurturing it.

Some claim that larimar can be mistaken for turquoise. I can see that as being a possibility. Too, I can see why pieces with a turquoise hue are sometimes used by healers in place of turquoise stone; and are claimed to have the metaphysical properties of it, as well as those of larimar.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Healing Properties

  • Serves to enhance communication skills; this both in social and business dealings, as well as between couples.
  • Enhances communication with higher spiritual beings.
  • Offers a feeling of peacefulness and calm.
  • Is used to counter stress.
  • Gives physical energy a boost.
  • Aids in releasing feelings of guilt.
  • Larimar encourages healing for those having a tendency to be critical of themselves.
  • Provides healing for those who feel a need to control everyone and everything.
  • Larimar offers relief from depression and bipolar disorder.
  • May be used in the healing of throat-related conditions.
  • Cartilage healing is enhanced by larimar.
  • It is said that if held over the area concerned it can be used to relieve pain.
  • Enhances creativity.
  • Helps manage anger issues.
  • Neutralizes negative energies.


There are no treatments used on larimar. This is important to know, as you can often find ‘treated larimar’ for sale online. The truth is, if it’s treated, it isn’t likely larimar at all. I have seen a number of these so called treated larimar stones for sale online. Most of them look like dyed howlite; I can’t define what others appearing not to be howlite are.

The above said, I have seen cases of items being sold online as ‘Chinese larimar’ and ‘agate larimar’. I have asked certain sellers what these terms mean. Chinese larimar, I was told, is a term applied to a mineral found in China that is said to be similar in appearance to larimar; it could not be explained to me what the mineral was.

Agate larimar, as I was informed, is agate treated to look like larimar. The point of bringing this to light is to make people aware that there are known ways to create a similar look to that of larimar. Make sure you know what you are purchasing. Remember too that larimar is mined only in the Dominican Republic.

Why I Was Drawn to Larimar

The reason I had discovered this beautiful stone is because I was drawn to its unique beauty and powerful blue coloring while shopping on eBay. I know that the reason I discovered it was because my spirit was drawn there by a need for its influence.

During the time I have had larimar in my possession, my mind and body have shown signs of healing. I would like to share an outline with you, but there is no way to do that without getting particularly personal. I can say that my mind seems sharper, and I feel more at peace.

Upon receiving my larimar I cleansed it under running water. I cleanse the pieces weekly to keep their energy fresh and clean. I always have some under my pillow; I also keep a string of baroque nuggets in my pocket.

My Experience With Visions

Before I owned larimar I had begun to have some psychic visions. Since having the stones around they come about more spontaneously. True to lore, the very first vision I had with it on my person gave me a strong impression of Atlantis.

If You Are Thinking of Purchasing Larimar

If you like to work with crystals and don’t have any larimar yet, it is a must have. Don’t wait too long to make your purchase as it seems to me that the prices on this beautiful mineral rise significantly each year. No wonder, for as previously stated, the quantities available for mining are unknown.


You shouldn’t cleanse larimar in the sun due to its photosensitivity.

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Amethyst Quartz Crystal Properties

Amethyst healing crystals
Amethyst crystals

Amethyst Quartz

Amethyst quartz has long been used as a healing crystal, and is additionally valued for its protective and dream recall properties. As a stone that is known to enhance psychic awareness, divination tools are commonly made from it. Due to its many metaphysical properties, amongst those that conduct spellwork it stands as a popular choice of crystals.

Its Best Known Quality – Sobriety

For centuries it has been believed that amethyst can help people in maintaining sobriety. As a matter of fact, its energies are said to support a person to refrain from all types of self destructive habits and addictions.

Traditional Chinese medicine employs amethyst as a cure for stomach pain, as well as for healing infection of the lungs. It can also be used as an aid to detoxify the body. Its detoxification properties promote mental clarity, as well as body health in general.

For Focus and Memory

Amethyst will sharpen the conscious mind and heighten the mental abilities of those who wear it. Because it enables an optimal degree of focus, this stone is suited to the student, the skilled professional, and anyone needing to depend upon a high degree of mental alertness. We could all appreciate a little more of that…  Some say that amethyst quartz can be useful to improve memory issues as well.

