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Magickal Properties of Crabgrass

Crabgrass, a magickal herb. Image is a Wikimedia file.
The uploader was Richard Arthur Norton, at English Wikipedia.

Crabgrass in Magick

Article by J.C.

Herb name: Crabgrass
Family name: Grass
Element: Air
Gender: Male
Planetary attribution: Uranus
Deities: Osiris, Ares, Jupiter, "God"
Scientific name: Digitaria
Etymology: the root word "crab" once had a meaning of "malignant and cancerous"; this meaning is now obsolete.

Crabgrass, it's a weed (well most varieties are), and a weed by any other name is still a weed. But can a weed--or more specifically, can crabgrass, be used in magick?  Yes it can!  And it may seem bizarre to use a weed in magick, but imagine if it could be harvested and sold for big bucks, then everyone would soon be made aware of its magickal and metaphysical properties...

This information was brought to my attention by an entity that came to me. He said that when one desires to meet a certain goal and needs to put themselves ahead of the pack in order to do so,  this is an herb of choice. Not only that, it has another major magickal power--for those that struggle due to being unique in the way that they are--that they are not like sheep and are more like goats or black sheep, this herb is a power herb for them. Being unique is part of their power, and this herb will help them harness their powers and be more at peace in a world not entirely ready for them.

Crabgrass is a beneficial herb for global and societal improvement magick. Thus when one is doing magick to move away from corruption, poor economy, for governmental change, or for humanitarian reasons... this herb should be on their list of tools.

Da'ath and Void Magick

Furthermore, magick related to the sphere of Da'ath will also be enhanced by crabgrass. Why? Because crabgrass exists one season, and into the next season there is a large vacancy (void) left where it was. It is that very void that allows it to thrive in that next season. Though Da'ath is technically not a void, it can easily be symbolically represented by one. *And of course to cross the Abyss one must deal with Da'ath, which is not the Abyss but is in it. So then, metaphorically speaking, Da'ath is crabgrass within the void patch of the Abyss. 

Weeds are only weeds when they are interfering or encroaching. Knowledge is the same way, and without being understood it is absolutely useless. But with understanding, knowledge is powerful indeed. Those who judiciously apply their knowledge and wisdom, are the truly powerful--again metaphorically like crabgrass in a sense, but in a positive light this time (thank you to Adam K, for sharing this wise observation [from point of asterisk]). Along this same vein, crabgrass heightens disintegration magick, and also banishing magick, and any magick relative to a void, or creating one in any way.

How to use it: the simplest way, is to get a tealight burner with adjustable-height tray. Cut your harvested crabgrass small and burn it in the tray. You can of course also use an electric incense burner, can burn it loose atop charcoal, or can make your own incense from it if that rings your bell. You can even burn it atop lit incense cones. Alternatively you can make an oil of crabgrass and anoint candles, or burn it as an oil on charcoal. Just keep in mind that burning it loose or as an oil, it should be combined with more fragrant but complementary herbs or resins. Cinnamon is but one good choice, dragon's blood is another. In banishing magick, combine it with asafoetida, for a most powerful combination.

Meditations: you can meditate with crabgrass too, on these same general topics.

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An Approach to Magick for Beginners :: Part 2, Lesson 1 by Adam K.

Forest magick
Magick in the woods

The Beginning Magician; Lesson 1: What is Magick?

by Adam K.

Seriously, though... what is magick? Because surely this would be a helpful thing to know before one begins a study of it, right?

Crowley defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change in conformity with Will.” This doesn't just apply to metaphysical things, but also to one's everyday acts of conscious will. But how does it apply? 

Well, here is an example, which is this author's standby as it's so concise. Say that you have the goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. Obviously your goal may be more precisely defined, but for our purposes this will suffice. In order to accomplish this goal, one must dedicate to a change in habits and behaviors that are conducive to a change in oneself and/or one's environment. This requires one to have a will strong enough to remain dedicated to such changes.

But then let's say said individual also has the desire to eat jelly donuts and chocolate chip cookies like they are going out of style. Obviously, that sort of desire is going to be in conflict with the fitness and health goals they've set. Magick in this case is changing oneself in accordance with one's will, and being able to do so despite the contradictory desires one is facing.

Will is Dual Aspected

In the above example we can also see an illustration of two types of desire. One is the desire we call the will. It is action. The other is the desire of impulse; it is reaction. Thus for practicality of purpose, one's will and one's desires will thus be seen as two different things. In order to perform magick successfully, one must learn to harmonize one's desires with one's will. If this cannot be done, then one must choose between accomplishing the goals of one's will and simply doing whatever one wants at any given moment. In the words of Liber AL vel Legis, the primary holy book of Thelema, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” This means to do your will, and not to just do whatever you want. And that, my friends, is Magick.

This concept we call will is central to the practice of magick, and more so to the concept of Thelema. In fact, Thelema is Greek for Will. It is one's will, rather than one's belief or faith, that fuels magick. In fact, like gravity or any other natural phenomenon, magick doesn't require faith to work. It requires only willed action. The proof that magick works is its success. As Liber AL says, “Success is thy proof...” The magician has no convenient excuse if his magick stalls. He cannot say that a lack of faith is why one fails, as is the excuse for why prayers so often go unanswered.

Oddly, it does require a great deal of faith to believe magick does not work. That, coupled with a tendency to put no real effort into the task of performing or practicing magick, will guarantee failure. Like any task, if you don't perform properly or to completion, you will not get the desired results. If you want your magick to work, you must actually do the work!

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While that may seem simple enough, it tends not to be so easy. It should come as no surprise that if will is the key to magick, one should develop exceptional willpower in order to more readily succeed. Try to see will and willpower as separate but related things. The will is that which is to be accomplished. Willpower is the driving force and determination--the power, necessary to get it done.

There are a number of ways to strengthen one's willpower, and, naturally, they are not easy. We will attempt here to describe one method of accomplishing this task in a fairly straightforward fashion. We'll launch straight into the solution in the next section.

What are Pranayama and Asana, and how can they help with magick? 

These two terms come from yoga. Pranayama can loosely and poorly be defined as the yogic control of the breath. Asana can also loosely and poorly be defined as proper posture. While these can be simple, they are, like magick, not so easily mastered. It is this simplicity which makes them a fantastic way to strengthen one's willpower, however. So here we will give a rather simple, straightforward routine for doing just that.

Crowley once proclaimed in Yoga for Yahoos, Fourth Lecture, Asana and Pranayama, that he had once reduced the whole doctrine of Yoga to this simple phrase: “Sit still. Stop thinking. Shut up. Get out!” That does pretty much sum the whole thing up. So we will start with a simple asana called God Posture, because sitting still is what this one is all about.

A chair will be needed that allows the feet to be flat on the ground with the inner ankles and big toes just barely touching one another. The forelegs should be flat to the chair as well, with the knees together. The back should be straight as if at attention, with the elbows tucked in at one's sides. The hands should be laying palms down and flat on the corresponding thighs, fingers and thumbs together as in a military salute. The head should be facing directly forward and slightly tilted up. The mouth should be closed, and the eyes should be focused on a point just above the horizon. Picture the manner in which Egyptian gods are often portrayed as sitting and you will get the idea. And there you have the reason it is called God Posture.

A simple yet effective breathing exercise that can be used as a sort of beginner pranayama is this. While seated in God Posture, with the mouth closed and the tongue sealed against the roof of the mouth, slowly and steadily inhale for a count of a full two seconds. Fill the lungs from the bottom to the top. Then, exhale slowly and completely for a count of four seconds, this also from the bottom to the top. Do this for sixty seconds without moving any part of your body, maintaining your visual focus on the spot in front of you and above your horizon while emptying your mind of all other thoughts except “breathe.” After the first sixty seconds, begin inhaling for four seconds and exhaling for eight seconds in the same way as before. While breathing, try to do so without making any sound. Just breathe calmly, smoothly, and evenly.

