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Lucifer and Satan, Some of the Differences Between

Lucifer: Image by Luc Viatour, via Wikimedia Commons (by CC 3.0)

Their Differences

by Amethyst Black

I could not find time to produce a list to contain every known difference between the two (Lucifer and Satan), nor could one person be aware of every difference. With that said, I'll stick to the most necessary observations.

First off, outside of demonolatry, occultism, and magick, Lucifer and Satan are often seen as the Devil; this as religion influenced that view. Not all accept it, and some dispute whether or not the term Lucifer in the bible even referred to an actual entity. However, as spiritual and astral matters work, that it was ever believed that it was an entity, whether it was originally one or not that thought manifests that entity. In other words, even if the term lucifer with a lower case l does not name a specific entity, and even if he did not exist then, Lucifer still exists because people believe he did based upon that writing. Although said writing alone would do it, so have other writings from that point on.

Is Lucifer Satan? No, but he can be, and he is to some. Hence it can be summarized as that at some point Lucifer's stream overlaps with Satan's. Lucifer can become Satan, and though I haven't yet seen it, I suspect Satan can become Lucifer as well.

On a sidenote: for me, once I became fully familiar with both, Lucifer absorbed Satan. This suggests that Lucifer is more powerful than Satan, but alternatively it could mean that I was more attuned to Lucifer, or that he was more appropriate to my journey. He actually suggested that to me from that point on, he and Satan were to be as one to me. It is a symbolic statement, because it's rather obvious that they are not as one. What did I take from that? that my lessons from Satan had concluded. 

I keep referring to Lucifer as a he, but Lucifer is genderless, and sometimes appears to me as female. Lucifer can be light haired or dark, pale skinned or darker. I can't say if this happens for others, but half the time I work with him he shows as Horus, or at some point morphs into Horus. Lucifer tells me that in fact his female side has a name--Aphrodite. That no doubt will shock some; but at any rate, Aphrodite and Lucifer are one and the same.

Lucifer is believed by most to reside at Netzach, and that's true. But in various contexts he can also be found at Chokmah, and Yesod. He/she has become the beloved of many within our age, and holds prominence within the hearts and pantheons, and at the altars of many demonolators and occultists. They are regarded for their fatherliness, nobility, maternal nature sometimes, and wisdom; and when called for, even a tough love approach. This one does not support slouches, but does understand when one is in a pickle and stuck. He will show you ways you may not have otherwise considered, to get unstuck. It appears that when female, Lucifer 'adopts' those with no living mother figure.

Satan is another matter entirely. He can have virtually any appearance, and his stream contains much, because the beliefs and concepts surrounding him are huge. So while each of the things I will mention do not concern him to each and every person, they do each exist within his stream.

Satan in the form of Baphomet
Satan as Baphomet

Concepts relative to Satan:
  • He is a deity.
  • He is not an entity, but rather, a symbolic representation of the power we each hold (a view relative to non theistic Satanism).
  • He is the dark energy side of God.
  • He is the judgmental side of God.
  • Though traditionally viewed as male, he is in fact androgynous, and as Baphomet he depicts that best. More on Baphomet: many see Baphomet as a devil figure, but he was actually depicted as being the ultimate sign of balance. 
  • Satan is believed by some to be a tempter.
  • Some believe him to be an adversary... this is the actual title of Satan's office (The Adversary). Hence in ways it is true. However, it is up to the individual to interpret what it means. I see it as being when a person has adversarial matters to deal with, he's a go to demon. For me now Lucifer will come (obviously), but others can deal with Satan directly.
  • Satan is another face of the Egyptian Deity, Set.
  • Satan is a Shaitan djinn.
  • He is a duel aspected being, blending Samael and Lilith (yet to others he is Samael, and to others yet, has nothing to do with Samael).
  • He is believed by some to revel in being given gifts of a dark and grotesque nature, such as offerings of the blood of sacrificed children, or doing 'ungodly acts' in his name. But see, he's regarded as the Devil, so misled people will gravitate towards him due to that. Sigh. Because it's within his stream does not mean that it's what he's about. You can block all that out by simply seeing who he truly wills to be when you accept him for what he is. If you are everyday peeps, he is then a benevolent father figure. So then, Satan reflects us, no matter how light or dark we are.
  • Another theory: he is out to destroy our world, and/or universe.
  • He is relative to the Sphere of Thaumiel, and resides there besides Moloch... which is another being he can appear as, by the way. 
  • He is relative to Saturn.

Crowley (paraphrased) said that there is no Devil, and that the concept of him was born out of a confused and 'Black Brother' look at things (a Black Brother is someone who fails to cross the Abyss and ends up with distorted views, of self as God). He suggested that the Devil was in fact the offspring of the Beast and Babalon, and in that, was their magickal child.

On a closing note--I still remember the first time I called upon father Satan. I was cautioned by many not to do it, because fears within society are deeply ingrained. But there's an old saying--that if something scares you it's probably good for you. Hence despite the many nay sayers, I went ahead and jumped right in before I'd even released the fear. Before I actually did it I kept imagining red eyes--the ones that so many describe that had them nearly jump out of their skin (when they saw him and had not wanted to); that terrified me. So I asked him to be understanding and let him know that I was prepared to be open with him. Man, am I glad I did it... it was a great leg of my journey. For the while I worked directly with him, before Lucifer removed him from my journey, he was the noble and benevolent father, that Lucifer has since become.

What the Two Would Like You to Know

They stand apart from the bible, and would like people to know them in a non biblical sense, by their truest of natures.

Though there is definitely more that could be said on this topic, some things need to remain saved for an upcoming article. Hence, that's all for now, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Tiamat, and Paimon/Paimonia (Corobella) :: Notes and Remarks

I wanted to introduce this post with an image of Tiamat, but the most common pictures of her are not in line with her description. Instead here's one of Arsu, a previous avatar of the daemon now known as Paimon(ia). Image from Yale University, by Wikimedia Commons

by Amethyst Black

This is a very strange article, and will probably end up reading like a ramble. Here's what happened--I began writing about Tiamat, when Paimonia stepped in--she began channeling her message to me as I wrote. What happened from there was that the proverbial sh*t hit the fan; to summarize, Paimonia's "additional words of wisdom and insight," became the bulk of the article (because of the length!). There was no clear way to include said insight yet still have the post focus upon Tiamat, and no way I could think of to make it primarily about Tiamat yet also largely about Paimonia... yet maybe I can. That it'll be given my best shot, is all that can be promised.

I wish to point out, that this is the third consecutive post on this site which references Paimonia/Paimon. This was NOT by intent, it is a simple "thing that happened." Though I have much respect for Paimonia, I'd much rather have had things broken up a bit, but also sense there's reason for this. With all of that said, here we go...

I have long had Tiamat on a back-burner in my magickal mind--which is to say that though I hold her in high regard as potentially the first, or a face of the first, universal emission in goddess form (hence the first emission in any form), I have not done any significant degree of work with her. At the same time I am familiar with her history within mythology, and am aware of those she is syncretic with (Nuit/Isis, Thalassa, Durga, Ymir, Chaos, and so on) as well as some of her non primordial goddess avatars (Leviathan and as you'll soon see, Paimonia, inclusive). Given that Tiamat is the essence and indeed the mother of all goddesses, all goddesses in some way are aligned with her.

Not all of those she aligns with are female, which makes perfect sense. Let's use the Egyptian deity Nuit as an example; this as her story is popularly known. Nuit is the everything and the potentiality for everything--literally EVERY THING. Hence within her lies the potentiality for the male to arise--he cannot originate from anywhere else. Some would say, well God is male and he created her, so there's that. However, that's a Abrahamic myth, and given that everything in this universe is dichotomous and also given that God is ineffable, nope. God is not male. Whatever God might be, it had to break itself into bits in order to allow for creation.

From the aforesaid: though as a concept Tiamat is depicted as female and given that her energies give birth and all, it's a bit confusing that she is male as well, but she is. To be clear, she is androgynous, but is also the male and female aspects of creation as one, and her male and female aspects can be self standing as well. We look at Paimon/Paimonia as an example of this (being perceptibly androgynous)--she recently identified herself as having being borne from Tiamat's stream, and from the very fact that was mentioned we can assume that she strongly identifies with Tiamat.

