Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Tarot Fool's KetChip Sandwich

The Fool tarot card

Try This Tasty Treat!

You know sometimes you just gotta try new things, even if they seem a little crazy at first. One day a while back, I had a craving for a sandwich with a few chips. I couldn't decide what kind of sandwich I wanted. I split the difference and made a potato chip sandwich. The title I have bestowed on this item, The Tarot Fool Sandwich, is ideal because it is a fun new thing to try, a person would be adventurous to try it, and they may also feel a tad bit foolish for checking it out. But if it wasn't delicious (in my humble opinion anyway), then I wouldn't have bothered posting the recipe to make it. It really is great!


All you need to make this amazingly delicious sandwich is:

Rye bread, or whatever other kind you prefer instead.
Salt and vinegar potato chips.
Butter or margarine as needed.
Ketchup to taste.


  • Butter the bread as thickly or thinly as you would normally for any sandwich.
  • Lightly spread ketchup on one slice of the bread, both if you are a ketchup fiend.
  • Place the salt and vinegar potato chips on the bread, one layer is a texture contrast sensation (against the softness of the bread), but you are more than free to pile them on thicker. If you do, you may find it a good idea to lightly press down on the top slice of bread until some chips crunch (but don't break them into tiny bits). This seems to help them stay inside the bread. If you don't do this, then each bite on all unbroken chips seems to send shards flying... it can get really messy!

Tip: Don't bother toasting, it doesn't work well with this sandwich. Also, Doritos make an excellent replacement for salt and vinegar chips. Ketchup potato chips do too, but then the ketchup sauce becomes redundant to add, at least for me. You do as blows your hair back...  That's all there is to it!

Don't shake your head and snort, I felt that...you may like it. Just don't start serving this item to your family on a daily basis, or you may find yourself looking for a new one.  Still, it's a great treat from time to time for adventurous palates!

RWS image is a Wikimedia file from a 1909 deck originally scanned by Holly Voley http://home.comcast.net/~vilex/

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