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Why Are Magicians Often Poor? What Can Be Done to Create Change?

Why are magicians poor?

Subtitled: The Magus with No Money

by Jude

Why it is that many magicians are poor, or at least, not wealthy? This could be an erroneous judgment call, because as a rule people don't announce their financial statuses on social media. But based upon what we do see, this appears to have a basis in reality.

Why Do They Have Financial Issues?

As my own theory goes, initially people are drawn to magick to overcome obstacles in their life. Hence people who become magicians, as one potential obstacle, are likely to be facing financial issues. How it works, is that as a result of the energy they expend they either prosper or fail to prosper. What comes to them is directly in response to what they put out, the same as it works for everyone. They have an energy frequency that is achieved through their thought and action. Some claim that it cannot be their own actions causing their hardship, as they've tried every resolution and nothing's improved. Yet we do create our own reality. When people end up in that maze of financial or any misfortune, it's difficult to find a way out.

How Can They Create Improvement?

It's safe to say that most people have analyzed their plight with great care. However, in doing that there is some tendency to neglect external influences. Yes, there are those who place blame entirely externally, but that's another matter.

So here's what to do... keep in mind I suggest this for everyone, including myself. To be frank, I have Lyme disease which leaves me tired. When I do my magickal work I am less tired and am more likely to attend to things magickal and otherwise. But sometimes I simply don't feel like it, and this is the nature of being human. Hence I speak to you as a co-journeyer, certainly not a guru (laughs).

And with that said, here are the things I'd suggest we keep an eye on in order to extricate ourselves from difficulty, especially financial:

1) Examine your views on money, this including any thoughts that are poverty related, such as chronically complaining about the cost of things, or buying items only when they're on sale even if you need them before that. Or passing up the chance to visit someone because it costs gas, or to take a gift to a dinner host to keep another few bucks in your pocket. Or have you ever caught yourself complaining, "that's for rich people," or some other relative thing to suggest that you are not rich, or that rich people are not good people?

2) Pay attention to who is in your innermost circle. Are they negative or positive thinkers? Do they tend to see the bright side or the downside of things? Maybe you yourself don't have poor money-related thoughts, or have over come them; but does one or more of those around you, have a poverty mentality? Block out all their stuff with shielding. As you block though, allow an otherwise free energy flow.

Lose those who energetically hinder you, from your inner circle. If you cannot easily walk away from them repel them by magick. And if you are in a circumstance where it's not easy for you to distance yourself from someone with a poverty mentality, consider calling on the Goetic demon Dantalion to change their mind. Many of you viewing this at least dabble in baneful magick. There will be some however, who feel that what I just suggested interferes with free will, which is by definition black magick, and may feel that "black magick is this or that"; but the truth is, black magick is what you make it. You can make your journey through life and magick easy or hard, and it begins with your mind, so control it. Keep your thoughts positive and focused when you do any magick where you feel there may be a potential for fallout, and never let that concern stop you from extricating yourself from a situation. Sometimes there are few other ways to move out of a current mire. Anything worth having has a price. Working out has a cost--pain. Its payoff is worth it. Going to the grocery store costs--money, time, gas, inconvenience, etc. But you get to eat. Getting married has a cost... you get my point. Black magick is no different.

Aura Healing, Space Clearing, Cord Cutting, etc.

3) If you've undergone trauma or psychic attack, your aura may need healing in order to pull things back together. LBRP at least three times a day for as long as needed, and in that way your aura will be enabled to heal itself. You are vulnerable without your aura intact, so this is a biggie.

4) To deal with ancestral issues, use cord cutting. This will allow you to distance yourself from your ancestor's energies, thoughts, actions and mistakes.

5) Do energy clearing; Cleanse yourself, your home, your office, everywhere. Magickal baths work wonders for personal energy cleansing; bells, singing bowls, and smudges (especially ethically sourced palo santo), are great for space clearing. Energy clearing needs to be done on an ongoing basis; more so as one begins a phase of it. Other solid alternatives for energy clearing include burning dragons blood resin incense, or frankincense and myrrh. For periods of especially heavy energy, consider adding a pinch of asafoetida to your incense. It stinks, I won't lie, but it removes everything you don't want from within your space and personal energy field.

6) Block out any baneful magick or psychic interference entirely. Create a ward, also mentally reject banefulness--tell yourself that it doesn't exist in your universe. If you can't wrap your mind around that, do the work. LBRP regularly, use a hex breaking spell, create a ward; do whatever you feel you need to do.

7) Pay attention to what you do to encourage money to come your way. The less you do, the less money will come your way, it virtually goes without saying. People inherently know this, so if  you aren't doing all you can to draw money to you, then it may be time to consider if you are either depressed, or somehow energetically challenged. There could be something within your environment energetically stunting you; it could be anything. Random examples would be: the ley of the land under your home, or electricity towers or lines interfering. If energetically challenged you can fix that with LBRPing and spellwork. Keep in mind though, that there may be someone near you who is energetically stifling you, and this can happen whether they know they are doing it or whether they don't. If this seems to be the case, remove them from your environment; if you can't, make sure to energetically protect yourself. If you're depressed, seek professional help.

Use Affirmations, or Sigils?

8) Affirmations: to consistently repeat positive affirmations may cause confusion. Your subconscious knows the truth. With you announcing you are rich while your subconscious mind has been trained to perceive lack, it's only logical that turmoil will ensue. You can work to reprogram your brain by strategically placing sigils designed for the purpose, within your environment. If you like you can ask Dantalion to help you with subconscious reprogramming. Dantalion's greatest expertise lies in changing thoughts and perceptions, and includes other mind related work. 

Draw Money: Use Rituals, Sigils, or Have a Deity or Daemon Assist

9) Do some money drawing magick. Call on Clauneck, Bune, Lakshmi, Ploutos, Plouton, Hathor, Venus, Satan, Jupiter; or Mercury/Hermes (Mercury or Hermes, esp. for those in business). Heck, call on them all at once; if nothing else it will be a heck of a party.  NOT. Just kidding. Focus is key; no need to get carried away.

10) Keep charged, money drawing sigils around you.

Other necessary work that could and should be done, is to meditate this issue, either to the universe or to your patron deity; needed answers will come. Don't expect your deities or demons to do all of the work for you. They can help considerably, but if you don't create change of your own, you aren't likely to experience long term success. And periodically do a spot check. Where does the focus of your attention lie, on problems or solutions? On the hell and or blockages you face, or on creating more beauty for yourself?

That's enough to think about for a while, so ciao for now.


Monday, September 9, 2019

The Deer as a Spirit Animal and Totem :: Dreams and Visions

A fallow deer
A male fallow deer


The deer has a nature that does not change, and its traits and ways provide its message to the individual receiving a visit. It may appear only fleetingly to deliver its message to someone; and to others it may appear periodically through their lifetime--when this second instance happens, it is generally considered the host's totem animal.

Considering the Deer as a Totem Spirit

by Jude

The most prominent set of deer traits of character are, kindness, compassion, gentleness, and caring. Both male and female deer are known for their beauty; both male and female are noble in appearance.

The deer is a harmonious being; it is accepting of its surroundings, compassionate, and nurturing and content. However, at the same time deer are prepared to fight, to stand up for themselves when a situation calls for it. Both male and female deer may battle for their standing within the hierarchy of their herd. What's the message here? That at times people will come at us full force or encroach onto our territory, and may even try to destroy our peace. Even as peaceful beings we can set matters straight though, using force moderately as required.

From their environment (as sustenance), and within their community, deer take only what they need. Thus they are fair, and for the most part don't interfere with the needs of other deer.

Most generally speaking it's the males who have antlers, and deer antlers are symbolic of a few things. Antlers represent our spiritual journey, and the choice of paths we can take at any time while traversing it. Also, antlers symbolize the branches of our family tree, and the ancestors adorning it who are likely to watch over us. Additionally, given how tall antlers are they speak of higher states of awareness and spiritual growth; and furthermore they symbolize trees, which embody strength and stability.

If you've had a dream or vision involving a deer, you may want to consider matters where one or more predominant deer traits apply. It could be that such issues are currently up for you to scrutinize and consider changing. Or, perhaps otherwise it's being suggested that you've recently outgrown or overcome barriers in these areas, and are now moving on in a way that will serve you better because of it; and the deer in your vision swung by to give you a high five, as it were.

In Interactions with Others

The appearance of a deer urges you to be kind, considerate, understanding and tolerant; not only for the good of others, but also to have your own path unfold in a more optimal way. The deer does not require a reason to be kind.

