Thursday, August 19, 2021

Samael Brought Me Two Deliveries of Not-Good Fortune! Thanks! (For Real)

Samael, personified as the Angel of Death

Image left: Samael, personified as the Angel of Death. Public Domain image via Wikimedia Commons.


Subtitle: A Note on Achieving Good Fortune

Yesterday, Samael (aka Yaldabaoth, The Grim Reaper, etc.) explained to me one way by which luck can pass from one person or party, to another. 

What he conveyed: You have an individual, a couple, a group, or an enterprise, and they, in this instance, are successful. For some reason though, they cause harm to another; it can be done through intent or otherwise can be done via negligence, but with no attempt to make things right after discovering the damage done to the other party. You still with me? yes, of course you are, so let's continue...

So, when a party that has been lucky to date craps on someone then walks away, the energy of good fortune they'd previously tapped into, is no longer the primary energy ruling their quantum continuum selection. That good energy, the universe pushes towards the person who was harmed. Moving forth, the lucky-to-date person, gets the crappy energy they pushed towards the harmed individual. Now, of course Samael did not say this in these words; the words are my interpretation of the energy transmission that he conveyed. 

This is interesting, though, because two individuals in a row did this to me, at a time when Samael became a strong presence in my life. It's as if he drew two quite fortunate individuals to me, who were likely to harm me in a way that I'd survive well enough, but in a way that I'd adopt the energy of good fortune that they'd previously been attuned to. I asked him to help me change my life for the better, and seemingly, this was what he did to achieve that end. I can hardly wait to see how it unfolds. One way or another, it's righteous! He says though, that to have it work, one has to remove their focus entirely from the past events that led to said inheritance of great fortune. And, with that said, yours truly will do just that. 

I tell you though, so when you recognize a similar situation unfold in your life, that you know this: if you are willing to forego reliving every moment of pain and anguish over and over again, the energy is strong at that point to run and achieve and gain... so why not just DO it? One thing, by the way, that hasn't been mentioned so far, is that Samael conveyed that when this happens we are more in tune with the spirits we seek assistance from. Hence, while we have all that great energy surrounding us and running through us and everything we do, we are also going to get the biggest bang from our demonolatry magick efforts. Simply amazing.

Like it? Yeah? Glad to hear it!

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Apparently, Samael Can Fix a Septum Piercing

Samael in his Grim Reaper persona, by Gustave Doré

Image at left: Samael in his Grim Reaper persona, by Gustave Doré. Public Domain image via Wikimedia Commons. 


by Amethyst Black

I pierced my own septum. It's not something I'd recommend for anyone to try, for sure. It was a bit crooked, because one side of the septum piercing pliers had slipped off of my nose when the needle was only half way through. Way to learn--if I had to to it over again I'd get locking pliers. When continuing, I thought the pliers were back on straight; I'd tried my best, but no, evidently they were not. 

So, when the second half of the needle went through it was about a millimeter off. One millimeter doesn't sound like much, does it? However, on a feature as small as a nose, it is. As well, in the case of a septum piercing, it is a small and centralized focal point from which body jewelry radiates out. If you put a ring in, then as it radiates out, that millimeter becomes significantly larger of a discrepancy towards the outer edges. 

I took the hoop out and re-pierced it, but there was a pull for the needle to follow the original pathway; so it was better, but still a tad off. However, with jewelry in it still looked annoyingly crooked, despite it being less than a millimeter off in actuality. I didn't want to pierce it again, but it appeared necessary. I thought on which approach to take. It seemed that forced migration might be the best approach. If it could be migrated within a couple of days I'd leave it alone. 

For those who do not know what body piercing migration is, it's when a piercing moves from where it was originally placed. It happens when pressure is placed on a piercing. For example, if you have an ear piercing with a piece of jewelry that is large enough to apply significant pressure to your piercing as you sleep on it, the pierced hole will move in the direction of said pressure. 

With the aforesaid in mind, as I lay down to sleep after piercing and thoroughly cleaning my septum, I twisted the clicker hoop in the two directions it needed to migrate towards. After a number of minutes, a dancing show of light appeared. Then a specter emerged from it, and I recognized Samael. He showed as a lion-headed serpent. I said, "timing suggests that you are here to help me with my septum piercing problem. Are you?" He responded affirmatively. My permission was granted for him to fix it. My gratefulness was expressed sincerely as well. 

He said that the placement of the hole was off in two primary directions, one was important to fix, the other less so. The smaller one related to the small amount of lack of symmetry in my nose. Hence, with the one problematic direction fixed, the other would relate better to my face and would no longer be an issue. I asked him to "please make it straight enough for people to perceive it as straight, regardless of whether it is actually 100% straight." "That's all I ask," I said. He was there for a while, and was multi-located. By that I mean, that there were a number of him. I was falling asleep; it was dark, and he was shadowy and dark, but  it seemed that there were five of him (to work on my little nose!).

Once he was done I felt super-good. I don't know why, but it was so. I also felt beautiful, which was strange, as I hadn't looked to see what Samael had done. He could have made it worse, and there I was, feeling all beautiful and everything. Strange, but true. Even though I had confidence he fixed it, I felt compelled to continue to keep pressure on it until I fell asleep. Keep in mind as this story is told, that migration usually happens over an extended period of time. Ergo, that me in my wishful thinking hoped for it to yield successful results within the span of two days, was quite unrealistic. In essence, it was nothing more than me attempting to make use of the couple of days rest time needed between piercings. 

I woke up this morning. As I went to the bathroom to conduct my morning beauty routine, I dallied minutes before daring to look in the mirror. When I did I was startled, as Samael, the head demon in charge according to many, had straightened my piercing, just as he said he would. Think about it--isn't it amazing? Even working consistently throughout time with demons, there are things, such as this, that still blow my mind... blow my mind because I get the pleasure of experiencing them, but others would scoff and reject my recount of any such experience entirely.

There's something I have not told you. There was an offering that need be given; and we'll talk about that some other time :::winks::: ... but then again, maybe we won't!

Note: Some love body piercings, others do not like them. I feel  a pull towards them. Our ancestors' spiritual ties to us, bear relevance on who we are. Some of my ancestors were from India, and nasal piercings of both kinds are big there. I felt a deep desire to have one of each kind--a septum piercing and a regular nose piercing. I am also part gypsy, so the showy, glitzy, and even a tad campy look attributed throughout history to gypsies, is a look I am pulled towards as well. I don't fight these things, as they are simply an accepted part of who I am. What more can I say? :::shrugs:::


Below is an image of yours truly, but not after the piercing described. It's me with a fake septum piece in. On the day this was written my nose was pink and a tad sore, and I did not want that immortalized in a photo. Whatever though; this works. 

Monday, August 2, 2021

On the Left Hand Path: Being True to One's Beliefs

Subtitled: Notes on Authenticity

by Amethyst Black

Today's thought: In life, those of the left hand path will most often attempt, at least on some level, to be true to their beliefs. Let's face it--those who do not work to be true in this sense, are posers, are they not? Those of the left hand path, as most of us know, vary quite a bit. Perhaps the largest commonality between the various principles of belief, though, is that we are by birthright free to believe in whatever we want to, especially spiritually speaking. 

Well, the aforementioned is where I am at now within my own life. I have been practicing this for a while. Practicing what, exactly? To not hide that I am LHP. What happens in real life for someone newly practicing openness? For the most part, that which was decrepit finds new life, and that which floundered finds stability and applied purpose. However, not everything is easily righted when one rights how they handle their beliefs within society. Sometimes the cure is worse than that which it is introduced to cure (this concept applies in all areas of life, not just within spirituality, does it not?)

The point? That when one decides to be open in beliefs (or not a hider) right across the board, it is absolutely necessary to be open in beliefs with everyone, within every circumstance. One can certainly try dodging the raindrops, as it were, but that would draw out the agony of attaining harmony. 

As all channels are opened, one will at times experience the madness that is introduced as others try to adopt the openness that has been introduced to them. It may be distressing, but the best solution is to go with openness anyway, if you ask me. However, it's more right to go with, of course, whatever works best for each individual.

Living in society is complex though. One cannot through caution to the wind in all circumstances. One needs to have some regard for what may happen next.

Let's think for a moment: why is madness introduced when others try to accept your openness (or maybe that they are coming to terms with you being okay with your LHP beliefs)? Think of beliefs as traversing a path that is tube or tunnel-like. There must be a free-flow, in order for things to proceed smoothly. When new is introduced the flow is no longer smooth, and issue is likely to arise. Overfilling the tube with pressure, for example, something is going to spew out from it in a volatile way. Not enough movement, airlocks, and blockages may cause problems--such as lack of manifestation or people withholding from us in various ways. There are a variety of concepts we can use as parallels, to assess which issues may arise. All that doing so will tell us though, is that each may potentially happen when we take a wrong step; the wrong step is when we are not true to ourselves, our beliefs, and our chosen path. 