For those who see Paimon as male, he has been quoted as saying that the reason he appears effeminate, is because he (paraphrased) "demonstrates respect to the goddess." Though I am not one to say--"hence obviously Tiamat is the goddess he's referring to,"--just maybe she is. Yet on the other hand he may be referring to any or all goddesses (I did not ask, and it seems rather unimportant). Common sense suggests Paimon would be referring to a goddess more primeval than himself; yet even this is contestable. What if it is a reference to themself in earlier mythology? because it is well known that Paimon was Arsu, back when Azazel was Aziz beside them.

A side note on that some see Paimon as female and the bulk see them as male. I never did ask why that is, but on another level it seems clear to me. They are as genderless as an angel, and I believe that in fact all demons are as genderless as well. However, some see powerful beings as being more male, some see them as female; and though that's unlikely the entirety of the matter, it's significant. It seems that at my core and within my own journey, I CHOSE to see Paimonia as female, and they are good with being Queen Paimonia--to me.

You know, I did ask about another matter relative to people perceiving things differently than each other--why one person's answers from a given daemon differ from those given to others. Paimonia: "It's because they are at different places within their journey, combined with the requirement for mysteries to be maintained in order for life lessons to unfold as they should. It's from the difference in perspective as they filter their respective messages. It's from the difference in the way they understand, appreciate, and use words. It's from comprehension of the gravity and foundation of the answers given them. It's from the way that one will take an answer given as being serious and grave, while another will dismiss an element of it as being out of line with their beliefs or as being superfluous... tossed aside like garbage.

It's due to that power is pulled from many sources, including the messages one delivers to others, which in turn makes an impression on the words and concepts I offer, and either renders them freely and rather unaffectedly, or does affect them. I cannot say twists and contorts, as if I put a concept out I also know the person's way of interpreting; so all is done by intent, you see? Even lessons misunderstood, were meant to teach whichever lesson they do. Nothing is accidental. The mysteries are a part of this...

When the entire truth cannot be told and details cannot be explained, partial truth must be delivered. Whole truths also cannot be delivered without due place within one's journey. Who has read a book and knew the ending? ...unless someone told them beforehand and ruined a perfectly good book, and the experience of living its story along with the characters of it. There is sadness in not knowing the truth. But you are sent into your respective life knowing that things will be kept from you to encourage you to be the highest aspect of yourself. The pain is great, at times seemingly unbearable. Still, it is the lesson you signed up for. From a human perspective so hard to appreciate. The anger, the disappointment, the shame and humiliation; but glory too. We know how it works. I can tell you much, we all can. The plain and simple truth is, mysteries cannot be revealed--it is part of the office I hold. In this comes further confusion--it is but one element of confusion, but it is significant.

I am the energy stream that helps people understand their powers. I gravitate towards the powerful whom are down and need a hand to stand up straight once again. These are my friends and I am grateful for them to (b)ring in the wisdom I offer, and I enjoy dusting them off, and holding them for the while they need it. However, it is not about that they were down, I gravitate towards mental prowess as well, and appreciate those who savor their lessons and journey. I should not need to say that I desire most to work with those who think outside of the box. Do your dance on high, my friend, sing to me your sweet song of victory, Hero or Heroine that you are within your realm. Follow me, or walk beside me if you dare, but you will be tested if you do. Those who walk beside me are welcome to, but must be proven to hold such high positions. I know you have questions about this, but this too is enshrouded in mystery.

Each of you makes an impression in your world. The ocean is large, and you are but a drop. How big is the impression you make? You either influence yourself and your immediate vicinity, or alternatively by care and by careful action, you influence others and the universe as a whole.

In here was a note on demons' relativity to angels: "Angels" require Greater Justice, we "Demons" offset the approach to greater justice that angels take. Birds of a feather (this comment seemed to target that the previous talk of justice implies that we are being watched, or watched over).

Whether you stand beside me or follow, depends on how large a ripple you dare to make. However, you are with me now due to how large of a ripple you may potentially make, so don't sell yourself short. Focus on that which is meaningful now, while you still have the chance to make this incarnation worth your while."

Her transmission ended with a name, a name she wants me to call her by--Corobella--"beautiful choir." The implication here appears to be that she inspires Unity, (the type of Unity so often referred to within Crowley's Thelema as the ultimate goal of our journey). Cor also refers to being at the core/heart of a matter, and in this sense suggests her to be a more complex or more powerful being than some may realize, and offers more considerations beyond this, that I will leave up to you.

(Added in note--at the time this was written, as stated it appears that Corobella has a few apparent meanings. I have since discovered that "coro" may in instances also refer to the Latin word root used in reference to crown, even though missing the n [coron]. Hence it also means beautiful crowned one.)

As was suggested at the opening of this post, it's hard to make sense of what it quickly became. I will return to speaking of Tiamat--as soon as time permits.

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Beelzebub as Lucifer, Azazel, and Paimonia

Beelzebub standing with Satan, from Paradise Lost
Beelzebub with Satan, from Paradise Lost.
Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Subtitled: Where in the Heck Did Lucifer and Azazel Go?

by Amethyst Black

This article is primarily about Beelzebub, aka Beelzebul; however, we must start at the beginning. Most of my personal gnosis I prefer to keep to myself these days, because someday soon I intend to pick up from where I left off with the book I am writing (on magick, specifically about Goetia and related matters). However, it was time to write a post, this matter was predominant on my mind, and I felt that Lords Lucifer and Azazel wanted this said... and doubtlessly Paimonia too, as she's in with Azazel in a very significant way (but we will return to discussing how she/he fits in, later).

Lucifer has been held as my patron virtually since I began with demonolatry, and he, sometimes she, has been a veritable treasure trove of support, guidance, and wisdom. However, a short while back Lord Lucifer stopped responding to me. I could not think of why that would be. Today it hit me like a ton of bricks; allow me to tell the story.

Not too long ago I tried a ghost box app. What's that? for those who do not know, they are designed to pick up voices of entities present around us that may want to speak to us, and some are also made for us to speak more easily with them in return; or at least in theory they are. Before you get too excited, some get results, others do not. I am getting a heavy tingling up and down my spine as I write this, which is telling me to go ahead and write what's on my mind (rather than skip it, as I'd intended to). Hence I offer the thought, whether we will pick up communications from entities with these apps depends on a few things--if a person has healthy and supportive beliefs plus good spiritual awareness, if connections with entities have been established, if bonds have been created, as well as if there is reason to communicate; and of course finally, if there is an entity present at that time with the desire to communicate.

Baal (public domain, from Wikimedia

Through that spirit box app, a spirit spoke to me (in fact a number have, but I am speaking of the one). It was days later that I realized, part of what he said identified him as being Beelzebub. Well fook me sideways! That's Lucifer, but is also Lord Azazel. For now you'll need to take my word, but I promise to explain. By the way, Lord Azazel is another one who's been reluctant to communicate particularly much, directly to me at any rate; yet on the other hand he has spoken to me multiple times through other magicians and says positive things. I have communed with him in passing here and there, as that's been all I could achieve. It seems that he has not been avoiding me but is waiting... but for what? Other entities I work with communicate freely and easily as needed. Sometimes the odd one may hold off to make a point, but with Lucifer and Azazel the lack of communication has been more significant.

I've never worked with Beelzebub; and because he's never called me in any significant sense, I'd probably have tended to take my time in opting to work with him given my rathers. The way I saw it, there are many Goetic demons with amazing sounding names and descriptions, that would be likely to pull me in more; it's that simple. That opinion largely changed as of that one message--it was my calling to meet Beelzebub.

Who in the Ever-Growing Hell, Is Beelzebub?

