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Clutter Causes Negative Energy to Accumulate

remove clutter

I Don't Appreciate Junk and Clutter - Aarghhh

By Joodhe

Why? Not only is it ugly, but also because old and junky stuff seems to store nagging, negative energies...

When it comes to clutter, I could near pull my hair out. I am a neat freak, and unfortunately for me my partner is a hoarder. I have learnt that some security blanket type issues that people adopt, such as hoarding, may not necessarily be something that can be trained out of them, no matter how much their respective spouse may wish that it could be. In my husband's case, the more I tried to get him to stop collecting all of the junk he could lay his hands upon, the more intense the problem became.

In the past it seemed that I was sensitive to the stale energies of his treasure trove; I vaguely remember feeling as if they were constantly "nagging" at me. My husband and I have lived together for nine years now, and it seems that I must have been blocking the negative energies from my awareness for almost that long. Nine years is certainly long enough to forget what it's like when you tune in. For this reason, until the other day I was no longer sure if the feelings of anxiety I got from the junk were real, or if the whole thing had been my imagination. Well actually I knew very well they weren't from my imagination, but they could have been from other things.

Here's the story of how it came to my awareness that a significant part of the negativity I felt in my home was indeed real, and relative to my husband's junk...

My husband said that it was time he got around to cleaning some junk out of the basement. It was music to my ears. Well he went to the dump with about seven boxes. Much of what was in those boxes was paper, but there were various other household items too.

That night I slept like I hadn't slept in years. I woke up feeling like a million bucks, glad to be alive, fully invigorated, and the whole nine yards of feeling that goes along with that type of thing. It is now four days later. The "top of the world" feeling has died down somewhat, that must be because I'm now accustomed to the change. But the energy in my home does not feel as heavy as it did before. I'd regularly done negative energy clearings, but could not feel the benefit for more than a day or two at a time with so much junk constantly throwing out its energies. Lots of incense was burnt over the years...

The difference is plain for me to feel, my husband says he doesn't feel it. I  hope that's not true, as if he can, then he will likely be influenced to cut back on hoarding to some degree. It would be so nice to have an emptyish home again!

I am happy to have had this experience; and I hope that in sharing it, someone else may think twice about letting junk accumulate in their home. In my case I had kind of given up on trying to keep my partner from hoarding to avoid having him step it up more, as already mentioned. But now that I've had my eyes opened, I think I will instead learn to be very discreet as I weed it out little by little... lol... it may seem devious, and I would much rather not have to do things that way, I'd prefer to be direct. But on the other hand, I have felt the impact of negative energy from this stuff when it's left to sit, and my life is far more valuable than a pile of junk!

No energy clearing has had the positive effect that his de-junking did. It just goes to show you, you never know what kind of energies are homed in what. As I said, there wasn't much in those boxes besides paper, but something in that lot of junk must have had some potently negative energy.

I had on a number of occasions tried to explain to my husband that old things harbor detrimental energies. His response was always that it was his stuff, so that couldn't be true. But that was his response no matter where the stuff originally came from too... as in, it became his stuff, and that made it safe!

Something tells me that I am going to save a whole lot of money on incense purchases in the future...

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My Story of Dennis, Sheer Terror and Orgonite – Part I (The Negatives of Orgonite Part I)

The following information is all true as I know it and perceive it to be. So here is my story; before we begin I urge you to keep an open mind…

It had been only days since I had perceived vibes telling me that my dear departed friend Dennis’s spirit had left my presence. He was a valued person in life, one that was irreplaceable. I was so glad to have made contact with him after his death. His spirit and I had become closer than in life; this because in life geographical distance came between us. At that time I did a tarot card reading; it confirmed my perception that he would not be around for a while.

After reading the confirmation message from the tarot I felt saddened. I emailed my friend (who is blessed with some psychic ability) to ask her if it were true, I asked if she saw the same thing. She was consulted because when you read tarot for yourself as I had, the corresponding vibes are often missing. This makes it difficult to fully comprehend a message, especially given that each card has so many meanings. Clarity was needed and she was glad to help.

What she told me lined up with and added to what I saw – that even though Dennis had become primarily dedicated to a mission regarding a family member of his, he would know when he was needed. He would then return to provide help for me. He had given the impression he felt that the time for his return may arise too, no hint as to what type of circumstance it would regard though.

I knew I’d miss him.