This block of shared thought was not to teach anyone anything, and I doubt that it did or will. It was, rather, published to urge people to think in progressively freer ways than before, if they aren't doing so already. It's rare that yours truly writes such simple thoughts as blog posts. The truth is, that lately I've at times dealt with introducing the considerations of others into my own path. I've experienced blowouts and backdrafts. It isn't pretty. Still, the more of such I experience, the more simple it is to understand that to do the work is necessary, to open everything up until there is nothing more to spew forth. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Viné the Demon's Message on the Current Times; by Amethyst Black

Sigil of Viné, Goetic Demon

Sigil of Viné, a public domain image via Wikimedia Commons


Today's blog post is different from most. It comes in the form of a sentient message picked up by tarot. However, though a tarot deck was used to pick up Viné's message, at no time were the cards used in a typical way. When used in a specific way, the cards amplify sentient messages for me. With typical tarot methodology, usually one or more cards are turned and the message is intuited. With this method though, each card has a specific and immediately identifiable message. It feels as if the entity is talking directly to me. I asked Viné if channeling him in this way was suitable enough to convey this particular message, and his response was "yes"; he made it clear that it was his intent to be channeled this way. How the situation arose, is that I had asked my spirit pantheon members to offer me a fresh topic for this blog post. 

The first card pulled was the Lovers, I was using the Crowley Thoth deck. I didn't immediately "get" the message. I could have read it as tarot, but this session was not about that, I could tell. Channeled sessions are immediately identifiable. That's partially because they are most, if not all, of the readings initiated after a request made to Spirit that requires a rather immediate response (my request for a blog post topic was rather immediate). I put the Lovers card aside and pulled again. I pulled the Six of Disks. I got a very specific feeling of the reading being relative to current times. I asked Viné if that was a correct impression, he confirmed that it was. 

From here on out, rather than post every card, query, and response, I'll write this post in the most fluid and logical way possible and will avoid delivering unnecessary details. 

Viné Has a Message for Us

by Amethyst Black

In these times, mankind has been reduced to the level of a pawn, in a chess game played on a warped board, no less. Each individual is, as you know, master of his world and universe. However, that innate right has been taken from him. Not by force either. It's sad to say but he's been a rather willing participant. The signs (of precisely what he's facing) have been ever present. However, with the combined nature of the material and energetic structure of man, there is a tendency for his brain to become overwhelmed and to dismiss that which he does not wish to perceive. This has become the norm; this has become the tool by which to manage him. Though this is not news, this is the crux of what is happening today. “Overwhelm him until he succumbs.” When I say “he,” of course sex is not a viable thing. Gender is not real and concrete. As Earth and mankind ascend, they become more like those above them, Qabalistically speaking.  

We (Spirit) collectively saw this come into play, and it has long been the way. However, we were not going to intervene on any level until it became necessary. We are now moving on this. Mankind has proven to be a sheer and utter disappointment, generally speaking. For the most part, he will not stand up for his own rights, his family's rights, or anyone's rights. At the same time, the average one guilty of such, cannot admit that it is the case. He hacks away, consistently focusing his efforts on minutiae, but all the while knowing inside that he is working on symptoms, and is not at all working to address the problem at large. Why? Because he fears, but his mind will not allow him to consciously recognize his disempowerment. So, though free will is of the utmost import to Spirit (Spirit, being all beings of spirit collectively), there naturally comes a time we have to step in and allow the drowning man to catch his breath. However, simply allowing him to catch his breath at this time is not enough. His strength needs restoration as well.

Spirit is currently in the process of cleaning matters up, allowing for a new beginning to emerge. Though no one needs such an explanation (because if your eyes were open you'd have already seen it), the crucial matters at the core of the times current to you, are all relative to corruption, greed, and disunity. Said intervention and cleanup is happening now, even beyond the awareness of most. Once we get to the thick of the matter, things will move more expeditiously. 

Whereas at this point in time it may appear that there is no way out of your collective conundrum, it is already being moved into a past tense. There will be a tomorrow where your hearts will lift again, where you will be proud to live in the status quo at that time. For the now though, what are you to do? Believe. Manifest truth by your beliefs. If you've ever had doubts on this, know that your beliefs are the root to everything. Get that? You created this. How? By believing it could happen? Believing it was happening? Believing that nothing could be done? By believing that the rich, the powerful have all the power that you do not? Mankind has a variety of beliefs amongst them, but these are inclusive within all problematic beliefs. 

Prepare for a new beginning, as it is now nearly upon you. If there is one thing I, Viné, would like to say to you over anything else, it is this—stop disempowering yourselves. Especially now, at a timespace setting where Spirit is standing by, adjusting the field, as it were, to once again become leveled. Pick up your socks, tighten your suspenders. Let your testicles descend once again. 

Know at the same time though, that in not standing up for himself, mankind has not gained favor. For this, there will be lessons made available to him, not all as simple as Pablum to digest. The weakling that offered himself up like a naïve, young suckling pig, is now afraid to be gobbled up. There is some level of poetic justice in this, do you not agree? 

This entire sentiment has little to do with saving mankind, but for the fact that he was introduced into being by Creation, so within creation he belongs.

The aim of Spirit is not to back any particular belief, setting, class, or anything or anyone, but rather, to enable all things that support balance within your world and society, and within the universe at large. Hence, as long as greed for example, in one class creates a deficit of free will within another, greed within a certain class will be addressed. This is not to eradicate greed for being greed, as you can see. This type of justice will be incorporated across the board. There will be some aim to return the world to a status of innocence, where not everything has to be fought for. This though, will not be done against the will of most of anyone, but will be returned in as gentle of a way as is possible. 

The times that most logically would bear the label of "greed and corruption," are coming to an end. Currently there are battles being fought, won, and lost by some, to achieve this. All things move. The wheel constantly turns. That which is not desired of Creation, cannot exist beyond the will of Creation. You may ask yourself who or what is creation, and it is not for me to say. Ineffable is a real and viable thing. So are the mysteries—there are things that are necessary to keep occulted, to allow grand works to take place. 

For those amongst you who remain strong, there are rewards, the first of which you've already accepted—that you never let go of your godhood/goddesshood. Another, will be the splitting of dimensions. The more aligned with pure justice people are, the higher their frequency is. This is nothing to do with beliefs, classes, right or wrong, or anything but the frequency one's beliefs and actions create around them—no one creates it for them, they do it. It is primarily said frequency that determines which dimension people will be assigned/relegated to. The separation will allow one-way travels for some. Those with high enough frequency assigned to the higher frequency earthly dimension, will be free by the nature of their frequency to traverse back and forth between dimensions. All of those in the lower dimension, will not, also purely by the nature of their frequency, be able to traverse back and forth between dimensions. 

Why the splitting of dimensions? It was one way to help create peace in a world where there was such a wide array of beliefs, perceptions, and values that collided. It was a way to introduce peace in a world where none was likely in the near future, without grossly impinging upon the free will of many. If asked, some would not want to be assigned to a certain dimension; yet occasionally, invasions of free will are borne of necessity, to preserve the free will of the many. They will grow accustomed to the change, as everyone will. If nothing else, those relegated to the lower dimension will be with like-minded people. The beauty of it is immense and crisp, is it not?

The higher frequency individuals will see their being assigned to the higher frequency dimension as a reward, and in its way, that's what it is. However, being relegated to the lower frequency dimension is not a punishment, but is rather a lesson. Yet it is to be a long-term lesson, as once one is placed there, they will more than likely be there for all time. Why? Because of the effect of frequency upon frequency. Without being affected by more positive frequencies, there is little chance to ascend in frequency. In a place where Unity is not placed high in value, there is no reaching for it as an ideal. Some do not understand the value of Unity, but it is a Qabalistic ideal and necessity. 

The entire universe was borne of Unity, arises from Unity. But even before there is Unity, there is Oneness. Imagine what's beyond the Negative Veil, and how everything emerges from Chaos, which is Oneness. So, while Unity is a goal, it is the earth-level goal, and beyond it lies Oneness. The potentiality for everything, is what bears everything. Once returning to it, one must return in the same fashion in which they emerged, but in reverse of course. Hence, Unity to Oneness is the ultimate process at the end of human life; there is no questioning this. 

Once the dissenting factions of society are separated, the tendency towards peaceful living and ascension at a time when ascension is demanded (Earth herself is ascending now, and mankind must match her frequency or die), will become the predominant nature of the times. This message was delivered to help empower those who are prepared to work on their own behalf, to those willing to be inspired by the light at the end of the tunnel and also the fact that divine intervention is underway to assist and guide. You are the tomorrow. Do not depend on Spirit—stand up straight. We can only do so much, because free will is at the core. When you see that which works against the greater free will, stand your ground, stand up for that which aligns with liberty. Spirit will support that which aligns with the greater higher will. Though this is nothing at all that anyone has not heard before, now is the time that this message will be shown to be true. 

Rest assured that greater times are imminent. The strong will be Invictus, as will be those who stood still and allowed all things to pass, with their whole-hearted acceptance. 