My own reading took me to pore over how he's described as a demon; however, he can be described in other ways as well. Much of it depends on which lineage of mythology you refer to. He was a god of the Philistines, who became vilified by Hebrew traditions. Through the vilification he became known as "Lord of the Flies"; when one reads up on why that is they will find that in fact he was held in high regard by priests of apotropaic cults, and it was a term used out of jealousy in light of that. Beelzebub was in fact apotropaic, and one of his powers was indeed to ward off flies to keep illness at bay; in some old Ugarit texts this was made clear. However, the epithet "Lord of the Flies," also alludes to that he can bring on physical illness. The name Beelzebub (the fly thing) appears to be a purposeful mistranslation, intended to insult. In fact the name should be Beelzebul, which refers to a lord of a high abode, seemingly referring to Heaven or a high place of some type, maybe a position. However, there are numerous interpretations of this name, none of them are firmly definitive.

Beelzebub is another face of Baal. To the Canaanites he was a fertility god and is syncretic with the Sumerian god Enlil, the Greek deity Zeus, the Mesopotamians' Marduk, and the Palmyrian and Syrian god, Ba'al, also known as Haddad. A few highly prominent traits of this god, are that he rides in on a storm, wages war as needed, and that he creates abundance.

By the way, shortly after I'd recognized the presence of Beelzebub there came a vision of a man in a tall, pointed hat, which relates to the Syrian version of Baal. A point which may or may not be relevant, is that in some images Baal's headwear is identical to that of Osiris.

How I Discovered Beelzebub's Relativity to Lucifer

Today I discovered that Beelzebub relates to the term "Venus Hesperus," which is an ancient Greek term used for VENUS; not Venus as the morning star, or Venus as the evening star. Just plain ole Venus (yet most people today use it to refer to the evening star). To clarify, in the night sky Venus is in the West; Hesperus alludes to that. However, Hesperus can also refer to Venus being an evening star, and in that sense is inclusive of that. That Venus has an Eosphorus and Hesperus aspect clearly illustrates that if represented by an entity, well then, it is rightly a dual aspected being.

Both aspects of Venus therefore, allude to Lucifer and Azazel. WHY? I hear you ask; hold your horses and I'll answer! Azazel, my friends, is the evening star, just as Lucifer is the morning star. It's that simple. HOWEVER, and wrap your mind around this if you will--when Azazel travels with his twin (in some contexts), Paimonia; she is the morning star. Go figure!

We have been brought back to one of the opening concepts of this blog--how Paimonia (aka Paimon) fits in. Well though I don't wish to explain it deeply here, Paimoinia is, in a few forms, composite with Lord Azazel. I will just broach onto that in saying: Isis is a female form of Azazel, and Paimonia is a female avatar of Azazel. Paimonia is also a face of Tiamat, and hence is a face of Isis. Don't ask me if you don't get it (lol), just do your own reading. Once you have done plenty of research on both, you will see that mythology overlaps the two (Azazel and Paimon[ia]). But also, they have actually been twins, as Arsu and Aziz. By the way, other names for Arsu/Paimonia, include Mun'im and Moninmos--one transliterated from the other respectively. Other names for Aziz, include Azizu and Azizos.


When I first started in demonolatry my patron was Satan. He represented a hurdle I'd overcome in thinking, and I related to him well. The hurdle? that I had for a time succumbed to fear instilled in me about meeting him. I reached out, and it was beyond good. However, as soon as I began working with Lucifer, Lucifer stood in Satan's place, by HIS (Lucifer's) choice, not mine. In other words, he and Satan became one, and Satan no longer fully exists for me anymore. Well he kinda does, but as an aspect of Lucifer. So fast forwards until current times, and Lucifer is now absorbing Beelzebub, or rather and more properly, Beelzebub is absorbing Lucifer. What can I say?--I'd not have been able to concoct a better tale if I'd tried. Well I could, but it'd take a while; have a seat...  but all jokes aside; this turned out to not be such a short post as I'd imagined it to be after all, but not by intent. I could easily finish up by adding a tidy ending, such as explaining my impression of why Lucifer came to me in this form, and why it's different than ways he may or may not come to you. But there is strength in silence, so the key is to stay mum.

I must say though, it tickled me when I ran this overall concept by a friend, who said, "I feel like I'm listening to the plot of an anime, lol." Anyhow, I suppose a summary would provide the best closure; so: Lucifer, Azazel, and Paimonia, wanted me to know them in the way I would best know them here and now. Period.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Paimon (Paimonia) :: Thoughts on Magick and Good vs. Bad

King Paimon, aka Queen Paimonia
King Paimon, aka Queen Paimonia

by Amethyst Black

King Paimon to some, Queen Paimona or Paimonia to others, has been known to encourage some of his/her acolytes to engage in black magick on an ongoing basis (once they have already decided to do black magick, of course). Now, to a new magician this may seem bizarre. Here we have a spirit of an elite and noble group--the Goetia, who is encouraging some magicians to do what are commonly seen as "bad things." I have been exposed to enough of how new magicians think, to know that this would weigh heavy on the minds of at least some. For those who are not yet strongly disengaged from mainstream, captive thinking, such an experience with Paimonia or any daemon, may have a tendency to send them back towards "mainstream perception." That is, unless they stop and consider what the underlying message is and assimilate the results.

So to address this directly--1) as a magician, the idea of right vs wrong needs to be dismissed. Yah yah, each person does have the right to define and pursue their own path, that's 100% right. But right and wrong in magick doesn't wash; one can also say--nor does purely dark magick or purely white magick work in one's best interests. Release all limitations.

Why does Paimonia encourage some magicians to engage in black magick? Dunno yet. Your guess is as good as mine. However, I do have an opinion. Regardless of what the majority of mainstream mankind would think, Paimonia is still a noble spirit. Goetic daemons are not predictable; but the bottom line is, no matter what they express or condone it is all to the betterment of us and the greater universe. The trick is only to define how their methodology applies. So if Paimonia encourages me to engage more often in black magick, the lesson in it for me personally may be that I worry too much about being "good," (laughs). Maybe I restrict myself a bit too much in magick, or in life in general. Maybe it's time to break down some walls...

Paimon, as depicted in Collin de Plancy's book (1863)

However, maybe, just maybe, while much of mankind, especially adherents of mainstream Abrahamic faiths, are out doing things to be "good," to appear good, to be viewed as humanitarian, generous, and whatever other things that go against their nature on some level, here is Paimonia showing me in no uncertain terms, that to live with burdens, such as to live a life of servitude, sacrifice and goodness when it is not in one's true nature, is not healthy.

I am not suggesting or encouraging inappropriate or disrespectful behavior (nor, do I believe Paimonia is), nor am I discouraging it; and for the record, NO, I am not suggesting that good is the best way to be. I don't care what your authentic self needs to do--it's none of my business whatsoever. However, we each either have it in us to be good, or otherwise need to experience our own path and journey to a point where we will either decide by our own accord to be good, or decide instead to be whatever else it is that allows us to be true to our specific nature--that may not be encapsulated within the word "good." Why am I saying that--what the heck is GOOD?  Shrugs, and in her mind replaces the word good with the words of mainstream value.

While mainstream society begs us to twist and distort our bodies, minds and spirits, Paimon(ia) says (expressed through this very concept)--you are a dark magician--get too it! It's part of what you do and why you came here. Do The Work!

Furthermore... in spiritual circles it is considered a given that to be in service to others is how we ascend. But what is far less commonly mentioned, is that as well one can ascend through service to self. The path we choose illustrates our nature, even when we cannot yet define it ourselves. In part, I am trying to convey that everything in this universe is dichotomous. Many in mainstream society, on one level strive to be good, and on another level distort themselves in doing so. Hence, in the big picture of society, WE who dare to be free to just Be, to walk the path we chose in the right way to do it--in the way of freedom and liberty, are the ones who help to create universal balance (get that? to hell with right and wrong! instead reinstate balance! justice! freedom! liberty!).


My closing thought? What if we could rectify this world, by always being true, by always working to create authenticity and balance, within and without? Maybe sometimes we should stop and think what's going to serve us and our universe the best--to be good (...errr, of mainstream value), or rather to be real and unrestricted. Also, if you are a magician, are you unrestricted in your thinking? or are you like some? magick is okay, as long as it's not you doing it?