If it helps, use a metronome to keep the count for the breathing exercise. Metronome apps can be downloaded for free on most devices. The amount of time spent on this exercise should progressively increase as the practice of it moves forward. A recommendation would be to do it for ten minutes a day for one week, then increase the time spent in the posture one minute per week until one hour can be spent in the posture with proper breath control and a complete lack of movement. It can be guaranteed that a great deal of willpower is required to accomplish this.

It is advisable to keep a journal of progress in this and all other practices throughout the magical journey. This allows one to gauge progress and results in a more efficient, scientific fashion. The following is an example of how to keep such a journal.

What is a Magical Diary, and how do you keep one? 

The Magical Diary or journal, whatever you prefer to call it, is a record of your daily magical practices, your dreams, and all the things that directly or indirectly may affect you practices. These things may include, but are not limited to, the weather, foods and liquids consumed, the time of day, moon phase, your emotions, the ritual or action performed, an objective description of how well or poorly you performed, the results of your performance, and so on. Each entry should indicate the date, day, and time of the entry. There exists a vast variety of instructions for how to keep a journal of this kind, and many are actually quite good. I would recommend one called Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary by the author James Wasserman, who is a respected member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a primarily Thelemic magical order.

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In the opening of every issue of Crowley's periodical, The Equinox, there is the phrase “The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion**.” This means that a scientific methodology is used to arrive at the results hoped for in religion. Part of that methodology involves the keeping of clear and detailed records of one's experiences within magical practices; it should be clear why the keeping of a journal of this nature is important. Furthermore, it is recommended for one to gain a clear understanding of scientific methodology. In short, the steps of the scientific method are as follows:

1. Ask a question for which you desire an answer.
2. Do background research relevant to the question.
3. Construct a hypothesis that explains what outcome you believe will result, meaning what you believe the answer to your question will ultimately be.
4. Test the hypothesis with experimentation.
5. Determine if the procedure of experimentation is working.

a) If yes, the procedure of experimentation is working, analyze the data and draw conclusions.

- If results align only partially or not at all with the hypothesis, use the gathered data as background research for a new project and go back to step 3.

When results do align with the hypothesis, journal the results and communicate them.

b) If no, the procedure of experimentation is not working, troubleshoot the procedure and carefully check the steps and set-up, then return to step 4.

In science, one learns as much from failure as from success. The same is true in magick. It is not necessarily a bad thing when a hypothesis is proven wrong. Many incredible things have been discovered by accident or by “failure” in scientific experimentation. So do not become discouraged when results are not as expected. Rather, repeat the procedure numerous times and note whether the results are the same each time. If they are, then a way has been discovered to achieve those results. If the results might be considered useful in some way, then a success has been had. If the same results are not accomplished each time however, there is a variable that is not being controlled or accounted for. That's what step 5 above is all about.

This should be plenty to keep the fledgling magician busy for a week. The next segment of this article will be out soon. Until then, keep to the practices and be sure to journal, journal, journal.


**The aim of religion, at least from the thelemite perspective, is Union with God, or the collective soul, or the universal consciousness, or whatever you ultimately discover to be the truth. The method of science is to discover things through experimentation, the gathering and objective observation of evidence, and the goal of disproving what you hope to prove.

If through serious, concerted, relentless effort, you cannot disprove a thing, it may be true. Then your task becomes to, through the same effort, prove your hypothesis. If you consistently reach the same conclusions through repeated and repeatable experimentation, your theory becomes legitimate until such point as it is disproven. The method of religion is to believe in a thing entirely based on faith, with no real evidence to support your belief. See the difference?

This series is still in the works. So far we've posted the Preamble, and this, and shortly we'll have Lesson 2 up. 

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Obsidian Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Obsidian pieces. Wikimedia Commons file, [Public domain]

What Obsidian Is

Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass, that forms from molten lava when it is cooled very quickly. Minerals that have a crystalline structure usually develop it over time, unlike obsidian, which does not have a crystalline structure as it is formed so very fast. Thus it is not a crystal, but an amorphous glass and a mineraloid. Glass-like obsidian is opaque but for in shallower areas of a stone. It is most commonly black, but comes in a range of other colors, including brown, tan, green, and grey; far less common are golden sheen and silver sheen obsidian. Such sheens are brought about by tiny gas bubbles trapped under a stone's surface. Rainbow obsidian is formed in a similar way to silver and golden sheen obsidian, but requires nanoparticle inclusions of magnetite to produce the rainbow quality. Other uncommon colors include orange, yellow, blue, and red.

When brown and black obsidian are both present and somewhat interspersed within one stone, you have what is called mahogany obsidian; black obsidian spotted with grey, or grey and white, is called snowflake obsidian. There are a fair few black stones that look similar to black obsidian, including jet, onyx, black tourmaline, and black jasper; but they are all remarkably different in their qualities. Obsidian is relative to the Base chakra, and also to the Earth Star chakra.

Black obsidian rough (public domain image, Pixabay)

Black Obsidian

With its blacker than black coloration (or lack of color really) and its silky smooth finish, it is a spiritual rush even to look at black obsidian. It shields us to negativity, from others and from our respective environment. It guides us to embrace honesty and truth, and to act with discretion and self discipline. It brings an awareness of inner truths, and guides one towards achieving inner harmony, and of course subsequently outer harmony. As well, black is symbolic of all that is unknown and all that can potentially be; thus black obsidian's energies encourage us to engage in new adventures, to investigate new opportunities without fear, and to discover and work with new aspects of self.

Black obsidian creates a prime setting for mental acuity by cleansing the mind of negative energies. Emotions relative to past traumas are eased away, along with fear. With negativity gone, one is free to act from a perspective of truth, and will be more caring, understanding, and tolerant. Black obsidian will also help one to overcome feelings of weakness due to perceiving themselves as faulty or somehow inferior. Some blockages are hard-wired, and meditation on this stone can speed up the process of healing them over. In relationships black obsidian helps keep things real, as it filters out energies other than beneficial, compassionate, and caring ones. Additionally, it is a grounding stone. And if you have a super-toxic relationship in your life, that you cannot step aside from, when you know you must meet up, carry black obsidian to shield yourself.

Black obsidian can be a valuable tool to keep peace in a family with rebellious teens and children. For a job interview, keep some in your pocket (especially along with blue quartz), as it will help you communicate effectively and present as more authoritative and classy. In physical healing it detoxifies, supports healthy blood flow; and alleviates pain, thus helps with arthritic conditions.

One point when working with black, and also grey stones--they both take energies to some degree, and thus need to be dealt with in ways to prevent too much energy from being siphoned away. One way to avoid problems in this sense, is to program such stones wisely. Another way, is to not have black and or grey stones, be the bulk of stones present over a long period of time.

In the marketplace, you will find that some so-called black obsidian is in fact colored glass.

Green Obsidian

Green obsidian provides energies similar to those of nature, so it provides an uplift similar to what spending time outside and in a rich green setting would. Thus it is an invaluable stone for those who are housebound, or for pets who must spend much time indoors. It draws affluence and supports fertility; too it can be used in money magick rituals. If you are feeling stuck in some way, this stone will help you get unstuck--starting with assisting you to change the perspective that got you there. Protects against psychic attack, and also supports plant growth. Green obsidian creates balance with in the overall chakra system, beginning with the heart chakra. Furthermore it creates ease within volatile interpersonal situations. Green obsidian is rarely a naturally formed crystal, but even so the fake variety is made of mica, and thus is fine in that sense--if it is fine for you personally.

Blue Obsidian

Blue obsidian is relative to the higher heart and throat chakras. It supports effective communication, and assists in maintaining a state of calm. It reduces stress and anxiety, and urges one to grow away from fear based thinking and related blockages. Blue obsidian encourages thoughtfulness and consideration in interactions with others, and also loyalty. Furthermore, it assists in overcoming the grief of heartbreak. In health it supports the immune system, helps with throat health issues, stimulates overall healing, and reduces pain and inflammation. This too is rarely other than a man-made glass.