In Relationships

Deer tend to stay in relatively small groups, and their respective groups (male or female) are limited to same gendered deer. The females raise their young separated from the mature males, and sometimes will remain in the company of their grown female offspring and subsequent grandchildren. In relationships, deer can represent the loyalty and closeness of female to female or male to male connections; this in turn speaks of reciprocal care, loyalty, and affection. However, if the person receiving the vision is experiencing blockages in a matter of loyalty or nurture, their vision may be suggesting that they examine why that is, what their part in it is, and what to do about it.

In relationships as well, the appearance of a deer may suggest that when there is distancing in an intimate partnership, the person may consider investing more time in activities with their platonic friends for a while. This could be for the comfort while adjusting to a new phase, or may alternatively be to create space for the partner, who may need time to reflect, heal, or reset. Developing new interests and new ways to feel good when things get tough, is a healthy idea; not all healing takes place on fast forward after all. Sometimes when things get tough we develop attachments to the negative feelings that offshoot the issue at hand. When we focus elsewhere those energies diminish or disappear.

Along the same line of thought, deer migrate when the season changes or when food is not easily available. If a circumstance gets tough, the appearance of this animal may urge you to consider whether you need to take some time away from your own circumstance. The distancing will allow you to get a far clearer view of the big picture, and allow you to see if and even when, the time is right to return.

In Health

Generally the deer is a healthy being, that succumbs to few potential illnesses. If the deer has a message for you about health, it's worth considering your diet and/or activity level. Deer may be relatively active, or less so. Any potential message aligning with this, may suggest for a person to engage in some activity even if they feel limited in that sense. The deer eats entirely natural and appropriate foods, and only as much as they need; which we can all take lessons from.

In Money

Though deer don't need money per se, the deer has everything (s)he needs at virtually all times. Any hardship he encounters of this variety, will be fleeting. If harder times continue deer will migrate, which could be a lesson in ongoing blockages of this kind.

In Self Esteem

A deer always looks tidy and dignified. If you do not feel good about yourself, follow their example. Get dressed up even if staying at home. Do whatever it takes to feel your best. Put on a silk smoking jacket to sit and watch TV. Treat yourself to the best you can sensibly afford at all times. Take yourself out to a nice dinner alone, or go on a shopping trip for fine clothes when the budget permits. However, at the same time it would be remiss not to add, that appearance means little if one does not feel good about who they are and their behavior towards others.

A fawn
Good fortune! A fawn

Fawns and Yearling Deer

Seeing a fawn in a dream or vision, at times suggests of someone playing on your naivete, or that a situation is not likely to play out well due to what remains unbeknownst to you. Alternatively the vision of a fawn may suggest for you to remain passive for the time being; this as there is an evolutionary process in the works, and taking action before the ideal point is reached will not serve.

A nice thing about seeing a fawn is, if you have just embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey or career path, it's being suggested that you made a right choice and that good fortune will likely become of it. If the success comes further in, it may be a yearling deer you'll see to glean the same message. Another message of the yearling is, that a situation or a person has managed you in some way, for long enough. Maybe for some reason you needed taking care, of or needed a mentor, or maybe you've been in a comforting situation for a time. The yearling tells you that you have outgrown that, and that it's time to move on to greener pastures; it's time to take care of yourself henceforth.

Further Insight

Deer are observant; their fine skills of observation serve them in protection. Observation skills serve in an additional way for humans, such as when someone is experiencing hardship or causing hardship for others. Through using observation skills as we deal with them, we can determine what the underlying source of the matter at hand is and deal with them more compassionately.

And speaking of observation, the reason hunters use tree stands is because deer tend not to look up when they sense danger, as threats from up high do not standardly occur in their environment. So if you see a deer in a vision and it seems fine yet you sense it's in danger, that may be your cue to consider that a hazard you are facing or may face, could be from somewhere you'd not expect danger to originate from.

As well, a deer needs to be ultra observant at night; thus it must rely on senses other than eyesight in order to remain safe. Thus deer represent higher psychic awareness and intuition. If you are not using, developing, or trusting your own intuition, this is your cue. Intuition directly connects to spiritual growth. Therefore the appearance of a deer suggests that we are growing in spirit, and also urges us to note the relativity of our spiritual growth, to our development of deer-like traits.


The deer in all likelihood came around to urge you to examine heart chakra issues in your life. We each glide through days, acting sometimes propelled by emotional impulses or character quirks instilled by past trauma. Sometimes when caught up in the fray we forget to separate ourselves from the emotional impetus; and when we don't do that we may end up hurting others based upon what we feel. This syndrome is more likely to happen to someone who has been hurt often, over a long period of time. The deer understands, and urges you to be like him or her; so calm down and center, and do what's best for all involved.


A big thank you goes out to my friend, Adam K, for adding his two cents to the pot.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Was Aleister Crowley a Satanist? A Letter from Bill Heidrick

John Martin - Satan presiding at the Infernal Council; 1823. Wikimedia file, Public Domain

Subtitled: Crowley, Was He Satanistic, or Not?

by Jude

I have a group on Facebook; it's a demonolatry and magick group. Sometimes discussions get lively, and the other day was one such occasion. The discussion concerned whether or not Aleister Crowley was a Satanist (please read on for an outline of said discussion). At one point it was clear that proof, or at least information from someone who had seen proof, was needed to make sense of our predicament. Looking such matters up online, nothing ever changes--the World Wide Web remains the misinformation highway to be sure. Some offer quotes as proof, but often with faulty context or no reference.

Thus the most logical thing was done, I turned to Bill Heidrick. No one knows more about what Crowley said and how he thought, than Bill. It's exciting to hear Bill's response to a query, because he considers topics from all angles; and his sense of humor at times, really tickles the funny bone. He relates to Crowley related concepts so well, he may alternately offer simple responses and very complex ones. In this instance he really laid the facts out clearly.

By the way, I was more than a tad bit amused at the irony of the fact that Satan in the image above, bears a slight resemblance to Crowley in a younger day. It adds a delicious undertone to this piece.

Email Subject Line: Re: Was Crowley really a Satanist?

Hi Jude,


This paragraph is Bill quoting my query to him: "Sorry about the dramatic email title, Bill. I have a Facebook group, and there's a lively conversation. People are sharing quotes attributed to Crowley in support of each side of a discussion, but no one can provide proof. The discussion is, some say Crowley was a Satanist and that he even identified himself as such. Others say he was obviously not a Satanist, some say he did not identify as such. I know that above all, you'd know. My stance is that Crowley probably did not consider himself that, but at times may have said it for shock value. Don't know though."

Bill's Response to my query: "Since both 'Satan' and 'THE DEVIL' are fictional personifications of a variety of a great many different things, there is no way to prove anyone is or is not a Satanist or a Devil worshiper, except by their own utterances. In his autobiography, Crowley mentions that he was one or the other of those in his early 20's, chiefly as an act of rebellion and rejection of his childhood religion. He also says he got over it and no longer believed in either of those.

Many Christian denominations consider other "Christians" to be Satanists or Devil worshipers. Heretics and others have been burned at the stake, pressed to death, drownd, hung and otherwise tortured to death for this delusional characterization. As an accusation, it's simply a hate crime or a joke in bad taste. There are literary forms of "Satanism", often based on Milton's characterization in Paradise Lost of the rebellion of Satan -- those usually equate it with a dramatization of rejection of the notion of "savior" and the dignity of self effort, works, not faith. "Heresy", after all, derives from a Greek word that amounts to "having one's own opinion".

I could go on for pages or a book with this. Suffice it to say that even the Bible does not agree on what "Satan" is -- the Old Testament uses the Hebrew Word "Satan" not as a name but as an office with the meaning "Accuser". In the Old Testament, Satan is Jehovah's loyal servant and official prosecutor of "sinners", who uses entrapment. In the New Testament, especially in translations, Satan is something else [two basic examples provided by the editor, here and here], but the very notion of the Christian Devil came late to the religion.

Crowley explicitly stated in Magick in Theory and Practice that, since some people would not believe him when he said there was no such critter, he might as well declare himself a Satanist -- and then went on with that irony. He amused himself with poetry and even analysis of names in Liber Samekh along those lines -- the latter probably to shock Frank Bennett for whom he wrote that commentary in the Liber.