Your Aleister Crowley named the current times as the Aeon of Horus. At times it appeared that he was right, others, wrong. He was in fact right. Horus's job was immense, and has been ongoing throughout the age. However, like all of Spirit, he had limitations to work within, the greatest and most steadfast being that of allowing for freedom of will. But now we are coming down to the core problematic elements. It is strange to see that it is the cure itself having led to healing, that begat these times. Once all of the concealment is removed from the cancer lying beneath it, the cancer is grotesque when fully visible. Though it is no more dangerous than it ever was, watching it fester and eat away at all in its path is disturbing indeed, and is not for the faint of heart. Those who said that Ma’at is prominent as well in this Aeon, are also correct. Ma’at is the name given to universal justice when viewed as an entity. Therefore, everything is overseen by her—she is central to everything being right by everything else.

Now, jumping back to the opening consideration, what was the message of the Brothers/Lovers tarot card? That Ra Hoor Khu is half of the theme of the Aeon. Those who chose to sit it out were not all doing it in a way that gave away their power. Some of them were literally the backbone of these times, displaying tolerance and acceptance, hence raising the overall frequency of mankind... keeping us from being blown to smithereens at a time when Earth is ascending. You were Hoor paar kraat, Ra Hoor's brother. It was a way to say that we are in or are approaching the final rounds of cleanup, within Horus's age. It's time to reach out and thank him and his brother for a job well done. 

Viné said these words were to be identified as coming from Spirit, delivered by him, and interpreted by me, Amethyst, and as well were ultimately approved as being true to the intent of his overall message. 

Signing off now, 

Viné and Ame 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Hathor, the Egyptian Mother-Goddess

Hathor wearing a menat
Shown is Hathor wearing a menat. A public domain image, courtesy of Rawpixel

by Amethyst Black

A Nurturing Goddess—Hathor

Hathor, also Hathoor or Athor, translates to 'The Estate,' 'The Temple,' or 'The House,' of Horus. There are multiple interpretations of what her name conveys, though. As her husband Horus's name translates to "He Who is Up High." Hathor's name indicates that she is the Sky Goddess and that she was a primary deific figure within the Egyptian ruler's environment. Additionally, her name suggests that Horus's respite in her presence, kept him strong. A less typical interpretation is, that she wasn't named after Horus but shares the meaning of his name. Hence, she'd be "she of a high place," or "she of a heavenly abode." As a Thelemite, this author prefers the Crowley spelling of the name—'Hathoor,' but more will seek information about her with the more common spelling of her name. 


The matters she presides over include love, health, childbirth, dance, festivity, music, and beauty. As a musician, her instrument of choice is the sistrum, which is a rattle of sorts. In early Egypt, sistrum music was used as a prelude to romantic activity; this is a clue to the type of energy this goddess exudes—sultry and somewhat intoxicating. This brings to mind another of her attributes—that she is associated with joyous intoxication. Additionally, as the harp was often played in her honor, its music is associated with her as well. Though she's one of the more feminine-archetypal Egyptian goddesses, her attributes and powers were varied to the point that in her day, she appealed to males and females alike. 

The video above provides an example of what the sistrum sounds like. There are other ways it can sound though, there are many variations on the basic theme. I did not make the video. A big 'Thank you' goes out to the publishers for allowing me to use it educationally. 

Syncretic With Aphrodite

By the ancient Greeks, she was seen as being syncretic with Aphrodite, which of course, syncretizes her with Venus. In previous articles on this site, it's mentioned that Lucifer in female form, is Aphrodite. Ergo, as Hathor is Aphrodite in another way, her essence is included in Lucifer's stream.

Similar to Isis

In instances, Hathor and Isis were represented nearly identically, to the point that only the names present on depictions could say who is shown. Does that make the two interchangeable? No, as their descriptions are unique in many ways. At a basic level, Isis is lunar and relates most strongly to magick, that which is hidden, and to wisdom. Isis is often depicted as being in mourning, whereas Hathor is not. Isis represents using love as a propellant to move beyond the grief of death. Hathor is a solar goddess and relates to the things that bring fullness to earthly life—love, fertility, nurturing, plentitude, celebration, and passion. There is another difference between the two—Hathor is seen as depicting the qualities of motherhood, whereas Isis is seen as pure and virginal.

The Uraeus

Hathor could become the royal protector, the Uraeus, whereas her Isis alter-ego was directly associated with Wadjet, the main personification of the Uraeus, to the point that she was often depicted in snake form. It could be said that Isis created the Uraeus, through the story of how she obtained Ra's secret name. That Isis aligns with Wadjet, implies that she's a fiercer protector than Hathor. That's misleading though; the story below illustrates that Hathor too, can be fierce: 

"At one point, Hathor went out, at Ra's request, to massacre enemies that were causing him grief. She was sent as Sekhmet. Her rampage was overkill, and trickery had to be employed to calm her down. Beer was made to resemble blood. Sekhmet consumed so much that she had to sleep it off for several days. When she arose she was peaceful, and back to her usual, Hathor self."

There's Power in Trinities

That Hathor relates so strongly to Isis, suggests that they are aspects of a trinity. I say this as Spirit tells me that the greater aspects of Source operate as trinities. Who would logically be third in their trinity? Egyptian mythology is complex—even convoluted at times. Hence, the proper response to this query would be contextual. It appears that any of her siblings could be third, and perhaps others in various contexts.

In Tarot

In tarot, Isis as the High Priestess, is represented by Gimel—the camel who has all it needs to make its way through the desert. Here again, she is symbolic of purity, the moon, and also virginity. Not absolute virginity, but the interest garnered by her mysteries is equivalent to virginality, in this sense. As for Hathor, though no card relates directly to her, she aligns with the Empress. Whereas the High Priestess guards the portal to spirit, the Empress is the personification of the portal... she is Dalet, the doorway. 

She Embodies the Nile

Hathor was seen as being the Milky Way, which was not a random thing. Not only is milk a source of sustenance, but the Milky Way was seen as representing the Nile. The Nile was the backbone of life and trade in Egypt. She was not the only cow goddess; those similar were Neith, Mut, Isis, Bat, and Mehet-Weret. Hathor as a sky goddess was also a celestial goddess. In that role, she aligned with Nuit, and also Sopdet (aka Sothis). Her relativity to Nuit should not slide by unnoticed, as it underscores her primordiality (which her location on the tree of life does not; she is located at Chesed).

Too Many Attributes?

Hathor has been seen as many things. Goddess of the East, of the West, of the Sun, the Moon, and Venus, lie amongst them. The reason for this is that she was widely worshiped; hence, her attributes differed per region. In the East she was Goddess of the East—you know? Maybe it was because she became too complex, that she was eventually overtaken in popularity by Isis. Humans are fickle; we prefer to regard deities that are easily pigeon-holed. With that said, there was likely a greater reason that Isis became more popular—that the Pharaoh of the day determined which deities were most in vogue. One of Isis's primary roles was that of being a protector of the ruler; hence, she would be appreciated for that.     

The Connection Between Hathor and Lord Azazel

Interestingly enough, there is the suggestion of a link between Hathor and Lord Azazel. Again, this should not be a huge surprise, as Lucifer and Azazel bear close relativity. But how does Hathor relate to Azazel? Hathor was the goddess that Isis emerged from, and Isis is the female embodiment of Lord Azazel. I have referred to that before but will say it again—as a matter of fact, I'll just quote myself: "...speaking of Azazel, and this is going off on a wee tangent, but he can be linked to Isis as well. In an Eastern African culture and dialect, Kalenjiin, the name of Isis is Asiis, and is understood to be Aziz/Azazel in another way. Reference: 'Isis and Asiis: Eastern Africa's Kalenjiin People and their Pharaonic Origin Legend: A Comparative Study'; by Kipkoeech Araap Sambu."

Aligns With Ashtoreth and Other Goddesses

Beyond the aforementioned association, some see Hathor as being syncretic with the Canaanite/Phoenician goddess, 'Astarte.' This is interesting because Astarte, relates to the demon named Ashtoreth (others say Ashtaroth). Ashtoreth is the female form of Azazel. Towards the end of this piece, I'll show you a detail I discovered within the spelling of that name, that relates to this topic.  

Naturally, Hathor additionally aligns with various goddesses from Sumerian and other not-yet-mentioned mythologies. Which ones she's believed to bear correlation to, depends on which of her various depictions she is defined by. She could relate to the most primordial of goddesses if seen as Nuit, for example; so she could relate to the Babylonian deity, Tiamat. As Isis she is still quite primordial, being located within the Supernal triad. With other personas though, she moves away from that location.

Myrrh, a Prime Offering

Myrrh is an offering regarded as ideal for any deity; hence, that it was Hathor's standard offering speaks volumes of Egypt's love for her. Given that Hathor and Isis bear strong correlativity, that myrrh is sacred to both makes sense. Myrrh is a powerful healing agent, which relates to Hathor as a healer. Myrrh also has long been associated with death. One of Isis's roles was to waken the dead in preparation to move on to the Underworld. Myrrh also relates Hathor to Nuit, as anything relative to trees and resins, is considered a prime offering to Nuit.

Speaking of tree parts and essences and such, at times Hathor is represented as a sycamore-fig. The reason for this is that the fig exudes a whitish liquid that resembles milk. Given this, it's likely that all cow goddesses were seen as relating to the sycamore.

the Malqata menat

The Malqata menat; a public domain image, via Wikimedia Commons

What Is a Menat?