Golden Sheen Obsidian

Golden sheen obsidian supports divination; also, when a person sees their world primarily from a perspective relative to their own ego driven needs, this stone guides them towards creating balance and harmony in interactions with others. Additionally it provides a connection with divine source energy, which brings about efficient problem solving abilities and awareness. However, keep in mind that this relates to the masculine side of divine energies, which is half of them. Silver obsidian would provide a natural balance, giving one tools to engage in a wider range of workings.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany obsidian is beneficial for those who have experienced abuse and trauma, both emotional and physical. In healing emotions, it allows one to see damage to their psyche sustained from hardship endured from the actions of others; it urges them to discover how to work through it and heal. When a person has suffered ongoing abuse, their aura weakens, and this stone serves as a special aura shield and strengthener for them as they heal. It is a strongly protective stone, and is ideal for someone undergoing psychic attack. Additionally, it discourages one from repeating past mistakes. In physical healing mahogany obsidian supports blood flow, reduces pain, and encourages toxins to leave the body.

Snowflake obsidian. Wikimedia Commons file. By Benjamint444. GFDL

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian brings wisdom upon meditation. The type of knowledge it brings, addresses when one is looking to grow away from a negative outlook and related peripheral problems, onto awareness and spiritual peace and harmony. It urges us to integrate shadow self aspects, assists as we work to re-integrate into society, and supports a positive attitude when dealing with change. Snowflake obsidian supports blood flow, and also healing within the vascular system and bones. It alleviates fear, and supports subtle communications from one's spirit guides. In non-contact method made healing waters, snowflake obsidian can be used to heal the skin. Furthermore, snowflake obsidian is a strongly protective stone, that also provides energies of stability.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian helps one move beyond habits and behavior that is detrimental to themselves, and assists those that are emotionally oversensitive to create harmony and stability within themselves. It supports positive energies, thus helps manifest happiness, love, compassion, healing, abundance, etc. Furthermore, it alleviates fear; and through times of hardship, this stone's energies urge one to see the brighter side of things and maintain hope.

Peacock Obsidian

Peacock obsidian supports all metaphysical, magickal, and shamanic abilities and processes.

Apache Tears

Apache tears quickly and effectively clear the aura of negativity, and assist one to work through grief, emotional trauma, anxiety, and distress. Once one has removed hardship, trauma, and toxicity from their life, this stone helps them find ways to heal more fully--to fill in whichever voids that remain. Additionally it supports one to keep a calm demeanor and avoid confrontational behavior, and as well influences those around them in the same way.

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Silver sheen obsidian is highly protective stone. It is an asset to protection in OBEs and soul travel; and also allows one to see the qualities they possess that create conflict for them within their world, that thus are better moved away from. It encourages patience, and also clarity in speech and communications. Additionally it serves as an effective tool in divination, and provides grounding during meditation. See Golden Sheen Obsidian above, for more insight.

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Beginnings in Magick (How to Become a Magician)


Entering the World of the Magician (the series preamble, Part 1)

by Adam K.

The word magick (which is a very different thing from Magic) inspires all kinds of notions. For some it invokes Harry Potter-esque images of fireballs, animal transmutations, and various other kinds of Hollywood inspired imagery. Others may see it as a way to open psychological doors closed within their own lives. And to others yet, it will seem like an exciting career path.

Then there are those for whom it is a mere word, as it is something they grew up with and have always known. It has been a regular part of their existence their whole life. They may even have a definition of magick that closely resembles what others may define as something else entirely, like science, or self help, or any number of other more socially acceptable words. But to the person in question, magick is not a mysterious, supernatural force. It is simply a way to get things done in their own world. The point is that it ignites a curiosity and a sense of excitement in many. Its appeal revolves around power for some, enlightenment for others, and personal growth for still others. In this article the intent is to share some basic concepts that will allow anyone to know that they are already a magician if they make the active, knowing choice to be one.

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Every person has all that is needed to practice the fundamentals of magick right now. Something as simple as your finger can be your wand, but even that isn't really necessary because the mind can house the entire temple and all the weapons and tools of the magician. The problem is that the art has been hidden from the masses for a long time. Society has built mental barricades that prevent people from believing in their own power. Because of this it isn't easy for people to accept certain realities. Faith in society's “reality” prevents them from questioning the notion that magick isn't real. They could quickly learn enough to engage in magical practices that would change their lives if not for this.

witch, magician
But this doesn't mean that learning magick is quick and easy. In fact it is more accurate to say that it is a practiced art, and only those who are willing to put forth the effort to learn the basics of magick, mysticism, even physics and particle physics, are going to have real success. In fact, Aleister Crowley once described magick as “the method of science, the aim of religion.” There is a strong implication that one should approach magick in a scientific, objective, and well educated fashion. But also there is the implication that magick is a tool for personal realization and not material gain. That is why the mind is the temple before all else for the magician learning his craft.

From the way some roll their eyes when they hear the word "magick," one can easily see that many put no stock in it as a genuine practice. However, any practitioner worth their salt would be able to tell you straight to your face when they have seen success in magick, and success would be their proof.

Don't Just Follow--But Innovate

There are always people wanting to learn magick. It is a highly individual endeavor primarily fueled by the intent and will of the person. The best spells and rituals are those crafted by the person or persons performing them, but that doesn't mean one cannot learn from what was crafted by others. All knowledge is useful, after all. Just don't be trapped in the notion that you must only use that which has come before. Magick by its very nature is innovative. So innovate.

What is magick? Why is someone already a magician simply by deciding to be one? (< this one addressed earlier in). For that matter, why is magick spelled with a K? And, why is Aleister Crowley relevant to magick? Be just a little patient, and this article will attempt to touch on each of these things and more. Keep your mind open (but not so open that your brain falls out!). And be forewarned, Aleister Crowley and his words will probably be referenced quite a bit.

On Referencing Crowley

That bit about keeping an open mind--it definitely applies where Crowley is concerned. The background concerning magick from which the author will largely draw is a philosophical field (some even say a religion) known as Thelema. Many who have little knowledge concerning Thelema have much to say about it, which comes from a poor understanding of the subject matter--knowing only that Aleister Crowley founded it and therefore it must be bad, or evil. The obvious advice is to study the subject for yourself using sources both from within and outside the world of Thelema and to reach your own conclusions concerning it.

Why Magick and Not Magic?

The letter K is the eleventh letter of the English alphabet. In some systems of magick that predominate in the western world, the number 11 corresponds with magick. This correspondence and the significance given to it derives from a method of Hebrew numerology called Gematria. Gematria is directly related to the Qabalah. In numerous Magickal Orders, including the famous (infamous?) Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, there is a Grade or Degree system based upon the structure of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. In that system, each sphere on the tree is numbered, 1 through 10. When the Grade of the Aspirant in the Order is added to the number of the Sphere (Sephirah) the Grade corresponds to, the result is always 11. There are also many other reasons the number 11 is significant to Magick, and more are discovered each year. This needs to be brought up from time to time, as it is a common belief that the k spelling is based on nothing more than whim.

But on a more basic and obvious level, the letter K is added to the word Magick simply to differentiate it from the stage tricks and illusions of David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Chriss Angel (each of whom ia an astoundingly talented individual in their own right). Magic tricks the viewer into thinking a change has taken place. In Magick, the change has actually taken place.

What's the Deal With Thelema?

It is difficult, at least for this author, to talk about magick without also discussing Thelema. For many, they are one and the same. This is why Crowley will show up in this article. He is the prophet who introduced Thelema to the world. He is also the reason magick is organized and practiced the way it is now. So bear with me. This is a large subject but it is possible to break it down to bite sized bits for an introduction to the subject.

