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The Beginning Magician (4: More Yoga Activities to Keep You Busy)

asana, yoga, pranayama, breathing

Note from the Editor: It seems that in magick, that the bulk of beginners prefer to slide past working on the breathing exercises, mantras, and other elements of yoga. However, though one easily can do that and experience success in magick, let's now stop and consider one of the greatest historical examples of what yoga and its elements can do for us within magick when we do work with it. Aleister Crowley, is who we look to.

Aleister was so ill as a child he almost died. He's been quoted as saying that he did not realize early enough in his life that he could have made changes to improve his health, so did nothing. But when he realized he could self treat, he did so. It was done through his engaging in various methods of self discipline, including mountain climbing (physical), chess (mental), magickal and mystical pursuits (spiritual); and also through yoga, which addresses body, mind and spirit. The Great Beast 666 went on to become one of the greatest magicians of all time, and few will dispute this; as well he became one heck of a prolific author.

Yours truly (editor Jude Chi) was one of those who dismissed breathing exercises for a very long time. After a while though it seemed worth an effort to try. Once one does try there is no turning back, as the changes they will experience upon doing so are radical, IMHO. Point being, don't be in such a hellfire hurry to skip to the good parts of magick. Much power lies within the topic matter broached upon in a basic fashion right here. On a side-note, to clarify the title, some basic level of pranayama was presented in lesson one of this lesson series.

Magick :: Discipline in Breathing

by Adam K

Greetings. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In Magick, one could well ask, “why would one chant, and what could it mean?” We in the West typically have a hard time understanding the purpose behind doing or saying a thing that apparently has no inherent purpose. Here I’ll attempt to address that concept, as well as I am capable of.

It would be easiest to begin by asking, “what is Pranayama?” Well, there are two things we don’t think of as all that important until we aren’t getting them. One is sex. The other is air. You figure out which one you will actually die without. We have talked about your breathing before, and now we will actually go out of our way to make it difficult by simply thinking about it while doing it, and making a routine out of it. I know, I know, why would we want to make it difficult, is what you’re thinking. Think of it like working out. When you are working out, you are intentionally doing a difficult thing to both make doing everything else easier and to alter your physical relationship to the world. Much the same is true with the Hindi practice of Pranayama, or, literally, Breath Control. Of course, as is usual in transliteration, prana means considerably more than just breath or air, and yama means something more than simply control; truer when we make them into one whole word. However, for now, breath control will suffice.

Prana is pretty much identical to the Chinese concept of Chi, which is a sort of life force energy that exists in everything around us and in us. Think of it like The Force in Star Wars, but much more subtle. pranayama is the act of controlling our intake and use of that energy, which is tied up in the air that we breathe.

In Western society, we have a tendency to pick up some pretty bad habits where our breathing is concerned. For example, we generally learn over time to breathe almost exclusively from the top sixty percent of our lungs, and that breathing is very shallow as a result. If you observe the way any young child or infant breathes, you will see it is much different from how adults, especially adult males, breathe. Children haven’t picked up the bad breathing habits we have yet. They breathe more deeply, and from lower in their core. It is at least a likely contributor to why we have so much less energy as adults than children do.

If you gain nothing else from this, it is worth the effort of correcting your breathing just to recapture a portion of the energy of your youth. So here I will give a simple method for doing that. Try it and see for yourself if you feel any difference after doing things differently for one week.

Since this is yoga we are talking about, the first thing you will want to do is get in a position, or asana, that you are somewhat comfortable with. It doesn’t need to be anything difficult like the lotus asana because the point to this is to alter your breathing habits and not to have your focus drawn away by undue discomfort. We’ll worry about doing that later!

mindful breathing
Once you have found an asana you are comfortable with, you should make sure you are dressed comfortably, that there is no restriction to your breathing, nothing tight around your waist. If you have privacy and aren’t overly self conscious, a good suggestion is to practice this nude. If not, a loose fitting robe of some kind is recommended.

Now find a nice, quiet spot to perform in. Take your chosen asana. Simply begin to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Here is the hard part: breathe in for a count of four seconds, then hold the breath without tightening your throat for four seconds, exhale slowly and evenly for four seconds, and hold again without tightening your throat for four seconds. It may be helpful to have a metronome (and yes, there is an app for that) set to 60 BPM to help you keep track of this. Another key is to breathe quietly enough that you cannot hear it, and inhale and exhale fully with each breath. Try to remain otherwise as still as possible while doing so. Imagine a string attached to the ceiling and extending down to the top of your head, and it is holding your head, neck, and spine straight and vertical. Breathing should start from the bottom of your lungs on inhaling, and should end there as well upon exhaling.

This all sounds simple enough, but compare it after a few minutes of practice to regular subconscious breathing, ask yourself just how much more difficult it is. But the key to this is, to keep doing it until without realizing it, you are no longer even thinking about it. It has simply become the way that you breathe.

If you feel you are becoming too comfortable with this, then it is advised that you simply take longer with each breath. Simply decrease the beats per minute on your metronome to 40 BPM, for example, while continuing to inhale, hold, exhale, and hold, each for four beats. And when that becomes too easy, decrease the bpm to 30 BPM, and so on.

Don’t make yourself overly comfortable while practicing this, but likewise, don’t allow it to be too terribly uncomfortable. The key to growth is to push your limits, not to rush past them blindly, after all. I am sure that as you progress, you will notice considerable physiological changes over time. Your regular rate of breathing as well as your regular pulse rate will slow as a result. The slower your regular pulse, the longer you live, oddly enough.

And, for the sake of making things even more difficult, we will now incorporate mantras. Instead of simply counting seconds, we may choose a phrase with a rhythm to it that holds some special meaning for us. This phrase will be a mantra for you, a phrase that, through repetition, will lose all conscious meaning in that moment, but which will alter your subconscious mind in significant ways. The science and art of creating change, indeed. But the key to effectiveness in the use of mantras, is to be sure you aren’t telling your subconscious self things, that to it, will seem patently absurd. You probably won’t convince your subconscious that you can stop a tank with a pinky finger, for example, unless you are also telling it HOW to stop it with your pinky finger (likely that would involve being in the driver’s seat of the tank, of course).

Start with something simple, but that has enough detail that it won’t be mistaken for vague nonsense. Barring that, use one that has little to no actual meaning to you, but which has a proven record of success. “Aum mani padme aum”, for example, is one such mantra. Meaning “hail, the jewel in the lotus,” it can easily be thought of as parallel to Liber AL’s own “The khabs is in the khu, not the khu in the khabs.” This phrase means that you reside within the universe of Nuit as Hadit, a star in that universe. It also means that the true quintessential YOU is not the mask of your persona that is the visible aspect seen by the world (the mask of khu), but the genuine self that must by its very nature continue as an indestructible fire, a star, a burning light that is the pure, immutable YOU (the khabs, the star, the soul, call it what you will).

But, really, any phrase that has a rhythm that can match your four beats per measure pattern of breathing can be a mantra. Just be sure you aren’t programming yourself to be the next Nickelback. Nobody needs that! (Lol)

If you want to really push this to the next level, you can practice your breathing exercises while jogging. Start with inhaling for three steps and exhaling for three steps (don’t hold your breath while jogging, as it is likely very unhealthy). After a while, change it to four, and move forth from there. If it becomes exceedingly difficult, simply lower the number of steps per breath back to a reasonable but not overly comfortable level. In time, you may be able to lower your regular resting heart rate to as low as 40 BPM! This is, in fact, the rate for many professional athletes and elite combatants, so it is possible! Just keep at it.