So within days of this message being delivered, that would make it around July 5th, 2012, I received a message from the tarot. Sometimes during my daily tarot practice I ask general advice of my spirit guides. This particular offering of advice was one that had come up before. It was made clear to me once again, that given I have many creative gifts, I needed to recognize that these talents carry a lot of energy.

Apparently if I didn’t do something to externalize them – in essence find a way to direct them outside of myself, then that internalized power could do a lot of harm to my body and mind. The reason that the energies were not being externalized was because I had and still have many health issues; and too, live out in the middle of nowhere with no vehicle. It’s tricky to find a consistent outlet.

Now there’s a catch 22 situation… I needed to release or work out those energies in order to heal, and was blocked to a large degree to do so due to my multitude of health issues.

Observation: If I’d known long ago what I know today about grounding, I think my health would likely be a lot better! I recently learnt something valuable – that I can hug a tree and imagine excess energy as well as any negative energy travelling down through the tree, then through the roots and through the earth, right down to the Earth’s core; within the Earth’s core I imagine it converted back into positive energy. This is in no way a bad thing to do to a tree as trees are naturally grounded. So I have now become a tree hugger!

Why didn’t my guides tell me earlier that grounding would deal with energy overload? It’s truly hard to say. Even guides aren’t perfect; they grow and evolve as do we. That said, perhaps that information had yet to come. Who knows really. By the time I learnt to consult my guides, the bulk of the damage to my health had already occurred; they probably wanted to begin by teaching me to handle my life in the most optimal way possible rather than to automatically reach for the simplest way.

I could also say that it’s possible that they told me and I had not picked up on the entirety of what I had been told. No one could deny that grounding one’s energy is also externalizing it. So it’s possible too, that in them saying that I needed to release it to be external; that they also meant I needed to ground energy which wasn’t otherwise utilized.

When later on I learnt the value of a fully efficient grounding, it was via my guides through an exceptionally gifted local psychic. She filled in the bits that weren’t offered me via the cards. So in the end my guides did tell me that I must ground, as well as how to do so.

I was thereafter determined to discover many of the ways by which I could heal. But too, I now know that when I first discovered grounding, I wasn’t doing it near often enough.

Anyway, back to the story… this time my spirit guides were telling me to stay tuned, that they had just the thing for me to get involved in (to use up some of the abundance of creative energy). I waited with baited breath. It was within a day or two of that when I automatically found myself reading up on orgone, orgonite and orgone generators. When in the past I’d found myself reading on topics that would not otherwise cross my mind… well, the point is that I found it necessary to do some follow-up questioning.

HHG image
HHG image

In the past I had asked my guides, through tarot, questions such as ‘is this what you were referring to?'; ‘did I understand the message correctly?'; and similar things; things that made it clear as to WHY I was exposed to certain concepts and opinions I had read. After a while it was just understood that I didn’t end up reading whatever it was out of coincidence. For this reason I understand completely that my spirit guides communicate with me by sending me to articles on the Internet and too by other ways such as to meet someone specific or pick up a book with a message in it, etc.

During the early part of the orgonite research period I found myself on impulse, purchasing a lot of four pieces of orgonite on eBay. I felt need to try a tester batch to see what it did for me (good or bad) prior to making any. It was coming to me from the USA, I live in Canada; so it took a while to arrive. More on this later…

As I read up on orgonite and orgone generation, I found it to be very interesting. One of the reasons I believe that I was initially reading about making orgonite pieces was because they cleanse shungite without having to go through a ritual process. You just store them together and that’s it – shungite cleansed like magic.

Note: Since that time I have discovered that placing shungite in sea salt (as with most healing stones and crystals) cleanses it perfectly well too. The trick is not to store them in it, as it can have a negative effect on the integrity of certain pieces. Two hours works fine for my crystals.

At that time I was using shungite for its healing qualities. I thought orgonite would be neat and useful to make as a craft, and it would also use up some creative energies. The more I researched the topic, the more interested I became. When I consulted my guides via tarot, I’d asked them if this was what they had intended for me to get involved in.

The response confirmed that my spirit guides were indeed encouraging me to research orgonite (also known as orgone generators). There was one small area of concern though, at the time it seemed small enough to be insignificant. Now in retrospect I see that the reason the warning I saw seemed unimportant was because I was so gung-ho passionate about getting into this orgonite thing.

Yeah, I was going to do it alright, even though my guides were saying ‘do it, it’s great, it will yield benefits, even profit if I’d choose to pursue that path’. ‘But…’ and the but part, there’s the thing. Something not all good was going to happen, but the reading didn’t have an ominous vibe. Even with the warning, it still felt like a go-ahead situation.