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The Breakdown

This article will be in multiple parts so as to make it easier for the digital reader to digest. Think of it as chapters. It isn't easy to predict how many chapters there will be, but including this preramble (see what I did there?) there should be this and eleven chapters. Hey, there's that number again!

I will attempt to get these chapters out as soon as possible in each individual case. I hope you enjoy reading; see ya soon with the next increment of this series!

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Asafoetida Herb, Powerful in Good and Baneful Magick

All You Need to Know About Asafoetida

Herb name: Asafoetida (also spelt asafetida/assafoetida) Other names are Devil's dung, stinking gum, hing, laser, asant, aza, food of the gods, and giant fennel.
Family: Apiaceae, or Umbelliferae; the celery/parsley/carrot family.
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Planetary attribution: Mars and Pluto; and is influenced by the Sun. Its pungent smell is ruled by Saturn.
Deities: Mars, Horus, Samael, and Satan
Scientific name: Ferula assa-foetida
Etymology: Asa, which is Farsi for 'resin,' and foetida, Latin for 'fetid.'

Describing Asafoetida

Asafoetida is a powerful herb, that stands among the strongest of all as a tool in magickal rites. As its main component is sulfur, it can substitute for sulfur in magickal workings; as well it can substitute for baneful herbs and Mars attributed herbs. It is a gum harvested from the rhizome of the Ferula assa-foetida plant. In magick its powder is most commonly used, but granules of its gum can be used as well. Most often it is burnt, but it's also worn or carried, and made into poultices. Raw, it cannot be ingested but in the smallest amounts, as it causes severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Much of the power of this plant is in the smell, and also in its concentration of sulfur. Make no mistake, it stinks, and its smell may lead some to feel nauseous or even vomit. Be sure to test your degree of sensitivity to its odor before using it in any significant amount. Though its smell repels, its sulfur content pulls attributes from the sun, which puts a positive spin on its overall properties. You will soon discover that asafoetida can be useful in an unusually wide range of magickal and healing applications, both good and bad.

Burn It

The powder can be burnt alone, or can alternatively be added to an incense blend (the blend can be made into cones or sticks, or burnt on a charcoal disk). When burned allowing for plenty of smoke, it is ideal as a smudge for space clearing, and also for banishing--even the most powerful of negative energies and entities can be banished with it. Furthermore asafoetida can be used to kill off energies of a spell that went awry; and can be used in exorcism rites. Keep some near your altar to burn as needed.

When subject to psychic vampirism, or for those who are sensitive to certain energies, burn it to create peace and protection. In such instances you'll want to burn it more regularly; thus create an incense blend, so that you aren't subject to its horrible smell on an ongoing basis. For preparing appropriate blends, know that its smell has a super charged oniony garlicky feel, and almost a gasoline like undertone as well; you'll be more successful choosing what goes in your blend with this in mind.

For Protection

When someone's giving you a hard time on an ongoing basis, take asafoetida powder or some granules and sprinkle it in front of their doorway or somewhere they'll walk; it will deter them from bothering you. As well it will return the negativity and malintent they send.

Other Magickal Properties

Asafoetida can be used as a high level offering in order to call upon any deity. Brings visions. Protects. Propels the power of magickal rites, but for valid reason should not be used in spirit conjuring, as it is the most effective tool if the magician should ever need one for banishing and thus should be reserved for that. Use it for spells to break habits and addictions, and also in meditative rites, and rites that require peace and calm. It energizes the brain in preparation for higher learning, and can be used in self purification rites. For someone who is confined by limitation of circumstance or oppression, asafoetida used in spellwork can break them free. Thwarts one's intent to self harm, self sabotage, or engage in negative activities. Dispels fear, promotes patience. Use it for spells to break through blockages to out of body experiences such as astral travel and soul travel. Use it in spellwork directed at passion and lust, anger issues, and manifestation.

In Meditiaton

If one can get past its unpleasant smell, it adds to mental stillness and also heightens that which relates to manifestation during meditation. As well, it is known to help a person see how they cause their own limitations, and helps them break through the restraints they have created for themselves.

In Baneful Magick

Burnt alone it heightens baneful magick energies. As well it can be burnt as an offering in order to get dark entities or deities to do your bidding. If someone is sending baneful magick to you, use it in a hex breaking spell.

In Healing

Asafoetida has a thinning effect on the blood, but is not stable in the effect that it has. It is not recommended for use in blood pressure regulation at all; over time with ongoing use, it may cause blood pressure irregularity. As well, it should not be ingested while healing after surgery; nor while pregnant, as the possibility of chromosomal damage presents. Use it in spells to heighten physical strength. Too, it helps with anxiety based and nervous conditions, and with digestive system issues. For digestive problems causing pain, it can be applied as a poultice. Asafoetida helps with respiratory issues and chronic fatigue. In some applications, an oil of it is best used, but then should only be used short term. Reminder though, the oil does not smell good. Additionally this herb is a vermifuge.

Near someone that's unwell, it serves to purify their system by releasing toxins through bodily processes. In fertility rites and also in rites of manifestation, it provides a strong male energy. And though it is said to be effective in repelling illness when worn as an amulet, well, who's going to try it, as it STINKS! Energetically speaking though, we can see it would keep illness away, but part of that would be due to the fact that it would keep people away. If anyone were to use it in such a way--to wear it as a charm, they could take a small granule and sew it into a cloth, dab that cloth with camphorated oil, and put another cloth outside of that and put another drop of camphorated oil on it.

In Cuisine

It has a strong and bitter taste, that like its smell is in line with onion and garlic. Asafoetida is used in the Middle East where it originated from, but more so in India, where it is primarily grown today. It is an ingredient in Worcestershire sauce, by the way. Additionally this spice is used in pickling, and its presence aids in digestion.

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Vision :: Lucifer's Tongue, and Its Meaning to Me

This piece was originally posted on May 23rd, on the author's Facebook page.

A photo of Lucifer at the Vatican. It looks much like how he did to me.

A Vision of Lucifer

I had a vision this morning... it was Lucifer, as a male this time (recently they'd been showing as a she for the most part); he stuck out his tongue. I could not figure at first what it was about. But it was held there long enough for me to definitively know what I was seeing.

Then the tongue turned into what looked like the path of a wooden bridge, but made of gold. So I was being shown to tell a story--I later on knew that it was to be the story of the fire last night. That's why I am telling you the long version... no explanation necessary, I am sure.

Lucifer in female form
This image is much how Lucifer looks when in female form. However, she
is a wee bit fuller and does not present with wings. 

The Story

It was later in the evening when I was sitting eating my delicious supper... my husband said "it's time to go--get in the truck!" I shifted my gaze to look over at the window, as the curtains had been pulled wide open so we could better see what was going on where the fire was, as it had been in close proximity for some time. We were told by the emergency crew that if there was a need to evacuate we'd be given notice, but in the panic it seems they forgot or did not have a chance. The fire had been moving in a specific way for a while, so we'd been in no immediate danger. But all of a sudden the wind picked up considerably and also changed direction, and thus it was heading towards us at an alarming speed. I'd never seen anything like it.

It was a big black wall of billowy smoke, with a large red core, and it was heading right for us, and was perhaps 100 yards away by then, perhaps less. The only thing between us and it, was a thin line of trees and the highway. We had only one neighbor within a two mile radius before, but for the in-laws, and now that neighbor's house is gone. It had been on the other side of the highway where the fire then was.

My husband had been doing some peripheral work with the fire crew--he volunteers with the local team, so he'd seen a lot of what the fire had already done. He was deeply upset, and said "it's coming directly for our house--we are going to lose the house." It looked as if our house would be toast within the next five to ten minutes at that point in time. But I said no, we will not. This conversation began as I was grabbing our already packed overnight bag. I stopped for a second and looked at the fire, and told it that it was not allowed to come this way. I did a mental exercise, visually pushing it back with water energy in my mind as we left the house.