By now, I hope you have begun keeping a magickal diary or journal. These practices I have discussed would be ideal to keep track of in that journal. You will want to keep a record of how your awareness, focus, and wakefulness are all affected by the change in your breathing, both in the immediate and the long term. How also does the change affect your other daily activities? What correlations can you draw between your breathing and any improvements or lack of improvements you can see? Include anything you even remotely might feel is relevant. You may be surprised at what you could learn over time. From my own experience, I can say that any alteration in my breathing habits dramatically affects whatever activity I am involved in at that time, and that includes physical, mental, and magickal pursuits. It also affects my immediate emotional state, leveling out any extreme emotions I may be experiencing, especially if the breathing is accompanied by any form of rational thought exercises. But these are my experiences, not yours. That is precisely why you should be keeping a record of what you experience.

I know there has been more time than I previously indicated there would be between articles, and this is something I will try to work on. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the coming months! Until next time…

     Love is the law, love under will.

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Himalayan Ice Quartz, Nirvana Quartz, Growth Interference Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Nirvana quartz, ice quartz, growth interference quartz

Describing Nirvana Quartz, aka Ice Quartz 

Today we look at Nirvana Quartz, also called Ice Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Iceberg Quartz, Glacial Quartz, Lemurian Scalar Quartz, and Growth Interference Quartz. The word "nirvana," by the way, refers to a concept from Buddhism--the realization of an enlightened and ego free state, where one has moved beyond feeling the grind of earth plane living. In various Indian religions nirvana is equivalent to the term moksha, and carries similar meaning to the Buddhist concept.

Nirvana quartz is harvested in the Himalayan Mountain regions of Tibet and India; it grows beneath the glacial ice found there. Glacial ice by the way, begins as snow, but sits so long that it compresses into ice. Unfortunately, in recent times the glacial ice formations of the Himalayas began melting and shifting (at an alarming rate, I might add). Subsequently this type of quartz was only recently discovered; that, in the early 2000s. Though primarily harvested in Tibet and India, ice quartz in theory could also be found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, and Nepal, as the Himalayan mountain range passes through all. As a matter of fact, it could be mined anywhere in the world where glacial ice has receded, which explains why it is also mined in mountainous regions of Brazil.

Imagine living high amongst the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, or any mountains--the view is majestic, you are exposed only to the elements, the sun, stars and moon, and the day and night view of the open sky. Silence is all you'd hear, but for the infinitesimally quiet sounds of the universe, and the earth itself. If you were a stone and were born into and grew up in such an environment (and were cocooned in ice), this synoptic overview would state volumes about the nature of your energies. Keywords born of this: nobility, majesty, growth, awareness, spiritual, ascension, silence, peace, serenity, stillness, strength, solar, lunar, celestial, day & night (dualities, polarities, complete cycles), and clarity (ice). These are not, however, the only keywords relative to this stone, but are the ones relative to the specific overview offered prior.

A video I found on YouTube, with examples of nirvana quartz.

The unusual formations some stones have, can be explained away due to them having grown against ice, other crystals, stones, or all. Then shifting happens, more shifting, phases sometimes of accelerated development, perhaps inclusions are incorporated, and these things together can create some amazing formations and stone textures. Some of these stones are unusually clear, some less so; others look rather beaten up.

Nirvana quartz can grow in large masses or as smaller pieces. When harvested from a massive piece the pieces look almost like broken glass, but the fractures are less conchoidal than how glass breaks. Defined pieces may come as points, or with no termination at all. Often you can find a piece that grew up against one or more other crystals (growth interference), but the surface has an unusual texture as if the stone or ice it grew up against as well as itself, were moving.

Some pieces of nirvana quartz have surfaces that feel so smooth to the touch, that it's hard to believe they are real stone. Others are pitted, and it's not rare to find stones of this type with really chewed up looking surfaces. Himalayan ice quartz may have inclusions, and of the colors it can be, besides clear which is most common, pink is next most commonly found. Often pink Himalayan ice quartz is further included with iron deposits.

Metaphysical Properties of Nirvana Quartz

Ice quartz assists us to grow in spirit, in awareness, and in person. As we grow in spirit, subsequently, our psychic awareness and intuitive skills blossom. When we are working to accept and adapt, to personally transcend the difficulty of a trying circumstance and take it for what it is, this stone can help us find inner peace. It will especially help those who are at the mercy of others or of circumstance, who are having difficulty accepting change, to adapt. When someone has moved forth from the trauma of a difficult relationship, job, or other hardship, it will help them recenter and reset and to leave the past behind; it will gently urge them to find required resources. Ice quartz will also assist us in preparing for change before the fact.

With all illnesses, it creates a harmonious flow of energies between the chakra centers, and has the body working more optimally to heal itself. In the case of more aggressive illness, it will guide one to higher understanding and acceptance, and will also guide them to know how to best navigate their journey.

For meditation, it will help a person to appropriately still or otherwise address, the thoughts, internal dialogue, and other mental clutter, that may otherwise obstruct; this was carefully worded because those thoughts are presented to us as a learning experience, and we don't necessarily want to circumvent them entirely, but we do need to learn to acknowledge their message quickly then return to mental stillness. When one has many questions about their own personal truths--hows, whys, and matters of what is right for them to serve in their Highest Will, this stone is a veritable key to wisdom. With its high vibration, it facilitates accessing information from all realms beyond our own. Additionally nirvana quartz assists one to prepare for communications with daemons, angels, and deities; note though, that it is not beneficial to use it in actual ritual for each and every entity. Teachers and gurus will energetically resonate with this stone, and others will rise to meet them in working with it. Basically, if you have mountains you intend to climb, this is a stone for you.

The energy of nirvana quartz is somewhat "magnetic," so if someone is working in a field where they need the support of others, this stone will help them draw it, so long as their intent is true. If someone is working on astral travel and has been blocked, it's a good idea for them to work with ice quartz; it will raise their vibrational frequency, which is likely necessary.

Note that within the keywords offered earlier into this piece, were dualities, polarities, and complete cycles; also, clarity. Clarity I didn't use as a word in the description of this crystal's properties but its meaning is present just the same. The other words, however, perhaps do need elaboration, but not so much. Magicians are wise, and will know how to work with the energies of these keywords. When seeking answers and drawn to this stone, they will be brought to know, to seek answers in comparing dualities; and that in one process there may be no end, but the process has not yet completed.

Ice quartz most effectively targets crown chakra issues, but also heart and higher heart issues. As with all high energy stones, this one will most likely leave you in need of grounding.

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Adramelech :: A Vision, by Jude Chi

Adramelech, sun deity


The point of sharing this is the same as it ever is when I divulge more personal visions... to let people know how simple (and also fulfilling) it can be to decipher their own visions, but also to share whatever is revealed from within the vision's content, such as in this one for example, where Adramelech reveals things about himself and Anamelech, and also releases some insight into how this universe works.

The Vision

I was sitting in the tub, getting ready to soak for a bit. I had something on my mind--I'd just opened a new Facebook demonolatry group, and was needing to publish some content there. I had been heavily occupied with writing here on my blog for a while, and consequently had been leaving magick waiting in the wings. It was time to get moving on a new magickal endeavor to have something current to write about and post; hence I was mulling over in my mind what the nature of my next magickal process would be. The lights were dimmed before getting into the tub, as that's required for me to have visions; and in the tub is one of the two most common places my visions happen. Sorry, can't tell the other (I could, but it's kinda weird).