You might try using this stone to alleviate the pain of a headache, another common usage. For headache relief, take a smooth crystal and place it on your forehead; either massage softly and slowly, or hold it still to feel the relief.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

A variety of crystals, including an amethyst quartz cluster
A variety of crystals, including an amethyst quartz cluster

Other Healing Properties

Amethyst crystals are suitable for healing work pertaining to the central nervous system; and can be used to increase and balance the function of the pituitary gland, which controls the body’s endocrine system. These crystals also embrace the pineal gland with their healing, detoxifying properties; this obviously plays into how they heighten psychic ability.

Psychological Healing

Amethyst can prove useful in psychological and emotional healing. For people under stress, this stone can provide a significant degree of calm. It is suitable to treat insomnia, an occasional bout of the blues, and is used by some to alleviate depression. It should be said, however, that too much purple can actually intensify depression. This stone is believed to ward off mental illness, guilt, and self-deception. As it calms emotional turmoil even in the most hectic situations, it will enable a person to better use their judgment skills.

Amethyst clears the mind of emotional issues of all kinds; which promotes peace, harmony, and understanding in relationships. It facilitates healing from grief, and also, as mentioned, heightens intellectual skills.

To Support Psychic Ability

Spiritually speaking, this mineral is used to foster psychic awakening, and can enhance a person’s connection to the universe. With it we can better understand psychic messages coming through during meditation and contemplation. Known to be a crystal that inspires wisdom; it encourages feelings of love, and all types of connectedness as well. These stones also provide the wearer with a sense of internal balance and harmony, allowing them to feel more confident and self-assured.

Amethyst is a powerful stone for those seeking success in business, and is said to have an ability to ward off thieves. As well, it will allow a person to better understand and follow their dreams, and will attract justice, fulfillment, and sincerity.

As an Aid in Divination

Those who wish to glimpse into the future can use this stone to grant them prophetic dreams. For Tarot, rune, and scrying sessions, as well as with other types of divination; amethyst crystals are a tool you may employ to enhance your readings.

Due to the strong protective qualities of this stone, it is going to be of benefit to those who travel often. For those seeking more peace, and for those who wish to enhance social interactions and connections, amethyst is an excellent choice.

Amethyst for a Good Night’s Rest

Amethyst calms and settles the mind and clears it of the events of the day; this is how it enables proper sleep. If you have nightmares, insomnia or any sleep related fears, then try placing a crystal under your pillow. If fear is in fact an element of your not being able to sleep well, then combine it with black tourmaline or hematite.

Dream Recall

Dreams can provide us with insight we may apply to improve our Earthly lives; but not so much if we can’t analyze them in depth. Amethyst can help us to make sense of our dreams; it can help us to recall as well as interpret them. Herkimer diamonds are even stronger in this area than amethyst crystals are. Therefore if you want to maximize on what you can learn from your dreams, your best bet would be to combine a Herkimer diamond with amethyst and a grounding stone such as hematite. Herkimer alone may overwhelm with its strength, but combined with a grounding crystal, you are set to go.

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Meditation – A Step-by-Step Guide for the Beginner

A step by step guide: How to meditate
A step by step guide: How to meditate

How Meditation Can Help You

This is our ‘how to meditate guide for beginners'; it was created because meditation is ever increasing in popularity nowadays. The phenomenon is likely because people are becoming aware that it will help them to attain and maintain optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health. Practicing 10 minutes of meditation each day will help keep your stress level down, and lead you to feel more balanced, grounded, and peaceful.

Too, meditation will enhance your creativity and mental focus; and will provide insight as to how to make the best choices for good results in all areas of life. This is done by providing you with a strong connection to both Universal Energies as a whole, and to your higher spiritual self.

For those who perform divination, meditation can provide insights additional to those offered by other divinatory methods and tools.

Learning to Meditate Requires Patience and Dedication

Discovering the process of how to meditate can be difficult for a beginner. You must be patient, that’s the key. It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to master the process quickly and must prepare mentally for that. If you understand this as you begin, it will enable you to muster the necessary degree of dedication required to master the process.

About Our Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide

There are a multitude of guides on the practice, but it’s difficult to find one that is truly helpful. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to meditation, designed especially for you, the beginner.

Prepare to Meditate

Choose a time of day which is best suited to you and your schedule. Ideally, you should be able to sit down to meditate at the same time every day. Meditation is an excellent way to both start and end your day, so try to pick a time right after you wake up in the mornings, or shortly before bed. If you can do both, that’s even better!