So I didn’t worry about the downside… you see, I had nothing to measure it by nor compare it to. I had no idea what to expect…  really, how could I know what was to happen next?

And that’s where the story gets complicated.  Hmm, so here we take a break.

This will be part one of this story.

Here is part two

*** Disclaimer – Any links within this series are for informational purposes only.  None of them are home to the seller that sold me the batch of orgonite referred to in these articles.  Also, I am not affiliated in any way with any of the sites the links refer to.  My experience was a fairly unusual one; this is not, as I understand it, a typical result of having orgonite in one’s presence.

My Story of Dennis, Sheer Terror and Orgonite – Part II (The Negatives of Orgonite Part II)

Before you read this article, consider reading Part I

My Tale of Dennis and Orgonite, continued...

Well I still don’t fully comprehend the magnitude of what began to happen soon after my orgonite order arrived. I have never lived through scarier of an ordeal in my whole life. Let me explain…

As I said, I had been awaiting the delivery of the orgonite I had purchased from an eBay seller. The first few days it arrived I left it sit in my freezer. I leave anything I order on eBay (that’s freezable) there for a while as you never know who you are ordering from; it’s a preventative thing. I know that putting orgonite in the freezer doesn’t cause negatives to occur, because many makers place theirs in the freezer to make it simpler to detach from the mould.

Here’s the true story of what happened beginning the day that I took the orgonite out of the freezer…

I opened the package and handled the product, it felt fine, it didn’t feel good, special, bad or anything else, at least not right off the bat it didn’t anyway. On the listing pictures on eBay it had looked pretty somehow, but pictures can be misleading. It was an ugly lot. That didn’t matter, I wasn’t looking for pretty, I was looking for effectiveness in the qualities orgonite is touted to have.

That first night it sat on my dining room table. I slept in the living room on the futon. Many say don’t sleep in the same room as orgonite, I had known this previous to this experience, so it was left where it was. That night I had terrible night terrors. I woke up dazed, confused, hazy, nauseous; and to top it all off I had a headache. I took two Tylenol.

As the day wore on, I started to have anxiety issues. I started to feel an evil presence, very strongly evil. It was so bad that I phoned a psychic lady I know and had met just recently to that time. I asked her questions about protection rituals. Please understand, that at this point in time I had no reason to connect my condition with the orgonite.

I had no idea what was happening. I invoked St. Michael the Archangel many times at the suggestion of that psychic lady in the first period of time after the terrors began. After a while it dawned on me that the orgonite might have been involved. I did a tarot reading on it, and yes, the orgonite appeared to be a factor of what was happening; in which way I couldn’t say. I was so panic stricken that I didn’t want to deal with it one iota more than necessary – I didn’t dare read further in.

I then asked my friend, the one with some psychic ability, if she too saw the orgonite as being a part of what was happening. I had asked her to confirm or deny what I saw in the cards. I was trying to determine whether or not the cards were reading my fears, so I felt her opinion necessary. My friend too felt that the orgonite was part of the problem but she didn’t see more than that. I quickly browsed the Internet to see if this type of thing was common.

Even though similar had happened to others before me, it is not a common event. And too, any recounts I found of similar experience from others described a lesser degree of severity than my experience presented me with. Of course this doesn’t rule out the possibility that there may have been others that did not write about their negative and perhaps even more severe experiences with orgonite. I mean many would just get rid of it and not bother going to an orgonite forum to ask and tell all about it. At least that’s what I think.

Finding out that it was so uncommon freaked me out even more. What’s going on here? I wondered… I knew at that time, if you were to make orgonite with any ill intent, that the imprint of such intent can remain on the orgonite.

To provide the most basic degree of how that works, it’s like this – if I was to make a batch of orgonite for the good of man and to benefit all that would come near it, if I held that thought in mind while preparing a batch or at any time during the preparation process of a batch, that batch would hold the energy and memory of that intent. This of course only holds true if no ill intent is introduced within the same production session. As a result that batch of orgonite would be programmed to have a positive effect on those who came near.

So you must understand that intent has power and energy.

The same theory applies for any bad intent held in mind during the preparation process. It can even happen by accident. Let’s say you were watching a horror movie while preparing a batch… and the actors were hollering that they want to kill each other… get the idea? It was my theory then that the orgonite I had purchased was made with ill intent. I asked my husband, who by the way didn’t seem at all affected by the orgonite, to take it far away from our house and anyone else’s too. To toss it out in the countryside somewhere.