I perceived a name, not audibly, but as an energy transmission; it said "Adramelech." And then there was an apparition. Adramelech showed first as a rose within a six pointed star, and his star stood within a series of undulating energy waves. When the rose dissipated, there were rays emanating from a point in the center of the star. For a while the six pointed star changed to a pentagram.

Adramelech conveyed that as he is the star, Anamelech is the waves. He conveyed that when they are summoned together, they are as one. When required separately they still empower each other, as one cannot be without the other, just as light cannot exist without dark, up cannot exist without down. So if one were to call on Anamelech, they would also call on Adramelech, whether or not he'd be seen, and vice versa. Together they are both male and female, also neither. The rose in the center was a personal message to me, to call my attention to a matter.

He showed me the type of marigold that has both golden and burgundy petals; which gave me the impression that the flower resonates with his and Anamelech's combined energies, and even resembles the star and waves I saw. It was clear that said type of marigold is a suitable offering to them.

The Message Adramelech Had for Me

The rose at the center of his star as he presented, was identical to the one at the center of the Thoth Three of Swords card. He also showed me the Wheel of Fortune and the Four of Wands. The Wheel of Fortune was spinning backwards, and then it turned into the Four of wands; those small flames were getting fanned in the wind. This referred to that an issue which arose earlier that day was heavy on my mind yet, and offered that lingering on the disappointment caused by said issue, adds fuel to the fire. Basically I was being urged to accept that it happened and not fight against the past. "Use it as an opportunity to bring in new change, and go more with the flow!" is the feeling I was left with.

Next he showed me an image that was much like the Thoth Six of Swords... four swords in a saltire cross, then over them another sword coming down from above, one up from below. The top and the bottom ones represent the thought and action required to break through confines. At the same time I got an impression of protection, and also that I'm being guided to learn what is needed to move forth more smoothly.

Then I was shown the Three of Swords once again. By energetic resonance, it conveyed that the universe (or, our Self connected to it) throws disappointment at us in response to us getting stuck in a rut. We perceive such things as the disappointments they are, but they are in fact favors, is the impression I got; as without them we'd often not have motivation to pull sh*t together in a necessary way.

I asked Adramelech if he and Anamelech are in fact separate or as one. He showed a glowing orb in the palm of his hand. He said "much like the Sun and Moon." The orb was in fact both the Sun and the Moon in rotation. But then he also showed, like Earth and Stars, with he as Spirit. So that covers all five points of his pentagram (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). Given the fact that Adramelech is in fact a solar deity and Anamelech is lunar, the nature of their initial appearance is a bit confusing; yet at the same time they are free to show up in any form they please, and it was a simple way to draw my attention to that both were present as one entity. Perhaps in time more will be discovered on why that specific appearance.

Beyond the visions, Adramelech conveyed to me that he is willing to assist in rectification. It came across that when one focuses on that which is "other than good" for a tad too long, energies collect around them. Those energies manifest that which does not serve the magician. Created by faulty thinking and subsequent action, they after a while meld with the foundation his life is built upon if not adjusted. So when one is surrounded by energies that work against them, to help create a new way forth, Adramelech is the one to call upon. If the magician has brought those who prey upon his weakness or cause it, into his life, Adramelech can assist the magician to create change. If the magician prefers instead to upgrade the energies around themselves and create improvement through protection, he can assist also. He likes to help get a person in their right space, their right comfort zone, and sometimes rules must be broken, as it were, to achieve this. He can give, and he can taketh away, is how it comes across; it depends on how one looks at it.

He signed off by showing me a Unicursal Hexagram. Given I am a Thelemite, I took it to mean he regarded that, and was saying "93s."

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A Brief Commune with Thoth, About Skyscrapers

Egyptian deity Thoth
Thoth, the Egyptian deity (courtesy of Dreamstime by CC0)

Speaking with a God

by Jude Chi

This very short post, conveys the content of a brief commune between the Egyptian Deity Thoth and myself, which transpired early this morning. Nothing within it seems important to share, but just the same it is my compulsion is to share it. There is no telling what someone may glean from it; we obtain our lessons from the smallest of things sometimes. Perhaps as well, this is to let people know that those such as myself, born and raised with little to no psychic ability, can develop it, no matter how old (it was the earlier part of my middle ages that I began working on awareness). Or maybe it would comfort people to know, that in times of difficulty or confusion, that it's possible to speak to deities, as well as other spirits and entities.

In this post I won't go into what deities are to me, but I will share this--some believe they are symbolic representations and energy embodiments of universal laws and mechanics, others believe they are representations of godsource; or even that collectively, all gods are God. Some believe they are aspects of our higher self, others believe they are egregores; and some see them as more than one of these things. Nonetheless, here's how this particular experience with Thoth went:

Me: Thoth, it has been a while since I've heard from you or seen you. You've been unresponsive, and I've started to feel you've abandoned me; but I am not sure, thus I ask. Are you here? What's going on?

Thoth: Shows me an image, tall skyscrapers all around, as seen through a fisheye lens. He says "I am here, I am building. I am building tall, towering buildings."

Me: What for, who for? Are they for me? for you? for the greater good of mankind? What?

Ad: The Book of Thoth (A. Crowley), on Amazon

Thoth: They are buildings.

Me: What is their purpose?

Thoth: At some point you will have built buildings of your own.

Me: What will that achieve?

Thoth: What we have built will be as one. What you have achieved will meet with what I have achieved. So I keep building. (This marks the end of the commune).


It seems obvious to say, but I'll say it anyway--buildings hold things of value; larger buildings, more of the same. Buildings such as he showed, are foundational for projects yielding wealth. His buildings were all significantly different from each other, indicating a variety of rewarding projects. Additionally, and a little on the sinister side, Thoth's message hinted at The Tower, of tarot. Unfortunately, sometimes old structures, old ways of thinking and old ways of doing things, need to be deconstructed in order to make way for new and better. Just the same, it was a real boost to get this message.

This experience, as all of such communes with deities and spirits are, was exciting and revealing. From what was said, it could be deduced that potentially Thoth could help support growth and stability for anyone; but who knows. I hear some say--"but Jude, that's not how egregores work." All I can say in response to that though, is that we truly don't know all of the powers they do and do not have, nor even do we know precisely what they are. Just the same, it's my intent to follow his advice and his lead as a role model, and get to work on building some mighty, tall buildings... if Thoth only serves as inspiration, that's just fine with me.

Monday, March 4, 2019

A Message From Spirit :: Nibiru is Hadit

The godform Hadit

A "Different" Kind of Post; a Peculiar Message From Spirit

by Jude Chi

The underlying message of this piece lies somewhere away from the beaten path; and to be frank, I'm not sure how it will unfold, but I'll give it my best shot.

It was some time during early summer last year, when I received a transmission from spirit. All it said, was that "Nibiru is Hadit." At the time the transmission was received, I'd just concluded reading a description of Hadit, thinking of how much it reminded me of the description and of some images of the planet Nibiru. Now, we both know that Nibiru is not a real thing, in that there is no planet assigned that name at this point in time. However, there is a steadfast legend associated with it--that great havoc will be caused at the time Nibiru crosses paths with our planet; supposedly great damage will occur.