Menat is an interesting word; firstly as it was used as a name for Hathor, secondly, as the menat adornment was used as a protective-device and a fertility-charm in her name. The menat typically had many beads that looked like a collar, and had a counterweight in the back. Some also had a charm in the front. (Look to the main image for another example of what one may look like.)

Aside from the aforementioned, it is interesting that as a name, the word sounds like Manat. Manat was an ancient Arabian deity, who is a face of Metatron (there is also a strong suggestion of Paimon present with them). Hathor was consulted via meditation. She showed me that she does relate to Manat/Metatron/Paimon. She also confirmed that she relates to Ashtoreth/Ashtaroth. How she puts it is that all gods and goddesses are ultimately shades of the same and that they adapt to meet the requirements of people and Spirit over time. However, at the same time, she suggested that some spirit streams more closely parallel each other than others.  

Guiding the Dead and Providing Solace to the Grieving

Hathor was also known to provided solace to the mourning. As well, each of her siblings (Sekhmet, Bast, Ma'at, and Mut) as well as Isis, her co-persona, bore duties relating to death. In some depictions Hathor has sidelocks, in others, she has a braided lock of hair. The sidelocks, wprty, are in theory a blind-like face covering. Her shown with them, is a somewhat funereal depiction of her. 

When the wprty were pulled back, her face was exposed. In that context, with her help, the dead found their way to the Underworld. Of course, that tale would pertain to regions and/or contexts where she was regarded as a lunar deity, as her face would be symbolic of the moon. In depictions where Hathor's hair is in a braid (hnskt), the precise reasoning for her wearing one is a mystery.

What Hathor Can Do for Us

Hathor is The Great Mother; she offers that when life has become such a hardship that it's hard to continue on, that she can help. She says that one can imagine how to rebirth themselves, and the way they imagine the process should be, will work when overseen by her. So, call on her to oversee your rebirth. Hathor says it's one of the simpler ways to get out of a true life pickle. 


A Remarkable Observation

Hathor says that she aligns with Ashtoreth. The name is properly rendered Ashtoreth but is commonly written as Ashtaroth. Why is it properly Ashtoreth? Because Ashtaroth is the plural form. Yet below we’ll consider both. I took each spelling and removed the letters h, a, t, h, o, and r. Remaining after working with the first spelling, was Ast. Remaining after repeating the process with the second spelling, was Set.

Ashtaroth - Hathor = Ast 

Ashtoreth - Hathor = Set

What does it mean? I sense that it is Spirit telling us that Hathor is very much Ashtoreth. That's it. In the case of the first spelling shown, the word Ast, is another rendering of the name Isis. In the case of the second spelling, not only does it suggest that Hathor shares commonalities with Set (changeling? shapeshifter? that they both are potentially pre-historic?), but also suggests that Set was derived from both her and Isis (Aset).

By the way, not much is known about the meaning behind Set's name. However, it potentially translates to "the one below," which may be assumed to contrast to Horus being seen as "the one above." What if though, the contrast was between him and Hathor, with Hathor being the one above?


A Timeline: Hathor, Aphrodite, and Venus

Perhaps you’d be interested to know when the aforementioned three goddesses each emerged in history. The first depiction of a cow-goddesses was in the fourth millennium BCE, but at that time the name Hathor was not used. Actually, it was first found on artifacts from the third millennium BCE. Author Robyn Gillam suggests that Hathor might be a deity type rather than a specific deity ('Priestesses of Hathor: Their Function, Decline and Disappearance').

Aphrodite and Venus emerged historically, in the third century BCE. That's when the Romans Applied Aphrodite's traits to their simile of her—the goddess Venus. Obviously, when they did, she hadn't been around that long. Did Hathor's history influence the mythology of her Greek and Roman counterparts? Likely, yes; even if not, she's still a vital flavoring within the stream of each.


Some of this article was written from personal gnosis, and other parts were written via research. Usually a larger percentage is from gnosis as of late, but my health was not all that while writing it. Hopefully, it's enough to sate regular blog visitors.  

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Properties of Cedar in Magickal Rites and Spells

Cedrus atlantica cultivated as a bonsai
Image source: Samu desde Alpedrete, Flickr Commons. By CC. 2.0 Generic

Herb name: Cedar
Family name: Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Meliaceae, Surianaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Cephalotaxaceae Myrtaceae, Bignoniaceae, Lycopodiopsida
Scientific name: Cedrus
Etymology: The words cedar and cedrus are believed to have descended from the Greek word 'kédros.' The word may have originally been used to mean 'juniper,' and later on been applied to other families as well. 
Element: Air
Gender: Neuter
Planetary: Jupiter
Zodiacal: Sagittarius
Deities/angels/demons: Jupiter/Zeus, Archangel Zadkiel (aka Sachiel), Hismael, Taranis, Bruhaspathi 

How Can Cedar Assist in Magick?

Cedar posesses a rather enchanting aroma that everyone recognizes. It is effective in space-clearing, especially when combined with white sage. In incense it is useful, again, for space-clearing and also as an offering to deities, demons, angels, etc. You can incorporate it into cones or sticks, or you can instead if you prefer, burn it as loose incense. Cedar tree parts—wood, bark, leaves, oil, etc., like the parts of any tree, represent the tree of life. Its materials represent creation, the meeting of the spirit world and the world we live in, and is also symbolic of making progress during pathworking. For this, it's ideal to use while doing spiritual work and manifestation work. 

You don't have to harvest cedar itself to access its properties; you can instead use cedar essential oil. Speaking of which—in candle magick and to assist in any magick, cedar oil can be used to anoint candles. 

When contacting deities, demons, and angels it is an asset. No matter what type of rite you use it for it draws assistance (if you want it, as they typically don't work against free will). Hence when performing evocations it is an herb of choice. 

As an evergreen species, cedar embodies the spirit of thriving in the face of adversity. It thrives even in conditions that put deciduous trees into seasonal dormancy. Cedarwood, being suitable for protection, is ideal to use in creating charms and talismans. Below you'll find a list of other magickal processes that it can be used for.

Cedar in Magick

  • Use in space clearing.
  • In consecration.
  • Prosperity and abundance magick; and as an offering to deities etc., in same. 
  • To positively influence a situation or event. 
  • Bringing the end of a cycle of hardship to an end and beginning a new and better one. 
  • To escape any difficult or confining situation, relationship, partnership, or predicament. 
  • To counter abuse. Any part of the tree, but especially the seeds.
  • To eliminate difficulty or difficult people from one's vicinity.  
  • Influencing someone to accept their responsibility.
  • Clearing blockages in learning.
  • Drawing love.
  • To bring back lost love.
  • Drawing a connection of any kind.
  • In a situation that seems doomed to failure, in magick targeted at creating vast improvement, use cedar. 
  • For enduring strength and energy in magick. 
  • For justice.
  • Protection magick.
  • Breaking down the protection of a person, place, or thing. 
  • In removing spiritual attachments. 
  • Magick to control people, events. 
  • To enhance magick done with poppet dolls. 
  • Assists magick relative to gender issues.
  • To stand ahead of a crowd.
  • Making one thing appear better/different from another.
  • Though cedar can assist magick to make something seem different, it can also be used to make something blend in, or appear like something else. 
  • In spiritual growth, this no matter what part of your spiritual journey you are on. 
  • It heightens psychic awareness.
  • Gardening magick.
  • Production magick.
  • Healing magick. Especially good for targeting the heart. 
  • Cedar cones are powerful in fertility magick, but especially having both a male and female cone present. 
  • Cedar, especially the cones, can be caused to cause delay. 
  • Cedar burnt frequently will assist in ongoing manifestation magick. However, Spirit says that not easily manifesting is a sign of an issue with beliefs and thoughts, and can also be caused by spiritual attachments as well. No matter what it's caused by though, cedar can help open up a path.

In Conclusion

Spirit made it clear to me that cedar can be used in magick to meet any end. That makes sense, as there is quite a range of diverse traits across the many various types of cedar plants on Earth—their many combined traits would reflect through its powers in magick. Spirit in any form, is easily evoked by magick heightened with cedar. So it makes sense that any spirit moved by such magick would be prone to influence it on our behalf. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Money Magick, and Thoughts on the Book ‘Think and Grow Rich’


by Amethyst Black


Today, let's consider the magick it takes to become affluent; not only affluent financially but in other ways as well. There is no certain way to determine how many areas of life there are that one can be affluent in. Certainly, though, health, mental health, emotional well-being, career, finances, and interactive relationship matters are included amongst them. This topic arose for me upon doing some manifestation work a handful of years ago. It led me to discover a book by Napoleon Hill called ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ first published in 1937. It has long been regarded as one of the top books on how to become affluent. 

One thing that came to mind upon considering the topic of the book, was, strangely enough—how many people truly want to be rich? Methinks that here in North America, the average person would tend to believe that everyone everywhere wants to be rich. Yet there are no absolutes.