While I sat there in the truck, there was the usual water bomber work we'd been seeing for the last while... they'd been working on the local fires for about four days, and this sector had been running wild for two. It easily had the capability to jump the highway with the conditions present. After I got in the truck, my husband stayed outside of it to water the grass more--we'd been doing some of that earlier, so that was a good thing.

It seems strange to say, but telling the fire it could not come this way seems to have stopped it from moving towards us so quickly. It was smoky and hard to tell, but I'd venture to say that it stopped moving this way entirely. I was not sure what to make of that. After going outside, I sat in the truck crafting huge and powerful psi balls, each one charged with this or that, that would have various effects. When I'd take a break to rest my arms, the fire would pick up again, so my work was having that great of an effect. I kept on until they took it out. They contained it and took it out entirely! To be clear--it had been running for days at a lower level and they'd been water bombing it all along. And when it began raging, that's when they managed to take it out. Magick can be truly amazing.

By the way, I do not take credit for the magick at all, only for the alliances I have made that allowed for it to happen. For this I called in a new dark lord to my team, one well known to be affiliated with water. Lucifer was there to amp my work, and I felt the support and presence of my entire daemon team. It was Lucifer and Lord Leviathan, that charged the psi balls for me. The balls were so energetically dense, that I could see and feel them. Oh yes, and I called in elementals too. I wish to add, that when I speak of Lucifer and not of Satan (they are both patron deities of mine), it's because the two often appear to me as a dual aspected being. Satan was very much a part of this.

The Relevance of the Vision of Lucifer

For some time now I've been wanting to add magick listings to my practice, but have been hesitant. My thought was, that because people do not know me, why would they have reason to put faith in my magick? So I sat on the idea and stayed with my spirit conjures, because I know conjures will sell. But now Lucifer has shown me by his vision, that people will know my magick, and this is the way to bring it in. I'm placing my faith with Lucifer, and as soon as the time is right, I'll put up all kinds of magick listings.

Anyway, a big thanks goes out to everyone for their concern for my husband and I during the fire; a better group of friends, one could not have. I will now look through the photos taken, and put up the ones that are clear enough. Apparently most are not clear, which is too bad. I apologize, as I have not yet learnt to take pics with my tablet, and my husband did not stop to take any while the fire was raging at its height... so the most important type of photo is not present (the pictures are at the very end of the post).

Later on I had the precise same vision, but with Metatron sticking out his tongue. At that point it seemed necessary to do more research and meditation, and more was discovered. Apparently it was also being suggested that I work with Babalon, Hekate, Lilith, and Kali. Too, there was a suggestion that I'm going to continue to be given messages from my deities and daemons, in order to write from them; and I'm not to fear to tell my truth. The names Babalon, Hekate, and Lilith, came to me via meditation, and Kali came as an impression picked up by a friend; each one of them is relative to the serpent, which a tongue is representative of. As well, in the case of Kali, the tongue is directly representative of her.

I will conclude this post with images from the day before the vision.

Water bomber plane
Here is a water bomber, and it is flying over an area where there is some fire burning and there had been an explosion
of some sort... perhaps a vehicle or a small fuel dispensing tank burnt.

Smoke covered sky
This is a view from the end of our driveway, looking down the highway. It gives an idea of how much area is affected
by wildfire burning right now. The fire that began it all, was from a local ATV club holding an event at a time when
they were not allowed to. You can see in the other pictures, that at this time the sky should have been blue.

Other peripheral fires were started simply from carelessness at a time when care was in order. One sector for example,

was from a guy burning leaves at a time when a fire warning was in effect.

Another water bomber plane
This one shows that beyond where the smoke was, that the sky was clear and blue. This plane is a water bomber too.

Where the house across the highway from us was
This is after the fire, after they took it out. This is a view of where the house across the street stood. The whole thing
went down, there is little left. The fire teams were burning a circle around the house at this time to further guarantee
that no fire would spread.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Are Occultism and Magick Bad? Productive?

Magick and tome

by Jude Chi

Today a Facebook acquaintance friend posed me with a multi-level question, that went something like this--"You do magick? Occult magick? Isn't that bad? Can you manifest things, love, or money for example? What can you tell me about dark, occult energies?" And as such questions are often asked, I wrote this post as a response:

I do magick, yes, but don't like dealing with love. I'll go so far as doing a spell that will draw a non-specific love partner. More people need to realize that even if one draws the ideal partner, that relationship will only be healthy if both partners behave in an ideal way...meaning that an ideal partner cannot carry the relationship for a partner who's not doing their part. And I absolutely do not do spells that draw a specific partner, because it outrightly contravenes free will. In black magick I don't mind contravening free will if it seems logical to do so, as even cutting someone off in traffic or causing someone blockage by making a decision that does not serve them contravenes free will, and we are circumstantially required to do such things all the time. But as it turns out, those that want to force a specific person to be with them, tend to be the ones that had the chance and blew it, and will not simply move on with the lesson. If one person does not want that, it should not be.

Yes, I do all kinds of occult magick. You ask if it is bad. Bad is a strange word in my opinion, because it assumes that to do a certain thing is not good, and that all that is not labeled bad, is good (and vice versa). These concepts, in our society, seem logical. They are not though. Once a person begins in magick they see more and more of this kind of insight.

There is no good, no bad, no right, no wrong. There are only things we do and think that have frequency vibrations. And when we think and do what we do, we draw to us what's in line with that. Furthermore, when we work with light forces, we are most comfortable in the light. When we work with dark forces, we are more comfortable in the dark. Walking between worlds, we are home everywhere.

This does not mean to say that one can ideally and should do exactly as they please. It means that to abide by one's true will--the will they have that directly aligns with their higher purpose--is the best they could be doing. It does not make them Teflon, but it will provide them with a rich, life experience. No one is immune to the lessons of the universe, no matter how they think or act, no matter what they believe. Pretending to be all light and love is a false jacket, and it too cannot make anyone Teflon. No one is truly all love and light, it cannot be. Where there is up there is down, east, west, truth, lies, light, dark, in, out. There is no end, this is true logic.

Occultism and magick are not bad, that I can guarantee you. However, if one harbors feelings that they might be, then they should not partake. Magick, whether light or dark, is the art of enabling and assisting your life to unfold as you'd want it to. Nothing bad going on. Occultism is much about learning to work with daemons and powerful energies, and also Qabalah, Qlipphoth and so on, and much of what's considered "darker." Now imagine darker to mean more like how an electrician works with both positive and negative energies, and cannot sensibly work with either alone. It is the same for us in this sense, but we have purposely been disempowered with false beliefs.

As it turns out, some of the most powerful energies are darker ones--but as logic would have it, it probably just seems that way--because the Qabalah shows us that light and dark are of the same level of power. The  fact that it seems there is more power available to us when we access the dark, is due to the fact that we have in essence tapped into the power society has shut us off from, as light alone is a weak source.

One more thing that's in line with what you are asking, is that there is a thing called Universal Justice; and with Universal Justice one can tweak the outcome of what people mistakenly call karma, to some degree. There is no karma, but the universe responds to us with the energy we put out, and we can adjust that frequency.

skulls, magick
Skulls, symbolic of communication within magick

Even when we take an action that absolutely does not serve us, there is no guarantee that we will draw any certain type of result, so there's a randomness involved. Still, ideally speaking, when doing black magick one should do something to offset certain actions. In other words, the person that is willing to engage in black magick, better have a good heart and had better be doing it for the right reasons, and should be discriminating in the work they take on. For example, if someone comes to them and says that so and so hurt me and I want them to suffer... the story of why should be heard and assessed, and if necessary, meditated on. The type of action taken to show the intended a lesson should also deeply be considered, such as, does it affect those around them? Is it one iota more than is necessary? And so on.