I spent much time asking myself what the underlying message of that transmission from spirit was; it seemed of significant import. I will share the gist of what emerged upon me analyzing the concept.

An artistic impression of Nibiru

What Does it Mean to Say That Hadit is Nibiru? 

When we take into account that in recent times, the state of the world has been, well, hectic to say the least, the Hadit is Nibiru statement seems to apply--please allow me work my way towards illustrating how. There has been corruption in governments on an epic and global scale; and though corruption has been a consistent presence throughout history, now it's being more easily identified. As well we are seeing corruption in interpersonal relationships, due to a corrupt environment being an ideal breeding ground for such. People can no longer trust each other, which seems at least in part due to that social media has become the norm of the day, and people vie for social approval. Whereas in times past the family unit was life's core and that's where loyalty was centered, the centerpoint has changed with attentions lying elsewhere. Im my opinion, this is how the powers that be condition people to be like sheep.

All social media platforms now, promote tolerance--absolute tolerance. What this is leading towards, is creating a climate where we are afraid to speak lest we offend someone--and those around us will stand against us when we speak out because they will have been conditioned to believe that absolute tolerance is right, and will be blind to that absolute tolerance is an obstruction to all. We are being stripped of our strength to effectively use our will. Facebook is a perfect example of what's wrong nowadays; their platform allows certain kinds of materials to be posted, but censors others; they favor certain politicians and will not cater to others, which adversely impacts democracy. Facebook overrides freedom of speech on an ongoing basis, which is wrong no matter how you slice it. As well, many children can no longer trust their parents to take care of them, as the parents were raised on handheld devices and have other concerns above their childrens' welfare therefore. This is generalizing, of course, there are no absolutes.

The Family Unit is Key

Society works best when there are health family units at its core. No matter what, it's the mother and father who are creation, and all else is an illusion. It does not serve humanity to move forth in a world where so much revolves around individuals being immersed into Internet activity on an ongoing basis. The practice of it offers corruption of values and beliefs on an epic scale. We cannot experience growth in any viable way, until the practice dies. Why do powers that be want us nursed on this? Divide and conquer, start while they are young; and begin by deconstructing the most powerful alliances--family ones. When people have no allegiances to each other, they are easily swayed.

Oopsy, I went off on a bit of a tangent; however, it seems clear that as long as the family unit is blocked in thriving, the world will face issues; people will be blocked to growing spiritually and will be blocked to owning the strength of a people standing together. This must be something observed by spirit, as well as the aware amongst us on earth. Yeah, yeah, I am still working towards explaining what is meant by "Nibiru is Hadit"...

Other Global Issues

Another big issue we face, is the goings on at CERN. It's hard to summarize my feelings about their large hadron collider experiments; but them putzing around with the foundation principles and functions of our universe, has me concerned. Fracking is another big problem--big industry is now corrupting integral structures of the earth. As well, the US has built many underground tunnels, and they span from one end of the US to the other. These will have weakening effects on the earth's structure, and also its magnetic field, which provides the earth with protection [however, I acknowledge that it appears the underground tunnels were built in preparation for an epic catastrophe--potentially an apocalypse]. Beyond this there are other grave issues, including slavery still being alive in regions, human trafficking of other kinds, the amassing of nuclear weaponry, and more. And perhaps the icing on the cake, is the Big Brother thing going on. Though change is underway, it seems in ways we are still blocked.

Who is Hadit?

Hadit as a word, means "divine utterance"; but there's more. In the philosophy of Thelema, which relates in ways to Egyptian mythology, there is the goddess Nuit. Nuit is the feminine aspect of creation, she is the passive aspect. Hadit is her complement, and is the active, male principle. Together they are creation, and one without the other cannot create. Until Nuit and Hadit unite, nothing can be achieved, nothing can be manifested. Thus this is a key point in assessing what "Hadit is Nibiru" means. Furthermore, in some contexts Hadit is an aspect of the Egyptian god Horus. When I say "in some contexts," things change throughout Egyptian mythology from one circumstance to another. By the way, outside of Thelemic philosophy, Hadit bears relativity to the Egyptian deity Geb.

We Have Been Forced Into Passivity (and change will come...?)

For so long the world has been going to hell in a handbasket, and we have been rendered passive--have been unable or perhaps in instances unwilling, to do anything to create enough change (by the way, this specific point aligns with another message given me by spirit last year). Could it be that there's an active and male principle, represented in some way by Hadit, whom will (come and) create change in our world? This could be the meaning of the message I received, but I do not know that.

What if, just what if, some planet comes in, as proposed by the recent times myth of planet Nibiru, and causes epic change on planet earth that forces us to do a hard reboot, and start on a brand new page? But this is it; all we can know at this point, is what we are told by spirit.

How Does Marduk Fit in to This?

Aah, yes, I was getting to that. Marduk ties into this topic due to his connection to Nibiru. He was the patron deity of Babylon, whose roots reached back to a time before, to Sumerian mythology. To be clear, Marduk and Babylon rose together in power--Babylon in the physical world, Marduk within mythology. An interesting point, is that a temple dedicated to him (a ziggurat) is believed to have provided the model for the Tower of Babel. Marduk is a god of justice and healing, but also of agriculture and storms. Furthermore he is known as an avenger. Nibiru in Sumerian mythology, was was the name of the seat of the highest god, a turning point (at equinoxes), and was referred to as a celestial reference point. In Annunaki legend, Nibiru is the planet where Marduk and all other Annunaki originated from. Some say his star (Nibiru) is Jupiter, but this is not certain.

Marduk fighting Tiamat
Marduk fighting Tiamat

How Peculiar...

Here's the weird part though. Horus, in ways mirrors Marduk. Horus is the Lord of the Aeon, meaning he is the most powerful god of our times (according to Thelema philosophy). In that sense he is syncretic with Marduk, the all powerful god of his time, and for that matter he's syncretic with Zeus, and Jupiter too. And yet he is Nibiru as well!... because Nibiru is Hadit--who is an aspect of Horus. I point this out because some of you will see this and identify it as a conflict within my ramble; however, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology are dotted with such contrasts.

What kind of conflict? Such people may ask, how could Nibiru/Horus cause Nibiru/Marduk to alter his own path?  Which is a question I cannot answer, but I'll share a thought which comes to mind: given that Marduk, Horus, and Nibiru are all the same, when it all comes right down to bare bones--if a cataclysm comes to pass such as the potential one referred to earlier in this article, it will have been the collective consciousness of mankind that caused it, in other words--not some outside entity or force.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Nuit's Poem--the Night is Over, She Says

Nuit has a message for us...

The poem, or prose, perhaps, below is an actual transmission this author (Jude Chi) received from spirit. Though I cannot recall the precise date, it'd have been around August, 2018, or perhaps within two months either way of that. It was originally written to my Facebook page, and I saved it to one day share it here. Looking back at its content now seems eerie on a subtle level, because it was delivered as a very specific message, and now it is peculiar to see that it appears it was spoken by both Nuit and "other." It is wonderful of an experience to occasionally receive such transmissions, such treasures, from spirit; a true honor. 