Choose a Pleasant Location to Meditate In

Next, you will need to choose a location for meditating. If the weather is agreeable and you can meditate outside, this is an excellent choice. If there is no place suitable to meditate outside, consider creating a special area in your house. This should be a quiet location, away from any noise and distractions. Any family living with you should understand that when you are in this space, you shouldn’t be disturbed, unless there is an emergency.

Setting yourself up for success is essential to a beginner’s practice. Consider placing some meditation cushions or a special chair in your space (if sitting on the floor is too difficult for you due to health reasons), so that you can be physically comfortable while meditating.

Meditation guide
Ambiance boosting decor and tools: Enhancing meditation

The Extras Add to the Ambiance and Refreshing Quality

Including a few other things in this area, such as an incense burner or oil warmer can also be helpful. Scent can have a powerful effect on the mind, and can assist you in staying calm and focused for longer periods of time. Lavender is a particularly relaxing and calming choice, and excellent for a before-bed meditation. You might also consider sandalwood, which enhances a feeling of groundedness, and can help center your energy efficiently.

The ambiance provided by having a pleasant environment and the luxury of added tools and enhancements, is an added bonus providing a facet of incentive to your sessions; it’s more to look forward to.

Wear Comfy Clothing to Meditate In

Before you begin meditating, there are several things you can do to let your mind and body know that you are ready to proceed. First, make sure that you are dressed in comfortable clothing. You won’t be able to focus with anything binding you, restricting blood flow, or similar.

Have a Snack, Keep it Light

Also, consider having a light snack before sitting down, particularly if you are practicing first thing in the morning. This could be a piece of fruit with some nut butter; just something so that you will not be famished and distracted while meditating. Whatever you choose to eat should be natural and organic, and it’s best to avoid grains and animal protein before meditation. If you choose to meditate on an empty stomach as part of a fasting regimen, have a small glass of cool (but not ice cold) water before beginning.

A Shower Provides Cleaner Energies for Meditation

In some cases, you may also want to take a cleansing bath or shower before you sit down to meditate. I highly recommend this, as it’s helpful for removing negative energies, particularly at the end of your day. This is especially important if you are using meditation as a gateway to your spiritual practice. Step into the bath or shower and wash yourself, concentrating on sending any negative thoughts or feelings away with the water and down the drain. This doesn’t have to be a long process – just a quick step into some warm (not hot) water is enough.

Finally, you are ready to begin meditation. First, clear your mind of any preconceived theories about what meditating is like; the actually practice is rarely anything like what you may have seen in movies or read in books.

Our ‘How to Meditate’ Guide…

Have your space fully prepared. Perform a space clearing ritual such as using tingsha bells, and/or light any incense you have chosen to use.

Sit comfortably either in your meditation chair, or on your cushions. Some find sitting cross-legged to be comfortable, others find that this position restricts blood flow to the legs and can become painful. Instead, cross your ankles and let your knees fall open. This places you in a semi-cross-legged position, but should allow you to remain comfortable.

If you are sitting in a chair, sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your back straight, but at the same time this shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Breathe deeply. Close your eyes, and focus on the rhythm of your breathing. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe slowly and feel it in your diaphragm (which is located in the center, just below your rib cage). Push out as you breathe in, and collapse inward as you breathe out.

As you exhale, hear yourself make a soft “hahhhh” sound. Don’t pay attention to thoughts that drift in and out of your mind; simply return your attention of focus to your breathing. As you progress in your practice, you may choose to follow a meditation script; but in the beginning, learning to quieten the mind and focus on breathing is a difficult enough task.

If focusing on breathing alone proves too difficult of a task, you may consider using a focus aid, such as a flickering candle. Don’t stare at the flame wide-eyed; instead relax your gaze until it is slightly unfocused and your eyes are half-closed. Concentrate on either the tip or the base of the flame. This will help if you find your thoughts continuously wandering to other things.

It is important to recognize that your conscious mind may be resistant to meditative practice at first. You will need to be firm but understanding with yourself, and diligently return your focus to either your breathing, or the candle in front of you. For beginners, this is all the information you’ll need to begin; anything more will easily provide too great of a degree of difficulty for initial sessions.

It May Seem Confusing at First, How to Make Meditation Work for You

For a beginner, meditation often seems like a mystery, especially with all of the conflicting information out there. Advice like ‘clear your mind of thoughts’ isn’t helpful, as usually once you try to do so, you’ll find that’s nearly impossible. However, with focused effort and regular practice, you too will master the process of meditation.