There are Churches of Satan, the Temple of Set and others who sometimes use a literary or media related mythos, but that's their privilege and right to enjoy as suits their ways. For that matter, religions often use words and names for a variety of reasons to express their beliefs on multiple levels. Holy stores for children and adults who benefit by them often use divine names from particular pantheons. More abstract notions of deity or even an essential beyond personification of ultimate being can and do co-exist in religions that employ teaching and devotional stories about spirits behaving in human ways. Parables have literal meanings, metaphoric meanings and particular hidden meanings for those who have understanding in another way. When such stories are parsed by others not brought up in the system that created them, even the literal meanings can be missed. So it is with Crowley and others like him. Over-bold use of irony and analogy can result in scizmatic divisions faster than a preposition on the divine nature of Christ or another about the spiritual quality manifesting in a gnostic mass. The former divided the Roman Catholic Church from its parent, the Greek Orthodoxy; while the latter in variations between two Crowley publications of Liber XV resulted in a lively debate spanning years.

This argument cannot reach a conclusion, since everybody uses different definitions and modes for Satan and Devil.

There are also criminals and insane persons who use this fantasy as an excuse for murder. Crowley was not one of those."

93 93/93


Mr. Heidrick allows me to post the above quote on the conditions that it is stated: he approves the very minor formatting edits made (to be more fluid with the platform), and that he cannot respond to blog comments. 

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Radionics and Psionic Magick; What Are They and How Do They Work?

Radionics box
Radionics box. Wikimedia file; user: Eliyahu747. By CC 3.0

The above image shows an example of the type of box and paraphernalia used by healers back in the early days of radionics. Today similar boxes are used, both in magick and healing, but you won't likely see vials sitting next to them.

Subtitle: A Simpler Way to Magick

by Jude

Amongst practicing magicians and witches, psionic magick is only a moderately common practice. However, amongst those who do practice it, its power is duly acknowledged and and valued. A radionics box is the instrument most commonly used to conduct psionic magick. However, one can use other devices, such as a symbolic Hieronymus machine; or a wishing machine, where they can use digits instead of other types of "wish" input; or they can otherwise use digital programs. It's not precisely the same concept, but the same general results may be obtained from working digits with a frequency generator as well.

Psionic magick is valued in healing, and it's where the practice gets the lion's share of its attention. It's hard to know why it's not more popular amongst magicians in general, given the results that one gets working with it. What's my theory on why that is? you may ask. Well, I've heard magicians ask before, "what kind of magician would resort to digital processes, and omit the legwork, the ritual work, the understanding of occult laws and processes, and so on, that one is exposed to with other types of magick?"

In response to that, my own opinion (and likely that of most psionic magick practitioners) is, if one can have access to powerful magick, fast working magick, and as accurate magick as any, does it really matter what form it comes in? To use any magick, including psionics, certainly one is not limited to using only the one kind. Working with a variety of magickal processes is invigorating. In my own experience, at times my deity and demon crew have even helped out by showing me creative ways to use psionics. However, for the purpose of succinctness, this post will revolve around basic psionic magick information. Furthermore, that one "resorts to digital processes" in magick, does not mean that they do not read on occult topics.

Who Developed Radionics?

Radionics is a practice that was first introduced as a concept by Albert Abrams (1863–1924). Abrams, throughout his career held various medical positions and was regarded within medicine as a consummate professional. With that said, even with all of his achievements within medicine, what he was best remembered for besides creating the practice of radionics, is his claim that through using the various devices he created, he could diagnose and cure virtually any disease.

It was Albert Abrams' belief that disease was not caused by cell imbalance, but rather, by an imbalance of the electrons of the atoms within diseased tissue. It was a controversial concept in his time, as was his theory that energy radiating from diseased tissue could be sensed after passing through a healthy person or along a length of wire. We still don't know if these things are true, as science can prove things when it's possible to do so, but when concepts are "disproven," the results can change at a later date. Sometimes even the results of what has been proven change as more is revealed.

What Is a Radionics Box?

It is a box shaped housing, and it has dials, at least one, but may have many more than that. Six, nine or twelve, are the typical numbers of dials you will find on these boxes. They generally have a witness plate and a target plate. On the witness plate is placed a picture or description, of the person, group, or object receiving the spell. On the target plate is placed a write-up or sigil or what have you, relative to the intent that is being put out towards said person.

There is a third plate, usually a circular plate of resin, now let's look at its purpose. Before the spell is transacted, a digital value for it must be selected. There are various ways to do this, each person teaching psionics will probably be prone towards using a different approach. My own is this, to have both plates loaded, and to then to rub my fingers briskly back and forth across the resin plate until I feel stick (some will feel tingle rather than stick). The dial is stopped in the position with most stick. Once each dial is set, I'll acknowledge that the spell is set to go and will tap my machine lightly with a wand and say, "so mote it be."

There are alternate ways to select the digits used as well. If you don't feel confident determining which digits are stickiest, try using a pendulum. Write numbers out on a paper and see which one your pendulum veers towards, to determine each dial's setting. Upon completion of a spell, it's important to set the dials back to zero.

Radionics in Magick and Healing

To use a radionics box in psionic magick, the description given in the previous paragraph describes how it's done. In healing it works the same way. Let's not go any deeper into using healing magick, because magick is my thing over healing. I will add one point though. You can take an herb or even a picture of an herb or expensive pill, and sends its energy to a recipient. Disclaimer: I do not recommend that people do this. I recommend that people see physicians; period.

When reading up on this topic one is sure to find references to radionics and psionics being quackery. However, some very effective practices cannot be encapsulated by modern science. The fact that how a device works cannot be pinpointed by today's scientific principles, means nothing when something works; and radionics does work. It works like all magick works, implanting an intent into the universe. Everything in this universe has an energy frequency; the intent in this case is delivered in digital format.

What's Inside a Radionics Box?

A radionics box is not an electrical device; and it is hard to discern precisely how it works given its construction. It has potentiometers, wires, and quartz crystals. Anything else is optional. Some create their boxes with nothing but dials, and claim to get results. It sure sounds like quackery; but what if it's not so simple? Maybe its effect is not a placebo one--what if psionic magick creates a digital connection to another dimension, where anything is possible via digital processes? (The example being just one of many possibilities). Who really knows.

It's important that as magicians and healers we keep our minds open, and investigate tools that call us. Is psionic magick for you? You decide.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

What's with Celebrities Covering One Eye or the Other? Is It an Occult Thing?

Celebrities, one eye covered
Celebrities with one eye covered

A blog reader asked:

Hi Jude, I'm having great pains in not understand the left & right eye concepts in terms of the music industry. I play guitar, and study self & mind every day of my life. I'm not sure about all this illuminate [sic] lingo, but I am completely aware that musicians such as Madonna, Eminem, Lady Gaga, etc., all have photographs of themselves covering one eye. The problem is sometimes they cover the right, and other times the left! Then they do triangles (eg., Jay-Z, then a circle with the 3 fingers to represent 666). I don't have any problems with this other than not understanding which eye to cover up & why.

At first I thought to cover the left because that was the moon eye, so it would be darker, and perhaps the right eye would represent the left brain of creativity, over the logical right brain (hinting that these people are illuminated or enlightened, to the sub-conscious mind of the public watching).

Then recently I watched Madonna 2019 with a patch on her LEFT eye with a cross (x) on it; so I got confused again.

As I said, I'm in pain from not understanding. I would love if you can help me with any insight. Is it something Aleister Crowley has done? I just don't get it. Or is it just literally both (eyes)?

Your write up mentioned that the left was darkened; then it also said the right was stolen? (I think). Maybe that is why both sides can be darkened; or is it stages of illumination? Perhaps one's good or one bad?

Thank You for your time,

Note: the question above was edited in a minor way, but its context remains unchanged.


Jude Responded:

Hi A****, and thank you for your evocative question. Truly, all I can offer in return is my own opinion. :::Sigh:::, but the problem with opinions, is that everyone has one. Celebrities don't discuss these signs openly and frankly, so defining them is open to interpretation. The activity you have referred to (as you touched upon), is believed to have connections to multiple topics, including occultism, religion, the Illuminati, and others. I believe there are multiple reasons they cover an eye and would like to address that, and will also discuss why they use the triangle. By the way, all explanations offered within this post will be mere hypotheses, as none of it can be proven.