I would have rather returned it to the seller; but I couldn’t bear to have it in my presence for one more minute. I felt like the Devil was going to reach up out of hell and grab me it was that bad. It simply had to go. After it was removed from my presence, it took almost two weeks for the feeling to leave. It was that long of invoking St. Michael the Archangel over and over again.

It was a time of sheer terror. Absolute mad, shaking, anxious, fear of all that’s unknown, fear of what is known, fear of being inside my house, fear of going outside, fear of the dark, fear of the day, fear that the Devil would show up if I didn’t invoke St. Michael Archangel soon enough each time. I did, in the end, make it through that period of time.

I know that the tarot, during such an intense period of terror, would have read my fears… tarot does have a tendency to pick up on heavy emotional response and fear and mirror it all back to you. I haven’t asked my cards anything between then and now about why things turned out as they did. Not only that, but I am also convinced that my friend is so tuned into my feelings, that she too would read my fears into what she’d see if questioned further about what had happened.

I only wish I had thought during that time to get an outside opinion. The only outside opinion I got during that time was a suggestion to ‘cleanse’ the orgonite. But that to me didn’t make sense, as orgonite is believed by many to be the greatest cleanser of all things. And too, if it truly has the ability of turning negative energy into positive, then what exactly could be achieved by cleansing it?

Also, what I felt was true evil, and many believe that crystals carry some degree of memory no matter how much they are cleansed. I just didn’t EVER want to feel that way again, still don’t. And seeing as orgonite contains a crystal, I didn’t want to take any chances. I do however believe that this happened for a reason. I intend to look into this matter via tarot session as soon as time and opportunity arise together. When I discover what happened there I will complete this recount.

At this time I believe that my guides knew that ‘good’ orgonite could have provided me with various benefits. I believe that the orgonite I purchased was unstable or mis-made in some way and as a result magnified the negatives it was supposed to remove from my environment. I also believe that’s what the warning I received prior to the event was about, and I hadn’t picked up the gravity of the message.

What I cannot explain is why the orgonite had no effect whatsoever on my husband. However this does bolster my theory. My theory is that part of what was going on was that I was under psychic attack at that time – I felt that I was; and the great degree of negativity I felt then was probably ill-thought magnified and directed towards me (and not my husband).

As I said, within the next few weeks from today, I will have undoubtedly unfurled this mystery via the tarot. The reason it took me so very long to get around to it is simple to explain. First I had to forget this experience altogether to find the strength to move forth. I would rather not deal at all with orgonite again, ever. That said, I know that if properly made it could possibly be one of the more effective tools to protect me against further psychic warfare in the future.

My mistake (buying bad orgonite) was my own for being in too big of a rush to absorb the whole message given me. From now on I will be tuning in a lot deeper to my own tarot messages, the same as I do when reading for others! Or better yet, perhaps I should stop reading for myself, as tarot is not always clear when self read.

And for the record, the psychic attacks continue. I don’t believe in retaliation (returning the attack to sender); I believe that particular type of intent would certainly draw bad Karma. I am trying to find just the right way to block. For now I use a salt circle, white candles and crystals. It works well. I need something a little more permanent though, salt has to be repeated far too often. But I am now finding through these methods a peace that I had long forgotten could ever exist…

A Final Note

I did at one time write a lengthy Part III to this series. The third part (which I believe is still referred to somewhere within later Part II) covered a tarot reading I’d performed investigating what had happened; or the underlying basis which caused things to turn out as they did. When I changed websites it was accidentally deleted. I took that to mean that it wasn’t necessary; it will not be replaced.

Suffice it to say that the cards in the reading reported that there was something wrong in the formulation of the orgonite. My updated theory is that it had lacked a crystal, this would mean it was an orgone accumulator – not orgonite as I had believed I was buying. The reading was some time back and details can no longer be recalled as to precisely what was read.

An orgone accumulator stores negative energies; this is a dangerous thing to have in one’s general vicinity.

This article was originally published over a year prior to this republishing and update.

The psychic attacks have since ended, my health issues have vastly improved too. I regularly ground now, it seems that this has a lot to do with my health improving. The key to blocking the psychic attacks lay entirely in learning to shield myself from them. Nothing else was necessary. I visualized a shield surrounding myself at times when feeling assaulted. That took care of everything and after a while there was peace.