Of the people who don’t desire great wealth, I wonder how many don’t want it because they simply don’t believe that they can attain it? In the end, wealth comes down to this one main point—whether or not a person believes that they can become wealthy (according to Napoleon Hill). Hill suggests that belief should not necessarily be held for a minute or an hour, not a week or a month, but for as long as it takes to achieve the desired result. Then longer than that as well. 

This article doesn't delve far into matters occult, but rather, presents considerations concerning affluence magick and offers insight into the aforementioned book. It discusses the value of reading the book, explains how following the strategy outlined within the book constitutes magick, queries why more magicians don't do wealth magick/focus upon their own desires, and recounts a certain experience with the demon 'Clownt.' Furthermore, it shares the story of a big-money opportunity brought to me via magick, that I ultimately turned down. 

The Harm in Negative Beliefs

We each know someone who lacks belief in their ability to attain wealth. Such individuals see financial difficulty everywhere. They may have a decent-paying job. Still, they constantly complain about wages not increasing along with the cost of living, the prices of everything, and what other people have that they do not; they may talk negatively about 'rich people,' and so on. It may be explained to them that their beliefs will draw more lack, but they'll refuse to hear it. 

When someone lives in denial of the possibility for their financial success, how it stunts them is ultra-clear to the aware. Such a perspective (the poverty mentality) is recognized in Hill's book as being a huge blockage in achieving wealth. 

I Am God

My perception is different from the type previously described. I am God of my world and universe. No one is above me, I am aligned with Source, which surrounds and empowers me. I am the one to decide what exists in my world. As the holder of such a healthy belief, am I yet wealthy? In fact, I'm just now beginning to work towards that end. So the correct answer is yes, even if only within my own beliefs, I am wealthy. 

Re Occultists Engaging in Money Magick

Occultists oft do spells of money magick. However, such spells are typically for a specific amount of money—enough to address a certain expense or obstacle. How often do we hear of them doing the work to obtain lifetime wealth? How often do we see evidence of truly wealthy magicians? Not often. Does it mean that the work is not being done? Who knows? Surely, some do it. Surely, many do not. It seems odd though because numerous magicians use their arte to make money doing menial magickal works for others. Yet magick ideally should focus upon the self before addressing anyone else. 

Hence if a magician desires wealth, or anything, he or she should have all that they desire to manifest before performing workings for anyone else. This would be ‘the proof of his pudding in the eating of it,’ as it were, as well. Why should they be doing magick for others if they cannot do big things for themselves? Why would they want to put the needs of others before their own, for far less money, if they truly could do the work?

There is great reason for one to focus their magick entirely upon themselves at the outset. How else would one learn to master applying universal mechanisms in manifestation? The magician alone would be responsible for their success or lack of it. Such experience would endow them with an ability to provide excellent magickal services to others later on, should they choose that route... but of course taking into account that clients can block themselves to magick at times. For this but not only this, no magician can be infallible. 

Concerning How the Book is Written

Back to the book though. I began reading it about six years back (just a few pages). It irritated me. It is written in an old way of speaking. It is peppered with many whole words capitalized, and with a fair few sentences in all-caps. Mr. Hill repeats to further underscore ideas. Instead of marking them indelibly in the mind, it’s overdone by far. It’s hard not to skim read to get to the meatier parts. 

It is not for me to bash the book; according to many before me, it’s a required read for anyone wanting to become affluent. However, if you choose to read it you should be prepared for the way it’s written. In my case, six years ago the book was stored away and nearly forgotten about.

Sorry, but you'll have to wait until towards the end of the post for an explanation of what brought me back to reading the book in recent times. 

Hill Learnt From the Elite

Napoleon Hill, in preparation for writing the book, studied commonalities between a significant number of the monied individuals of his day. There were steps they followed towards becoming wealthy that Hill adopted and offers from within his book. As previously suggested, the book addresses achieving affluence in all areas of life.

Hill states within the book that a positive mindset is one of the most valuable tools in obtaining wealth. He says it’s because the universe is made up of every-thing; everything we do want, and also everything we do not want. What is drawn to us though, he explains, is that which our spiritual resonance best aligns with. Hence, according to him, a remarkably positive mindset will attract wealth in all areas, whereas a negative mindset will attract the opposite. To many, this concept is not new, but to some it will be.

Edwin Barnes's Tale

It doesn’t seem like an easy-breezy thing to become rich. Nowhere in the book does it advise you on financial strategy. In the book, it all comes down to your mind and how you handle it. Also, success relates to how you use your will. Hill paraphrased, says that “it is essential to not only have a specific desire and target goal but also to never give up pursuing them, come what may. This, even if no hint of success is visible for some time.” He went on to offer a parallel story—of a man, Edwin C. Barnes, who desired to work with, not for, Thomas Edison. 

Mr. Barnes had not a penny to his name, not even train fare to visit Orange, N.J., where Edison was located. On faith alone, he gathered up all the change he could and traveled by freight. Long story short—Barnes arrived there looking like a tramp and informed Edison that he'd one day be his colleague. Edison, impressed by his gumption, gave him work.

For the next five years, Barnes worked for Edison without a hint of it being possible for him to become a colleague. One day his break came, though. Edison invented the Ediphone dictation machine. No one in his company had any desire to sell it but for Barnes. Hence, Barnes landed an exclusive selling opportunity. He subsequently became an Edison colleague and a millionaire. 

A Man Who Quit Three Feet Short of Riches

Hill shared the story of another fellow, R. U. Darby. He invested all he had in equipment to mine for gold ore. He did well initially; he’d hit a hell of a vein. However, after a short run of mining, the vein ended. Darby continued mining for a short while, but with no success in sight soon gave up. He sold his mining equipment for a song. Without him knowing it, where he stopped digging was a mere three feet from where the gold vein started to yield again. The fellow that bought his equipment became wealthy in his place. The message supplied to Darby, was to never give up, which he drew from to later become a highly successful (and wealthy) insurance salesman. 

No Excuses, Just Believe

Some would say that neither Barne's nor Darby's tale necessarily means that a similar opportunity would avail itself for someone else in a parallel circumstance. However, the person who would think this is not the one who would become rich, at least, not without altering their perspective. Hill would probably say that if one continued mining and the gold did not soon show up, in continuing anyway, somehow the situation would resolve in a way that would bring them to wealth. 

How much would it cost to get there? you may ask. Hill specifically says (paraphrased)—"don’t focus on negative details." Furthermore, he wisely offers that "you should delete the word ‘impossible’ from your dictionary." 

How the Book 'Think and Grow Rich' Relates to Magick

You may also ask—what does this book have to do with magick and occultism, the primary topics of this blog? Plenty, to be honest. Aleister Crowley defined magick as “the arte of causing change that aligns with will.” He did not say that the change was to be caused by metaphysical means, but rather, specified that causing any change aligning with will, is considered magick. Ergo, Mr. Hill’s book is in a very real way, about magick. Anyone sticking with the program would be working towards creating change that aligns with their will. 

The Tale of a Boy With No Ears

I nearly forgot to mention any affluence other than financial, referred to in the book. An interesting story is one about Napoleon Hill’s son, who was born a deaf-mute. The boy had no ears and no hearing mechanisms to operate any ears he may have otherwise had. There was nothing there whatsoever to offer hope of him hearing, at least by any method of that day. However, Hill applied self-deception as a solution. He deceived himself and also his son, to believe beyond any shadow of doubt that the boy would one day hear. Needless to say, the boy ended up gaining the ability to hear.  

Hill’s adoration for his son and his devotion to him living a full-bodied life, are inspirational. This brings me to the next point. Hill claims that love bears strong activation energy for manifestation. I am not going to supply detail on this, because it seems to self-explain in how it worked for Hill and his son. Again concerning love—Hill claims that the bulk of truly affluent individuals studied were in love. He also states that in at least one instance, someone who’d lost great love incidentally discovered their path to wealth. 

There are more relevant points I could extract to make a stronger presentation of the content of ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ However, if more is presented it may seem unnecessary for you to read it. Read in its entirety, as it is a powerful tool in manifestation. Though the book does not address the more common methods that a magician may use to manifest money, it offers solid advice on how manifestation works and what you can do to achieve it. 

I Turned Down a Profitable Deal

Approximately a year and a half ago, a telecom company rep came to my house, asking me if a tower could be erected on my property. They offered a decent amount of money, and I negotiated it to be 40% higher. It would have given my husband and I over $700.00 extra income each month. Alas though, in the end, I had to pass. I did a bit of research and discovered a huge discrepancy...

At the time the deal was being negotiated, that company was rolling out 5G communications technology. However, they were telling me that they were installing a 4G tower. My research revealed that when 4G towers are erected in Canada that if they are converted later on to 5G by antennae, it isn’t legally necessary to inform the public of the intent to convert them. It is a way to fast-forward rolling out 5G technology, it appears. They were told that they could not erect a 5G tower, so they said it was 4G. They were asked to state and sign that it would not be converted to 5G later on. They said "absolutely not," and that "it's written into our company policies that we cannot do that." They were fudging the truth in a big way, and they were instructed to shove the deal you know where. 