The primary reasons for making the gestures are probably relatively benign. For one thing, they make great and provocative photographs, and as well, generate much talk. On the other hand, we don't really know what's going on behind the scenes. And, beyond just these gestures, it's hard not to notice that celebrities in the performing arts frequently provide other types of references to the cluster of topics previously referenced, and also Freemasonry, MK Ultra (and similar concepts), Satanism, etc. It's but one possibility that their strings are being pulled by the so called Illuminati, which would explain the triangle, as the eye in the triangle-form All Seeing Eye symbol shines like the sun; it thusly refers to illumination (as does an eye when not shining). The 666 sign may also refer to the Illuminati, as there is a connection between it and the so called elite classes; it is after all, a sign of materialism in its most basic sense. However, it's also possible that these signs in most cases are being used freely and without coercion.

It's also possible, as hinted at in some magazines, that celebrities often are brainwashed. This sounds like absolute horsepucky. However, once a person meets someone who is actively being manipulated/brainwashed by any of the associations of the elite classes and hears of how it works and how far reaching it is, though they may try to push it out of their mind in order to make sense of this world, there it stays. Rather than quote anyone, I'll say--I believe that those stories about celebs and newscasters being brainwashed and handled are true in cases... maybe even far more often than we can imagine. But back to the main topic now. The fury of some is definitely aroused in celebrities making these signs. In any industry where attention is required, if they aren't talking about you, you aren't important. Good talk, bad talk; you know, it's attention either way.

Which eye to cover: In my humble opinion, it makes little or no difference. Let me explain. The eye being covered obviously alludes to one or the other of the eyes of Horus or Ra. The left eye is the eye of Horus and has attributes of the moon; the right eye is the eye of Ra, and has sun attributes. Is either good or bad? Not really. For starters, in occultism there is no good or bad, there is only that which serves and that which does not serve, and there is balance. Both polarities of anything--that at a surface glance appear good/bad--are simply parts of the same greater whole. Now an evocative thought: if a person is covering their left eye, are they referring to their left eye or their right? The only one who could know is the one doing it. Covering the left eye could refer to the tale of losing it, but it could also refer to actively using the right eye.

In fact, this question appears to align with, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Yet even more so, it seems that rather than not knowing which specific thing is being alluded to in covering any one eye, one is, rather, led to concern themselves with any and all matters relative to the symbolism of seeing either eye covered. Even seeing it done is illuminating in that sense. Those who have little to no interest in occultism, will find themselves investigating it to discover more. This promotes liberty and free thought, and helps remove restrictive thinking.

In reference to your observation about right and left brain and related messages: as you said, the left eye is relative to the right brain, and vice versa. So the right eye covered, in theory would refer to the left eye being used, and thus would suggest right brain thinking; which subsequently suggests intuitive awareness and greater awareness. However, in recent years it has been scientifically substantiated that a human brain does not favor using one hemisphere or the other. Why would anyone want, on the other hand, to ever refer to left brain thinking? Only one potential reason I can think of... that perhaps their logical thought is implanted by someone else--that they see the world according to, errr, whom...? I see no other reason to allude to left brain thinking here. Reminder: It's an observation of potentiality, I do not suggest that it is necessarily a message being put out.

Now, let's take a look at the tales relative to each eye.

The tale of the eye of Horus: Horus and Set were fighting; Horus was furious over the fact that Set killed Osiris, his father. During the fight Set ripped out Horus's left eye and distributed the bits all over the land. Depending on which historical account you read (each area of Egypt had their own version of most myths), either Thoth, Hathor, or Khonsu restored the eye. Thereafter Horus gave the eye to Osiris as an offering, which brought Osiris back to life. Thus the left eye is associated not only with the moon, but also creating balance, healing, renewal, the golden ratio, miracles, manifestation, magick, protection, devotion, and personal sacrifice. Normally passivity is relative to the moon, but strangely enough has no place in how this tale relates to the eye. The nature of passivity must be assumed by the qualities of the eye itself being female. As a parallel, covering the left eye can also refer to standing up for what one believes in.

The tale of the right eye; the Eye of Ra.

Here, rather than write it again, I'll just quote myself from another article:

"The right eye of Horus is relative to the attributes and power of the sun, and also to Ra. Horus's right eye, to us when we look at his image, is the one on the left. It can be a self standing entity, and also is personified as or associated with: Bastet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Tefnut, Nekhbet, and the goddess Wadjet. At times Sekhmet was sent forth as 'the Eye of Ra,' to fight those who rebelled against him. That's why the Eye of Ra has darker connotations than the Eye of Horus." 

With the aforementioned, the primary messages of the right eye, are relative to managing the eternal chaos of the universe--sorting it out to create a grander plan. To explain it, in the article referred to via the previous link, there's a comment about keeping Apophis (as chaos) from interfering in the grand creation of the universe. Quoting myself again:

"Bastet, who is also seen as an eye of Ra, is in an eternal battle against Apophis. It is Apophis's aim to destroy the universe that is being built and constantly worked upon. Imagine the universe as a box of Legos, and mankind and all deities are working to make something grand from the pieces. Now imagine Apophis trying to shove the Legos back in the box... Bastet's job is to keep him from interfering." 

How does the aforementioned fit into this topic? It refers to how the right eye outrightly demonstrates the power of the female. This tale presents a small conundrum, just like the left eye did. It's the more male eye, but it's a goddess demonstrating power here, kind of like the female qualities of the eye turned inside out, in a sense.

Summarizing the messages of the right eye: goddess, female power, illumination, consciousness, awareness, war, vengeance, aggression, asserting power, courage; and again, magick, and the golden ratio.


As a Thelemite, the aforementioned tale is of utmost importance to yours truly, and as such it seems the most likely basis for the covering of either eye. However, there is another mythological possibility; let's consider Odin for a moment:

How the story of Odin's one missing eye may relate: Odin was the Norse god of wars, battles, victory and death. He was furthermore the god of wisdom, prophesy, poetry, and magic. He had only one eye. The other was gone because he wanted something so badly, that he sacrificed that eye in order to receive it. What he wanted was knowledge.Though this mythological tale may be what the covered eye is alluding to or a factor of it, it is not necessarily higher knowledge that celebrities are indicating they make big sacrifices for. Which eye Odin lost, however, is not known for certain. Thus if referring to this, either eye could be covered.


And here's an absolutely different perspective on the covering of an eye: Zechariah 11:17 (KJV): "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened." --this, if being alluded to, is a clear reference to allegiance; but to whom? As well, it suggests that covering the right eye may at times refer to having turned away from Christianity.

A rendering of the All Seeing Eye

Let's take a closer look at some of the gestures used:

The Triangle gesture, based on the All Seeing eye, or the Eye of Providence: In many faiths and philosophies, the All Seeing Eye (the Eye of Providence) is used to represent a greater power, especially a creator power; and also omniscience. Many bridge this symbol to Freemasonry or the Illuminati. However, its origin lies in Christianity. The same symbolism though, refers to a solar god, which would be Horus. Strongly suggested is illumination, also manifestation.

A plain triangle can refer to the Greek letter Delta, which suggests change or transformation.

In occultism and magick, the triangle is representative of the Supernal Triad, and thus divinity, a divine trinity, creation, and a supreme being realizing itself; also, in crossing the Abyss to get to that Triad, relinquishing one's ego. The triangle is a strong symbol of manifestation, and thus is well used within magickal sigils and seals; even as a hand gesture it carries the power of manifestation. The triangle also refers to power, because trinities are powerful. Furthermore a triangle refers to calling in spirits and energies (invocation and evocation). A triangle can refer to the cycle of life, birth and death (in any order), and also mind, body and spirit. It can also refer to moon phases, which can in turn refer to phases in other things (such as transformations, so commonly suggested by popular symbols used).

Aeister Crowley in Magician's attire
Aeister Crowley in Magician's attire, with hat depicting the Eye of Horus

In Crowley's Thelema philosophy, the triangle sign is the elemental sign for fire, and represents the goddess, 'Thoum-aesh-neith.' However, also in Thelema, this moment in time, or rather our entire age, stands within the Aeon of Horus; and the primary function of Horus's aeon, is to introduce freedom to live by ones true will, in freedom and liberty. Integral to doing so, is to remove the remnants of Osiris's aeon of patriarchal society, of which the greatest oppressors are patriarchal organizations, including mainstream churches. Crowley had no personal agenda against churches, but deities passed news through him that the age of patriarchal authorities will ultimately be relegated to a past tense. This does not mean that women will rule, but rather, that equality will be the mean. Read more on that here.