All said and done, when it comes to black magick these are not light actions to take, but still can be offset if deemed necessary. An example of offsetting is to do what some call "making a sacrifice." Don't get alarmed with the term... there's nothing sinister going on. You think of something good that is not within your realm of comfort, and before you engage in that magickal act, you make a decree to the universe to do it. That is a sacrifice. It may be that you know an old man or woman that is unwell, and will bake a pie and take friends over to visit. Whatever, anything that's outside of your realm of comfort. And one needs to actually do it of course.

I do not suggest for a moment, that each practitioner of magick engages in black magick. I believe that there are in all likelihood far more that do not. There are many magicians that do not believe that we can justify darker actions--that they can under any circumstance be in line with our higher will. I do not wish to examine the beliefs of others so much, as I do not want my own scrutinized either. So I'll leave it at that.

Lastly I'm left with the one unanswered segment of the question. Yes we can manifest things, and I often have. But manifestation does not always occur within an ideal timeframe, as time is not real but on this plane, and magick spans into other planes. You can for example, do a spell to manifest money, and it may work quickly; or perhaps you have beliefs that block you to money that are very strong, and as well you may engage in behavior that further provides blockage. In instances such as the second, instead of magickally manifesting money, what spellwork will achieve is for the individual concerned to open their eyes to learn a new way--to journey towards efficiently manifesting.

As it often goes, one can take a lifetime to learn to pose themselves with given challenges, and the road to recovery can potentially be long. The best solution in this case, is to keep up with applying magick in new and innovative ways, and to meditate, meditate, meditate! As well, one thing that many that face these blockages significantly, do not do, is place their focus more externally. If you are not receiving, it near goes without saying you may need to give more generously--this too is magick, as it is an act that causes change in conformity with will.

I am glad  you asked this question, as it has provided me opportunity to answer some questions I am often posed with. Thank you.

Do what thou wilt;

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

I'll be Adding Servitors to my Store Soon

Example, female servitor
A servitor can be created with virtually any appearance

An Overview on Servitors, Sentient or Not

by Jude Chi

As most of you likely know, I am a spirit conjurer. It's an occupation that I have long maintained an enthusiasm for. There are many processes that directly relate to it--including other types of magick, inclusive of demonolatry (daemonolatry); crafting tools, sigil making, and my specific melange of faith that's based upon Thelema--Thelema/Luciferianism/Satanism. One aspect of the metaphysical arts that I quite enjoy, is servitor creation. It takes a lot of focus and diligent work to create a sentient energy being; but the reward is immense.

These days I have noticed that there's a big demand for servitors, and my intent is to add an array of them to my store. As it is a lot of work to do the writeups for their listings, I will do some pre-created ones, but many listings will be templates that servitors can quickly and easily be created from; and the traits and powers listed can be adjusted to suit the keeper.

Perhaps for those of you out there that don't know what servitors are, I should give an synoptic overview of a description. Keep in mind that this is my impression of what they are, and another servitor creator would describe them differently.

Example, dark energy servitor
A darker flavor of servitor

What is a Servitor?

A servitor is a pure energy construct. But more specifically, it is a thoughtform energy construct, and can be created as a sentient energy being. So to clarify, you can make one as a tool that is not sentient, or you can make one programmed to be a certain way--to take on a certain persona, that is sentient. A sentient servitor can be created to look virtually any which way, and even can be created as a type of golem. Servitor constructs, of course are intangible, and are made entirely by the thought process--meaning that thought must be focused in a certain way over a period of time, to create one.

As well there are some in between, that have some degree of intelligence, but that are not sentient to a degree where they can interact like we do with other humans, spirits, and certain types of entities and immortals. These in between ones are ideal to use as protection devices, where a certain degree of intellect is necessary for them to make choices and take action; this quality makes them other than a mere tool. Beyond for protection, the middle level ones that I choose to call Servi (plural of Servus), are suitable for those that do not wish to invest much time in interacting with their servitors--for clients that want them made and simply want to leave them run and do their thing. My sentient level ones, by the way, are called Maximi (plural of Maximus), and the tools, or construct ones are called, and how about that--Constructs.

Servitors are only perceptible to those with awareness. Some will see them well, others will see them at times, others will only see them upon meditation or deep focus. For those with less than an ideal amount of awareness, there are exercises that a person can do to increase their ability to see servitors. To those with awareness, servitors tend to be easier to perceive than what spirits and entities are.

An example, what a male servitor could be created to look like

These tools and constructs can be created to serve any purpose, limited only by the client's imagination. Though I enforce few caveats, I do suggest that people use their common sense in assessing what servitors can likely do and within what time frames their works can be achieved. As well, the sentient ones are beings of free will. This means that even though they are programmed to be this or that, they can choose not to be that--they can use their free will to change, in a way similar to what humans do. Also, they like humans are best left to live by their free will. However, given the nature of how they standardly are, they tend to stay much as programmed. There are a myriad of powers they can be programmed to have, including to be experts with weaponry, or to be expert in a certain area of knowledge, or to do reiki healing--let  your imagination run wild.

Imagine, you can have one created as a pet; let's say you want a small, winged zebra as a companion... that's possible--that when it flies you see a twinkle of glitter around it, that's possible too. An ordinary horse? That's possible, or even one with special powers. A servitor based upon a gnome or a fairy archetype, or... or what?  Maybe you'd like to have a servitor lover, which is possible as well. A guardian, protector, a teacher (that pulls wisdom from Akashic records), or advisor; the list goes on and on. And these tools and beings can be programmed to produce certain types of energies that influence you in specific ways. To draw money, or to assist you to find more resources in a certain area; to be more clear minded, or to sharpen your intellect, speaking skills, or interpersonal skills; and so on and so forth. They aren't miracle workers, but they can assist you to get to a place where you can work with the best of what you have. These examples are just a few, from a limitless amount.

All requests made to me concerning conjures and magick, will be kept absolutely confidential.

If you are interested in servitors, keep your eye on my shop--Metaphysicality Inc store, connect with me on Facebook and message me, or inbox me through my FB business page. Alternatively you can reach out to me via my contact page on this blog.

UPDATE: I am still conjuring, but have closed my store. If you are interested in conjures, message me via Facebook for information.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Adam K Interviewed; Serving up more Thelema for Beginners Bites

Aleister Crowley, do what thou wilt


This is not the first interview I have conducted with Adam K, for Metaphysicality Inc blog; the first one, also for those new to Thelema, was so utterly delectable that I felt compelled to invite him back to serve us up another helping. Some interesting points were raised in the previous interview; to mention just a few: the Dark Night of the Soul, also known as Crossing the Abyss; Qabalah and related matters, and the concept of True Will, and more.

Within this piece we look at Crowley's definition of magick, briefly examine the numerals 7 and ll, discuss LBRP and the Star Ruby, and talk a bit more on True Will, and also True Will harmonized by Love/Agape, and how not to become a Black Brother; the conversation is not limited to these things.

Adam and I have been friends for some time; and though we take presenting solid and viable matter seriously, we do appreciate a bit of fun at times, which comes across in the piece. And with that said, here's Adam now, so let's bust a move, and get on with the show...

Metaphysicality Inc blog Administrator

Me: I appreciate that you accepted my invite to return for another go, Adam K. Thank you and welcome back.

Adam: It's my pleasure, and thank you for having me.

Me: The pleasure is mine. So allow me to begin with a particularly evocative query--is a Thelemite necessarily a magician?

Adam: The way I used to teach electronics--rather than give a student an answer, I'd help them think their way through. So we will answer your question with a logical chain of questions, the answers of which will build towards you answering it for yourself. Won't take long, I promise. (grins)

Me: Sounds like boatloads of fun--okay shoot. (rubs hands sarcastically)

Adam: What does Thelema mean?

Me: Thelema means will.

Adam: How did Crowley define magick?

Me: As an act of will.

Adam: More to the point, magick is the science and art of causing change, in conformity with one's will. Now, can someone who is not doing their will, or who is not at least trying to, truly be called a Thelemite?