And too, it will help you to know that there is no set range of time within which you are likely to master the process. Take it easy and proceed at a relaxed and natural pace which is best suited to you. Do not pay heed as to how long it may take to reach your desired result.


We hope that this step-by-step guide to preparing your mind, body, and space for meditation proves helpful, and serves as a gateway to a successful meditative practice.

Blessings to you on your journey

Make Stone Cocktails/Elixirs with Crystals Containing Mildly Toxic Ingredients (Non Contact)

Prepare Crystal Healing Elixirs the Safe Way

Why would anyone want to make an elixir with mildly toxic minerals? People commonly soak subtly toxic crystals in water and drink the resulting elixir, without realizing that they are doing so. We’d be better off to use this non contact healing water preparation method, than to guess whether a mineral is toxic or not. It doesn’t require the mineral to be immersed in water, so it’s the safer way to go.

Please understand that this article does not condone using toxic minerals in drinking and healing waters. This blog post is simply to illustrate that a lot of healing crystals are indeed mildly toxic; and that to drink or otherwise use healing waters made with them, one should use an appropriate level of care and discretion.

Note: Healing waters should not be made from radioactive crystals or otherwise significantly toxic stones. This is an absolute; even with the non contact method it’s not to be done.

Preparation of Crystal Healing Water

As previously stated, this method of preparing crystal healing water is commonly referred to as the non-contact method. The water produced goes by many names, including: elixir, healing cocktail, crystal cocktail, gem cocktail, healing essence, crystal essence, stone cocktail, healing water, or crystal water.

How to make a healing stone elixir or cocktail
How to make a healing stone elixir or cocktail

Step One

Cleanse your choice of healing crystals by running under clear water. Add quartz to your choice of stones if you wish to have stronger energies in your cocktail (for their amplification abilities), but don’t do this unless you are sure that’s what you need.

Step Two

Place crystals in a dry glass container (a drinking glass is shown in image). Place that container within a glass pitcher.

Step Three

Pour filtered or distilled water into the pitcher (the crystals stay dry inside the inner container). Place pitcher (covered) in the fridge for at least two hours. There, that’s all there is to it – you are done!

Safe to Drink

When this technique is used, the result is the same as if the crystals were soaking right in the water, but safer. The vibrations enter the water as if the stone were immersed into it. Glass is constructed of minerals and is ready and willing to let the vibrations through, but not the metals, toxins etc. Once made, you can add more water to your crystal elixir without diluting the potency and healing vibration level.

Why Would You Want to Use an Elixir?

The benefits of consuming these waters are the same as with using the crystals themselves, but carried in water said benefits address different purposes, and too they can address the same purposes in new ways. Among the uses of such waters are – drinking them to address health issues, they may be used as a spray for space cleansing and protection, or used as a vibration level pick me up. These waters can also be applied externally for healing purposes; and are great just to drink as any water, but with the added bonus of providing healing energies!

How to Preserve Your Crystal Healing Elixir

For some purposes you will want to preserve your crystal essence. It’s easy! Pour gem water to fill no more than just under half way full in a dark glass bottle (or any glass bottle if dark glass isn’t available). Just under half is to allow room for ease of opening the bottle, the mixture is actually 50/50. Fill the remainder with vodka or brandy; I recommend vodka.

Store the prepared mixture out of light and heat in a sealed bottle. May alternatively be made in or transferred to a glass spray bottle.

Center Yourself First

You need to become centered in spirit in order to prepare crystal and gem elixirs. If you are not, take steps to become so. If not, your vibration level affects the crystals as well as the essence you make.

Please use common sense when using this or any technique. We are not at all suggesting that you make cocktails with toxic minerals. If you choose to use this technique, you proceed at your own risk and assume full responsibility. Know what the more toxic minerals are to avoid handling them. This website and the website owner will not assume any responsibility for harm that could be caused by a site visitor’s misjudgment.

Cleanse Healing Crystals and Stones, a How to List

Various methods to clear your crystals of negative energies
 Cleansing your healing crystals

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

There are numerous ways to cleanse your crystals of negative energies; certainly not limited to the considerable list of them referred to within this article. The process is also commonly referred to as cleaning or clearing your stones. No matter what you call it, the process if done efficiently will eliminate negative or stale energies from them.