Since that time I got over the fear of orgonite. I am now the proud owner of two pieces. My advice would be that if you consider owning any, make your own! On the other hand, you can imagine why I gave up any thoughts of making orgonite as a hobby. The environment must be perfectly controlled at all times during the manufacturing process… that’s a tremendous pressure!

I still talk to Dennis from time to time, he tells me he is happy and wishes he had more time to just sit and chat like we used to. I know there will be more such days again sometime into the future.

Love you Dennis!

*** Disclaimer – My experience was a fairly unusual one; this is not, as I understand it, a typical result of having orgonite in one’s presence.  That said, it is a true story, unchanged in any way from the event referred to.

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How to Stop Your Tarot Cards from Sticking Together

Are Sticky Tarot Cards a Problem for You?

Many times in the past I’ve had tarot decks from which the cards kept sticking together, and I’m sure you’ve had some too. It makes them quite annoying to work with, doesn’t it? Long ago I discovered a way to remove the stickiness; and as not everyone will know of it, I’ll share it with you now.

But First, Some Common Reasons Why Tarot Cards Stick Together

  • They are coated with a filmy residue and need cleaning
  • They are coated with a finish that creates static electricity
  • They have no finish, and the roughness leads them to cling together
  • They have a glossy finish that leaves them with a tendency towards sticking
  • In some cases they don’t stick but let’s use vintage cards as an example here; you will want some extra glide to reduce friction, thereby reducing wear and tear

In these cases, what should we do?

Perhaps let’s begin by addressing the cleaning issue. To effectively clean tarot or playing cards, put them in a large tray and sprinkle flour on them. Lightly swirl them around making sure the flour reaches all cards. Once they are well coated, leave them sit at least fifteen minutes. Then individually wipe the flour from each one. As you do this, you will see that the grease or film will roll off with the flour. Once the procedure is complete, the cards shouldn’t stick anymore.

For the other points on the list above regarding why tarot cards stick together, you can treat them all with the same one process, that I will soon reveal. And too, if you have cleaned your cards and they still stick, this is the most logical next step. First you’ll need some fanning powder. You can purchase it many places online, I buy mine on eBay.

What is Fanning Powder?

Fanning powder was created for magicians, enabling them to fan their cards with ease, thus the name. Fanning powder has saved my tarot card collection from much wear and tear over the years. I love it. I can’t be bothered to take the time to discover whether the cards I buy will stick; and besides, I’ve found that most stick more than ideal. Now I automatically treat all cards that come into my possession, that is unless they are coated with printer’s varnish rather than laminate; in that case I’ll do a test on one of them. I’ve found that some types of printer’s varnish break down when fanning powder is applied.

In reference to older tarot cards, if you use any vintage decks for your readings, it is a thrifty idea to treat them periodically with fanning powder to reduce wear and tear as much as possible. The effect of the powder will last longer or shorter dependent on how much you use the deck. For this reason I can’t really say how often you should treat them. What I will say is that you will know, so play it by ear.

How to Use Fanning Powder

Place the tarot deck you wish to treat in a smooth tray – glass works well. Sprinkle with a very small amount of fanning powder. Do not sprinkle straight from the container. If you spill there will be a very difficult mess to clean up, as this is very sticky (er, I mean residuous) stuff. I start with about 1/8 of a teaspoon.

Delicately swirl the cards in the tray. Be careful with them. Make sure to get some along the card edges. If you feel that the initial amount of fanning powder used wasn’t enough, add a small amount more and move the cards around once again.

What you don’t want is any excess. Shuffle the cards well and wipe off any powder that is visible and white. That’s it – all done.

A word of caution – fanning powder is filmy. Be careful how and where you handle it, it coats things if you let it fly. Be careful not to breathe it in or use it close to children or pets; it is mildly toxic.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Color Meanings and Attributes Within the Tarot

Color Meanings and Attributes Within the Tarot

Color meanings within the tarot – what can they tell us?  Colors tell us direction, or whether something is warm or cold, they can offer us insight regarding personality traits, and they can even relate to planets and zodiacal signs. Colors can tell us a myriad of other things as well once we understand how their various definitions apply to our card readings. Read on, the descriptions and attributes are provided farther down the page.

Color is like many other things pertaining to cartomancy… you may or may not choose to work with it. Like all card readers, you will work with the specific properties of tarot that you feel apply best to you; and of course you are free to add to your tools of choice at any time you choose.