Me: Well then let me ask you a question... to address your appending my description of an act of will--have you ever heard of an act of will that changes nothing? (confused look on face)

Adam: Any action produces change. An act of will produces the desired change.

Me: Okay. I get what you're saying--totally.

Adam: So no then, they are not truly a Thelemite.

Me: Alright. So to me, according to your response then, everyone on earth is a magician--unless they fail to get out of bed in the morning and basically each necessary act of each and every day goes unperformed. Thus the answer is yes, Thelemites too are magicians.

Adam: Yes, all Thelemites are workers of magick, whether they realize it or not. And, as another oddity, not all Thelemites even realize that is what they are. Some would argue that in order to be a Thelemite you must accept Liber AL. I would contend that you simply must accept the philosophy contained within it, which can be done without knowing that is what you are doing.

Me: Hunh? Run that by me again.

Adam: Say you believe in freedom to live your life as you see fit, and believe we should live and let live. You also believe we all have a higher purpose, and we should dedicate ourselves, each, to our respective higher purpose. So you practice focusing exercises and so on--all the stuff people do nowadays to prepare themselves for whatever calling they have. These are all part and parcel to Thelema. You are a practicing Thelemite, even if you have never heard that word before. Or at least that's how I see it.

Me: Alright, I see.
Now, there are a lot of rituals relevant to Thelema. Maybe we can mention one or two and invite you to remark in some way. For example, what can you tell us about LBRP and similar protection rituals--the Star Ruby, for example?


Adam: The Star Ruby is sort of a reimagining of the LBRP created by Crowley. It first showed up in The Book of Lies. While the structure of LBRP allows for banishing and invoking, Star Ruby is solely for banishing. It makes use of Greek instead of Hebrew, and uses the names of the Thelemite gods--a bit different from the traditional Christian/Jewish God and angels we find in LBRP.

Star Ruby is also far more technical than LBRP. Various Signs of the Grades are used in it, the ritual is done widdershins instead of deosil, and on and on. There is a lot to explain. There are, of course, heavy Qabalistic elements in the Star Ruby, but there are also elements of geomancy.

Me: Alright, and it's sound magickal practice to do one or the other of these rituals, or another similar, prior to each magickal session, it more or less goes without saying.

Adam: Those can be found in the Signs of N.O.X. (Night of Pan) for example.

Me: Oops, we cross posted.

Adam: Definitely, in response to your statement. They eliminate all outside influences of an energetic nature, both positive and negative. The only energies that should be present during any magical working should be those that the magician(s) calls forth.

Me: Alright. But you meant to say that what can be found in N.O.X.? I am not yet familiar with N.O.X., thus I ask.

Adam: The Signs, such as puer, puella, and so on; they contain various elements of geomancy, including their names. Obviously, one needs to discover Self (the L.V.X. and its rituals) before discovering that which is other than Self, so anyone new to Thelema should start there.

Me: Aaah. (nods)
So then it seems, to summarize, two significant differences between L.V.X. and N.O.X., is each of Day & Night, and Self and Not of Self. I get that you are pointing out the Self/Not self thing; the other point of contrast is assumed from what I've read.

Adam: L.V.X. and its grades are about discovering Self (Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel goes hand in hand with this). This starts in Malkuth, where the practitioner gains the Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel (which is when he/she discovers they have a purpose, their True Will; and their job is to figure out what that is). Once K&C happens, a new part of the journey begins. It's no longer about discovering and knowing Self. It's about discovering that which is other than Self (Not-Self). That is what N.O.X. is all about. As well, L.V.X. is relative to light/day, thus N.O.X., night.

By the way--The Vision of the HGA should not be confused with K&C of the HGA; many have visions, whereas it requires diligent effort for most to achieve K&C.

Furthermore, I would advise taking a close look at Star Ruby. There is a very good explanation of it, in fact, in Duquette's book "The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of The Rituals of Thelema."

Me: Why that book?

Adam: Because it contains a great deal of significant topic matter towards a valuable education in Thelema. Dissecting it and learning what each part of it is all about will be very educational for fledgeling magick monkeys lol.
That's an Ape of Thoth joke, btw.

Me: Oh, I see... like the Cynocephalus one, on the Thoth Magus card.

Adam: Yuppers. But as for what we were discussing, the signs--in a sense, these things are very easy to explain and very hard to explain at the same time. Much in magick is very plain to see but is expertly hidden in plain sight. There simply comes a time in your life as a magician when things suddenly click, and you get these "AHA!" moments where things suddenly make sense, but you find yourself at a complete loss to explain them using words. The Signs are an example of this, unfortunately.

Adam: An example would be, that the only reason God is real, that God is infinite, that God is not fake, is because God is Not! There IS a God because God does Not exist! Try explaining that in simple words! Lol

Me: Hmm yes, more than the human brain can easily assimilate... I get it.
And as we move forth, I hear you place great value upon Liber Resh vel Helios. What do you feel can be gained through regularly practicing it?

Adam: At the very least, it gives you a moment to collect yourself and your thoughts. Four moments, actually. Throughout the day you are beset by chaos and madness--agents of Choronzon sidetracking your efforts, all day every day, it seems. Liber Resh serves as a sort of soft reset. It clears the cobwebs, so to speak.

There is, of course, more to it than that, but in the beginning there is nothing needed more than a method to get oneself back on track when everything is going to hell in a handbasket around you.

Me: What you said makes sense--to suggest that we as humans, as Thelemites, and as magicians, need to take responsibility for the energy status of our respective environments. Thank you.

Adam: No problemo.

Me: And it seems numerals bear great relevance in Thelema, especially the numbers 7, and 11. What can you tell us, first about the number seven.

Adam: Seven: the seven planets is the first example. Oddly, I did mention Puella earlier, which was the 7th geomantic figure. It means "girl," "beauty," "Purity." It is correspondent to Libra. Anyway, there are seven colors of the rainbow, seven lettered notes in music, seven chakras, and so on and so on.

There is a significance to the seventh sphere on the tree, and to the seventh grade of the A∴A∴; but to any Thelemite, a more significant number, I think, is the number 11. Eleven is the number of Nuit, and of magick (the letter k is the 11th letter in the English alphabet, hence its being added to magick).

Too, there are 11 letters in ABRAHADABRA. There are 11 words in "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." Every grade in the A∴A∴ is paired with a sphere on the Tree, and when added together the two add to 11. The twin pillars appear as the number 11. It goes on and on like that.

Me: Confuzzled--spheres add to 11?

Adam: No. Well, sort of if you include the false sphere Da'ath, but no. If you are for example of the 3rd Grade in the A∴A∴, it is written as 3°=8; 3rd degree in the 8th sphere. 3 and 8 make 11.

Me: No, because what about the other grades?

Adam: Same thing. If you are first degree, then you are in the tenth sphere. 1 and 10 make 11. 2nd degree and 9th sphere. 4th degree and 7th sphere. 5th degree and 6th sphere. Etc.

Me: Aaah yes, hmm, a specific MO was used to set the grades... I see said the blind man.

Adam: Lol.

Me: I am learning Thelema without being engaged in an association or community of any kind. Some things take longer to discover when proceeding this way.

Adam: No doubt.
But if in fact you look at the name NU (Nuit), by Gematria it adds to 56, and if you add 5 and 6, what do you get?

Me: Err, look at that...well shag me sideways!

Adam: Oh my... Lol...

Me: Comic relief--I needed that! (laughs)

Adam: (smiles graciously)

Me: You touched before upon the numeral seven bearing some specific relevance to the seventh sphere. With me being new to Qabalism, may I ask, what's up with that?

Adam: You make contact with your HGA when you have progressed to the 6th sphere (5°=6). The first sphere beyond that is, of course, the 7th. It is here that you begin to really know you have a ways to go before you are done. People tend to think they have accomplished the Great Work itself when they reach the 6th sphere, but getting caught up there can slow or even stop your actual progress. You can easily become a black brother at this point. The 7th sphere is the key to getting beyond that, figuratively and literally.