Clownt Urged Me to Read the Book

It felt uncomfortable to back out of the deal, because I'd done demonolatry money magick to get it, and it worked fast. It seemed a bit like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Yet on the other hand, of course, the demon called upon would understand why I withdrew. What magick did I do? I'd called on Clauneck, aka Claunt, to draw me Big Money. Within a week that telecom rep contacted me. By the way, when working with me, Clauneck calls himself Clownt. Not Claunt, but very audibly Clownt—like saying clown with a ‘t’ on the end. 

There was a lesson in having a less than perfect financial opportunity arise. It was to inspire growth. How many would be able to turn down 700 smackaroos per month, in the name of doing what’s right for everyone? Some, but who knows? Not everyone. However, a feather in my cap for sure. The right decision was made. Surely there is a reward that will avail in having made such a choice. Some will disagree, and that’s fine.

Clownt urged me to return to reading the book; he showed me that greater things could stem from it—as great as the best of what yours truly could imagine. My reward for having passed on the deal, perhaps.

In Conclusion

In closure, a thought—there was one area in which I differed in beliefs from Napoleon Hill. He seemed at times to imply that right and wrong are set universal principles. If it were so, right and wrong action taken would have a far stronger and less changeable effect on future manifestation. My view is that each individual as God of their respective universe determines what their ‘rights and wrongs’ consist of. People should manage their beliefs on that—keep them solid, and manage discrepancies in light of actions taken (analyze whether their actions align with their beliefs or not; and if not, take steps to resolve issues).

Variables can influence the swing of the pendulum concerning what happens next. A right can be made wrong, and a wrong can be made right. Hence, are there even such things as right and wrong? I do not believe in karma punishing for wrong but rather believe that such is explained by energy frequency alignment. Our actions determine energy frequency, and our operating frequency range draws experiences to us. Karma seems more like a fancy word for attracting punishment for feeling guilt.

There appear to be a number of actions one can take that cannot be made right by belief or offsetting action. This in and of itself is perplexing and appears to stand apart from rationalization. For the record, of examples that come to mind, each interferes with an individual's right to exercise free will. The point is, however, that one needs to understand that right and wrong as defined by society, are but impressions of what they can be.

We were put here to ascend. Lessons must arise for us to transcend them. If everyone had similar moral standards, how would the Hitlers and Husseins of our world open our eyes to see the need for change and growth? We absolutely cannot all have the same rights and wrongs, as stagnation would ensue. You may ask, however, and rightly so, what bearing this last bit of info has on the topic of this post. A lot, actually... you see, what we can manifest is directly relative to our thoughts, feelings and actions. Hence, if one's beliefs are founded upon false societal ideals, their manifestation magick may be prone to failure or they may feel forced into taking a path to achieve their goal, that doesn't align with their values.

I share these ideas to experience doing so. What you and others believe is respected. Thank you for joining me today in my ramble.

The Darkest of Blessings to you

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How to Create a Magickal Protection Ward

 a sorceress conducting a ritual

Image depicts a sorceress conducting ritual magick. Source: darksouls1 at Pixabay.

Introduction; Protection Magick

Feeling safe is a basic necessity of life; doing what we can to protect our ourselves and our loved ones is essential. This article was written with this in mind. It provides instructions that enable anyone to perform a Warding Spell, which is a protection spell that ensures that no malevolency affects you and yours whilst within your home; and it also protects your home. 

The only materials you need to do it, are four small mirrors, a white candle, a piece of fabric or a cloth, a paper and pen to draw sigils with, and paint or nail polish.

How Important Is a Ward to You?

Those new to magick may not fully see how important it is to have a ward up; but seasoned magicians know that there is more magick going on around us and more psychic vampirism as well, than most muggles would ever realize. If you are skeptical about whether it's worth the effort to conduct this spell, consider this--how much do you value your life just the way it is? If you feel great about your life, this rite isn't so important to you. If you place less value on your current life status, well, it may be time to give a protection spell a try. 

This universe provides us with whatever we need to experience happiness and abundance. Ergo it is society's interference as well as that of others (even ourselves sometimes), that causes us blockage in experiencing the higher quality of life we are entitled to. The bottom line is--protect your energies and yourself in order to create change.


Begin With These Tasks

Prior to performing this or any warding spell, first you need to tidy your home and energy clear both your home and yourself. Some may not understand why these things are necessary requisites to spell casting. Well, a messy house provides an uncontrolled energy setting. This means that if you do this spell with a messy house, fighting negative energies appropriate to that setting, is part of what will be eating up the strength from your ward. The same theory applies to space clearing, as well as clearing one's own energies--you want the ward to optimize energies in the best way possible, not to simply fritter away energies chipping away on what is already there. 

You may have your own ways of performing space clearing and self-energy clearing, but one of each is offered below lest you don't.

sage smudge
A poor energy setting will potentially hamper not only a ward type of spell, 
but any type. Source: psychicrunereader at Pixabay.

Space clearing: use white sage smudge; light it and traverse your home in an anti-clockwise direction (Widdershins). move along all walls, making sure you get that smoke accessing as much area and surface as you can. Corners are hotspots for settled energies, so make sure to pay due attention to them. Also, pay especial attention to bedrooms, windows and doors, and spaces where people regularly meet, in your home. 

Self-energy clearing: use white sage smudge; light it and hover it all around your body. Don't neglect any spots, including the bottom of your feet, palms, underarms, your back, and so on. Continue until you feel satisfied. 

A tip: when you tidy your home, remember that you can remove negativity by intent as you clean. For example, when you sweep the floor, sweep negativity away. When you shake cushions, again, dismiss negative energies. Wash surfaces with similar intent. 

With all this said, now you are ready to do your warding spell.


Warding Spell Instructions

This spell is best worked on a Saturday and during a waning crescent moon. Saturday, due to the spell having a saturnine nature (taking responsibility, maintaining control of one's environment), and a waning crescent moon for removing that which is unacceptable to you.  

For this warding rite you will need four small mirrors. Four, because one will be hung in each corner of your home. Mirrors are used in this spell because they are a top tier tool in returning and deflecting baneful magick. 

  • Step 1) Create a protection sigil; if you have not made one before, there is a video within this article showing how it is done (I didn't make the video, but it serves the purpose). In your sigil, place an intent; an example--"blocks baneful magick, negative energies, harmful intent, and entities that do not harmonize with my (your) will." It's a good idea to decide in advance where malevolency goes. Within your sigil you may want to place an intent to send it to the Void. 

Though the spell will block a hex, the act of doing so laps up energy, so to provide a lesson to stop, does serve a purpose. For this reason, you may want to return negativity to whence it came. No matter what you choose, carefully think your intent through; make sure you have it precisely as you wish it to be and create your sigil accordingly. Step 2) There's one more sigil you'll need to make--a linking sigil. This sigil should be created with the intent of being able to link (by energy association), any magickal spell, object, or being, with any other magickal spell, object, or being. 

Shorter is Better

You can get a lot of intent into a sigil; however, typically when one creates a sigil, the verbiage from which the design is derived is kept as brief as possible. The purpose for this is to keep the sigil design simple. However, you can make a basic intent for your sigil, such as that it "protects you and yours from every baneful thing" (short & sweet); but then after you can imbue it with thought, to carry the rest of your intent. To do so, affix your gaze to the initial sigil you've created, and telepathically send any additional intent into it. Alternatively, you can dismiss the idea of keeping the sigil simple, and use longer verbiage; but do try not to get carried away. 

Once the sigils are made, put them aside.


Protective Symbols

Step 3) Next you should discern which protective symbol or symbols you want to paint on the back of each mirror. This is a personal thing, as there are many valid apotropaic symbols. Example symbols include: the pentagram, the daisy wheel, interlocking Vs, the Hamsa Hand, the Eye of Horus, the evil eye, and the dragon's eye symbol. 

The Hamsa Hand
The Hamsa Hand is a symbol commonly used in apotropaic magick. Attribution requires this license
information to be shared: CC by SA 3.0;

Time to Paint

Step 3 continued) Paint the symbol or symbols of your choice on the back of each mirror. Use nail polish, or a paint that will not easily come off. Don't use black marker because it has a tendency to bleed, even with varnish over it.

apotropaic interlocking Vs
Interlocking Vs

At one time popularly employed as a protection symbol, the interlocking Vs motif goes largely unused nowadays. Its precise meaning is not certain, but one theory is that it refers to Mary--the Virgin of Virgins. Shown are 2 versions. The Virgin Mary, by the way, is a reflection of Babalon. Image copyright is this author's own. 

Imbuing the Mirrors

This is a good time to burn dragon's blood incense if you have any, as it boosts energies. From here forth is where the mirrors will develop much of their protective strength and programming, and a boost won't hurt a bit. Step 4) Take the protection sigil you created, wrap the mirrors carefully together in cloth, and in with them, wrap the protection sigil. Lay your hands on the cloth and focus your intent upon it. In your mind, imagine the protection sigil as a burning pentagram (the pentagram is strongly apotropaic), see it grow large and strong. See the fiery pentagram break down into minute particles and watch it flow into the mirrors. Conclude the visualization exercise by saying "as by my intent, so it is done."