How does the Aeon of Horus fit into this topic? Well, when the covered eye represents Horus, Horus is connected to Ra (Ra is an aspect of Horus, as Horus is an aspect of Ra), Ra is connected to Atum. Atum is the creator. The triangle represents the creator. The triangle therefore, represents the Aeon of Horus. But at the same time, I am not suggesting that this is something that celebrities or their superiors are putting out there, but rather, that Spirit finds its way to bring in change, and finds ways for us to see that change is underway. So while celebrities, handlers, Illuminati, and whoever else, may be putting this stuff out to get media attention, Spirit may be using it as a device to remind us that change is well underway in this Aeon of Horus.


As another point--these symbols are magickal. It's possible that celebrities (or some of them) are aware that they can conduct simple magickal acts through using them, such as manifestation, and potentially psychic vampirism (and no, I am not suggesting that any or all celebrities are psychic vampires; we are merely looking at potentialities, and also examining theories already offered by others). Read on to see why psychic vampirism was mentioned at all.


The diamond sign. Though not referenced within this article, the diamond sign is becoming more and more popular. It is a sign of money and power, and was made popular by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.


Meaning of 666: Refers to the biblical sign of the beast, Aleister Crowley, Satan, materialism, bondage, greed, the earth, mankind, carbon, and DNA. It also hints at Lord Shiva, who destroys the cosmos in order to rebuild it. Some believe that Shiva is an alternate personification of Satan, as one of the many epithets concerning him, is "The Lord dwells on the Himaavat Mountain 666." However, the connection to Satan may be made in naivete, as this number if researched relates to Satanism, but also connects strongly to the sun. In that, the suggestion is simple and quite innocent--that light and dark aspects of being must be embraced in order for one to become enlightened. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the 666 sign potentially references the Illuminati, given that it is a direct reference to materialism.

On another note, why the 666 sign gets some in such an uproar needs to be more closely examined. All religions and faiths should be equal. It is the work of mainstream religion that the name Satan strikes such fear. There is no need for that. Many assume that being Satanist or celebrating a pantheistic faith which includes it, makes someone a terrible person. There are good and bad people in any faith. Satan is the other half of God, in some ways, for those who believe in a God. It just has to be, because it would not be possible for a deity to be All and also be entirely benevolent.


The 'Okay' sign around one eye: It is a vague representation of the 666 sign, so it may or may not by intent carry a similar message. But it does have its own function, which is protection from the Evil Eye, and also, it is another manifestation sign. That either eye is referenced, hints at illumination. As well the Okay sign is understood by some to represent female genitalia, which is why it is used to ward of the Evil Eye; this as one of the traditional gestures to protect oneself from it, depicts same. In one rendering of this same gesture, the two primary fingers used are not touching.


Meaning of the Evil Eye/Devil Horns sign: though not directly relevant to this post, it's a question that will arise in the minds of some (given that it's another mysterious sign). It looks like devil horns, so it is cool, mysterious, and Satanic. However, it's actually also a method of rebuking the Evil Eye. Being looked upon with ill intent (aka being given the Evil Eye)--as many onlookers do without realizing and others do knowingly--is known as a means of cursing. Thus making that horn sign, is a way to rebuke the curse-like energies they are as celebrities, constantly barraged with.


Meaning of X (on Madonna's left eyepatch): An X refers to striking something out, a saltire cross (bondage); and also, the meanings of the gebo rune (gift, partnership, give and take, recognizing what someone's done for you, honoring the gods in return for blessings; skill, equality, good fortune, etc). That in Madonna's case an X was worn over an eye, refers again to illumination.


Also not referenced with in this article, is the butterfly, which has been a popular symbol amongst the Gliteratti, in recent times. This is quite important of a clue though, as it strongly suggests mind control. It refers to breaking down of the persona in order to create a new one. As the butterfly represents transformation, it aligns with one message offered by other signs.


I am currently reading Thomas Karlsson's book, Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic. On page 156, he makes a comment, that the constant adulation directed at celebrities, creates a void inside of them. In other words, the more they get, the more they require. Instead of the standard way of feeding one's spirit, they use all of their energy to feed the outer form to gain more adulation. The inner substance diminishes, and as Karlsson suggests, eventually virtually ceases to exist. He posits that as spirits they become hollow; he compares them to vampires. Though to some this comment doesn't fit in here, it's been my experience that Spirit shows timely observations as I write, and it seems my duty to share. As well, maybe there is a connection. Those eye symbols are magickal (as already stated). A psy vampire could pull energy using one as a device if they wanted to. However, it's just as true that they could do it without... so who is to say?



Prominent within the message of these signs seems to be manifestation, self protection, sacrifice, bondage, transformation, subservience, enforced loyalty; hidden secrets, perhaps including secret circles; and a clear statement that the life they get to live, comes at great cost. As well, illumination is strongly represented. As good a bet as any is that it refers to those who pull the strings as it were, being illuminated. Contextually it only makes sense. However, it could rather mean that certain celebrities consider themselves enlightened (it was very hard for me to write that without making a snide remark!).

As a magician, one thing that stands out prominently to me, is that many magickal concepts work both forward and in reverse. Let me provide an example of that. Let's say that I as a demonolator decide to call upon a demon who in parts of old history was said to kill children. I then know that if anyone in my family had a child that was very ill and potentially dying, this would be a sensible demon to call upon to save them. Because their powers work both ways. So if a celebrity is using a certain gesture as protection and was coached to do so by someone with arcane knowledge, they may also understand that they can send out the Evil Eye the same way. The point of doing that would be to avenge, also to discourage further Evil Eye attacks.

Imagine as well, if you will, being a public figure and being watched 24/7 damned near. I'd use magick to discourage that. Just saying...

To the reader who asked the question that brought this post to life: Hopefully this article answered some questions for you, A****. All I would suggest to you in choosing which eye to cover is this--pick an eye, any eye. Okay, that was said to be cute. Don't cover an eye, or alternate which eye you cover, would be logical suggestions. Truthfully this whole para was said to be cute... you're gonna do what you're gonna do; and all the more power too you!

On a sidenote--there's one thing I avoided in this post, that's promoting hysteria of any kind. What is my own impression of what's up with the gestures? Primarily, gratitude symbols to those who pull the strings. Some amount of being cute and playing up to the media, manifestation magick, and self protection. Anti mainstream religion sentiment being expressed at times. Not necessarily anything sinister. However, I do know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the elite classes employ mind control, and even the children of the elite classes are subject to it. Where and how this factors in, I do not know.

A partial secret revealed: Someone I once met who was a subject of mind control throughout her whole life, said, even given the horrors she was subject to, to break down her mind in order to recreate it, she would not have passed up the experience given the choice. Because, and in her words, "the powers she developed and the life she lived, made it worth the cost."


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Saturday, June 29, 2019

ZoZo's True Identity :: Apophis, aka Apep; by Jude Chi

ZoZo, aka Apophis
A depiction of ZoZo


I became very interested in ZoZo after watching a recent YouTube video made by Behemoth X (whom I do not know; awesome video, by the way). My interest was spurred not by what he said alone, but that combined with my own understanding of ZoZo and his notoriety within the magick community. Thus for the gnosis of the experience and to face personal fears, I meditated ZoZo. This post is my tale of what happened.

You will see that at some point in the following recount, I began referring to ZoZo as Apophis, aka Apep. This is because there was a dynamic going on whereby I was seeing and also interpreting what I saw, and with the ongoing experience there was a real-time delay. At some point I saw ZoZo present in a serpent-like form that I recognized as Apophis. That, combined with what he conveyed, it was shortly thereafter that I began actually referring to him as Apophis.

This initial note was written by me on June 28th, 2019. 

The other night, actually in the wee hours of the morning, which makes it June 26th carried over to the 27th, 2019, I meditated ZoZo, the terrifying spirit board/scrying mirror demon. He is best known for having the ability to scare the living daylights out of people. A seasoned magician once told me of their own encounter with him, and it was the one thing I'd ever heard in magick that gave me reservations at all. Anyway, this is the demon I attempted to connect with via meditation the other night; the purpose was to confront the one small fear I had in magick. At the time it was done, however, there was no fear. Shortly after the meditation on ZoZo began, there was a dramatic energy change. There were swirling lights, and strangely enough when an entity manifested, it was not him but rather, Isa (Isis). She came forth to guide me through this journey. She didn't say anything, but reading her energies it was evident that she came to contain ZoZo's energies, for stability's sake. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter I fell asleep.