Me: Black Brother, deadbeat?

Adam: Black Brothers are a thing we will get into at another time. It's fairly simple and thus quite complex.

Me: Okay, but for those with raised eyebrows out there, that are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for more on this--can you offer them a taste of the concept?

Adam: Sure thing. Black Brothers are those who have foregone the goal of Union. They have begun using magick in ways that have no connection to accomplishing their True Wills, and have indeed forsaken their True Wills. Christians do this readily by submitting to the "will of God" and denying their own will.

Adam: I'm fairly tired so I don't know how much sense I'm making.

Me: We're good.

Adam: Basically, Black Brothers are those who fail the ordeal of the Abyss, and thus become the enemies of the Great White Brotherhood, that of course are Thelemites.

Me: Ah. Okay. So to grossly summarize then, they would be those resisting ego death?

Adam: Yes. If Thelemites recognized a sort of evil, these people would be that. They are the result of facing Da'ath and Choronzon and failing to hold it together.

Me: 'Cos that's one hell of a conundrum, or contrast right there--because as they have chosen to resist ego death and thus could not become part of the oneness, they are in fact doing their will (albeit not their True Will), just not in a way that suits Thelemic concepts... but maybe the failure is less do with will and is more to do with getting tied up in confusion/feelings/fears/emotions, for them.

Adam: There's no clear way to respond to that, because who knows how and why it happens. It seems that the feeling of expansion into the greater unity would feel to them like dispersion, a second death, and they would fight it, trying desperately to preserve their ego-self. By doing so, they separate themselves from the unity and guarantee the very thing they fear: annihilation in the void.

Me: Nods. (stares raptly and blankly)

Adam: Does that make sense?

Me: Very much so, yes.
Too, just can't help but say--to resist ego death being so undesirable, guess Trump's not a Thelemite, hey? (winks mischievously)

Adam: (looks around the room mock-nervously)


A break was taken; this part of the interview picks up a day later...

Me: Okay, so we touched upon the concept of Black Brother when we sat down for the first amount of questions for this interview. I now see why you were a bit reluctant to go there... kind of a place that angels might fear to tread... a lot of grey, a lot of uncertainty. But as things generally go, no sooner had you presented the concept of Black Brother to me, than it arose for me in my own life as something to examine; so now I need to ask more... but I'll be gentle, I promise. (smiles)

Adam: Ugh. Ok. I feel a tad bit dyslexic explaining this.

Me: M'ya; alrighty then...
So you left me with the impression before, that a person who slips into, for lack of a better term, Black Brotherness, stands against the entirety of what Thelema stands for. This did not so much rise in the previous content of this piece, but more in matters we discussed peripheral to it after the fact. But I want people who are not familiar with this term, to be aware that this can happen (to become a Black Brother), as it's something one would likely not choose to experience. I need to ask this now--a Black Brother Thelemite, is in essence not a Thelemite at all... agree or disagree?

Adam: I would agree. For the Star Wars fans out there, it's a lot like the Jedi and the Sith. They differ in only a few points philosophically, but those few points make all the difference in the world.

Me: So you think there are Thelemites that would disagree with what I have presented here?

Adam: No. But there are some who would call themselves Thelemites that might. Lol!
In a sense, that isn't fair, as many would interpret it, since Thelema is all about individual True Will. But an understanding of what True Will actually is might argue in my defense.

Me: Well then let's have it... what is the proper definition of True Will, that would support what you've presented?

Adam: Each and every person has their own True Will, the purpose they were placed here in Assiah for. It is revealed in Thelema by one's Holy Guardian Angel. It is traditionally seen that way in Hermeticism as well. No True Will is in conflict with any other True Will. If two people are in conflict, at least one of them is not abiding by their True Will. Ultimately, as the Divine Will is the Will of the Universe, no True Will would then, by the very nature of True Will, be in conflict with it. And the Divine Will is to seek and find Unity.

Me: With that statement you are also implying that a Black Brother by his very nature, interferes with the fluidity of the free will of others... is this a correct assumption?

Adam: In a manner, yes. But a person doesn't become a Black Brother until after achieving attainment of Knowledge & Conversation with their Holy Guardian Angel, and they begin the Crossing of the Abyss. So up until that point they aren't really easily distinguishable from any Thelemite

Me: So to summarize then, they become a thorn in the side of others only after the fact (of failing to check their ego at the door as they traverse the Abyss); or so it seems.

Adam: Eggs actly.

Me: (nods)
Adam, I don't know if you'll be adequately prepared for me to ask this question, but I am going to toss it at you anyway and see what happens... given that according to pew research stats, the rate of Nones has been steadily escalating and the amount of mainstream Christians steadily decreasing for some time now, it should naturally follow, that the cross-section of Thelemites consists of steadily more and more young as time goes on. Is this according to what you see, the case? Fill me in, if you will.

Adam: Consider this: is Thelema something you call yourself, or something you are? I'll explain if necessary.

Me: Maybe explain please.

Adam: Well, a cat doesn't need to know we call it a cat to be a cat. Many (most, honestly) of our Thelemic saints would never think of themselves in terms of the word Thelema, yet they embodied what it means to be a Thelemite. Today, more and more, people are living their lives seeking their purpose here on earth and leaving others to do as they see fit. This is debatable in a political sense, I suppose, but I'm sure people can see what I mean. One hundred and seventy five years ago and more, this would not have been the case. We are living in a changing world, one becoming more and more Thelemic, though most have no idea such a concept exists.

Me: Mmm, yes, I see, and we touched upon this concept earlier but it was applied in a different way. I used the blind man quip earlier in this piece I think... lol. Gonna have to whack you with my white cane soon, I think, to resolve anything.

Adam: Lol.

Me: In essence you are saying that not only are there many more young that are Thelemites, but there are more of every age bracket across the board.

Adam: Absolutely.

Me: I now find myself brought to another thought... I was shocked yesterday to discover that some French poet dude, and not Crowley, first employed the term "Thelema." Who would have thunk it? What's his name again?

François Rabelais
François Rabelais

Adam: Rabelais.

Me: Ah yes, François Rabelais. Thank you.
And for the grand finale question, I wanted to finish up with a powerful one--please offer if you will, your opinion on how the word "Agape," applies to Thelema.

Adam: Agape, like Thelema, enumerates to the number 93 through the system of numbers called Gematria. In that system every letter in the Hebrew alphabet (and in the Greek alphabet as well, as is illustrated by these two words) has a numerical value. When you add the letters of the word "Thelema" together, the sum is 93. The same is true of Agape.

Whenever two words or phrases have the same numerical value, they correspond to each other in some way. If this is the case, it serves a purpose to discover what those words or phrases have to do with each other. Thelema means Will. Agape means Love in a universal, unrestricted form. In Liber AL we find the phrase, "Love is the law, love under will." So clearly there is a connection to be found between those two words.

It is also worth noting that they are both words of power, or Logos. Agape was the Logos or Word of Jesus, and the Word still applies, tempered and guided by the Word of this present Aeon, Thelema. So we can see, that as Love is harmonized by Will, Will is harmonized by Agape, or Love.

Me: Awesome. And thus you have brought into play the next concept, that is ideal to conclude this piece with. Thelemites commonly issue each other the greeting "93/93"; and here we have clarified to those considering becoming Thelemites, why that is--it embodies Thelema/Will and Agape/Love standing side by side... which is basically a shorthand way to say--"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will."

Adam: Well put--I concur. (smiles)

Me: Thank you so much for sharing your opinions with myself and my blog visitors today, Adam K. I hope that it won't be too long before there's more.
93s, and bye for now.

Adam:  I enjoyed the visit and the chat; 93s; yes, let's talk again soon.

That concludes our interview; thanks for joining us for another insightful experience with Adam K. Feel free to check back soon for more posts, on Thelema, and all sorts of metaphysical topics.

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