For those unfamiliar with Nuit (also, Nut, Nu, Nuith) in Egyptian/Thelema mythology, she is the deity who symbolically represents the potentiality for all that is--the unlimited nothingness, as it were. That's a whole lot of potentiality, from which everything material and everything non material in our multiverse was born, and always will be. If she were alone, nothing would happen. It is the interactions between her and Hadit, (Had), which cause potentiality to manifest results. Had is the male and active principle, while Nuit is the feminine and passive one; together they are creation.

The poem was delivered in its entirety but for the last three lines. At the time I was very new to Thelema, and felt ill equipt to complete it, but was given the feeling it needed more. I consulted my friend, Mark. The two of us juggled words until it seemed right.

Deus ex Machina, the Night is Over 

by Spirit; and completed by Jude C. and Mark G.

Put your ear to the ground of the universe.
Take time out from goings on from time to time.
Put the cell down and lend an ear.
Sweet songs will be whispered to you.

Alone, even though we are united in many ways as one.
Too passive or pacific.
It's all we can do sometimes.

She says no, just believe, because belief is an energy that incites Had.

We have power, but we feel powerless, we have been disempowered. She says that time will come, because those energies we did not work with, did accumulate. They took on a life of their own, that one day will come and pretty much do the work for us, that we chose not to do.

She doesn't say it in a way as if accusing, but more, this is a lesson, this age is a lesson, for us to know to not let this happen again. Maybe it will though, because some lessons do need repeating. And this has happened many times before.

Why do people let their power be taken away? She asks in her delightfully joyous tone. She smiles as if she knows the question both has an answer, and has none.

Upon conclusion of the conversation (I saw), the sun rose [sic] as Horus.

On the horizon we can see that the long and dark night of sleep has finally ended; Hadit and Nuit have become as one.

The age where the child steps up and takes the place of the parent, The Aeon of Horus, has arrived.

The Crowned and Conquering Child is soon to be where he belongs.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

When Your Magick Isn't Good Enough for Others (SJWs Gone Wild)


A post made with the intent to shut down two SJWs run amok...

Subtitled, I don't give a poo what you think, but don't you step on my blue suede shoes...

by Jude Chi

2019 has carried in with it, still active remnants of the social justice warrior (or SJW) mentality. Hopefully it'll all soon dry up and blow away. The SJW phenomenon has put a new spin on the concept of self entitlement, that has become so common within recent times. Said self entitlement fuels a strong sense of self righteousness, and provides certain individuals with a belief that their view of what's right or wrong, is the only view that there is. Normally this author would not care, but for what happened yesterday... we'll get to that soon enough.

I have long been a spirit conjurer, and have delighted to be a true perfectionist as well as an ethical craftsperson in my chosen area of magick (ok, well it is no longer my only focus in magick, but it was my first love). I'm speaking about the art of spirit conjuring and binding. I have done far more than can be shaken a stick at, and feel my input into the art has helped evolve it to a new level; partially because at the time I began there was a message delivered to me by divine transmission--a set of numerous points to be considered when preparing spirit bindings. As it was delivered I was urged to share it with the spirit conjuring community, and I did. There was a message delivered along with those points, that those who would not take heed of them, would be served a demonstration of the error of their ways (from divinity?). Some listened, some did not. That's how it is; not my problem what anyone chooses, I was not appointed overseer or any such thing--nor would I have accepted to be if I'd been asked.

By the way, I work with deities and demons, do spirit and entity bindings, cast spells and do various other ritual works, commune with Goetia spirits, and also perform radionics and psionics magick. I meditate daily both morning and night, and have multiple visions each day... so many visions because I worked hard to achieve psychic awareness; no mean feat indeed. Oh yes, I missed one point, I am a studied occultist. A few months back I began a hiatus on much of my online activity, and fully immersed myself in studying. Okay, that's a basic, synoptic overview of who and where I am in spirit keeping; though it was where I entered magick, I have moved far beyond it. You will soon see why these points defining me in magick, were brought up...

Candle burning
Yesterday in a FB demonolatry group, there were two individuals whom upon reading a comment I'd posted that did not align with either of theirs, tried to rip me a new one; this post is my response. I call them SJWs because they were trying to impose their belief that they were right, onto me; and because the response I provided was not suitable, they were fully intent on defaming me in that public setting. It is because they said things grossly untrue about me, that I respond. The initial post on that thread, was from a fellow who was asking about unbinding a demon from a jewelry item. Most that participated in the discussion held that it could not be done. These two were saying that it should not be done--this because as it was bound to the ring, it was obviously (to them) not a demon. The way they described their beliefs was as follows: a demon cannot be bound to a ring or any inanimate object, because a bonafide demon will not allow it. So if an entity was bound to the ring, it's an evil spirit rather than a demon. I am not sure what the remainder of their thought was, but it seems like it was, do you really want that kind of spirit around you when you release it? or something similar. But I may be wrong on that one point.

Because that's patently untrue (according to my own experience), I piped up; and when I did the two in question verbally attacked me. I could delve into and respond to each accusation made, if I could even remember them all (laughs), but no, there's no point. I will address the one main thing they accused me of. I will state here and now, I have successfully bound all kinds of beings to objects, demons inclusive; but not in the way that comes to mind for many when they read that... this is a delicate operation and liberty and free will must be regarded to be of utmost importance.

First, it was proposed by them that I am not aware enough to be doing such work. I have already provided my credentials, and though I can't prove that--take it or leave it, 'nuff said.

Secondly, it was proposed that given I am not aware that demons cannot be bound, I must be a phony, or as they put it, a scammer.

Thirdly, and this is the icing on the cake that defines them, they said--"even if you do have lots of experience, so does EA Koetting, and he's the biggest scammer of all time," or something very much like it; I am paraphrasing as I no longer can see that page, I removed myself from the group. By the way, sorry, EA, just using the point to illustrate their gross self aggrandizement... attempting to build themselves up by knocking others down. 

Anyway, here's my open-letter response to what the two nay-sayers said:

I have no idea of why anyone would think that another magician's reality would need to align with their own. There is no need for that kind of thinking; it's limiting and restrictive.

Here I am operating as a magician in my own corner of the universe, and if you had not stepped on my toes would not have even likely taken a second glance in your direction, unless you had something to teach me. Why? Because I take responsibility for my own actions. I do not need to make others believe the same. When I countered what you said, it was not to have you believe my ways are more correct; it was rather to let you and others know that YOUR reality is not the only reality, and to provide knowledge that the rite referred to could indeed be performed with success and without regret. When one is truly immersed in magick, they just know that not only is their reality not the sole version, but there in fact IS NO REALITY AT ALL; our entire everything, from our family pet, right out to the greater universe, is nothing but a holographic projection.

Now here, for this thing on why you claim you cannot bind demons because your demons disapprove, and why I can. First, there is no proper response to this, only theories. Given that I can communicate with demons and deities, and given that I have never heard so much as a peep against the work I do from any, here's what I'd naturally assume. (I mentioned this during your attack on me, but you were rebuking): As previously stated, I was given by divine transmission, a list of guidelines, to be considered when preparing binding rituals. What does this mean? It means that IF there is a way to do it, I am definitely one of the magicians who knows the right way.

Yes, there will be and are other magicians as aware as or more aware than myself, who can pick up these divine transmissions and follow them or that inherently know them, were taught appropriate methodology, or who are told by demons themselves the finer points; and they can do bindings correctly too. Demons let me do it because I follow instructions, all of the guidelines revealed to me. I was being provoked into disclosing said guidelines yesterday. But here, I did my part in sharing said info when it was released to me. I had my copy stored on FB and was planning to share it with them, but during recent FB updates, they dumped some old posts--it's gone!  (Update: since posting I found the regulations post; anyone wanting to see it can contact me).