"Charging" crystals is another process commonly believed to heighten their energy. But in actual fact, charging is automatic when negativity is removed. The energy within healing or meditation stones when unaffected by negativity is ideal and beneficial. Cleansing your crystals and allowing their energies to shine optimally is all that is needed. Some will choose to charge them anyway; you do as is right for you.

Why Do Crystals Need Cleansing?

We have chosen the crystals we have because we need their specific properties to work for us. Their properties are directly related to the energies they carry within them. When they work for us they absorb negative energies; so the fact that they have some stale energy within them is a byproduct of having done their job.

But that negative energy needs to be removed periodically to allow them to continue to work in an optimal fashion. Ideally we should cleanse them on a regular basis. If we do not, their true energy vibration frequency becomes diminished; this means that the stones are not going to work as effectively as they can.

What are Some of the Methods I Can Use?

Below I have listed a number of ways by which you can effectively cleanse your crystals. For any of these processes which you may conduct from a sitting position, sit with your feet flat on the floor for grounding purposes. No matter which method you use to clear negative energies from your tools, always hold the necessary intent to do so.

Clear Negativity by Intent Alone

Hold the intent to release negative energy from within the crystal to return to the sun, and have positive energy to come in to replace it. Visualize this happening. You may choose to speak this out loud, but you don’t need to.

Or you can speak directly to the stones; ask them to release negative, stale energy to return to the sun, and to draw in beneficial energies. Visualize this happening.

Another version yet, is to blow on the stones with three short bursts (not big ones, you’ll be out of breath!). Tell the negative energies held within them to return to the sun, and ask fresh, beneficial energies to come in to fill them up. Visualize this happening.

Cleanse by Smudging

All you do is take your sage or whichever type of smudge you have chosen to use and light it. While hovering the smudge around your crystals and allowing the smoke to waft over them, make sure to hold the intent of what it is you are doing – which is cleansing the negative energies from your crystals, and drawing highly beneficial and positive ones in replacement.

Invoke Your Preferred Deity

It’s as simple as it sounds. Invite your favorite deity to join you, and ask them to cleanse the healing crystal for you. There are many ways to invoke deities, but as a rule it’s pretty simple. Clear and still your mind. Issue a simple prayer of invitation to the deity of your choice. If you wish you may offer them a gift. When the deity appears, tell them of your intention. Ask them if they will please cleanse the stone and optimize its energies. When done, thank them sincerely and say goodbye as they depart.

With Rice

The rice must be unused. With the intent of clearing your crystal held in mind, place it on a bed of raw rice. You may issue verbiage of your choice, but the appropriate intent held in mind is enough for this to work efficiently. When the process is complete, discard used rice. Overnight is what I would recommend time-wise for this method to work optimally.

By Sun

This is certainly one of the simpler ways to clear a crystal of negative energies. The main issue is in finding out with certainty whether or not your crystal type will hold its color in the sun; be sure before you try this one. It’s best to have your stone sitting on the grass or some other natural substance. Two hours is recommended until you know how long best suits your crystals. Hold an intent when placing your stones in the sun. Amethyst, larimar, and lepidolite are among stones which shouldn’t be sitting out in the sun.

Under the Moon

The moon, as the sun, always offers positive and beneficial energies. Its energies are at their highest potency during a full moon. Ideally you should cleanse your crystals at that time. The procedure is the same as for cleansing your stones under the sun. Sitting them on grass isn’t a good idea if they are stones that you don’t want to get wet; the dew in the morning may moisten them. Once again, holding your intent is necessary.

By Burial

When we cleanse stones in this way, the negative energies are grounded out, and beneficial energies from the earth enter them. As usual, hold intent while burying your crystals. Leave them buried overnight. With this method, know that it’s possible for the stones to become moistened, as it could easily rain, or the ground may be damp. Be sure that you only use this method with crystals which are going to retain their integrity once exposed to moisture.

By Quartz Cluster

Either a quartz or an amethyst quartz cluster can be used to clear your crystals. In this case, just sit your crystals on the cluster. That’s all there is to it. You may want to sit each of your stones on a piece of fabric first to avoid scuffing them. Three hours or more will suffice.

By Selenite

Selenite is a mineral with a high vibration level; it is commonly used to eliminate negativity from healing stones and other metaphysical and magical tools. All you do is get a set of selenite logs with a square or rectangular cross section and make a bed out of them. Lay the logs down in a square or rectangle formation, wide enough to accommodate all of your stones. In this case, all you need to do is sit your stones on the bed of selenite. Three hours or longer is recommended. This process cleanses them and tops them up with highly beneficial energies.