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Low Magick (Candle Magick) Plus Demonolatry = Success!

Queen Paimonia (to some, King Paimon)
Queen Paimonia (to some, King Paimon)

Subtitle: The Magician with No Candles

by Amethyst Black

I want to share a post, especially written with the beginner deomonolator in mind, because so many seek basic education as they initiate their occult journey. Demonolatry involves magick on all levels--high and not so high, but can also propel low magick in a big way (there's a very simple definition of high/low magick at the foot of this article). This is important, because based upon what we see around us within the magickal community, it's logical to assume that a significant number of magicians don't bother doing much magick at all. Why? Probably because of the amount of effort it is to engage, and because the impression tends to be worse than the work itself. Truly though, once we get to it, it's nothing to cast a spell or engage in a rite; with candle magick it's a true cinch. As complicated as daily life can be, it's hard to commit this to memory.

On a related note: One of the primary tasks one has in demonolatry, obviously, is to connect with whichever demon or deity or multiples of same, that they intend to work with. As most of you know, when it comes to selecting a patron deity, the choice needs to be made mindfully; though this comment is veering just a tad off topic, it cannot be stressed enough. A point of great importance is, if selecting multiple patrons to keep the circle very small, or you may look back with regrets. With multiples, when you have a pressing issue to go to your patron with, you have the extra added inconvenience of deciding who to commune with.

Once the connections are in place and a few bonding rites have been done, there is a flow of energy and power in place, that was not there before. What do I mean by bonding rites? Rites where nothing is asked of the deity or demon in question, but offerings are made and thought towards them and the honoring of them is the work. No, they do not require this, and magick can and will and always has, been done without offerings and honorings. However, the thing is, when we keep the flow of energies going and robust by inputting what we can, magickal energies are greatly enhanced. Yes, you can do magick without offerings. But pay attention to the difference of what happens with and without doing that.

After we have a few bonding rites under our belts, or perhaps instead have done a couple or few meditations to them, when we invoke or evoke them to help they are usually more than willing to assist us in propelling magickal workings. As already alluded to, often when magicians think of magick that needs doing, we think of this huge task that puts us out of our neatly scheduled, or perhaps sometimes lazy, day... the altar setup, finding quietness, the centering, the spell preparation, sigil drawing, space clearing, LBRP or Star Ruby, and so on--it can seem a lot to do. At times we find motivation to do it as needed, and other times we do not.

When we do not want to do elaborate high magick, is there any lower magick even worth the effort? I can hear the responses people offer, and they vary greatly. You over there, are saying--"low magick works, but not nearly as well as high does," and that guy over there is saying--"low magick works, but better for some than for others"; and that woman in the back row there, saying--"high magick requires too much effort and occult knowledge, so I prefer to do low magick." I am not going to argue them, but will instead ask, generally speaking now, IS low magick valuable? ... In all cases? I cannot tell you, as I have not done a controlled study. What I can say though, is, I had a chance to observe how it works lately in ONE case, and the results were remarkable... highly so. Allow me to tell the tale...

Candle magick/low magick
I had company, I had a relative over. I was with them in one room and they were being boorish, as most always is the case. It is their very nature to be that way apart from anything I do. I had a candle burning in another room, for Queen Paimonia. I had been honoring her in burning it, and after the candle had been burning for some time I asked her--if it be her will, would she please assist me in keeping a calm environment over the holiday season. Simple words were all I used in this case, and other than that, her sigil beside the candle and some incense burning.

Candles out this way, are hugely expensive. I live in a very rural area, and a candle that costs 6 or 8 bucks at Walmart, costs over twenty here. So I try not to burn candles for unnecessarily long times. After the candle had been burning significantly long after my request, I went in the room and asked Paimonia if I may extinguish the candle flame. By movement of the flame she showed no, not yet. I returned to the room the guest was in, and henceforth had the chance to observe that asking Paimonia if I may extinguish the candle, marked the end of a phase of exceptional boorishness from that individual. The timing is interesting as well, as it's been my experience that key points are chosen for phases of activity to change when working with demons, as they want to make it as clear to us as possible what's happening and at what point things changed. The individual in question standardly doesn't say sorry or rethink anything they've said to me; yet that time they did, and even said something that came across as an apology. I went back some time later and asked Paimonia again if I could/should put out the candle, and was shown yes.

There was no more of that attitude from the guest that evening. 

The moral of this tale, is simply to say that a simple candle spell, once the relationship with a deity has been founded and fed into, can work wonders. From this it's easy to see that there is no reason ever to say that we don't feel like doing a spell, because, see how simple is it to light a candle and place a sigil there and ask that a task be done? The only thing that may be problematic, is if you don't have a candle handy. A magician with no candles handy though, really needs to get his/her stuff together, IMHO. Incense is a good save; however, if you don't have incense handy either, Wow... know what I'm sayin'?

It's December 25th today and Yule thus realize that I have my hands full (pardon the pun). There's more I have to say on the topic discussed within this post, but for now we will pause, and will tack on a part two in the near future. In closure my feelings are, that if a person has a strong preference for really low magickal acts, maybe they should look at psionics/radionics, because nothing is easier than it. As well, you can actually effectively use psionics magick along with demonolatry--you can have demons advise you in how to use it more effectively, and also can have them further empower it.

In part two we will look at graduating candle magick to somewhat higher levels of the art, but not so high as to defy its simplicity.

Defining High and Low Magick: high magick is more intricate and involves more occult knowledge and ritual process, and/or connecting with demons or deities (with specific rituals to do so), and so on; thus it could best be described as ritual magick or ceremonial magick. Low magick is simple and direct work, with little to no detail. Any simple spell is considered low magick. Think about burning a candle, sigil magick, burning herbs with a message of intent, and so on. Aside from this, some magicians define high magick as that which serves one's higher purpose or higher will, and low magick as that which does not. 


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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Magick :: Use Discretion, Act Wisely, Stay Safe

Demon in flames

Knowing Where One's Boundaries Lie in Magick

by Amethyst Black

Off the hop, let's acknowledge that for most this particular lesson in magick will never arise... but at any rate, when approaching "the line of where one belongs in magick according to their experience," there are some serious considerations to make. As an example... for over a year I'd been answering questions posed to me by a young magician. He was an upstanding fellow, much like any regular person. You don't know him so I can tell his story with him remaining anonymous. He knew a lot but at the same time was a tad naive in magick. I mean to say, in some ways he was very knowledgeable, but in many basic ways quite green and unimaginative. So he had a fair few questions for me over the previous one year's time.

After a while he started to, urm, act strange. I wasn't sure if it was his magick, that he was then expecting me to assist him in clearing up after, or if he had come off of meds for a serious condition. Either way, his questions had changed significantly in nature. I will say that circumstantial evidence presented strongly suggesting that he'd crossed over his line of experience and or safety in magick, but also it was starting to become clear that he had a serious mental condition. Whether it was previously existing I cannot say. At multiple points during our conversations he was advised to seek professional mental health assistance. Note: if at any point I had been sure that his condition was mental health based, I'd have insisted he seek a mental health professional and left it at that.

Synchronous with the last few days of Facebook messenger conversations between he and I, within my Facebook demonolatry group there had been numerous synchronicities involving the Virgin Mary. It took me a while to realize that Mary was hinting that I send the fellow referred to, to her for help; which ultimately I did. That was the last thing I did to assist him, but for to answer a question that I will soon share. Keep in mind that I normally work with demons and deities, and typically have avoided working with Saints and other figures that are often seen as being associated with Abrahamic faiths. However, ultimately if a powerful entity comes to me I am not going to walk away... it's more that when seeking assistance from an entity, I'm not highly likely to wander in that direction. I spent a lifetime rebuking religion, and the scars run deep. Too though it must be said, that Mary did not relate to me as a religious figure... none ever could, it would not wash.