It’s safe to assume that most tarot decks are designed to provide an impact of meaning within each and every color used. It’s a good idea to work with those attributes – to give them life as it were. This article covers much of what you need to know to begin integrating color meanings into your readings. You only need to know the attributes of the colors and pay attention to them when you read. In the end, it’s all a matter of applying your intuition, as well as the knowledge you’ve gained through experience.

I had performed an in-depth study to derive my own meanings from color within tarot images some time ago; I now share the results with you. I went broad-spectrum within this presentation.

Color Meanings

White: Refers to the feminine aspect of the Moon, positivity, purity, innocence, wholeness, new beginnings, spirituality, virginity, kindness, cleansing, completion, faith, renewal, peace, safety, communication, coordination, organization, versatility, illumination, brilliance, Heaven, spirit, aether, cleanliness, softness, winter, putting one’s best presentation of self forward, is representative of white light (which contains all other colors); and clarity of logic and thought.

White Negatives: May refer to being high strung, sterility, blandness, feelings of anxiety, or mourning.

Chakra: crown.

 Black:  Mystery, night and darkness, potentiality, distance, regeneration, exploration, responsibility, subconscious, buried deep within the psyche, transformation, renewal, rebirth, reflection, meditation, hidden strengths, spirit, aether; and a breakthrough revelation after a period of difficulty.

 Black Negatives:  Feeling bound within authority, slow change, slowness, limitations, restriction, destructiveness, dark secrets, concealment, negativity, pessimism, upheaval, obsession, a thirst for power, void, fear, oppression, death, mourning, ignorance, and evil.

Chakra: root/base.

Red: Fire, heat, energy, force, strength, courage, passion, ambition, motivation, enthusiasm, justice, urgency, speed, activity, intensity, sacred, affluence, abundance, sexuality, wealth, power, prestige, love, blood (as a life source), inspiration, vitality, instinctual urges, protection (offered us by Christ’s sacrifice); and is representative of virtues.

Red Negatives: Defending one’s life or survival; lust, embarrassment, anger, warning, sacrifice, ‘stop’, danger, and death.

Chakra: root/base.

Orange: Courage, fire, energy, motivation, vibrant, vitality, joy, flamboyant, uninhibited, drive, activity, attention-getting, extrovert, creativity, change, the season of autumn, ambition, enthusiasm, spontaneity, warmth, sociable, friendly, kind, tolerant, stimulation, attraction, plenty, assertive, excitement, thoughtful, outspoken, free-spirited, compassionate, passion-fired, curious, adaptable, sympathetic, encouragement, happiness, balancing sexual desire with logic, open, demonstrative, communicative, successful, and healthy.

Orange Negatives: Deceit, distrust, lacks patience, show-off, disloyal, dislikes being alone, aloof, arrogant, self-centered, pessimistic, superficial.

Chakra: sacral.

 Yellow:  Life, life force, the mind, air, fire, creativity, imagination, brilliance, joyfulness, happiness, glowing, spirituality, optimistic, peace, logic & reason, cheerful, clarity, hope, identity, friendship, heat, summer, intellect, vitality, self control, purposeful, organized, proud, idealistic, in control, confident, energetic, and enthusiastic.

 Yellow Negatives:  Caution, stern, impatient, controlling, overly critical, judgmental, cowardice, betrayal, and deceitfulness.

Chakra: solar plexus.

Green: Growth, earth, life, freshness, energy, healing, quick change, peace, vigor, hope, the season of spring, nature, refreshing, youth, rejuvenation, material possessions, generosity, prosperity, learning, balance, ambition, charity, money, renewal, resurrection, health, affluence, harmony, fertility, Christmas, finances, environmental concern, abundance, luck, success, wellness and well-being, safety, stability, forgiveness, endurance, compassion, true unconditional love; and it’s a sign to proceed (as like the traffic light color). Within nature, all that is animal, vegetable, and mineral.

Green Negatives: Greed, jealousy, envy, inexperience, unfortunate, and misfortune.

Chakra: heart.

Blue: Emotion, water, air, truth, logic, reason, intuitive, spirituality, power, authority, psychic, subconscious, cosmic, harmony, peace, balance in spirit, communication, healing, honesty, sky, wisdom, loyalty, fidelity, faith, meditation, religion, growth, affluence, prosperity, money, patriotic, wealth, winning, happiness, fertility of the mind, knowledge, employment, tranquility, serenity, patience, understanding, philosophy, order, orderliness, devotion, sincerity, immortality, sleep, protection while sleeping, twilight, astral projection, optimism, calm, stability, unity, trust, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, and technology.