Remember, never cleanse your selenite with water as it will melt.

By Sound

There are a number of healing sounds which possess the ability to clear crystals. Among the instruments that produce them are tuning forks, tingsha bells, dorje or hand-bells, gongs, and singing bowls. These items produce cleansing and healing waves that clear negativity not only from crystals, but from any other tools as well, and also from your sacred space.

Hold the intent to cleanse your crystals as you sound the tool of your choice. Three rings for bells, and allow each ring to resonate until the sound is totally finished. For a singing bowl, sound it for as long as you feel is appropriate. See what feels right for you and your crystals. This process is as effective whether the crystals are placed inside or outside of the singing bowl.

By Running Water

Place the crystal under clear running water from any source. A minute is sufficient, but do what feels right for you and your stones. Once again, intent is key. Make sure that it’s safe to put the crystals you have in water, as there are some that shouldn’t be cleansed this way.

Cleansing with Salt, Sea Salt, or Salt Water

Although well known, these methods aren’t recommended. Over time they are highly likely to damage your treasured crystals. Better to be safe than sorry and stay away from them. Both  salt and salt water can alter the structure of certain crystals. And for the record, soaking in plain water can in some instances also provide a negative result. Halite, selenite and hematite are amongst the minerals which shouldn’t be exposed to water.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deep, Intense Space Clearing (Negative Energy Removal)

Purple smoke


One of my previous articles covers how to perform a few different "regular use" energy clearing rituals. The link is available at page bottom in the "related links" section. This article is the next step up, and is meant for removing more stubborn negative energies from your sacred personal space.The gist of this article is that layering multiple negative energy removal techniques will provide more powerful results than any singular technique could. Within this post are listed a group of rituals one may choose to group together, but any grouping of your choice of known effective cleansing methods could possibly provide similar result.

How to Clear Negative Energies Away from Your Home or Office

Many people perform space clearing rituals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. But let's think about this for a moment... why would anyone need to perform an energy clearing that's deeper than one of the standard types? Well, a significant percentage of individuals don't perform space clearings at all; and when they eventually choose to begin, it's likely due to them recognizing an accumulation of negative energy existent in their home or working space. At such a time, a deeper than typical negative energy clearing should be performed.

For those of us who perform regular space clearing rituals, we won't often come to a point that it becomes necessary to take further steps to remove negativity from our environment. However there are exceptions to this. There may be times when significantly negative events have occurred in the home, and the residual energy seems to hang. Naturally when this occurs, we should consider performing a deeper space clearing ritual.

Incense cones used in energy clearing
Incense cones used in energy clearing

I have used this method in the past, following times when energies in my home felt far less than ideal. A house feels refreshed, and a whole lot lighter in atmosphere after all negativity is cleared away.
I suggest that after a "more significant" period of negativity that you repeat the entire procedure a total of three times, approximately a week in between. That said, you must be the judge of what the definition of  "a more significant period of negativity" is. To me it's when I do a regular space clearing, and within a day or two the atmosphere feels heavy again. It's usually when multiple negative events have occurred in that space.

Here's the step by step procedure recommended for stubborn negative energy removal:
  1. Burn palo santo wood. This is a special type of wood that is burned in a similar way to incense. It is grown in certain countries including Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. It's a bit confusing that more than one type of wood is called palo santo wood, so to be specific, we are talking about bursera graveolens only. Watch the YouTube video below to see how to use it.
  2. Perform a candle magic negative energy removal spell. Take a white candle and bless it. Burn half of it inside your house, then take it outside and burn the rest. When completely burnt, take the wick remnant (if any) and bury it in an area away from your property, a place where it won't possibly interfere with anything else.
  3. Burn lavender and vanilla incense. Lavender incense is known to boost positive energies; it also improves focus, which is a good thing as negative energy interferes with that. Vanilla incense promotes love. There isn't a better way to conquer negativity than with love.
  4. Put a bowl of salt in each room and change it every two weeks. Use coarse sea salt for this; you will feel the difference immediately.

And finally, don't forget the maintenance aspect. Perform a daily, or at least weekly follow-up cleansing ritual with tingsha bells or whichever other method you choose. What could be easier than hitting two small bells together - that's all you need to do to use tingshas. You just circle your home, hit the bells together at intervals, and let them resonate. White sage smudge is a fantastic alternative choice for daily or weekly space clearing.