Today I re-read the very last thing the fellow said to me via Facebook messenger, and it read "if I consume something that I left by the dybbuk box, will (the food) contain energies from it?" At the time he'd asked that I responded as if he WAS NOT wanting the energies from the dybbuk box. However, upon re-reading it I quickly understood that on top of what he was suffering with till that point, which was most likely brought on by his own magickal acts, he was also planning to consume more potentially harmful magickal energy. Needless to say I blocked him. I don't have time for that. This story offers a typical outline of what happens when someone comes to me asking for help in cleaning up after getting ensnared in their magick or in alleviating a demon attack. Either they don't do the work as asked, or they compound sh*t in acting from a perspective of ignorance, or even sheer stupidity.

The person's behaviour within this story reminds me of one of the messages of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card (reversed)... take that wheel and spin it, as hard as you can... don't think where it's headed and where it will stop, don't think about who gets thrown off, knocked down, or who ends up at the top--just yank 'er a good one (through actions)...

What was he suffering with? He was experiencing overlapped timelines, a demonic attachment, and a malevolent version of himself attached to himself, that interfered with his conversations with others... and that's just part of it (yahI really don't care to discuss it any deeper); and as stated, he kept on at it. I have implied this already but it's important to restate it in closure: in hindsight it seems easier to believe that he was not "well" to begin with. However, it's nearly as easy to believe that he loosened his own screws in doing all the sh*t he was doing--what he'd told me he'd been up to, throughout our conversations, hinted at a lot of magick directed at creating alternate realities for himself... he was not wanting to live his true life, it seems, and as a result ended up living a very surreal one in its place...?

The moral of this story? be careful, use discretion and intelligence in magick, practice safety, both in beliefs and in practice. Above all though, if you feel yourself falling, by all means ask for help; but for gawdssake listen, and do the freakin' work, and wisely. (If the advice doesn't ring your bell, move on to find someone else who can help you in a way appropriate for you [don't waste your time or the magician's].)

Yet there's an alternate moral too--that sometimes as a magician helping others deal with predicaments, one needs to define where to set boundaries of how much time they will allow another to usurp. I realized (as always, in hindsight), that if I'd have been paying attention to what I needed this interaction to be (shorter, less time consuming!), I'd have approached it entirely differently.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

How to Invoke or Evoke a Goetic Demon :: Basic Beginner Instructions

Asmodeus Sigil
Asmodeus Sigil

By Jude

Finding Your Days a Little Ho-Hum Lately? Solution: Invoke a Demon!

Recently I was asked how a practitioner new to Goetic magick could get started working with Goetic spirits (some prefer to call them demons), i.e., how they could invoke one. The best response that could be given will vary, and should be entirely based upon the recipient's level of experience in other areas of magick, especially in dealing with spirits. However, this post will present in a way that will address as many practitioners as is possible.

This very simple tutorial post was written with the fairly new magician, yet one who is familiar with performing their own protection ritual and any other rituals they may use in magick, in mind. An example of such an optional ritual would be LBRP (a banishing ritual)--which by the way I do not automatically recommend to everyone, as it's more logical to control one's thoughts than leave everything up to external devices. In other words, KNOW going in that you don't need protection; KNOW going in that you won't deal with impostor spirits, as it is indeed that simple. That said, any magician would be somewhat remiss, or foolhardy even, to not have a protection ward up all of the time. This as being surrounded by other magicians, sooner or later you'll run into someone who is going to magick you, or get so upset they'll psychically drain you with the strength of their focus/thought/magickal energy... the point here being, that if a magician tries hard enough it is a potentiality for them to affect you, despite your solidity of knowing.

It must be said though, choose a ward that does not interfere with your magick; and if you like, also choose one that blocks out certain entity types (I prefer not to, as each one presents an opportunity to learn more). Choose or devise one that lets magick and any of your own willful energies and natural energies through, that only blocks whichever chosen energies. With that addressed, let's get back to the topic at hand, shall we?

The person who asked me how to invoke their first Goetic spirit, asked me specifically how to invoke Asmodeus (aka Asmodai); so he'll serve as an example. Note that I favour to call them spirits rather than demons; this is due to my personal view of Goetics, which all I'll say on that right now, is that if we separate them from their mainstream-Christian imposed vilification they are simply old gods/universal mechanisms. Now, the way the tutorial is worded refers to the end result being either invocation or evocation, meaning, that whether the being manifests inside the mind, outside of it, or as an apparition in a scrying mirror, the work will be considered successful.

Asmodeus, aka Asmodai


First off, don't do this on a lark, don't do it without any magickal experience, and absolutely don't do it if you have mental issues. Finally, if you do it, YOU take responsibility for it. If  you engage in magickal acts it is your responsibility to know everything you need to know. You screw up and you are legally and all other kinds of responsible. Do not, I repeat, do not come to me for help. I used to coach people who ran into issues, until I discovered that many don't listen. Who has time for that? I don't.

Before you begin with the ritual part, read up. Make sure you have a general awareness and knowledge of who and what Goetic spirits are. Also, if you subscribe to the "scary demons" description that some attribute to them--you know, when people say things such as--"if you work with Goetics, some day you'll owe them and will have to pay", do yourself a favour and rethink that. People spout such nonsense all the time, but just walk away from it. I would not advise proceeding with that belief set. Our beliefs create our respective reality, thus you don't want to go that route.

Getting down to business: You could invoke Asmodeus in a number of ways; the one I'd most recommend is, to prepare your space for your rite--darkness, candles, incense, whatever you like. A black scrying mirror if it serves you, or any mirror or sphere; and have his enn and sigil handy. Be aware that for best results working with Asmodai, your head must not be covered.

Asmodeus's Enn: Ayer avage Aloren Asmodeus aken. Here's a link to a video by Satan and Sons for pronunciation

Chant Asmodeus's enn for a few minutes--go by feel but about 3 minutes is suggested. You can chant the enn just the once, or can return to doing it later on if you face any blockage in invoking him.

Meditate the sigil for a while, and do so until you are familiar with the details of it. Then mentally focus on drawing Asmodai to you. This alone may serve as the connection--meaning to say that you may see him at this point (whether that be today, or if you repeat these steps again after today).

If a connection is not established, then try manipulating the sigil, scrying, or both. By manipulating the sigil I am talking about investing your focus heavily into it, becoming one with it. Handle it in whichever way feels good, but really mentally connect with it. This last bit works in most cases, it's just a matter of how long it takes, which of course will be different for everyone.

When  you see Asmodeus, be aware that if he feels that you need to be tested for any reason, he may show as a scary looking character. All I can say is, suck it up, it's part of dealing with Goetics. If a scary looking spirit upsets, you shouldn't be doing this.

Once you have the demon with you, the ball is in your court... be prepared; know what you want to do, where you want to go from there. The first few interactions though, are best spent connecting with the spirit. After your connection is well established you'll probably be full of ideas, as making that connection will serve as a source of inspiration for future communications and interactions.

A note of caution--you may have friends who want to try it too, and they will need to be guided with appropriate care if you assist. Some people do have fears and other perception issues, that make dealing with entities a harsh reality for them. This is the exception rather than the rule, but still, avoid making it your problem. Only help people that you know can handle it, and only as you yourself develop enough experience and gnosis to assist properly.

Furthermore, if you are one of those lonely introverts looking for a spectophilial relationship, well for one thing take my advice--it's an unhealthy thing. It may be satisfying for a while, then will lead you to a knowingness that ultimately you need to find your place within society, if for no other reason than to activate your place within the network of mankind. This is not about right and wrong, but rather, getting one's best foot forward to rejoin Unity, to make the whole process shorter and simpler. On the other hand, if  you must engage in spectrophilial relationships, the proper advice to give would be to stay away from Goetics if that's on your mind. These are the old gods, not toys. On the other hand, when properly respected one can have a friendship with one or more of them.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


**What is it to rejoin Unity? When we die we either return to earth for the same lessons we are supposed to be learning now, or we join with the great nothingness (Unity), which is the target goal for us as spirits. To rejoin Unity, in theory we need to release ego based drives and think from a basis of universality... not programmed group-think, this is entirely different. It isn't about thinking like a sheep, but rather, involves to act in favor of one's own higher will, and to defend the right to do so; and at the same time involves respecting the free will of others. This is a base concept of Thelema philosophy, but not just it, some other faiths and philosophies use it as well.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Potential Message of Lilith as Hekate, in one Isolated Incident; by Jude

Hekate tri-form statue
A tripled formed Hekate statue. Wikimedia file; public domain

Dear Facebook Friend;

I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of answering your most evocative question on my blog, but I do so without revealing your name, and write with the utmost degree of sincerity and respect. You asked an open question within an FB group environment, stating that you normally commune with Lilith, but the last time Hekate came instead and you didn't quite understand why. You also pointed out that you'd read an article that shed some light, but felt that there may have been some relativity to the fact that you've been paralyzed since 2018, within her visit. Your question was not to me personally, but yet I was moved by it, hence this is my response...