Step 5) Next, burn a white candle beside the mirrors, and burn the protection sigil the mirrors were wrapped beside as you do so. Burn the candle and sigil with the intent of initiating the powers of your protection ward. Allow the candle to burn completely. Acknowledge closure of the candle's burning in whichever way you do. Recommended: say "as by my intent, so it is done."

The mirrors are now ready to hang; one in each corner of your home. 



Step 6) Activate the ward from the outside of your home, for it is from the outside that most harm would be expected to come. Protection performed from the outside perimeter of your home is inclusive of the inside; but if you do the activation from the inside, it won't include the outside. 

Create a chant; here's an example: 

"Me and mine, protected in all ways,  

Benevolent energies thrive here.

Me and mine throughout time,

Are safe and harmonious here.  

Step 6 continued) Take the linking sigil you made, outside. Chant either what you wrote or what is written above, as you circle the exterior of your home. When you get to the first outside corner of your home that corresponds to an inner corner where a ward mirror is, touch the linking symbol to the wall to connect energies with that mirror. Touch the linking symbol with your other hand to pick up those energies, of course with intent to do that. Then draw a small, invisible clockwise spiral with your finger on the exterior wall there; it's an activation symbol. 

Once you have worked that first corner, by intent carry the energies now associated with your hand, on to the next corner and repeat the process. Link all four corners, and you are concluded when you repeat the corner you began with. You must repeat the first corner to ensure absolute closure of the circumference of your ward. 

When you have completed the process, state "as by my intent, so it is done."

That's all there is to it, the warding spell is now completed.


About Mirrors in Magick

Mirrors have long been used in magick rites for banishing work and returning hexes to sender. Such tasks are not their only value within occult practices though; they also serve well for divination, and communing with deities & demons light and dark.

 How to Recharge

The recharging process for this spell is very simple. Take the mirrors and set them out under either sunlight or moonlight for an hour. When you rehang them, reapply the activation symbol. That's it. Re-hang the mirrors and you are good to go. The recharging rite should be performed approximately once per month. Try not go get lazy on this, as you and yours will benefit from the advantages of keeping on top. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Eelskin, or Rather, Pacific Hagfish Skin, in Magick

Pacific hagfish. Source,

All Natural Things Have Magickal Properties

Many natural substances are not traditionally used in magickal practices, even though all of them have magickal properties. In the coming months, we will examine various uncommon-to-magick natural products that are likely to prove helpful. We begin today by considering the magickal and natural attributes of eelskin (eel skin). I’d probably not have considered its applications in magick, but a friend asked if it could assist them in that sense, in any way. At the time its properties were unknown to me; hence, I meditated. The magickal attributes shared within this post are the fruits of that session and subsequent ones. 

Eelskin Doesn't Come From Eels

Eelskin, believe it or not, does not come from eels but rather, from the Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii), also known as the California hagfish. This fish can produce a lot of slime in order to protect itself from predators. It has loose skin, which protects it further. The smothering quality of its slime is hard even on itself. To remove its slime, the Pacific hagfish ties itself into a knot, that is drawn across its body. Sometimes it uses its knot-tying ability to tear meat apart. Most often it eats though, by boring into dead or dying sea creatures, and it sucks out tissue and fluids as its meals.

The Pacific Hagfish Is an Eel and Is Not One

Though the Pacific hagfish is often referred to as a slime eel, it isn't an eel; yet Spirit tells me that it does relate to the eel’s magickal attributes. Hence, we have a sea creature that is an eel and is not one at the same time. 

A Mystical Word Associated With Deity Names 

One of the more interesting things about this fish concerns the nature of its name. Eel--it doesn’t seem so mysterious or mystical, yet it is.  Consider for a moment, that some of the languages it translates into, write it as áll (Icelandic), aal (Dutch, German), and iel (Frysk). The first translation, áll, brings to mind the deity Pan, and also a source deity, or perhaps source unity--'the All.' Then, aal brings to mind the deity name 'Al,' as well as Baal. As for iel, it is one suffix of the Elohim. 

In Indo-European German, eel was ēlaz. This word brings to mind Azazel as God. As I wrote that, Spirit gave me an affirmative chill down my spine. I am not going to stop and meditate to extract more information now, but common sense would dictate that Spirit is saying that in but one context: God is a dual aspected being of which half is Azazel, who in some way identifies with the Pacific hagfish or eels. 

Some Arcane Knowledge Must Remain Arcane

In ancient Greek, the word for eel was egkhelys. Egyn is in there. Egyn is another name for Azazel. At this point I must stop. Some information must be left for magicians to discover for themselves. Spirit is revealing a significant amount of information embedded within the name of this one creature. It seems unfair to the studied amongst us to throw it out whole into the public. I will say though, that the names Enki and Apophis, and the words lizard and serpent, also relate to the word eel.

 Eelskin Magickal Properties

  • Abyssal magick. 
  • Replication energies. 
  • Protection magick. 
  • Prevention magick. 
  • To amp ritual energies, but especially for nocturnal and necromantic rites. 
  • To relegate problems (or anything) to a past tense.
  • For reversing spells, and returning and breaking hexes. 
  • Magick relating to deception, artifice, and or concealment. 
  • Having someone lose interest in you and or your activities. 
  • To make yourself inaccessible or hidden.
  • Exposing uknderhanded activity. 
  • Retributional magick. 
  • Mobilizing and directing energies. 
  • Breaking down unwanted energies. 
  • Breaking down confines and breaking through constraints.
  • Drawing any energy or attributes you desire, to you. 
  • To remove people as obstacles, from your path. 
  • Magick involving water.
  • Destruction, deconstruction. 
  • Clearing a space around you, in whichever context you need to. 
  • Heightening communications with entities. 
  • Eelskin is of benefit in all high magick rites and all occult and arcane activity. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Why Does Magick Fail? Common Causes and Solutions

 Magick; Credit: Halanna Halila, via Unsplash

by Amethyst Black 

Failures in magick are not rare. This does not necessarily mean that each magician faces failure on an ongoing basis. However, looking at it this way—if everyone was experiencing the height of success all of the time, magicians would all be driving Lamborghinis and would not need to work at all. Furthermore, governments would not be corrupt, as that would have been addressed as well. Part of the reason magicians are not all driving Lamborghinis, is probably tied up in their beliefs. Beliefs relative to what can and cannot be achieved through magick. The point is, that perhaps many are not rich because they hesitate to even try spellcasting for riches (prime fodder for a future blog topic, right there).

In the case of some magicians, once a spell fails, it’s failed. Hands are wiped; end of story. Not every magician takes such an approach; but upon looking around one would assume it to be fairly common. This post is to remind people that failures in magick have causes, and that more often than not, causes can be resolved.

Not every potential cause for failure in magick is listed here. Enough are listed though, to get some “mental wheels” rolling—to get us to pay more attention to what we want to achieve and how to go about achieving it. 

A List of Potential Causes for Failure in Magick: 

New Magician Syndrome: A magician, before they've developed sufficient power, is likely to experience a slower progression towards success than a seasoned magician would. The delay may be misperceived as being failure. Time and experience will resolve this issue, as will recognizing it. 

Energy blockages: Electricity, certainly at times hinders, and for this, we can assume that radio frequencies, magnetic fields, microwaves, and other energy types, also interfere. The LBRP or a similar rite performed before a spell or other ritual, will prevent energies such as these from interfering. To clarify though, the LBRP only prevents energy interference as a rite is being conducted. Once a rite is concluded, the LBRP’s helpfulness ends. 

Luckily, there are multiple other remedies that can work for you when the LBRP will not. Energy clear your home and or temple often, and energy clear yourself often as well. In addition to energy clearing or instead of it, you can make some orgonite and keep it handy. Though I don’t like to urge people to buy orgonite, if you feel confident in purchasing it from a seller, go ahead. Do ask questions first, to determine what kind of an environment their product is made within. Keep a few pieces around your home. Well-made orgonite is a solid asset in energy management.

Another thing you can do to block non-serving energies of this type, is to create a ward against them. Warding is the most effective approach mentioned, but it's one that requires maintenance. A ward must be updated periodically. 

Sidenote: When some read the word orgonite, as its name sounds stone-like they assume it is a stone. It is, however, a man-made product. Its purpose is similar to that of the LBRP—it removes unwanted energies from your sacred space and other environments, and also from yourself. Unlike the LBRP, orgonite removes negativity by conversion rather than by banishing; also unlike the LBRP, its effectiveness is not short-lived. We won't go into why you should make your own rather than buy it; but I have written an article on that. You are invited to read it if you care to know more about orgonite.

I do not sell orgonite and will not recommend a specific seller. Remember, poorly made orgonite will more than likely not help, and may make matters worse. Orgonite is self-cleansing; but when processing large amounts of negative energy, it's wise to sit it beside shungite. Shungite assists it to clear more effectively. 