Blue Negatives: Cold, irresponsible, cruelty, depression, sad, and aloof.

Chakra: throat.

Purple: Spirit, spirituality, aether, water, compassion, power, luxury, dignity, elegance, spiritual leader or teacher, possessing of a spiritual awareness, nobility, royalty, ceremony, piety, sanctity, sentimentality, abundance, wisdom, grand ideals, independent, strong, spiritual protection, magic, healing, psychic ability, the sub-conscious mind, mystical, mystery, transformation, and enlightenment.

Purple Negatives: Cruelty, arrogance, restlessness, decadence, conceit, tension, sadness, and pomposity.

Chakra: crown.

Brown: The Earth, earth, stability, grounding, wholesomeness, rooted, down to earth, material possessions, concentration, focus, dedication, commitment, pets and animals, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability, responsibility, slow-paced, dependable, physically strong, hard-working, elbow-grease, comfort, endurance, industrious, simplicity, the material world, and the mundane.

Brown Negatives: Stagnant, lazy, dirty, irresponsible, boring, dull, slow to a fault, unreliable, broken, defective, weak.

Chakra: sacral, root/base and earth star; also, when strongly yellowish, the solar plexus.

Grey: Wisdom, balance, infinite possibility (as a combination of black and white), inner truth/knowledge, practicality, reliability, mature, calm, stability, cool, conservative, neutral, indefinite, modesty, compromise, uniformity, conformity, and advanced in age.

Grey Negatives: Boring, depression, poor health, fear, indecision, stressful, anxiety, confusion, sorrow, dullness, lacking in identity, narrow minded, unwilling to compromise, emotional distancing or detachment.

Chakra: root/base and earth star; also, when silvery, the crown.

 Pink:  Innocent love, unconditional love, joy, happiness, affectionate, nurturing, romance, beginnings, new, fresh, intimate, feminine, caring, compassion, innocence, childlike, relaxation, contentment, thoughtful, purity, softness, beauty, grace, tenderness, kindness, calm, young, acceptance, understanding, give and take, idealistic, and nostalgia.

 Pink Negatives:  Naivete, rose-colored glasses, a childlike outlook, a childish attitude, childlike ignorance.

Chakra: heart.

Indigo: Wisdom, depth, mastery of spirit and self, religion, integrity, equal justice for all, ability to access inner wisdom, inner knowledge, ritual, intuition, thinking outside of the box, meditation, preferring or needing solitude, management of personal issues, tradition, organization, structure, introspective, an ability to use honed intuitive skill to find answers; sincerity, and devotion.

Indigo Negatives: A tendency towards melodrama, addiction-prone, workaholic, overzealous.

Chakra: pineal/third eye.

Astrological Attributes Associated with Color in Tarot

Astrological attributes – Mercury, Chiron (which is a minor planet), and the Moon.
Star signs: Virgo and Cancer.

Astrological attributes – Mercury, Chiron; and the Moon.
Star signs: Virgo and Cancer (the same as pink).

Astrological attribute – Mars.
Star sign: Aries.

Astrological attribute – Mercury.
Star sign: Gemini.

Astrological attribute – The Sun.
Star sign: Leo.

Astrological attributes – Venus and Ceres (Ceres is both a dwarf planet and a comet).
Star signs: Libra and Taurus.

Astrological attribute – Jupiter.
Star sign: Sagittarius.

Astrological attributes – Jupiter and Neptune.
Star sign: Pisces.

Astrological attributes – Jupiter and Neptune.
Star sign: Pisces (the same as indigo).

Astrological attributes – Saturn, Uranus; and the Moon.
Star signs: Aquarius and Cancer.

Astrological attribute – Venus.
Star sign: Libra.

Astrological attributes – Saturn, Mars; and Pluto, which is a plutoid.
Star signs: Capricorn and Scorpio.

Image Chart: Direction as Associated with Color in Tarot

tarot: the color of direction chart

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Invoke St. Michael Archangel – And Why You Might Want to do So

St. Michael Archangel Vanquishing Satan
Wikimedia File: St. Michael Archangel
Vanquishing Satan


The main reason anyone would want to invoke St. Michael the Archangel, would be to have him defend them when feeling vulnerable or open to some sort of attack, be that spiritual or other.

As humans we all have unique lives. Your life won’t be like mine in many ways, and mine won’t be like my neighbor’s – that’s a fact. But one thing that we can be fairly certain of is that there comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel weak, alone and in fear. Of course not everyone will feel this to the same degree. When you feel scared to the depth of your being you probably can't think of anything worse, and it is not only damaging to your emotional health, but it is damaging to your spirit as well.