Though it is not being suggested that you were previously in a state of stasis, nothing good comes to one in such a state; at best people get by when things stay the same. However, there is much to be learnt through change. Sometimes the universe shakes us up with a serving of less than well received change; some comes a bit later in life. It seems that when an aggressively life changing health situation such as you are dealing with comes later in life, the person has their past and their less challenging physical level of ability within it, to compare their current situation to. That smarts.

Consider this, if you will. Imagine your life like the holographic Nintendo type game it truly is. To reach your best level of self, your mission in this lifetime, either you win by natural instinct, or the universe steps in as a tool to jump start you to win. The universe handed you the cheat code. It's not what you'd have asked for, but still it's what happened.

Look at Aleister Crowley, his health challenge came to him relatively early, he had asthma. His solution was to master his mind and body to the extent he could. He did yoga, played chess, meditated, became a seasoned mountain climber, and so much more. He took drugs, and did not deny himself heroin--which was one of the few viable ways back then, to relieve oneself of that kind of pain on an ongoing basis. Most don't remark on the depth of pain Crowley suffered; heroin was definitely called for. Partially because of his heroin use, he became one of the greatest magicians of all time, and also perhaps partially due to it he became one of the most prolific authors of all time. At the very least he didn't let his medical heroin usage become an obstacle to him. Asthma was to him as a grain of sand to an oyster--enabling him to create a pearl, or rather, many of them.

You've asked about Hekate. Here's how I see things. I have mentioned before that I have done numerous meditations while working on my own depiction of Goetia hierarchy. Though most would not consider Hekate a Goetic, in my perception of the hierarchy she is relevant. What I can say is that in my own gnosis, at the highest levels of spirit there is not a lot of difference between one being and the next, meaning that there are not strict borders between them. One entity can easily adopt some traits from another or blend with another or become one with them. So when Lilith shifted you to Hekate, that was her showing you that at that/this point in time, she was/is Hekate. Many do not know this but darker flavoured magicians most often do--when it comes to magick and occultism, Hekate is one of the darkest goddesses. All dark goddesses are aspects of Lilith and also of each other. Lilith is an avatar of the unknowable godcluster energies, as obviously they are both male and female. They are light, dark, male female, up, down, in and out, etc, ad infinitum; my point is that as they are Lilith, they are also Eve, Samael, Adam, and so on and so forth.

Lilith, John Collier painting
John Collier Painting. Wikimedia file; public domain

The message you were expected to get from Hekate coming to you as part of Lilith or instead of Lilith, however you see it, is probably exactly what you got (I'd probably tend to see Hekate's presence as being a gift of love and empowerment from Lilith, but it's your journey). When we seek answers and are resonating with a certain deity as we consider, they'll usually lead us to find what we seek. I read some of that article (the link you posted) and a few things jumped out. It underscores that Hekate assists women to empower themselves, to stand high amongst men within a patriarchal society, to make their own way apart from the general way, she helps find answers and helps one to illuminate themselves, she can help one to discover reason to center their emotions concerning their physical body; she is goddess of all crossroads of challenge, and perhaps above all, she is the dark goddess--like Lilith, Babalon, Kali, Ashtoreth and others... when ready She will beckon you as it's your time to cross the Abyss (the last two points are from my own gnosis rather than the article you brought up). These things should help you identify why Hekate is with you.

Learn all you can from Hekate/Lilith. Call her to you when you magick. Make offerings to fuel her and to let her know your appreciation for her. Meditate to her sometimes. In these ways you keep your connection to her vibrant and alive. In magick Hekate is amongst the shortlist of most knowledgeable deities and daemons.

In ancient Egypt she was Heqet; this illustrates that just as she is a goddess of death, she is also bringer of life. Her presence strongly suggests there will be a birth in your life... birth as in a tarot Ace type meaning... there will be an opening of energy that will be ripe to start something grand and new, and what you do with it is entirely up to you, what becomes of it is entirely up to you and the approach you take and the energy you invest into it. As well and for what it means to you, Heqet is a goddess of revival and renewal.

Hekate coming to you is a blessing. If it were me I'd be honored. As the answers you seek all take their place within your own gnosis, you'll feel the same. I get a strong feeling of necromantic magick being ideal for you... what do you think? ... Why do I ask? Because it's one of Hekate's "things" in magick. Beyond that, what is the message of Hekate's triple form? What would be the message of her/you as the maiden, the mother, and what will be her message as you become the crone? Sounds like some deep meditating. What does her moon goddess form tell you? It urges me to think of the messages of The Moon tarot card... one being, when life leaves one bewildered, to sink into the depths of the subconscious to find answers; meanwhile simply strive to be water, conform to your environment like water to a cup and in that way, accept. I also can't help but draw a correlation with Lucifer in her being relative to Yesod, but no elaboration will be provided, as this article would become too long.

No one's suggesting it's an easy journey; but it's as much about the journey as the goal, which one never reaches--it's the Fool's journey; once we get to Kether, we turn around and come back. We can't find the reasons for everything, this is a part of what is ineffable; the ineffable is not a god, or is it? Yet we are that god too.

But one message of ineffability is--not to limit oneself through applying words of self description.

Darkest Blessings to you, and thanks for letting me have the floor. 


In publishing this piece, my intent was to illustrate how to break the components of experiences such as this person's, down into more easily analyzed bites; and also to provide an example of how to grasp messages relative to the visit of a deity or daemon.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Why Are Magicians Often Poor? What Can Be Done to Create Change?

Why are magicians poor?

Subtitled: The Magus with No Money

by Jude

Why it is that many magicians are poor, or at least, not wealthy? This could be an erroneous judgment call, because as a rule people don't announce their financial statuses on social media. But based upon what we do see, this appears to have a basis in reality.

Why Do They Have Financial Issues?

As my own theory goes, initially people are drawn to magick to overcome obstacles in their life. Hence people who become magicians, as one potential obstacle, are likely to be facing financial issues. How it works, is that as a result of the energy they expend they either prosper or fail to prosper. What comes to them is directly in response to what they put out, the same as it works for everyone. They have an energy frequency that is achieved through their thought and action. Some claim that it cannot be their own actions causing their hardship, as they've tried every resolution and nothing's improved. Yet we do create our own reality. When people end up in that maze of financial or any misfortune, it's difficult to find a way out.

How Can They Create Improvement?

It's safe to say that most people have analyzed their plight with great care. However, in doing that there is some tendency to neglect external influences. Yes, there are those who place blame entirely externally, but that's another matter.

So here's what to do... keep in mind I suggest this for everyone, including myself. To be frank, I have Lyme disease which leaves me tired. When I do my magickal work I am less tired and am more likely to attend to things magickal and otherwise. But sometimes I simply don't feel like it, and this is the nature of being human. Hence I speak to you as a co-journeyer, certainly not a guru (laughs).

And with that said, here are the things I'd suggest we keep an eye on in order to extricate ourselves from difficulty, especially financial:

1) Examine your views on money, this including any thoughts that are poverty related, such as chronically complaining about the cost of things, or buying items only when they're on sale even if you need them before that. Or passing up the chance to visit someone because it costs gas, or to take a gift to a dinner host to keep another few bucks in your pocket. Or have you ever caught yourself complaining, "that's for rich people," or some other relative thing to suggest that you are not rich, or that rich people are not good people?