Intent is the Key

Remember that with all negativity cleansing rituals, during the process you need to hold the intent of clearing the negative energy out and replacing it with positive energy. This is a very important step; as is moving counter-clockwise through your home or office as you perform the ritual. If you were to perform a ritual to bring positive energy in, then you would move clockwise.

Within the series of rituals outlined above, as previously stated we are layering one energy clearing method on top of another, to remove as much negativity as possible within the one initial attempt. Burning palo santo wood is believed by many to be one of the most effective forms of energy clearing possible. And although candle magic is not one of the "higher" or more in-depth forms of magic, it still packs a powerful punch. This ritual, as I said was thoroughly effective for me, the key lies in follow-up maintenance. I chose to share it with you as it works so well.

Below are some related YouTube videos
        How to Burn Palo Santo Wood              

 How to Burn Smudge

 How to Use Tingshas

And that concludes my presentation to you. I hope it helps you re-find peace and calm.

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Cleanse Your Home or Office of Negative Energies: This is an article offering some common choice methods to clear your home of negative energies.

Clear Your Home or Office of Negative Energies

 Censer pot with burning incense
Censer pot with burning incense

How to Perform a Space Clearing Ritual

We all regularly clean our home of dirt; many also cleanse their home of accumulated negative energies on an ongoing basis. If you haven't already begun to regularly perform a space clearing ritual in your home, you may wonder what took you so long after you've had a chance to experience the benefits provided by doing so. There are numerous ways to clear personal space effectively, here I will list a few. All of these methods are fully effective to clear your home of undesirable negative energy. Try any one of them, or if you wish you can use different ones alternately.

Note: Some people insist that in space clearing it's important that you move clockwise, while others suggest that you move in a counter-clockwise direction for an optimal result. I recommend the guidelines offered below.

When removing negative energy, move counter-clockwise through your space, and hold the intent of removing negative energy. When adding positive energy to your home, move clockwise; and once again, keep the intent in mind, of bringing in fresh, new energy.

With all space clearing rituals it's important to focus on intent, as that's the key to making them work. Your intent throughout your space clearing procedure should be to eliminate negative energy, and to replace it with positive.

Space Clearing with Tingshas

Tingshas are small, flat cymbals or bells which are held at a 90° angle to each other as struck. To use #ad-tingshas for an effective space clearing, move throughout your home in a counter-clockwise direction, and strike them in multiples of three. It's important to get in all of the corners, as that is where negative energy clings the most. Some will choose to repeat this procedure for a stronger clearing effect. Don't forget to focus on intent; although repetitive I will add this comment to each procedure, as it is of great significance.

Clear Your Space with Sage Smudge

It doesn't matter what kind of sage you burn; as long as it's sage and it burns it will effectively clear your space. That said, white sage is the preference of most, it has the strongest effect. Sweetgrass is a good alternative choice of smudge to burn. You can recite words or a prayer of your choice as you do this, it really doesn't matter if you do or not though. What does matter is that you hold a conscious intent as to your purpose. Light your smudge in a safe burning container, such as an abalone shell. Get it smoking, and walk in a counter-clockwise direction around your home (or office). Once again, make sure to get into the corners.

How to Clear Your Space with a Singing Bowl

The #ad-singing bowl works for this purpose in much the same way as any bell or chime space cleansing technique will. Move through your home, counter-clockwise once again, stopping periodically to sound the bowl. Let the tone resonate there until it stops, then move on to repeat. Don't worry about the distance in between the areas where you stop to strike - we automatically know what's right for us. Remember to hold a conscious intent to clear the space and replace removed negativity with positive energy; and work the corners well.

How to Clear Your Space with a Hand-bell

Follow the steps as for a singing bowl. In most cases the tone from a hand-bell won't resonate for as long as a singing bowl will, so there is not a real need to stop as you ring it. Other than that the rest of the procedure is the same. Once again - remember to hold an intent, and work those corners.

Space Clearing with Candle Magic

Bless a white candle in preparation to send something away from you. If you don't know how to bless one, refer to the Bless Candles video below.

