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Clutter Causes Negative Energy to Accumulate

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I Don't Appreciate Junk and Clutter - Aarghhh

By Joodhe

Why? Not only is it ugly, but also because old and junky stuff seems to store nagging, negative energies...

When it comes to clutter, I could near pull my hair out. I am a neat freak, and unfortunately for me my partner is a hoarder. I have learnt that some security blanket type issues that people adopt, such as hoarding, may not necessarily be something that can be trained out of them, no matter how much their respective spouse may wish that it could be. In my husband's case, the more I tried to get him to stop collecting all of the junk he could lay his hands upon, the more intense the problem became.

In the past it seemed that I was sensitive to the stale energies of his treasure trove; I vaguely remember feeling as if they were constantly "nagging" at me. My husband and I have lived together for nine years now, and it seems that I must have been blocking the negative energies from my awareness for almost that long. Nine years is certainly long enough to forget what it's like when you tune in. For this reason, until the other day I was no longer sure if the feelings of anxiety I got from the junk were real, or if the whole thing had been my imagination. Well actually I knew very well they weren't from my imagination, but they could have been from other things.

Here's the story of how it came to my awareness that a significant part of the negativity I felt in my home was indeed real, and relative to my husband's junk...

My husband said that it was time he got around to cleaning some junk out of the basement. It was music to my ears. Well he went to the dump with about seven boxes. Much of what was in those boxes was paper, but there were various other household items too.

That night I slept like I hadn't slept in years. I woke up feeling like a million bucks, glad to be alive, fully invigorated, and the whole nine yards of feeling that goes along with that type of thing. It is now four days later. The "top of the world" feeling has died down somewhat, that must be because I'm now accustomed to the change. But the energy in my home does not feel as heavy as it did before. I'd regularly done negative energy clearings, but could not feel the benefit for more than a day or two at a time with so much junk constantly throwing out its energies. Lots of incense was burnt over the years...

The difference is plain for me to feel, my husband says he doesn't feel it. I  hope that's not true, as if he can, then he will likely be influenced to cut back on hoarding to some degree. It would be so nice to have an emptyish home again!

I am happy to have had this experience; and I hope that in sharing it, someone else may think twice about letting junk accumulate in their home. In my case I had kind of given up on trying to keep my partner from hoarding to avoid having him step it up more, as already mentioned. But now that I've had my eyes opened, I think I will instead learn to be very discreet as I weed it out little by little... lol... it may seem devious, and I would much rather not have to do things that way, I'd prefer to be direct. But on the other hand, I have felt the impact of negative energy from this stuff when it's left to sit, and my life is far more valuable than a pile of junk!

No energy clearing has had the positive effect that his de-junking did. It just goes to show you, you never know what kind of energies are homed in what. As I said, there wasn't much in those boxes besides paper, but something in that lot of junk must have had some potently negative energy.

I had on a number of occasions tried to explain to my husband that old things harbor detrimental energies. His response was always that it was his stuff, so that couldn't be true. But that was his response no matter where the stuff originally came from too... as in, it became his stuff, and that made it safe!

Something tells me that I am going to save a whole lot of money on incense purchases in the future...

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