Ley lines: The energy veins of Mother Earth. Ley lines present a different type of problem in energy blockage. You will have a hard time resolving their interference on an ongoing basis. Ley lines can bear great influence on a building or any location, that may render it unsuitable for magick, working in, or living in, with no action taken. Hence if you have reason to believe that the ley of the land may be interfering with your magick or your life, the solutions to countering the problem are the same ones listed in the previous section. In the case of ley lines, a generous amount of orgonite should be placed.

How does one know when ley lines are problematic for them? There is no true way to know, but one should get an inkling when they’ve tried various methods to resolve energy issues, and no matter what, they keep returning. These will not be ordinary energy issues, as they will compound with existing energy problems and life problems, and will act magnetically to draw new ones.

Psychic or energy vampirism: No explanation is required for the damage these things can do. To resolve them, warding works, so does asking a demon from your pantheon to protect you. 

Malicious objects: Everyone loves a good garage sale. People buy junk or are given junk on an ongoing basis. People buy items on eBay, and have no idea who they belonged to previously. The point is, that there is no telling who or what an object has been exposed to. There are dark intents, there are intents that counter, there are energies that counter our respective wills and purposes. Absolutely anything imaginable on this earth, reduces to an energy that can easily be imprinted upon any object. Some objects are far harder than others to cleanse or to rectify the energy of.

The energy of such objects can be blocked by the LBRP in order to conduct a spell, or can be dealt with longer term by ward; but the best solution would be to get rid of any in your presence. Yours truly has seen the effects they have on people. If you don’t recharge a spell or ward soon enough, you will deal with the same potentially horrific energies once again. How do you get rid of them? Easily—throw them away. However, obviously, you first need to recognize them. Do so via meditation. If by meditation you discover one malicious object, do not immediately assume it to be the sole one. Conduct further meditations to be sure.

Cursed or negatively imprinted objects can rip your world apart. One can come into your hands in a form as innocent as a crystal. No matter which other approach you take in dealing with this, orgonite will help as well. To be clear, orgonite helps resolve all energy-substandard conditions. At the same time, if your energy issues are significant, don't expect one solitary piece to be the solution.


Hexes and curses: When people curse and hex, they often aim to disable the targeted individual in some way. A hex could pertain to health, mental status, finances, career, and love, and of course, one's success in magick. The solution is simple enough; again, put up a ward, or ask a demon or deity to protect you. For those preferring ongoing rituals, the LBRP performed three or four times a day will resolve curses, and also any other energy issues you are facing. The thing is, don't reach for the LBRP as a solution unless you know you are going to stick with it long term. 

Universal justice: This concept has arisen a fair bit in my writings up until now; however, we must briefly revisit it. Universal justice is not fixed and immobile; it is based upon the actions of the person subject to it. It could be described as looking, in a sense, like a dartboard. Absolute justice, is the dot in the center. All other locations on the board are reactive placements. Anywhere else that an action can land one on the board, creates a pull towards absolute justice. 

Hence, imagine for example, that a murderer kills a victim. Such an action would land him somewhere between the center of the board and the outer edge. With him experiencing guilt though, definitely more towards the outer edge. Then the next day he or she purposely saves someone from certain death. To their awareness, saving the person does not benefit the murderer; so they are doing it "just because." Assuming that they have no other justice issues outstanding, they will move rapidly towards being justice-centered. 

When one is justice-centered, all matters proceed unimpeded. When not justice-centered, certain energy frequencies arise relative to one's location on the symbolic dartboard. From within any given range of frequency, random events can and will manifest; there is no telling what they may be. Justice-centering can interfere with one’s magickal workings. Imagine a fork thrown into the gears of one's works out of seemingly nowhere. Unfortunately, there is no simple resolution for it. Mindfulness comes close, perhaps; but a person can't change their basic nature with ease.

Karma: This is a word that is spelt wrong. Its proper spelling is g-u-i-l-t. I'm joking, but it’s a serious joke as well. When a magician executes an act and feels that it was wrong, either in their conscious mind or subconsciously, it will draw justice to center, as previously explained.

Your beliefs: Aleister Crowley said that magick does not require the magician’s belief in it, to work. Though there is no magician who is 100% right on every-thing, he may've had a point. Yet he may have been wrong. The solution is, to do as you feel is right. If you perform magick believing it is not going to work, all the more power to you. Okay, that line was me joking. You see what’s being said though—this one is being put out there for your consideration. There is no solution, but really, people should believe in their magick. It's not to feed the magick, because that may or may not work, as discussed. Instead, believe in it to consolidate personal power, that brings magick to life. 

Actually, the aforementioned is somewhat of a conundrum. Who performs magick if they don't believe in it? It's hard to know; but at the same time, we know it happens.  

Your own actions: This may be best illustrated by an example. Let’s say that on one hand, a magician performs money drawing spells. On the other hand, though, they have a poverty mentality. When they shop, nothing but the cheapest goes in the cart. If there’s something they want, even if they can afford it, if it costs more than they care to pay they go without. As well when they visit, even on birthdays they don’t take gifts, or give the cheapest thing they can find. The universe will not support one in affluence when they KNOW that they are not affluent. This particular example describes how it works when a magician counters themselves financially, but there are many occupations wherein they can stand firmly in their own way. The solution is mindfulness, followed up by adjustment. 

Lessons from a demon: A demonolator walks into a bar. The demon says “why the failed magick?” … okay, I promise, no more jokes. However, regardless of how common or uncommon the phenomenon may be, it’s possible to draw a lesson from a demon, that may cause them to stunt your magick. What type of thing could cause this? Possibilities are endless. Insufficient offerings to fuel a spell, gravitating away from an agreement, betraying a pact, the magician requiring a certain lesson to be learnt, and so on. Again, there’s no specific solution but to be mindful.

Unsustained success: Do you think it’s possible for magick to be successful and unsuccessful at the same time? Guess what, it is. A magician can do a spell, but its success can be short-lived. Unsustained success may be due to insufficient offerings to fuel the magick, the wrong type of magick employed, or interference after a spell was cast. This is an example of why magickal journaling is so important. Everything should be recorded, so that when a failure occurs there is opportunity to analyze and discover why.

A wrong method of magick: High magick is more powerful than low magick. What the heck is high magick though? Its definition has a few elements. It is more complicated magick, rather than less. It involves more arcane elements, rather than less. Secondly, it involves work that aligns with your higher will—hence it is magick that serves you, rather than magick which does not. Understand though, that this does NOT mean that magick must be GOOD, or not be BAD. Some people have lessons in life, that we cannot fully comprehend. Some may have black sorcery align with their higher will. Some will not be able to comprehend this point, but that makes it no less true.

Consider as well, there are many things that increase the complexity of magick, including moon phases, astrological influences, sigils, assisting demons, and so on. The main point is, that the more intense the problem you are dealing with is, the more intense the magick targeting it should be. 

Not enough effort: This is simply another way of saying that magick conducted, was not “high” enough. Was enough done, or was it not? It all comes down to this.

Laziness in journaling: A caster repeats a spell which had previously succeeded, only to have it fail. Well, maybe their memory wasn’t quite good enough. If they’d have consulted their journal, perhaps the failure wouldn’t have occurred.

Laziness in approach: One method seemingly fails; no analysis and no further approach is taken. This entry was mentioned at the beginning of the piece, but now, with a comment added. This is the sort of attitude that bears negativity and lack of result. Though no insult is intended, people who take this approach should do themselves a favor and just quit working within occultism. 

Emotions: They are the most powerful fuel for magick, that exists. If one cannot effectively manage their emotions, there is no way to tell what all they could be dipping into. Again, mindfulness is key. This may seem like a minor point; however, the serious magician must learn not to emote but for in ways that serve. 

Asking for too much: Anyone in magick who believes we can ask for too much, shouldn’t be in magick, IMHO. At the same time, magick takes as long as it takes. One could logically assume therefore, that it takes longer to manifest a billion dollars than to manifest five. It seems that “asking too much,” reduces to being a matter of time, and logically, effort as well. 

Invoke often: This is not listed as being a cause for failure. Instead, it is a suggestion, because doing so heightens and evolves one's magickal power. That's why Crowley advised us to do it. The point of recommending it, is that through ongoing growth it will assist one to avoid failure.

"Magick abhors a vacuum": Donald Michael Kraig said this, and he was quoting Aristotle. He stated that if you banish something, for long term success you need to replace it with something else or you're in essence inviting failure. My interpretation of what he says is that if you remove anything from your life or environment, you create a void, aka vacuum. It pulls, which distorts. Kraig suggests that the created void hungers for that which was removed. To still its pull it must be filled with a replacement energy. It’s a worthy consideration indeed. 

And lastly;

One not understanding "the full definition of magick," as a problem: One casts a spell, then misses their cue. Which cue would that be? Crowley defined magick as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." He meant that regardless of whether an action is taken by way of spell or by other means, it is a magickal event. Magick is in everything we say and do to move things forth in our own best interests. Ergo, a spell in instances, may simply present a ripe setting by which to take action by other means than mystical. The point is, that it should be kept in mind that spells themselves are not necessarily the final step to any magickal project; sometimes follow-up work is required.


Donald Michael Kraig's blog post at Llewellyn

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