ZoZo as a golem
ZoZo as a golem

The morning of June 28th (second meditation on ZoZo)

In the wee hours this morning I meditated upon ZoZo again. First a pattern of energy presented. It looked like that one color combo of aura quartz--dark purple with golden areas, orangy between the purple and the gold; it shimmers, but not brightly. It was a sacred geometrical pattern, and it danced a soft and slow dance. The pattern was concentric circles, each had a row of pyramids. The dance continued for a while. Then ZoZo spoke; though the sound was relatively loud, it was not clear enough. I did not make out one word. After a while there was another vision. He showed as an empty robe, sitting on a bench as if someone were wearing it. It was black, and was black inside; but inside I saw a vague form of Isa. That was it, that was the whole vision. (In this sense ZoZo could be seen as a void or a gateway rather than an energy; at times he'd be a construct much like a golem. Thus the energies relative to him are not his own, but only pass through; and at times energies within him will be entities, Isa for example)

On the morning of June 29th, 2019 (third meditation to ZoZo).

This mediation as well was conducted in the early morning. It dawned on me that it would be wise to call Isa in, given that she stepped in the first time by herself. She immediately joined me. I then meditated ZoZo. Here's what I got:

I asked: who are you? Do we know you in another way? I am shown Mecca, and a Greek Parthenon type building. These things can be interpreted in multiple ways; but by way of energy transmission I got that he has been around since ancient times, and was recognized as a universal force at those points in history. Obviously, first in Mecca, and was still recognized in Ancient Greece at the time of the early existence of the Parthenon. But as well, in both instances I was shown worshiping; and thus energies relative to him are strong in areas where there is or has been worshiping. He also showed me that his energy is strong anywhere there are tools and objects that carry faith of any kind; given that faith in magick is relabeled as intent, this includes magick. Observation after considering this whole experience: one would suppose he is prominent in these places due to that faith and magick call in entities and energies from other planes through him

He showed me that he is relative to the energy that resides in bricks an mortars, of all that happened before, but also of all that will happen in future. Recorded memories and possibilities one and all. To summarize, those stored energies are connections to greater things, and thus are a factor of Creation, Manifestation, and Magick, including destruction. He is a big part of the reason our temples and altars are so important. He is not those energies, but he is the device that collects and houses them. 

For a while ZoZo showed as a man, in some ways an ordinary man, no horns or wings or anything, but not completely ordinary... I couldn't identify his skin coloration, because the shimmery quality of the energy around him did not allow for that. But he looked as if he'd be stark white, mostly because the contrast of shades was so intense. He'd probably be as white as a mime, with darker eyes, hair and lips. We're talking a look something like Dracula of the movies, but he didn't have a widow's peak.

His energy conveyed to me that he is a teacher. Not a teacher like one who actively teaches lessons, but this is not something I asked him to elaborate on either. ZoZo conveyed that he doesn't judge, that's not his job. One of his jobs is to be present as justice is assessed. He is the mechanism that brings in possibilities for the consequences of one's actions to be delivered. As well, when someone performs magick and is naive and unseasoned: "this is not the way of Thoth, this is not wise. We discourage this," is what his energy said. So when someone is magicking in areas they should not go, or magicks with fear, or magicks and they have recently done something that requires a lesson of whichever sort (or are preparing to), ZoZo is potentially going to appear. And, it is not necessarily for the protection of the spiritually naive that ZoZo works to deter people from engaging in magickal acts at times; it is as much or more to protect the mechanisms of the universe, which simply should remain unavailable to them.

He ain't doing nothin', he's just there chilling. He is the portal, and he is one in a sense with energies primordial. He allows energies to use him as a vehicle, this is how he is a factor of creation. He allows sh*t to happen, but actively does nothing. His energy comes and it goes, it tos and fros. It can be used to manifest, but it can also be used to destroy what is being manifested if need be. He does not do anything to anyone; therefore is not evil, is not malevolent. It is other universal principles that determine what happens when his relative energy presents in the fashion it sometimes does--as a lesson or a destructive force. ZoZo is unrestrained and unorganized primordial energy, and can as well be relative to concepts moving/interchanging at a rapid-fire pace.

Apophis being contained by Atum
Apophis being contained by Atum

He can be benevolent; as a factor of creation those traits are seen. But then he is not regarded as Apophis. I won't launch into who or what he would be seen as in that case, as that's heading in another direction entirely. As well, the very concept includes lessons I have yet to learn. All I know about Apophis now, is what he's shared with me here; and that he seen as an oppositional energy to Ma'at's, thus he counters justice and truth. The last comment may be how he's explained conceptually, but it doesn't align with how he explains himself. His own explanation is entirely logical, more logical than the mythological one.

He may be a universal mechanism, but in one concept he conveyed, it was clear that he is not without intellect and sentience. He showed me that there are things people do that annoy him. He especially has ill will against those that do not use the intellect they were given, and also those who do not follow due process. He doesn't like it when people call on him to make a video on YouTube, simply to amuse their friends. It's a sign of the logic of "that generation." If there's gnosis, if there's a lesson being shared with others, video or otherwise, no matter, it's all good. He implies that if incited in such instances, he lets loose.

He is a portal, a building, he is often an obelisk, a statue, a wand, an athame, a chalice, but never the water. He is an altar, and the table one works upon. He is anything that happens in and by these objects in concerns of magick and creation.

All the stuff he's accused of, he denies it. He's more a portal to the great nothingness, than being a destructive force. What happens to people and by people at their own hands, is reflected and magnified when he presents, and somehow he gets the flack. All gods and all demons have access to him, they can each propel him to do as needs be done. He is the vessel, the container. The energies, he again reminds, are separate. I asked ZoZo, errr, Apophis, at some point, if I am talking to the same entity that the ones terrified by him see him as. He said yes, but contained by Isa.

Much to consider, indeed. One thing I can't help but notice, is that while Apophis is oppositional to Ma'at being justice and truth, he also becomes the lesson that Ma'at (universal justice) sends out (by context of his explanation). Some things on a surface level seem so peculiar. But as more of the big picture opens up, points clarify. Honestly though, I'd never in a million years, have thought that ZoZo and Apophis are one and the same. By the way now, I will leave you with this closing consideration; not everything we will ever read or hear about ZoZo will be true. This world thrives on sensationalism, and many are glad to deliver. As well there are some with great imaginations, which feed directly into their fears and give them life. Those with mental illnesses are likely to have imaginations that fuel such events as well. It's a large world, and ZoZo-Apophis, is not responsible for the whole load of bullcrap being spouted out there. Cut him some slack there when you consider all this... hey?

Jude Chi

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Positive New Beginnings? What's Up With the Aces of Tarot?

The Tarot Aces

The Aces of tarot; they are considered by many to be parallel to the idea of having a portal open up to take us towards our respective objective. With aces, one's will is always part of the scenario; they must take the necessary steps and actions to move through that proverbial portal, otherwise the available energies won't take them too far.

But what if that's not how it is? What if it's not a positive new beginning, and furthermore, how does dignity (upright, reversed, etc) apply to reading aces? Is there even such a thing as an ace upright or reversed? Aah, now we are moving towards what I'm getting at...

In my humble opinion, an ace (i.e., any of the tarot aces) is the sign of a new beginning. It's not a good beginning nor a bad one, it's a beginning. Uninterfered with, universal energies are kind to us. But if we allow thoughts to interfere in a negative way, we'll see the beautiful and pure ace energy that opened up to us, become polluted. Yes, it's that simple; this is the primary message of the aces--to mind your thoughts if you want any or all of the things typically associated with the aces to avail themselves to you. If one manages to think thoughts that will serve and holds beliefs that will serve, that door remains open; energies will support their endeavors. The minute they let their mind roam to the negative side--SLAM! Okay, maybe that was a bit sensationalistic, but in fact, the positive energies start corrupting.

Before, I may have overgeneralized a tad in saying "all of the aces." In fact the Ace of Swords' message differs; this as by its very nature it includes the message already presented here. Thus when you see it, it leans more towards telling you, "okay, by now I should have your complete attention 'cause we've been here times before with similar lessons... walk this way please." Point being, that the Ace of Swords' nature is very much one of, "try something different this time"; the something different applies to matters of thought, intellect, and setting things straight (recovery).