2) Pay attention to who is in your innermost circle. Are they negative or positive thinkers? Do they tend to see the bright side or the downside of things? Maybe you yourself don't have poor money-related thoughts, or have over come them; but does one or more of those around you, have a poverty mentality? Block out all their stuff with shielding. As you block though, allow an otherwise free energy flow.

Lose those who energetically hinder you, from your inner circle. If you cannot easily walk away from them repel them by magick. And if you are in a circumstance where it's not easy for you to distance yourself from someone with a poverty mentality, consider calling on the Goetic demon Dantalion to change their mind. Many of you viewing this at least dabble in baneful magick. There will be some however, who feel that what I just suggested interferes with free will, which is by definition black magick, and may feel that "black magick is this or that"; but the truth is, black magick is what you make it. You can make your journey through life and magick easy or hard, and it begins with your mind, so control it. Keep your thoughts positive and focused when you do any magick where you feel there may be a potential for fallout, and never let that concern stop you from extricating yourself from a situation. Sometimes there are few other ways to move out of a current mire. Anything worth having has a price. Working out has a cost--pain. Its payoff is worth it. Going to the grocery store costs--money, time, gas, inconvenience, etc. But you get to eat. Getting married has a cost... you get my point. Black magick is no different.

Aura Healing, Space Clearing, Cord Cutting, etc.

3) If you've undergone trauma or psychic attack, your aura may need healing in order to pull things back together. LBRP at least three times a day for as long as needed, and in that way your aura will be enabled to heal itself. You are vulnerable without your aura intact, so this is a biggie.

4) To deal with ancestral issues, use cord cutting. This will allow you to distance yourself from your ancestor's energies, thoughts, actions and mistakes.

5) Do energy clearing; Cleanse yourself, your home, your office, everywhere. Magickal baths work wonders for personal energy cleansing; bells, singing bowls, and smudges (especially ethically sourced palo santo), are great for space clearing. Energy clearing needs to be done on an ongoing basis; more so as one begins a phase of it. Other solid alternatives for energy clearing include burning dragons blood resin incense, or frankincense and myrrh. For periods of especially heavy energy, consider adding a pinch of asafoetida to your incense. It stinks, I won't lie, but it removes everything you don't want from within your space and personal energy field.

6) Block out any baneful magick or psychic interference entirely. Create a ward, also mentally reject banefulness--tell yourself that it doesn't exist in your universe. If you can't wrap your mind around that, do the work. LBRP regularly, use a hex breaking spell, create a ward; do whatever you feel you need to do.

7) Pay attention to what you do to encourage money to come your way. The less you do, the less money will come your way, it virtually goes without saying. People inherently know this, so if  you aren't doing all you can to draw money to you, then it may be time to consider if you are either depressed, or somehow energetically challenged. There could be something within your environment energetically stunting you; it could be anything. Random examples would be: the ley of the land under your home, or electricity towers or lines interfering. If energetically challenged you can fix that with LBRPing and spellwork. Keep in mind though, that there may be someone near you who is energetically stifling you, and this can happen whether they know they are doing it or whether they don't. If this seems to be the case, remove them from your environment; if you can't, make sure to energetically protect yourself. If you're depressed, seek professional help.

Use Affirmations, or Sigils?

8) Affirmations: to consistently repeat positive affirmations may cause confusion. Your subconscious knows the truth. With you announcing you are rich while your subconscious mind has been trained to perceive lack, it's only logical that turmoil will ensue. You can work to reprogram your brain by strategically placing sigils designed for the purpose, within your environment. If you like you can ask Dantalion to help you with subconscious reprogramming. Dantalion's greatest expertise lies in changing thoughts and perceptions, and includes other mind related work. 

Draw Money: Use Rituals, Sigils, or Have a Deity or Daemon Assist

9) Do some money drawing magick. Call on Clauneck, Bune, Lakshmi, Ploutos, Plouton, Hathor, Venus, Satan, Jupiter; or Mercury/Hermes (Mercury or Hermes, esp. for those in business). Heck, call on them all at once; if nothing else it will be a heck of a party.  NOT. Just kidding. Focus is key; no need to get carried away.

10) Keep charged, money drawing sigils around you.

Other necessary work that could and should be done, is to meditate this issue, either to the universe or to your patron deity; needed answers will come. Don't expect your deities or demons to do all of the work for you. They can help considerably, but if you don't create change of your own, you aren't likely to experience long term success. And periodically do a spot check. Where does the focus of your attention lie, on problems or solutions? On the hell and or blockages you face, or on creating more beauty for yourself?

That's enough to think about for a while, so ciao for now.


Monday, September 9, 2019

The Deer as a Spirit Animal and Totem :: Dreams and Visions

A fallow deer
A male fallow deer


The deer has a nature that does not change, and its traits and ways provide its message to the individual receiving a visit. It may appear only fleetingly to deliver its message to someone; and to others it may appear periodically through their lifetime--when this second instance happens, it is generally considered the host's totem animal.

Considering the Deer as a Totem Spirit

by Jude

The most prominent set of deer traits of character are, kindness, compassion, gentleness, and caring. Both male and female deer are known for their beauty; both male and female are noble in appearance.

The deer is a harmonious being; it is accepting of its surroundings, compassionate, and nurturing and content. However, at the same time deer are prepared to fight, to stand up for themselves when a situation calls for it. Both male and female deer may battle for their standing within the hierarchy of their herd. What's the message here? That at times people will come at us full force or encroach onto our territory, and may even try to destroy our peace. Even as peaceful beings we can set matters straight though, using force moderately as required.

From their environment (as sustenance), and within their community, deer take only what they need. Thus they are fair, and for the most part don't interfere with the needs of other deer.

Most generally speaking it's the males who have antlers, and deer antlers are symbolic of a few things. Antlers represent our spiritual journey, and the choice of paths we can take at any time while traversing it. Also, antlers symbolize the branches of our family tree, and the ancestors adorning it who are likely to watch over us. Additionally, given how tall antlers are they speak of higher states of awareness and spiritual growth; and furthermore they symbolize trees, which embody strength and stability.

If you've had a dream or vision involving a deer, you may want to consider matters where one or more predominant deer traits apply. It could be that such issues are currently up for you to scrutinize and consider changing. Or, perhaps otherwise it's being suggested that you've recently outgrown or overcome barriers in these areas, and are now moving on in a way that will serve you better because of it; and the deer in your vision swung by to give you a high five, as it were.

In Interactions with Others

The appearance of a deer urges you to be kind, considerate, understanding and tolerant; not only for the good of others, but also to have your own path unfold in a more optimal way. The deer does not require a reason to be kind.

In Relationships

Deer tend to stay in relatively small groups, and their respective groups (male or female) are limited to same gendered deer. The females raise their young separated from the mature males, and sometimes will remain in the company of their grown female offspring and subsequent grandchildren. In relationships, deer can represent the loyalty and closeness of female to female or male to male connections; this in turn speaks of reciprocal care, loyalty, and affection. However, if the person receiving the vision is experiencing blockages in a matter of loyalty or nurture, their vision may be suggesting that they examine why that is, what their part in it is, and what to do about it.

In relationships as well, the appearance of a deer may suggest that when there is distancing in an intimate partnership, the person may consider investing more time in activities with their platonic friends for a while. This could be for the comfort while adjusting to a new phase, or may alternatively be to create space for the partner, who may need time to reflect, heal, or reset. Developing new interests and new ways to feel good when things get tough, is a healthy idea; not all healing takes place on fast forward after all. Sometimes when things get tough we develop attachments to the negative feelings that offshoot the issue at hand. When we focus elsewhere those energies diminish or disappear.

Along the same line of thought, deer migrate when the season changes or when food is not easily available. If a circumstance gets tough, the appearance of this animal may urge you to consider whether you need to take some time away from your own circumstance. The distancing will allow you to get a far clearer view of the big picture, and allow you to see if and even when, the time is right to return.

In Health

Generally the deer is a healthy being, that succumbs to few potential illnesses. If the deer has a message for you about health, it's worth considering your diet and/or activity level. Deer may be relatively active, or less so. Any potential message aligning with this, may suggest for a person to engage in some activity even if they feel limited in that sense. The deer eats entirely natural and appropriate foods, and only as much as they need; which we can all take lessons from.