Let's get this right... YOU are magicians. There IS a way to do it. If it does not meld with your reality to do it, then by all means, Don't Do It! That's your reality and you are entitled to that. However, if you want to do the work, you have to go in and meditate to receive the guidelines. If you bother, I can guarantee you, sure as poo, that your demons will let you bind them to whatever the heck you want to bind them too, so long as you ask them first if they agree to the binding and await an affirmative response; and bind using appropriate methodology.

The sole point to this post, is to make it clear that I am master of my universe, and no one will sully my name. Yet also to remind people that, as one of my Facebook friends so succinctly put it, you cannot say that in magick something cannot be done. If you fail, try again, try another way, try five other ways if you must. Sometimes, and the case in point is a perfect example, it may seem like something cannot be done. I mean, one or more demons supposedly said so, the two claimed (naturally that was taken with a grain of salt). But, why did the demon say that? What are you doing to cause that? Why do I get yes and you and perhaps others get no? These are points to be investigated when working magick. Not everything is so absolutely black and white.

And as peculiar as this may seem, I am tired of this, have nothing more to add, and rest my case.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Ace of Wands, RWS and Thoth Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Wands, RWSThe Ace of Wands, Thoth
Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, rx
Rider Waite Smith, and Thoth

Occult Name: The Root of the Powers of Fire
Ace of Wands in timing: One day; or the season of spring
Qabalah: The fiery aspect of Kether
Reading with Playing Cards: Equivalent to the Ace of Clubs
Astrological: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The RWS Ace of Wands

In the RWS Ace of Wands image, a hand reaches out from a cloud; it is symbolic of Divine Energy emanating from Kether. Alternatively, some would see it as a gift being offered from Divinity. The second idea is just as correct, but as long as the gift, as like the energy of Kether, is seen as delivering a potentiality; this as the Ace of Wands doesn't refer to that which comes signed, sealed and delivered. The shoots on the wand symbolize the essence of spring, which is filled with the potentiality for growth.

In the background there is a building; it looks like a castle, but furthermore it is a distance away and looks like it needs some work. This is the message of the Ace of Wands; what you want is available, but there is work to be done to get there. Sometimes rather than work, it's change in one's approach or perspective that's required. Each element is represented in some way, to denote that the power exists for the querent to reach their goal, and that the resources they need are available to them. This card's meaning is fully encapsulated within its occult name--The Root of the Powers of Fire; it is a raw energy, that needs to be channeled into a working, and shaped accordingly.

A final word of insight: Each Ace encapsulates all of the other cards of its suit within it. This is exceedingly apparent in this particular card. After being fixed up, the castle will in time again erode, it will need maintenance. In this there is an implication of infinity... the Ace is a starting point, with no actual end in sight. To give credit where credit is due, this brilliant observation was appended by my friend, Adam K.

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The Ace of Wands Thoth

The Thoth Ace of Wands shows a wand bursting with energy; its flames are in the form of Yods, which are symbolic of Kether energies. Also referenced here, is the Qabalistic tree; this as there are ten Yods and they are set like its spheres. The Qabalistic Tree in turn, represents a journey or a process. The bolts in the background symbolize raw energy--strong, vital, and inspirational energy; it motivates and propels. It goes without saying, that this is the ruling energy one can tap into as they work to reach their goal; and as with the RWS card of the same name, where one goes with it depends entirely on how they work with it, as well as their perspective.

There are 18 bolts, the numeral depicts Chai; Chai means life, but furthermore it is a depiction of energy in godform. Chai can be perceived as the nearest emanation of God, to the material plane. Though not directly related to the meaning of the card, in Hebrew tradition people give "gifts of Chai." Gifts are given in multiples of 18 or in the shape of the numeral, at important life events such as bar mitzvahs or weddings. The practice is seen as giving the gift of life, to the people of Israel that they may live on and prosper; this can be interpreted as a blessing, which adds an additional vibe relative to those bolts. The bolts are tinged with green, as green depicts Netzach--which in this context refers to victory, vitality, and following through on one's thought processes; but also infinity, which in the RWS image is portrayed by the castle.

The Ace of Wands Dignified or Upright

  • An opportunity.
  • A new beginning; another chance.
  • One's view of things will color the outcome of a situation; thus positivity in beliefs is integral to success.
  • Proceed with plans, as the potential for success exists.
  • Excitement and eagerness. 
  • There is a solution available to the problem; brainstorm it.
  • The Ace of Wands may refer to the conception or birth of a child (especially male); this can be determined by neighboring cards.
  • One way to deal with current blockages, is to state exactly what's on your mind to others involved.
  • Take note of the fact that there is a hand in this card, as sometimes it can refer to that, or to a nail, as on the finger [RWS]. It can therefore symbolize the grasping of a concept, or anything else that such a grouping of symbols may bring to mind.
  • Creativity, imagination, and application of will, are forces available to help the querent break through blockages. 
  • One has succeeded, in which case this card may be suggesting for them to consider examining new opportunities (to increase the magnitude of their success). 
  • A talent is not currently being used. 
  • Find a way to inject inspiration and fun into your project, for the sake of motivation.  
  • In a current venture, one only has themselves to depend on. 
  • The querent may find it rewarding to break away from their current working environment to embark upon a solo project.
  • There's a goal that you place great value upon; think about pursuing it.
  • Refers to creative projects and talents, that one can use to express themselves. 
  • Sometimes alludes to starting with a basic idea, and allowing it to expand and flourish.
  • Urges one to examine their motives in moving forth with an idea sometimes. Is it really right for them? is it something that they'll be interested in working with long term?
  • Seeing value in oneself and their abilities. 
  • Sexual excitement; lust.
  • A moment of inspiration.

The Ace of Wands Ill Dignified or Reversed

  • If one concept has failed you, move on to try another.
  • An event you were looking forward to will be postponed or cancelled.
  • Delays complicate an issue.
  • A situation that once held promise is now facing collapse and decay.
  • Emotional issues countering the powers of fire.
  • Dealing with a loss of faith in oneself.
  • Lacking optimism.
  • Unclear in direction or strategy.
  • A project fails early in.
  • An existing venture faces termination.
  • Even though things look okay to proceed, the initial takeoff will be of poor quality.
  • The properties of fire exist in too large of a volume to be effectively controlled.
  • Now is not the ideal time to proceed with your venture. 
  • One may be facing blockages now, but the future is unwritten; don't write the project off.
  • Someone who virtually always has sex on their mind. 
  • Impotence, sterility, or infertile land.
  • A female facing consistent issues with men.
  • The querent is urged to rethink their strategy in proceeding with a project. As things stand, there are blockages to them reaching success. Other cards could clarify what kind of blockages.
  • Unwilling to commit.
  • Unmotivated.
  • Blocked by fear.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

RWS image is a Wikimedia file from a 1909 deck originally scanned by Holly Voley http://home.comcast.net/~vilex/

Thoth images copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

The Disks, or Pentacles Suit of Tarot

The Disks, or Pentacles suit of Tarot

Element: Earth
Direction: North
Gender: Female
Speed: Slowest of the suits
Qabalah: Asiyah

The Disks, or Pentacles Suit

The Disks, or Pentacles suit of tarot, concerns all that is relevant to us on the earth plane. Relevant in which way? you might ask. The Disks cards refer to things both material and intangible; but when intangible, we still work with them or refer to them in the mundane world. Furthermore, the Disks cards relate to efforts to gain materially, to reach our goals, and also our efforts to preserve what we have.