Quick Candle Space Clearing Ritual: Light your candle; you can light it with or without saying words, an intent is all you need. Here again, I'd suggest that you hold the intent to cleanse your space of negativity and add positive energy in place of it. Keep your intent in mind during the process. Walk throughout your home while moving counter-clockwise. Make sure to move right near to the corners with the lit candle. Do this until you have moved through all rooms, then allow the rest of the candle to burn until expired; focus upon it with intent until then.

Intense Candle Space Clearing Ritual: For a stronger effect burn half inside your home while moving through the rooms, and the other half outside. Bury the wick remnant (if there is any). If you wish to use this stronger version, you may need a longer burning candle, but of course not so long burning that you are waiting indefinitely for it to burn out. You may find need to cut a candle to an appropriate length.

Space Clearing with Crystals

Use a large clear quartz crystal cluster to clear a room of negativity. To do this, cleanse the quartz by smudging or by charging it in the sun for a few hours. Program the quartz to cleanse negative energy from your space and replace it with positive. You do this by simply issuing it a request to do so, and you should hold the intent until you recognize that it "took." After that the rest is simple. Place the quartz cluster in the room you wish to clear; and cleanse (the crystal) once a month.

Clearing Negative Energies from Your Space by Cleaning

This is a really neat technique, as there is nothing more you need to do other than what you already do when you clean your house. Whether you are cleaning with a broom, mop, vacuum, cloth, feather duster or whatever; as you dust, wipe and wash, no matter what it is you are cleaning, imagine that you are sweeping away negative energy with each wipe and stroke. Imagine too that in doing so you allow positive energy to come in to take up that space.

Shake cushions, pillows and quilts to remove negativity by intent. Shake out the bad to make room for the good to come in and replace it. How simple is that?

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How to Perform a Deep Space Clearing: Sometimes a standard type of negative energy clearing ritual is not enough, the negativity is too thick. What do we do then? The article available via link above answers this question.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blue Quartz; Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Blue quartz
Blue quartz crystals; copyrighted

Blue Quartz Properties

Blue quartz crystal works best with the throat and pineal chakra centers, but too it creates harmony of interaction between all chakras, both within the body and those beyond. Blue is a color which homes in on communication issues, therefore this stone will aid you in communicating with people at work and in everyday life, with spiritual beings, and also with your higher self.

Organization, Dreamwork, Psychic Awareness

For those who are lacking in organizational skills, or are posed obstacles by scattered thoughts and ideas, blue quartz' energies will enable them to create structure and think more clearly. Blue quartz also aids us in establishing a higher degree of self control. The focusing, organizational, and self control powers of this mineral are said to come from its ability to harmonize the chakras.

As this stone targets the throat chakra center, it enables one to feel more calm and at ease, and will be a valuable asset when worn or held during stressful situations. Blue quartz crystal helps us to accept and assimilate truths, and to apply them in a more positive manner to our life circumstance.

Blue quartz is an effective tool to use in aura cleansing, as it has the ability to eliminate stubborn blockages. It enables us to conduct dreamwork more efficiently, and it heightens psychic awareness by targeting the third eye chakra; as well it inspires loyalty, diplomacy, and tact. When a person has an aversion to blue, they may have a tendency to be self righteous, disloyal, unfaithful, or be reluctant to listen to the advice and perspective of others.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Physical Healing

Blue quartz' healing energies target the heart, eyesight, the respiratory and immune systems, and throat health issues; and also thyroid, tinnitus, hearing, oral ulcers, and tonsillitis. Though not primarily a physical issue, it can be of help to those with anorexia nervosa, which involves various chakras, therefore would be best used with other appropriate stones (thulite, moss agate, turquoise, topaz, citrine, rhodochrosite, and rose quartz among them).

What is Blue Quartz?

It is a macrocrystalline quartz containing inclusions of blue minerals such as dumortierite, tourmaline, zoisite, magnesioriebeckite, or crocidolite. Sometimes the blue color of this mineral is provided by a phenomenon known as the Rayleigh scattering effect; this is caused by minuscule inclusions within quartz causing light to have a particular play.

The diaphaneity of blue quartz ranges from being opaque to translucent. Transparent isn't possible though due to the inclusions present which determine its coloring. When the color of this mineral is as a result of having a significant amount of dumortierite inclusions within, it may then be referred to as dumortierite quartz. Blue quartz is not aventurine, nor is it dumortierite, but it is often referred to by these names.

Is it Safe to Use Blue Quartz in Making Healing Elixirs?

It's not recommended other than through the non-contact method.

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