Unfortunately though, in this world it's hard to control our thoughts, and as well we have to resist the negative thoughts passed onto us by others. Speaking of negative thoughts though, for some the layers of negative thinking are so deep, that they are not only hard to work through but are also hard to recognize. I recently heard someone say (in response to me labeling their thinking as negative on a topic), "no, I really don't think negatively, but my life experience has taught me to view things this certain way, because I KNOW what's going to happen based on this type of circumstance." Sadly, many of us have been in that place and have had to recover from that mindset. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

No Reversed Aces

Why no reversed aces? Oh you can read with them, it will serve its purpose. But in fact reversed or ill dignified aces don't make much sense, because the message of each ace already suggests for us to watch our thoughts on a topic. Ultimately, a reversed ace could only mean, to watch your thoughts and subsequent actions on whichever topic, so reversed aces serve as gross redundancies... either that, or in theory, an ace reversed could say that a problematic way of looking at a topic has been relegated to a past tense.

I really wanted to keep this post short and sweet, so that's enough to consider for today. Thanks.


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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sungazing (for Psychic Awareness); is it Dangerous? Productive?


Staring at the Sun, Aka Sungazing

by Jude Chi

You may have heard--there are many people who stare at the sun; but then, there are far more who believe that to do so is dangerous; idiotic, even. In actuality though it is not crazy or dangerous, nor is it some New Age thing. People have been doing it for aeons, including some of the ancient Asians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Mayans.

Why would anyone stare at the sun? Isn't it dangerous? 

The truth is, that while staring directly at the sun is typically dangerous, there is a time in the evening where sungazing becomes safe. There are varying reports on what that time is though; some sources say it's 45 minutes before sundown, some extend that to an hour, others say it is the last 2 hours prior to sundown. Really though, the 2 hour suggestion in my humble opinion is erroneous, or at least, could be that to the average person. As a long term sungazer I've tried outside of the last hour before sundown. It can be hell on the eyes, so to a newbie it would be more hellish yet, and may potentially be harmful. As such, sungazing outside of the typically suggested 45 minutes time frame is not recommended. There is a time in the morning where sungazing is safe as well, but we'll get to that later (in the 'how to' section).

By the way, this article is to inform; it is not my intent to promote sungazing. What you do with your eyes is your business.

Now, let's return to the question, "why would anyone want to stare at the sun in the first place?" The primary reason people sungaze, is to stimulate psychic awareness. Beyond that, they do it to vitalize themselves with the sun's energy, for one thing. You know how crystal lovers are aware that orange and yellow crystals carry sun energy? Well in theory they could put their crystals down and instead connect directly with the sun. The energetic effect of connecting with the sun in this way can be seen in observing plants, which need the sun to grow. Though it's harder to see what the sun does for humans, it is understood that we need vitamin D, which can only be produced by spending time in the sun. Vitamin D benefits include support of bone and tooth health, potential resistance to cancer, reduced risk of diabetes and MS, and increased cardiac health. As well vitamin D is believed to slow aging somewhat. To support production of vitamin D alone, is enough reason for one to consider spending more time outside in the sun. However, for one to choose sungazing over simply spending time in the sun, they may need other reasons.

My interest in sungazing was piqued upon reading a thread where a Facebook friend said that his psychic awareness had increased multi-fold since he began sungazing. I'd been working to increase my own awareness for a long time, so it was something I was prone towards investigating. It in time became my experience to believe what he said; sungazing does indeed heighten psychic awareness. It was only a month or so of regular sungazing before I started having regular visions, and had deities and daemons dropping by to offer messages of guidance. Though it is tempting to tell more of my personal experience with sungazing, it's not a good idea, as once a post becomes personal it has less mass appeal.  

Some would balk at my suggesting that I or anyone might sungaze to heighten awareness. Those same people would perhaps say that awareness is logically a byproduct of spiritual growth, and would in that mean that psychic awareness should be earnt the hard way. However, one person's philosophy should not have a whole lot of bearing on the choices another makes. As a mere observation on this, increasing one's psychic awareness does lead to accelerated spiritual growth, just as working on spiritual growth leads to heightened psychic awareness. So there's no real issue to be balked at.

Why Doesn't Sungazing Harm the Eyes?

During the time range recommended for sungazing, the sun emits less UV radiation. It is UV radiation that causes retinal damage. As well, and I provide no scientific or other evidence in support of this, but as I began sungazing I noticed that my eyes made certain adjustments. After a while, as soon as I gazed at the sun it quickly turned blue. When it is blue that way it does not feel uncomfortable at all to gaze at. It is as if the sun provides its own filter, in a sense. But I will add this--outside of the recommended ideal 45 minutes, at certain times the blue will not appear. Such times are obviously not the time to sungaze! It would be remiss not to add, that there's no telling if the sun will turn blue for you.

If eye damage is of concern for you but you still want to try, consider sungazing with your eyes closed. In doing so you are still fully connecting with the sun's energy and you are still assimilating sun energy in a significant way, as the eyelids are semipermeable. Thank you to my friend Adam K, who brought this alternate procedure to my attention.

What Else Can Sungazing Do?

Sungazing stimulates and activates the pineal gland, and in that, subsequently boosts the production of serotonin and melatonin, the bodily hormones that make us feel good [statement based upon information released by Dr. Edward F. Group III]. Melatonin and serotonin are known to alleviate stress and anxiety; they also help regulate sleep. As the sun is an intangible food source, it reduces feelings of hunger; and as Dr. Group pointed out, there is a direct connection between having low serotonin levels and craving carbohydrates. Furthermore on this same topic, Dr. Group said (paraphrased) that,"not spending enough time in the sun lowers vitamin D levels, which subsequently leads to weight gain."

Sungazing is said to increase physical energy, and that some do it towards that end is the only support available for this statement. Some have offered though, that in being generally happier and without losing as much energy to stress, one is going to be more energetic. Who knows. Furthermore, some say that sungazing will improve one's eyesight, but I found no basis to believe or disbelieve it. As well, those who meditate may find that their meditation sessions are more profound after sungazing for a while. And, as we age the pineal gland decreases in size, and today's living seems geared towards reducing its functionality. Sungazing is believed to increase the pineal gland's size; this due to brain scans conducted on Hira Ratan Manek. When he was 70 years of age, his scans showed his pineal gland to be thrice the size of the average man's.

By the way, Mr. Manek claims that sungazing can stabilize the emotions within a period of three months, can clear a person of illness in between three and six months, and will reduce cravings for larger food intakes within a six to nine month period. Note though, that if this were true it would be based upon one adhering to a certain recommended procedure, including increasing the amount of time that one gazes upon the sun for, by ten seconds each day, keeping a record to ensure accuracy, and sticking with the plan.

And speaking of Mr. Manek, some will call him a charlatan, as he was filmed eating after having laid claim to not needing to eat due to his consistent sungazing. However, do some investigation on that and you'll see, that he was under permanent supervision for the one year that he did abstain from eating within. If you could not eat, for example, wouldn't you still want to eat for the sensation sometimes? The guy is human, after all.

How is it Done?

As already recommended--sungazing is considered safe if practiced within the first 45 minutes after sunup, and also within the last 45 minutes before sundown. Though there are many who believe that an hour is safe, each person needs to know all the facts, then make whichever informed decision they do.


Make sure that you only do this during the recommended time frame. It's up to you to decide whether morning or evening works best for you.

The first time, gaze at the sun for ten seconds. While doing so, softly diffuse your gaze. Then wait 24 hours to repeat; but when you do it that second time, gaze for an additional ten seconds (i.e., for a total of 20 seconds). Then 24 hours later, lather, rinse and repeat; 30 seconds this time. Add 10 seconds each day. Keep a record so you don't forget how long, as to introduce the eyes to the appropriate amount of sunlight is integral during the process. When you reach the point where you are sungazing for 44 minutes, you have maxed  out; that's as far as you can go. You can keep on doing it, but cannot make your sessions any longer.

That's all there is to it, really. You may find yourself growing in spirit exponentially. You may find the universe speaking to you in new and different ways. You may even find yourself experiencing what I do--visions and visits; and also sigils emerging from the sun, to analyze and gain messages from.

Know that at times there have been reports of people who've stared at the sun and harmed their eyes. Unfortunately, in such reported cases we don't know all of the facts. If it was the result of sungazing, were they following recommended practices? We just don't know. Basically, if you are doing it and it doesn't feel good, don't continue. For the record, another excellent way of connecting with the sun's energies, is through performing the Liber Resh vel Helios ritual on a regular basis. The only risk in doing so, is that you might turn Thelemite! Hah!

If you learnt something from this, please share.