In essence, this suit demonstrates the pathway to success, in making clear the connection between our beliefs, and our place and success within a seemingly material world.

When our view of the world is harmonized, we easily gain materially, when it's faulty we tend to face blockages. Our outlook combined with our beliefs determine how we respond to this world, so this is only logical. Fortunately, the cards of the Disks suit help us to see when we need to make adjustments. Additionally, Disks, or Pentacles cards hint at which things will bring us joy, and also things that'll motivate us. This suit at times concerns our attitude toward material possessions, i.e., whether we are generous or stingy with them.

The axiom of the earth element is in maintaining silence. In being silent you are mimicking the ways of the Earth itself; in doing so you keep your powers compacted. When we discuss our passions and ambitions with others we transfer energies that should fuel us, thereby diminishing them. Silence, is therefore our power. As well, silence is a metaphorical analogy for patience, acceptance, and stillness; which could also be described as the way of the Dao.


Dignified, the Disks suit cards may suggest ways to create the life you'd want to live. Ill dignified, of course, there may be something missing that's necessary in order for you to create an ideal path there. As well, dignified Disk cards speak of material gain, effort, kindness and compassion, motivation, that which you treasure, physical beauty, and generosity. Ill dignified they may represent loss, clinginess, stinginess, habits and addictions, laziness, dirtiness, and unappealing ways.

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Cups Suit of Tarot

The Cups suit of Tarot

Element: Water
Direction: West
Gender: Female
Speed: Second slowest of the suits
Qabalah: Briyah

The Cups Suit

The cards of the Cups Suit of tarot show us that we have good reason to keep our emotions and feelings in order. One could, for example, be mired in hardship, with no simple solution available by which to extricate themselves. The cards of this suit remind us that meantime they could be managing their reactions, and be attempting to create perhaps better long-term energetic mirroring, and should also work to maintain balance and peace in spite of anything further that may arise. The less wise alternative, of course, would be for them to stew on negative feelings, and even allow their emotional reactions to guide them in making choices and deciding whether to take action or not take action. The bottom line is, that to live life on our terms, to experience stability, harmony, joy and abundance, we need to be in control of our emotional responses to life events. Why?...

Cups is the suit of Water, and it relates to the world of Briyah of Qabalism. It's the world where ideas of what will manifest, begin to take form. Thus without a doubt, if one steeps themselves in negative emotion, that's the fastest way to manifest more events which create further negative emotion.

Imagine life as like a succession of swimming pools, each situation and relationship represented by one of them. You get out of one pool, dry yourself off and move on to another. If you don't dry off well enough and change your clothes, you may ail in some way, or may drag that excess wetness on to your next situation as baggage. Ha - okay, okay, I am not the best at drawing parallelisms, but it gets the idea across anyway...

The cards of this suit refer to such feelings as love, happiness, sadness, forgiveness and so on. In managing emotional responses to events, interpersonal situations and relationships strengthen, and one can more definitively act in their own best interests. One thing about emotions, is that they are highly prone to change and are many a time fleeting. Which leads one to consider if it's even wise to ask the cards, for example, how someone feels about an issue or a person at any given time.

The Cups are ruled by the element of water. The axiom of water is to dare; the suggestion is for you to rein in your emotions and dare to move towards your goal, despite having being wetted by a veritable sea of emotion at times.


Dignified, the Cups refer to positive feelings and emotions, intuitive awareness, creativity and imagination, attraction, emotional stability and centeredness, and being able to act in all areas of life without emotion impacting your choices. Also, choosing to respond to your world in a positive manner, making effective interpersonal connections, and giving and accepting love and affection. Cups may also refer to an event being short term.

Ill dignified, this suit refers to suppressing feelings, emotional imbalance, life and relationship impediments resulting from emotional issues; emotional battle or upset, carrying emotional baggage forth, etc. Cups cards ill dignified may at times refer to imagination getting carried away, someone having a bleak outlook, or a situation being fleeting.

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Swords Suit of Tarot

The Swords suit of Tarot

Element: Air
Direction: East
Gender: Male
Speed: Second fastest of the suits
Qabalah: Yetzirah

The Swords Suit of Tarot

Maybe the Swords suit of tarot gets a bad rap... is it really so bad? We know that it's ruled by the element of air, we need air to breathe; so we can safely say that air is a good and positive thing, as to disagree, we may well be dead. Also, new, fresh air moves out old, stale air; this process allows for positive change to occur. Messages from the Swords cards can indeed be positively or negatively aspected, as with the other suits. And with that said... messages from the Swords often relate to matters we find vexing--problems, people who cause us problems, making monumental decisions, and so on.

Many issues in life involve forethought and contemplation, logical planning, making efficient judgment calls, and problem solving. At times we fail to do things right the first time around. When matters come back at us because they require a better class of action than what was taken the first time, they will often find their way into the suit of Swords. Furthermore, when we find ourselves vacillating on a decision, the cards within this suit urge us to consider justly.

Though it is commonly stated that the suit of Wands is the one most closely identified with spirituality, if you contemplate the matter, the Swords cards are strongly spiritual as well, and perhaps to some, more so when it comes to the imagery. Looking at a clear blue sky (air), it seems as if you could reach in and touch Divinity. As well, air being opposite to earth, and earth being all that is mundane, it potentially leads one to think that air therefore, includes the far end of that which is not mundane. By the Qabalah though, Atziluth, spirituality, and fire, are Wands territory. Still, it's no great wonder that some lineages transpose some or all attributes of the suits of Wands and Swords.

The axiom of the element of air is to know. Know that you will use logic, forethought, and sound strategy, and your outcome will be a good one. If you feel less than competent in an endeavor, to know suggests that you have the option to learn, to gather resources, to communicate your needs to others, and so on.


The cards of the Swords suit when dignified, may refer to matters such as: beliefs, thoughts, using logic, allowing for change, orchestrating your life with harmony, effective communication, and using intuition. Also, liberty, justice, fairness, and balance; possessing a viewpoint free of limitation and restriction, cutting through problematic issues; and victory. Ill dignified, Swords cards can refer to cruelty, manipulation, being harshly critical, corruption, stagnant and restrictive thought, shallowness, bragging, avoiding to make a decision or to take action, using intellect to poor ends, injustice, resistance, lying, etc.

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The Wands Suit of Tarot

The Wands Suit of Tarot

Element: Fire
Direction: South
Gender: Male
Speed: Fastest of the suits
Qabalah: Atziluth

The Wands Suit of Tarot

Cards of the Wands Suit of tarot, relay messages concerning all we do in order to better our respective life experience; additionally they refer to the energy, passion, and force, which must be present in order to get things moving and see things through. The Wands cards relate to enterprise, social circles, spirituality and awareness, thoughts regarding necessary change; and all that drives us. They may relate to the spark of a new romantic attraction, the drive to compete, and also to having a vibrant, positive predisposition; conversely when these things are not present they can provide us with awareness in that sense.