If ever you find yourself at such a critical point in your life, it will help you to know that St. Michael the Archangel is available to you as a strong protector. He will come to defend you in your time of need – all you need to do is ask. I know this to be the truth; as a matter of fact it’s what allows me to feel qualified to write this piece, I have been there.

Asking for St. Michael the Archangel’s Protection in Times of Dire Need

by Joodhe

Some time back I was scared out of my wits, to the point that I felt a need to call upon St. Michael the Archangel. That part of my story has been told elsewhere on this site – My Story of Dennis, Sheer Terror and Orgonite – Part I. In my case, when I invoked Michael the Archangel, I couldn’t immediately pick up on his presence, and therefore didn’t recognize myself as being safe from what was happening. In hindsight I feel Michael was there from when he was first asked to come help me. I kept praying his invocation prayer, and at some point I suddenly felt that Archangel Michael was touching my back.

Michael’s hand was huge and gentle. I knew he had put his hand upon me to let me know that he was there to protect me. At that point the fear I was experiencing lessened dramatically. Of course I still wanted the uncomfortable situation to end; but I knew beyond a doubt that I would be safe as long as Michael the Archangel was there with me.

Now here’s the neat part, at such time you may ever need to call upon (invoke) St. Michael the Archangel for help, all you do is recite his prayer. It is as follows:

“St. Michael the Archangel
Defend us in battle;
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly host,
By the Divine Power of God,
Thrust into hell Satan,
And all the evil spirits,
Who roam throughout the world
Seeking the ruin of souls.”


st michael archangel statue
St Michael Archangel Statue on Amazon

On top of the words above, I chose to add small blocks of prayer verbiage of my own in-between recitations to ensure that St. Michael understood that I needed him in my vicinity. The verbiage I chose was to direct the energy of the prayer above. Whereas this prayer asks for Michael’s help, but doesn’t speak verbiage that would necessarily call him to one’s side; I added words that did specifically call him to be in my presence. It was something that felt necessary for me to do.

If you do the same, feel free to express the invitation to St. Michael Archangel in your own words. That said, here is the example of what I had used:

“Beloved St. Michael Archangel,
I need you to defend me; the strength of your presence is required.
Please be at my side oh mighty one.”


Why Ask St. Michael the Archangel for Protection?

St. Michael the Archangel was the one that threw Lucifer, the fallen archangel and his minions from Heaven to the Abyss when they revolted against God. He has proven his mettle in full.

Asking St. Michael the Archangel for Protection in Less than Critical Times

On top of turning to him when in dire need, we can also pray to St. Michael the Archangel in request that he protect us on a daily basis. Seeing as this is something he is willing to do for us, and it’s something positive and beneficial – why not?

If you wish to ask St. Michael the Archangel to protect you during non-critical times, in every way – physically, emotionally and spiritually; view the video directly below. The clip shows a fellow demonstrating how it’s done. The way he does it, if you watch his piece with the appropriate focus and as he suggests, he is making the request to St. Michael on your behalf. That said you can use his example to perform the task yourself whenever you need to.

St. Michael the Archangel and Exorcism

It’s said that as Michael the Archangel is known to have the strength and ability to defend us all against Satan and his followers, he should be the one we call upon when needing to protect ourselves against demon spirits. I can’t comment on this from personal experience; but I know it’s the absolute first thing I’d try if the circumstance ever arose.

The video directly below outlines a recommended prayer to conduct an exorcism with St. Michael’s help.

An Afterthought

PS – I realize that there are many people, such as myself who recognize that Satan and the Devil were created by religions to make followers more obedient. That said, there are some times, such as within these protection rituals, that I accept the terms for what they are – part of a ritual to protect against unidentifiable negative energies.

If we dissected what it is that Archangel Michael might be called to protect us from, it could be anything. Well for this purpose it has a generic name – Satan, the Devil and so on. To me, these names represent an energy or perhaps simply a lack of light that appears as darkness. That’s utilizing the KISS rule for maximum benefit.

Words, yes we can adjust them to taste if we wish, or we can open our hearts and minds for them to work within protection rituals as they will, despite technicalities proposed by nomenclature.

What I am saying here is that if terms such as Devil and Satan offend you (in the suggested protection rituals), you are certainly free to change them. I see why you may feel you should. Whatever works for you is best.

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