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The Beginning Magician (4: More Yoga Activities to Keep You Busy)

asana, yoga, pranayama, breathing

Note from the Editor: It seems that in magick, that the bulk of beginners prefer to slide past working on the breathing exercises, mantras, and other elements of yoga. However, though one easily can do that and experience success in magick, let's now stop and consider one of the greatest historical examples of what yoga and its elements can do for us within magick when we do work with it. Aleister Crowley, is who we look to.

Aleister was so ill as a child he almost died. He's been quoted as saying that he did not realize early enough in his life that he could have made changes to improve his health, so did nothing. But when he realized he could self treat, he did so. It was done through his engaging in various methods of self discipline, including mountain climbing (physical), chess (mental), magickal and mystical pursuits (spiritual); and also through yoga, which addresses body, mind and spirit. The Great Beast 666 went on to become one of the greatest magicians of all time, and few will dispute this; as well he became one heck of a prolific author.

Yours truly (editor Jude Chi) was one of those who dismissed breathing exercises for a very long time. After a while though it seemed worth an effort to try. Once one does try there is no turning back, as the changes they will experience upon doing so are radical, IMHO. Point being, don't be in such a hellfire hurry to skip to the good parts of magick. Much power lies within the topic matter broached upon in a basic fashion right here. On a side-note, to clarify the title, some basic level of pranayama was presented in lesson one of this lesson series.

Magick :: Discipline in Breathing

by Adam K

Greetings. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In Magick, one could well ask, “why would one chant, and what could it mean?” We in the West typically have a hard time understanding the purpose behind doing or saying a thing that apparently has no inherent purpose. Here I’ll attempt to address that concept, as well as I am capable of.

It would be easiest to begin by asking, “what is Pranayama?” Well, there are two things we don’t think of as all that important until we aren’t getting them. One is sex. The other is air. You figure out which one you will actually die without. We have talked about your breathing before, and now we will actually go out of our way to make it difficult by simply thinking about it while doing it, and making a routine out of it. I know, I know, why would we want to make it difficult, is what you’re thinking. Think of it like working out. When you are working out, you are intentionally doing a difficult thing to both make doing everything else easier and to alter your physical relationship to the world. Much the same is true with the Hindi practice of Pranayama, or, literally, Breath Control. Of course, as is usual in transliteration, prana means considerably more than just breath or air, and yama means something more than simply control; truer when we make them into one whole word. However, for now, breath control will suffice.

Prana is pretty much identical to the Chinese concept of Chi, which is a sort of life force energy that exists in everything around us and in us. Think of it like The Force in Star Wars, but much more subtle. pranayama is the act of controlling our intake and use of that energy, which is tied up in the air that we breathe.

In Western society, we have a tendency to pick up some pretty bad habits where our breathing is concerned. For example, we generally learn over time to breathe almost exclusively from the top sixty percent of our lungs, and that breathing is very shallow as a result. If you observe the way any young child or infant breathes, you will see it is much different from how adults, especially adult males, breathe. Children haven’t picked up the bad breathing habits we have yet. They breathe more deeply, and from lower in their core. It is at least a likely contributor to why we have so much less energy as adults than children do.

If you gain nothing else from this, it is worth the effort of correcting your breathing just to recapture a portion of the energy of your youth. So here I will give a simple method for doing that. Try it and see for yourself if you feel any difference after doing things differently for one week.

Since this is yoga we are talking about, the first thing you will want to do is get in a position, or asana, that you are somewhat comfortable with. It doesn’t need to be anything difficult like the lotus asana because the point to this is to alter your breathing habits and not to have your focus drawn away by undue discomfort. We’ll worry about doing that later!

mindful breathing
Once you have found an asana you are comfortable with, you should make sure you are dressed comfortably, that there is no restriction to your breathing, nothing tight around your waist. If you have privacy and aren’t overly self conscious, a good suggestion is to practice this nude. If not, a loose fitting robe of some kind is recommended.

Now find a nice, quiet spot to perform in. Take your chosen asana. Simply begin to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Here is the hard part: breathe in for a count of four seconds, then hold the breath without tightening your throat for four seconds, exhale slowly and evenly for four seconds, and hold again without tightening your throat for four seconds. It may be helpful to have a metronome (and yes, there is an app for that) set to 60 BPM to help you keep track of this. Another key is to breathe quietly enough that you cannot hear it, and inhale and exhale fully with each breath. Try to remain otherwise as still as possible while doing so. Imagine a string attached to the ceiling and extending down to the top of your head, and it is holding your head, neck, and spine straight and vertical. Breathing should start from the bottom of your lungs on inhaling, and should end there as well upon exhaling.

This all sounds simple enough, but compare it after a few minutes of practice to regular subconscious breathing, ask yourself just how much more difficult it is. But the key to this is, to keep doing it until without realizing it, you are no longer even thinking about it. It has simply become the way that you breathe.

If you feel you are becoming too comfortable with this, then it is advised that you simply take longer with each breath. Simply decrease the beats per minute on your metronome to 40 BPM, for example, while continuing to inhale, hold, exhale, and hold, each for four beats. And when that becomes too easy, decrease the bpm to 30 BPM, and so on.

Don’t make yourself overly comfortable while practicing this, but likewise, don’t allow it to be too terribly uncomfortable. The key to growth is to push your limits, not to rush past them blindly, after all. I am sure that as you progress, you will notice considerable physiological changes over time. Your regular rate of breathing as well as your regular pulse rate will slow as a result. The slower your regular pulse, the longer you live, oddly enough.

And, for the sake of making things even more difficult, we will now incorporate mantras. Instead of simply counting seconds, we may choose a phrase with a rhythm to it that holds some special meaning for us. This phrase will be a mantra for you, a phrase that, through repetition, will lose all conscious meaning in that moment, but which will alter your subconscious mind in significant ways. The science and art of creating change, indeed. But the key to effectiveness in the use of mantras, is to be sure you aren’t telling your subconscious self things, that to it, will seem patently absurd. You probably won’t convince your subconscious that you can stop a tank with a pinky finger, for example, unless you are also telling it HOW to stop it with your pinky finger (likely that would involve being in the driver’s seat of the tank, of course).

Start with something simple, but that has enough detail that it won’t be mistaken for vague nonsense. Barring that, use one that has little to no actual meaning to you, but which has a proven record of success. “Aum mani padme aum”, for example, is one such mantra. Meaning “hail, the jewel in the lotus,” it can easily be thought of as parallel to Liber AL’s own “The khabs is in the khu, not the khu in the khabs.” This phrase means that you reside within the universe of Nuit as Hadit, a star in that universe. It also means that the true quintessential YOU is not the mask of your persona that is the visible aspect seen by the world (the mask of khu), but the genuine self that must by its very nature continue as an indestructible fire, a star, a burning light that is the pure, immutable YOU (the khabs, the star, the soul, call it what you will).

But, really, any phrase that has a rhythm that can match your four beats per measure pattern of breathing can be a mantra. Just be sure you aren’t programming yourself to be the next Nickelback. Nobody needs that! (Lol)

If you want to really push this to the next level, you can practice your breathing exercises while jogging. Start with inhaling for three steps and exhaling for three steps (don’t hold your breath while jogging, as it is likely very unhealthy). After a while, change it to four, and move forth from there. If it becomes exceedingly difficult, simply lower the number of steps per breath back to a reasonable but not overly comfortable level. In time, you may be able to lower your regular resting heart rate to as low as 40 BPM! This is, in fact, the rate for many professional athletes and elite combatants, so it is possible! Just keep at it.

By now, I hope you have begun keeping a magickal diary or journal. These practices I have discussed would be ideal to keep track of in that journal. You will want to keep a record of how your awareness, focus, and wakefulness are all affected by the change in your breathing, both in the immediate and the long term. How also does the change affect your other daily activities? What correlations can you draw between your breathing and any improvements or lack of improvements you can see? Include anything you even remotely might feel is relevant. You may be surprised at what you could learn over time. From my own experience, I can say that any alteration in my breathing habits dramatically affects whatever activity I am involved in at that time, and that includes physical, mental, and magickal pursuits. It also affects my immediate emotional state, leveling out any extreme emotions I may be experiencing, especially if the breathing is accompanied by any form of rational thought exercises. But these are my experiences, not yours. That is precisely why you should be keeping a record of what you experience.

I know there has been more time than I previously indicated there would be between articles, and this is something I will try to work on. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the coming months! Until next time…

     Love is the law, love under will.

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