In Money

Though deer don't need money per se, the deer has everything (s)he needs at virtually all times. Any hardship he encounters of this variety, will be fleeting. If harder times continue deer will migrate, which could be a lesson in ongoing blockages of this kind.

In Self Esteem

A deer always looks tidy and dignified. If you do not feel good about yourself, follow their example. Get dressed up even if staying at home. Do whatever it takes to feel your best. Put on a silk smoking jacket to sit and watch TV. Treat yourself to the best you can sensibly afford at all times. Take yourself out to a nice dinner alone, or go on a shopping trip for fine clothes when the budget permits. However, at the same time it would be remiss not to add, that appearance means little if one does not feel good about who they are and their behavior towards others.

A fawn
Good fortune! A fawn

Fawns and Yearling Deer

Seeing a fawn in a dream or vision, at times suggests of someone playing on your naivete, or that a situation is not likely to play out well due to what remains unbeknownst to you. Alternatively the vision of a fawn may suggest for you to remain passive for the time being; this as there is an evolutionary process in the works, and taking action before the ideal point is reached will not serve.

A nice thing about seeing a fawn is, if you have just embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey or career path, it's being suggested that you made a right choice and that good fortune will likely become of it. If the success comes further in, it may be a yearling deer you'll see to glean the same message. Another message of the yearling is, that a situation or a person has managed you in some way, for long enough. Maybe for some reason you needed taking care, of or needed a mentor, or maybe you've been in a comforting situation for a time. The yearling tells you that you have outgrown that, and that it's time to move on to greener pastures; it's time to take care of yourself henceforth.

Further Insight

Deer are observant; their fine skills of observation serve them in protection. Observation skills serve in an additional way for humans, such as when someone is experiencing hardship or causing hardship for others. Through using observation skills as we deal with them, we can determine what the underlying source of the matter at hand is and deal with them more compassionately.

And speaking of observation, the reason hunters use tree stands is because deer tend not to look up when they sense danger, as threats from up high do not standardly occur in their environment. So if you see a deer in a vision and it seems fine yet you sense it's in danger, that may be your cue to consider that a hazard you are facing or may face, could be from somewhere you'd not expect danger to originate from.

As well, a deer needs to be ultra observant at night; thus it must rely on senses other than eyesight in order to remain safe. Thus deer represent higher psychic awareness and intuition. If you are not using, developing, or trusting your own intuition, this is your cue. Intuition directly connects to spiritual growth. Therefore the appearance of a deer suggests that we are growing in spirit, and also urges us to note the relativity of our spiritual growth, to our development of deer-like traits.


The deer in all likelihood came around to urge you to examine heart chakra issues in your life. We each glide through days, acting sometimes propelled by emotional impulses or character quirks instilled by past trauma. Sometimes when caught up in the fray we forget to separate ourselves from the emotional impetus; and when we don't do that we may end up hurting others based upon what we feel. This syndrome is more likely to happen to someone who has been hurt often, over a long period of time. The deer understands, and urges you to be like him or her; so calm down and center, and do what's best for all involved.


A big thank you goes out to my friend, Adam K, for adding his two cents to the pot.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Was Aleister Crowley a Satanist? A Letter from Bill Heidrick

John Martin - Satan presiding at the Infernal Council; 1823. Wikimedia file, Public Domain

Subtitled: Crowley, Was He Satanistic, or Not?

by Jude

I have a group on Facebook; it's a demonolatry and magick group. Sometimes discussions get lively, and the other day was one such occasion. The discussion concerned whether or not Aleister Crowley was a Satanist (please read on for an outline of said discussion). At one point it was clear that proof, or at least information from someone who had seen proof, was needed to make sense of our predicament. Looking such matters up online, nothing ever changes--the World Wide Web remains the misinformation highway to be sure. Some offer quotes as proof, but often with faulty context or no reference.

Thus the most logical thing was done, I turned to Bill Heidrick. No one knows more about what Crowley said and how he thought, than Bill. It's exciting to hear Bill's response to a query, because he considers topics from all angles; and his sense of humor at times, really tickles the funny bone. He relates to Crowley related concepts so well, he may alternately offer simple responses and very complex ones. In this instance he really laid the facts out clearly.

By the way, I was more than a tad bit amused at the irony of the fact that Satan in the image above, bears a slight resemblance to Crowley in a younger day. It adds a delicious undertone to this piece.

Email Subject Line: Re: Was Crowley really a Satanist?

Hi Jude,


This paragraph is Bill quoting my query to him: "Sorry about the dramatic email title, Bill. I have a Facebook group, and there's a lively conversation. People are sharing quotes attributed to Crowley in support of each side of a discussion, but no one can provide proof. The discussion is, some say Crowley was a Satanist and that he even identified himself as such. Others say he was obviously not a Satanist, some say he did not identify as such. I know that above all, you'd know. My stance is that Crowley probably did not consider himself that, but at times may have said it for shock value. Don't know though."

Bill's Response to my query: "Since both 'Satan' and 'THE DEVIL' are fictional personifications of a variety of a great many different things, there is no way to prove anyone is or is not a Satanist or a Devil worshiper, except by their own utterances. In his autobiography, Crowley mentions that he was one or the other of those in his early 20's, chiefly as an act of rebellion and rejection of his childhood religion. He also says he got over it and no longer believed in either of those.

Many Christian denominations consider other "Christians" to be Satanists or Devil worshipers. Heretics and others have been burned at the stake, pressed to death, drownd, hung and otherwise tortured to death for this delusional characterization. As an accusation, it's simply a hate crime or a joke in bad taste. There are literary forms of "Satanism", often based on Milton's characterization in Paradise Lost of the rebellion of Satan -- those usually equate it with a dramatization of rejection of the notion of "savior" and the dignity of self effort, works, not faith. "Heresy", after all, derives from a Greek word that amounts to "having one's own opinion".

I could go on for pages or a book with this. Suffice it to say that even the Bible does not agree on what "Satan" is -- the Old Testament uses the Hebrew Word "Satan" not as a name but as an office with the meaning "Accuser". In the Old Testament, Satan is Jehovah's loyal servant and official prosecutor of "sinners", who uses entrapment. In the New Testament, especially in translations, Satan is something else [two basic examples provided by the editor, here and here], but the very notion of the Christian Devil came late to the religion.

Crowley explicitly stated in Magick in Theory and Practice that, since some people would not believe him when he said there was no such critter, he might as well declare himself a Satanist -- and then went on with that irony. He amused himself with poetry and even analysis of names in Liber Samekh along those lines -- the latter probably to shock Frank Bennett for whom he wrote that commentary in the Liber.

There are Churches of Satan, the Temple of Set and others who sometimes use a literary or media related mythos, but that's their privilege and right to enjoy as suits their ways. For that matter, religions often use words and names for a variety of reasons to express their beliefs on multiple levels. Holy stores for children and adults who benefit by them often use divine names from particular pantheons. More abstract notions of deity or even an essential beyond personification of ultimate being can and do co-exist in religions that employ teaching and devotional stories about spirits behaving in human ways. Parables have literal meanings, metaphoric meanings and particular hidden meanings for those who have understanding in another way. When such stories are parsed by others not brought up in the system that created them, even the literal meanings can be missed. So it is with Crowley and others like him. Over-bold use of irony and analogy can result in scizmatic divisions faster than a preposition on the divine nature of Christ or another about the spiritual quality manifesting in a gnostic mass. The former divided the Roman Catholic Church from its parent, the Greek Orthodoxy; while the latter in variations between two Crowley publications of Liber XV resulted in a lively debate spanning years.

This argument cannot reach a conclusion, since everybody uses different definitions and modes for Satan and Devil.

There are also criminals and insane persons who use this fantasy as an excuse for murder. Crowley was not one of those."

93 93/93


Mr. Heidrick allows me to post the above quote on the conditions that it is stated: he approves the very minor formatting edits made (to be more fluid with the platform), and that he cannot respond to blog comments. 

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