When you engage in negotiations to facilitate a better circumstance for you and your family, when you participate in a creative project that feeds an inner passion, and when you act to defend yourself, your efforts fall within this suit. Also, anything to which you apply your will fits in here. More rightly put though, acting on matters that stem from one's True Will, is a fundamental theme of the Wands cards. What is rightfully best for you, not what you have decided on a whim, is how best to describe one's True Will.

The axiom of the element of fire is to use the will effectively. The will and the ego are strongly associated, as illustrated by the statement "I will"; and ideally they should be prepared to accept wisdom emerging from the subconscious mind in order to benefit from its guidance.


When dignified, this suit's cards tell you that you are effectively managing matters of will; i.e. that you are doing what needs to be done in order to keep your world peaceful, harmonious and productive; your self image is in order, and you treat others decently well, and effectively restrain passions from flying you off to Never Never Land. When ill dignified, Wands speak of lack of action, negligence, recklessness, and the destruction that can be caused by letting passion and will (but certainly not True Will), like fire, burn out of control. And one more thing - ill dignified the Wands often portend of delay, or of a need to delay, or to slow things down.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Crowley Myth #5 :: Is Aleister Crowley George W. Bush's Grandpa?

Barbara Bush/Aleister Crowley
Barbara Bush's photo side by Crowley's. People oft chose shots with the two in similar poses etc, to add weight to that Barbara is rumored to be Crowley's daughter. 

Many say that Barbara Bush was Aleister Crowley's biological daughter. But the evidence (or lack of it) is clear to see, and...

No Matter What Anyone Thinks, it Just isn't So

by Jude Chi

It is commonly bandied about, that Barbara Bush is Aleister Crowley's daughter. If that were true, former president George W. Bush, naturally, would be his grandson. But is it true?

Analysis: ❌ This is false.

What can be said about this "myth"? How did it originate? How did it become so popular? Is there any basis to it? Let's look at these things, and see what light we can shed on them. It is my duty through this article to prove that Barbara Bush is not Crowley's daughter--that is, at least as much as it's possible. Though there's no proof or any logical reason to believe that it's true, it's possible that anything could have been written between the lines of documented history.

Where did the idea that George W. Bush is Aleister Crowley's grandson, originate from? The concept was first presented in 2006, through an article published on April Fool's day, no less. The article states that the blog author researched this on some level, and offers that the initial premise the article was founded upon was that Pauline Pierce, Barbara Bush's mother, was friends with Nellie O'Hara, who lived with Frank Harris in Paris at the time this would have unfolded. 

Ultimately, a lot of reading was done on my part, that yielded this: there is no evidence whatsoever, to support that Crowley was Barbara's biological father, and no evidence supporting that Pauline encountered Crowley. Furthemore, if one scouts the Net for research purposes, what they will primarily find on this, are instances where people've quoted pieces of the April Fool's article, not realizing it was one. I came across a seemingly convincing article or two, that ultimately cited no sources of proof whatsoever, or pointed at snippets from books citing no sources of origin. To imagine, to some that constitutes proof.

Question: An imaginary tale thrown out as a prank, is all there is to this? Answer: Nods head. I am afraid so.

Any articles wherein people insist that Crowley is Bush's father, dig deeper into the theory that Crowley actually met Pauline. But to repeat, this cannot be substantiated. The closest we can get to the truth, is what is quoted on this Gizmodo article. Within it, author Tobias Churton, who read Crowley's diary, said "but I had not seen the name of the lady in question in his diary." "Crowley was very well known in artistic circles in Montparnasse and was highly gregarious, so the chances of the lady being charmed by AC, as many other women were, is high; but there is no direct evidence, that I am aware of, that could lend conviction to the hypothesis that the lady’s pregnancy was the result of a passion for AC." Churton added that there were gaps in the diary; however, that too proves naught.

One point that screams to be made here, is that many who write articles on this, are doing it entirely to produce sensationalistic pieces; so factuality is not a prime requisite. It has been said a few times over, that "they have the same eyes." Well let's analyze that one small point. One, it proves nothing. Two, Crowley was heavy into heroin due to his asthma, and one gets a sense from looking at his photos, that the buggy eyes are aligned with that. I am no physician or healthcare worker whatsoever, but looking at Barbara Bush's photo hints to me of Graves. So my mind, which takes on a comedic slant at the best of times, goes--"that AC had issues with drugs that made his eyes prominent in later life, and that Barbara Bush potentially had thyroid issues that made her eyes prominent, is proof that they are related? Phffft!!..."

The Truth:
People, and primarily mainstream religion communities, have long worked to desecrate the memory of Aleister; and naturally this phenomenon is the only fuel such fallacies need to propel them. He may not be regarded as a hero, but he was a high achiever and left the world of occultism and magick with much to consider. Additionally, he left the world of faith with Thelema as a philosophy. AC was a bold and proud man; he'd have been proud to state that Barbara, or any other child for that matter, was his if it was true. Bottom line is, it is nothing more than a superficial notion to say that Crowley was George W. Bush's grandpa.

I issued a query to the prank blog post's author, and his now paraphrased response was: "I've admitted this many times. The article was published on April 1st, and I never thought anyone would take it seriously. Unfortunately, this country is filled with conspiracy-crazed people, who are emotionally wedded to a belief in 'evil bloodlines.' It is sickening.

In part, that April 1st article was intended as a test. I wanted to see if anyone would take the logical first step that any Journalism 101 student should take -- a step which you yourself have taken. In short: I wondered whether anyone would write to the author and ask 'Where did you get this information? Did you make it up?' 

The piece was published in 2006. In the 12 years since then only TWO people have taken that logical first step. You are the second. That fact says something about the state of our culture."  ~ J. Cannon

Though this post may have failed to outrightly prove that Barbara was not Crowley's daughter, it brought to light that the entire premise was based upon a prank, or in other words, an outright lie. To underscore the point--without that prank, this whole theory would never have been born.

And to conclude this piece, a quote from long term OTO icon, Bill Heidrick, who said (in his classy, tongue-in-cheek style) in response to my querying him on this: "As near as I can tell, it's BS, not BB. For that matter, it doesn't make a bit of difference how many people believe it for whatever reason -- advertisements for fad products to the contrary, the more people believe some silly bit, the less likely it is to be true. The world's great religions are a major case in point -- since they all contradict one another (often themselves internally), it is no issue how many people believe they will go to some sort of heaven or hell for picking or not picking an arbitrary nit. 

As to the Crowley-Bush allegation, it's not worth a DNA test on Jerry Springer -- Springer probably wouldn't want it anyway because the subjects in question are no longer available for a food fight. Absence of evidence creates a presumption of doubt, rising to falsity in cases of lascivious political interest; and Crowley was much given to acknowledgement of his offspring. If Crowley had done, he would have said.

I haven't seen anything in the extant Crowley diaries about a Pauline Pierce. In any event, Crowley marked his diaries with particular symbols to indicate various forms of sexual activity, and just meeting someone would not be an indication of anything but a meeting and whatever else was written down. You can't get Crowley from a toilet seat!"

As for me, Jude, the blog author, my concluding thought is this--this piece has presented as close to the entire truth that could be gleaned at this point in time. Yet as has long been the case, people will want to rebuke it, turn their backs on it. Perhaps that's because without having someone to attribute the Devil persona to, this world is too difficult for many to make sense of.

** I have permission from Bill Heidrick to quote him, under the condition I make it known that he will not be available to respond to comments.

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